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When it comes to debating the difference between the KJV and NKJV, even friendly conversations can become heated. Those who follow the King James Version or the New King James Version do so with great vigor and dedication. However, the more we truly understand the differences, the more we can unite in in terms of faith.

We have to remember that the English language was used more precisely in the 1600’s when the KJV addressed the word of religion for the people. By our more relaxed English standards, the NKJV often appears to be saying something different. This gives many individuals the belief that one or the other is more accurate.

It should also be stated that the KJV was written entirely based upon the exclusion of the Alexandrian Manuscripts. The NKJV includes the Alexandrian Manuscripts in an effort to find more potent and direct information. Translation of the Alexandrian Manuscripts is rejected by most KJV followers.

The New King James Version was partially written as a new translation for the entire framework of the Bible. It was also partially written to reflect a time when translating text into personal experiences can mean different things to different people. This does not make it more liberal, it just makes it more amenable to more modern thoughts and interpretations. This is not to insinuate that the KJV is wrong.

To make generalizations, many of those who follow the KJV are more literal in their interpretations of text. Literal translation of the NKJV can create different meanings. Word origins and original definitions need to be considered when contemplating either version, as well as the potential for human error.

When it comes to completely defining the difference between the KJV and NKJV, using linguist specialists would be applicable.


1. KJV followers are likely to reject the NKJV.

2. The NKJV is written with word meanings that are more similar to today’s modern interpretations.

3. The NKJV includes Alexandrian texts.

4. The KJV neglected to include Alexandrian texts altogether.

5. The NKJV is written as a new translation to reflect better readability and interpretation.

6. The KJV is usually taken literally, despite the differences in language.

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  1. I thought maybe the NKJV might be the same as the KJV, but with word usage updated, but now I find that they used the Alexandrian texts from Egypt? Really?

    • Any bible version with an “N” meaning New has differences which may not be significant to most people who read God’s word. But to someone who studies it closely, there can be differences which significantly changes the meaning or context of a portion…

      An example of this, if we were to use the Law of First Mention (means, whenever a word is used for the first time in the bible, it has it’s greatest meaning). As you can imagine, Genesis is a wealth of “first mentions” and Chapter 1 of Genesis includes basic fundamental OT insight… nothing more than the first verse of Genesis 1.

      KJV “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

      NKJV “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

      One may think this is not significant. After all, Strong’s Concordance uses same word for both. Hebrew Word #8064.

      • Not intending to nitpick, but my understanding is that there are three heavens. The one we see when we look up into the sky, the second heaven where the devil and his demons were cast down, and the third heaven where God is.

        • That’s what I thought as well..

        • The only answer that can be is that God is everywhere. God can be here or there… or not. He is all powerful. God is present here there anywhere. God can be there or not, Jesus is the Lord all powerful. He showed his power in what is. He gave us his grace to free us, but we much choose to choose him. We do, his love will free us. We don’t, he will not force us. But sin without his freedom and forgiveness will kill us. Without his salvation eturnal death will follow. That’s what the Bible says. John 3:3 unless you are born again, you will not see the kingdom of heaven. Jesus says, I am the way the truth and the light. No one comes to the father but through me. I am a Christian. I love the Lord and I pray that anyone and everyone should give their hearts to the Lord. Ask Christ into your heart and give him to your heart. In Jesus name…Amen. God bless, much love. See yeah

          • @Jimmy I say this with love my brother. God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. The definition of omnipresent- (of God) present everywhere at the same time. Proverbs 15:3-The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.” God is everywhere at the same time. God let’s us know in His Word that he is omnipresent and God is not a liar so you can bet your bottom dollar got has been omnipresent forever. That includes hell and I’ll address the fact that also a lot of people are mislead that Satan is the ruler of hell and that simply is not true either. God is also the ruler of hell. Jesus Christ is the King of kings. So to put it into perspective for a human’s minuscule mind to even try to comprehend the complexity of God…..I think of it like this. We will just say for example: the Queen of England is the leader of the entire country England. Jesus Christ is ruler of the entire world. He trumps over all the others so he is the King of Kings! One more thing I will address while I have it on my mind. It literally makes me cringe when I hear people call Satan Lucifer. Do people not read their bible or something. Satan is referred to as Lucifer one time in the word of God and that one time is reference his fall from Heaven. Lucifer was his angel name. That name has been revoked. Isaiah 14:12 “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”

          • Good insight. Here’s an alternate explanation maybe.

            Lucifer—Latin (Angel of Light)
            Satan—Hebrew (adversary)
            The devil—Greek (slanderer/accuser)

            Just like the three languages were represented on the sign above the cross, I believe these are references to the same entity, in different languages.

          • Correct the devil has many names.member when jesus casted out the devil or demons out of man and jesus asked it what is your and it we have many name the demon or what ever ssaid my name is legion witch mean many.

          • The devil has many names just like god does?that verse about lucifer doesnt say anything about takeing his name away.but it does say he was the morning star but not now.and to reply on the 3 heavens the bible if you study. it doesnt say anything about 3 heavens. it just god is in the highiest heavens so we dont know how many heavens thair are.god dont tell us.so he is so hi hes past the universe as we know it and i would say .hes probably in a different damintion, but he everywhere at the same time.

          • Paul said he went to the third heaven..so the bible does mention

          • Indeed! For the person who argues this, please ask the Holy Spirit to give you guidance.

          • You better get back to studying because there’s plenty in the Word that says so.

          • That is said well, Nathan. Awsome. Thank you. MGB. Nothing like a good laugh to start the day.(With you, not at you.)

        • You can’t have 3 of anything without a 1 and 2 right?
          If there is a third heaven it is only logical there is a first and second heaven even if the bible doesn’t speak of them.
          We know from Daniel that the angel sent from the third heaven encountered a battle between there and earth to deliver the answer to Daniel.
          Paul talked about the third heaven and it is where God’s throne is.

          • There are three heavens. The air around us the sky above us and the place where Jesus Christ and God are at. I can show that with scruptiure and I will post it later today but I’m getting ready for at the moment

        • Yes there are three but on that day only one was created. God was already in Heaven.

          • Heaven translated from the KJV in the Greek is the word “shameh”
            Meaning the sky, also higher ether where the celestial bodies revolve.

            If you ask me, it sounds like like the KJV is the incorrect translation here.
            1600 years of translations before the KJV. We have many other manuscripts before the KJV. Make sure you study and find truth.
            Don’t just listen to what people say, study for yourself and find Truth!

            KJV by the way is the Word of God, probably the best English version to study out of.

            People who believe KJV is the only Bible that is reliable don’t know other languages and haven’t studied manuscripts that came before the KJV.

          • See I have a problem with your train of thought here. God is the Alpha and Omega. He is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. He knew you before the foundations of the earth. God has used good and evil people throughout time for his will. Via Judas Iscariot and Noah. With that being said. They had freewill to do what they wanted. We are talking about THE ALL MIGHTY GOD. He knows all things. In a humans way of trying to understand I think of it like this. For example: you have a Hollywood movie and it doesn’t matter what movie it is. You have the very first second of the movie to the last second of the movie. God knows how the movie started and how it ends. Just because he knows what happens doesn’t mean he is making the choices for the characters in the film. You are talking about the creator of language itself. He confused the tongues of men at Babel. You don’t think he knew there was going to be a language called “English”? God used King James to translate the word of God unto English for the English speaking people of the world. Look into how long it took to translate, the precision of the translation and how many scholars of the day King James used to translate it into English. I can tell you one thing I have 100% faith that the KJV is the infallible inspired word of God. Without a doubt. All the other versions contradict themselves. KJV is the only “version” of the Bible without a copyright. There are literally hundreds of translations of the Bible. Satan knows where the power comes from and that’s the true word of God. You don’t think Satan is smarter than humans? He has been dividing and conquering my friend. I bet Satan was so eager when printed media was becoming a thing. I feel like everyone gets caught up in their own pride when it comes to this matter and we are forgetting the greatness and power of Jesus Christ.

          • The older manuscript..lie..
            thats been proven so untrue

          • What are those of you doing removing adding ?
            Can you not see God is not a God of confusion.
            Confusion has come by not believing God as He states in psalms 12.7 read it digest it live it.
            He has one truth not many.
            The N king James is corrupt.
            If Jesus says heaven then it’s heaven get straight with Him or He will say go away I never knew you.

          • God isn’t going to turn someone away because they used a different version of the bible. You realize how wild that sounds. There is no scripture evidence stating that you must only use the KJV.

          • If you really wanna break it down.
            God is Heaven.

          • If you will read verse 1 in Genesis it says God created the “heavens” plural

        • SharmaIne SHOOTS and SCORES !!!

        • You are correct that there are 3 heavens and the first one is the sky that we look at when we look up. However the Devil was cast down to earth not the second heaven. The second heaven is up in space where the stars are and yes the third heaven is where God’s thrown is.

        • Wait, but Satan and his angels(really demons now) were cast to earth. That’s evident due to some of the vile things happening. Satan’s forces are doing that.

        • The 3 Heavens are: the sky, outer space ad the spiritual realm where Jesus is seated on the throne as King of Kings.

        • Please read Revelation

        • Verse 1 is a statement of the first event in the record. The firmament wasn’t created yet. in the beginning there was one heaven.

        • Amén You are right

          “I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago–whether in the body I do not know, or whether out of the body I do not know, God knows–such a one was caught up to the third heaven.”
          — 2Cor 12:2

          “But will God indeed dwell on the earth? Behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain You. How much less this temple which I have built!”
          — 1Kin 8:27

      • The problem with Strong’s concordance is it has a habit of pointing to the original language root or singular and therefore communicates a wrong meaning. When you use the dictionary for the original language you get the correct meaning. In this case with Genesis 1:1 it is heavens plural in the original Hebrew. Not to nitpick but the rest of the creation account talks about God creating what we know as outer space. Outer space is also known as the 2nd heaven while heaven itself is called the third heaven in the NT by Paul.

        • Stop confusing the word of Yahweh with the evil deceptions of this world. Space is fake. Get used to it or be deceived.

    • KJV is/has/always will be the true word of God. This is what I would like to address. Revelation 22 18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

      19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

      And also

      Matthew 5: 18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

      Did neither of these verses scare the hell out of nobody? Well they did for scare the hell out people until 1982.

      Proverbs 21:2 Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts.”


        • A friend asked me if would purchase the New KJV Bible for him. Out of curiosity, I Googled the difference between New KJV and the KJV; I clicked on this website… and wow a lot of theologians on this website!

          Just an FYI and this will really get you going, you’re all wrong on which Bible is the “true word of God” especially Ethan (Ethan
          October 19, 2018 • 9:42 am KJV is/has/always will be the true word of God.)
          Ethan (and whomever), where do you think the KJV Bible came from???? I’ll give you one guess, Catholicism. Yes… before Martin Luther, John Calvin, King Henry VIII, etc. Jesus Christ created the Holy Catholic Church in 33 AD! Do your research, all the way back before stating a historical fact. Do a quick search on Google of WHY your bible is called KJV??? Again, I give you one guess???? Maybe it’s a narcissistic MAN, not our Lord Jesus Christ but a MAN called King James I.

          You are correct in the Book of Revelations 22:19 but you left out the before and after (22: 18-21).

          18 I warn everyone who hears the prophetic words inn this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, 19 and if anyone takes away from the words in this prophetic book, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city described in this book.
          20 The one who gives this testimony says,” Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!
          21 The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all.

          The Holy Bible including the one true church that has not changed in over 2000 years…, Catholicism.

          • so you disagree with ethan??

          • Does your Bible actually say that Jesus created Catholic church? Because mine says the first religion of Christ was Christianity. Acts 11:26. If your Bible says something different please tell exactly which Bible and chapter/verse. Thankyou

      • Look up the John Ankerberg KJV discussion and listen to the arguments and defenses given by both sides of the discussion. I think you’ll find it interesting.

      • The KJV is a TRANSLATION of the true Word of God! You CANNOT use Revelation 22:18-19 and say if it doesnt line up with the KJV then its not scripture!! I have heard this so many times and it is so ridiculous and sounds so ignorant.Its saying if you cant read English then you are out of luck on having “The true Word of God” and obviously this isnt true. The truth is if you cant fluently read Hebrew,Aramaic,and Greek then you cant read the true Word of God, only a translation which altho can be very very accurate,yet ALL the translations still have mistakes including the KJV. Now im NOT saying that I dont except the kjv as the true Word of God, because i most certainly DO!! But its still a translation and is NOT the original copy.
        Now, after saying that i do like the KJV and think its a excellent version for study and to teach from because of its accuracy, but i still use the NKJV the most and a lot of other versions in combination for study. I also think that giving my 11yr old daughter a NLT is a better choice than KJV because she dont even know what half the words mean in the old English so it makes since. Ok im done, God bless

    • I’m with you the difference between the Kjv manuscripts is they came from Antioch, and we know how God feels about Egypt, what about Revelation 22:19 what does it say, or how about 1 John 5:7.

    • Alexandrian text is not the word of God


      Five centuries ago, Christians would rather burn at the stake than submit to a corrupt “bible.” Today, most Christians use alleged “easy-to-read” modern “bibles,” completely oblivious to the sad reversal—their source texts are those once-rejected (corrupt) Bible manuscripts! Why this sudden acceptance of counterfeit “bibles?” Textual criticism. The myth that all Bible say the same thing is the product of human reasoning, lost man’s “education,” and lack of God’s wisdom, lost man’s Biblical ignorance.

      Bible “scholars”—weak, fallible men—utilize the crude “science” of textual criticism to “reconstruct” and “recover” the original Bible text that they claim GOD lost when so-called “errors” crept in as the Bible manuscripts were copied throughout the centuries. (Blasphemy!) Essentially, textual critics collate (compare) all extant Bible manuscripts, and then select their preferred readings, usually falling prey to the slipshod rule, “Oldest manuscripts have the purest readings.” (Old manuscripts are not necessarily pure, for corrupt Bible manuscripts existed in the first century A.D., according to 2 Corinthians 2:17 and 2 Thessalonians 2:2.) That system of selecting preferred Bible readings then generates a new corrupt “modern” version (this is a misnomer, since it usually is “old” corrupt manuscripts being perpetuated under the guise of “modern” English). Thankfully, we can bypass all that confusing nonsense of 200-plus modern English “bibles” (which all read differently because of the copyright law)!

      “For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ” (2 Corinthians 2:17). The Bible indicates that it does matter what Bible version you use, for “many corrupt the word of God!” (It should be noted that modern “bibles” omit the word “corrupt” here.) The Bible warns us to beware of many corrupt Bibles. In fact, early Christians were bewitched into accepting false bibles. A false Bible manuscript was circulating in Thessalonica, and it had troubled the minds of these Thessalonian believers (2 Thessalonians 2:2). Satan seeks to deceive us by creating many false bibles. The Apostle Peter warned about reliable prophets and counterfeit prophets (2 Peter 1:20–2:3): the same can be applied to genuine Bibles and false ones. Thus, all of the 200-plus modern English Bibles are not equal in authority. Do you have the right Bible? How do you know?

      Modern Bibles attempt to remove Mark 16:9-20 and John 7:53-8:11 (480 words) from God’s Holy Scriptures. Mark 1:2 in modern Bibles incorrectly reads “Isaiah the prophet,” when in fact Mark 1:2,3 quote “the prophets” (Malachi 3:1 and Isaiah 40:3 just like the King James says). The clearest Trinitarian verse, 1 John 5:7, is absent from modern Bibles. Modern Bibles also omit Acts 8:37, Matthew 18:11, and Romans 16:24. Modern Bibles eliminate “without a cause” from Matthew 5:22 to make Christ a sinner in Mark 3:5. Philippians 2:6 and 1 Timothy 3:16 in modern Bibles deny Christ’s deity. Modern Bibles leave out Mark 9:44,46, verses supporting everlasting hellfire. Books that contain mistakes are not God’s Word, for God’s Word is “pure” and “truth” (Proverbs 30:5,6; John 17:17).

      Over 5,500 Greek New Testament Bible manuscripts exist today. Most—the reliable Antiochian Traditional Text—support the King James Bible. The one percent of remaining manuscripts—the corrupt Alexandrian Critical Text—agrees with modern Bibles. The perfect King James Bible is based on the Textus Receptus, God’s preserved Word (New Testament) from Antioch, Syria (see Acts 11:26). The Textus Receptus (Latin for “received text”) has its roots in the apostles’ original manuscripts. Modern Bibles are based on a handful of corrupt manuscripts (chiefly, Codices Vaticanus and Sinaiticus).

      For over 400 years, the King James Bible has been the standard English Bible. Its style, language, and textual source are unparalleled. Just as we hold to “one body, one Spirit, one hope of [our] calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all” (Ephesians 4:4-6), we unapologetically hold to the doctrine of ONE Bible, the King James Bible! Dear friends, despite their godly pretense, modern “bibles” contain verses that prove their untrustworthiness. Remember, modern English means nothing when the text you are reading is worthless.

      God’s preserved Word for us as English-speaking people is the 1611 King James Bible. Avoid the modern Bibles, including NKJV, because they are spiritually unsafe. Modern Bibles question, dilute, and deny fundamental Christian doctrines. They demonstrate that they cannot be trusted, and so, we have no reason to trust them. The King James Bible demonstrates itself to be reliable and perfect, and so, we trust it. We are content to study and memorize our “old,” “hard-to-read” King James Bible. It is the perfectly preserved Word and words of God, as handed down by the saints through the ages. We rest on it, and we exalt it as highly as God has. We magnify it above all His name (Psalm 138:2b).

      • Tony, well said.
        I would like for those who have a hard time trying to figure out which bible for the English language is correct to look into translation. That is to take the Bible you “Think” is correct and back translate it into Greek and Hebrew. You will find that there will only be one that measures up to say the same thing in either language. And that is the King James Bible. Check it out for yourself.
        One more thing, if you read through your so called bible and there are verses literally missing, you do not have God’s word in your hands!

      • Tony Barron, well said.
        I would like for those who have a hard time trying to figure out which bible for the English language is correct to look into translation. That is to take the Bible you “Think” is correct and back translate it into Greek and Hebrew. You will find that there will only be one that measures up to say the same thing in either language. And that is the King James Bible. Check it out for yourself.
        One more thing, if you read through your so called bible and there are verses literally missing, you do not have God’s word in your hands!

      • I agree with you. But “1 John 5:7” wasn’t accepted by Erasmus of Rotterdam, he could’t find a supporting greek manuscript. People wanted it in, and Erasmus said he would include it if they could show him a manuscript. Probably a manuscript was created, for that purpose.
        No greek manuscript earlier than 10th century. Only 8 relative new manuscripts. Luther also didn’t use it in his translation, after his death it was added again.
        Also early church fathers didn’t quote that verse for support for trinity. Why?

    • They used the spectrum of the TR Greek texts (those produced in the 1500s). They translators include footnotes from both the NA 27(who use the more primitive, dubbed Alexandrain) text and the Majority(or Byzantine) text. The main of the text of the NT is TR. It is indeed more accurate in literal translation because the KJV tra Slater’s relied more on Latin to get through the Greek. Also, the KJV translators didn’t neglect the Alexandrian texts, they didn’t have or know about those texts other than Vaticanus which was in Rome who wasn’t about to let the protestants use it

  2. The NKJV uses the Textus Receptus, similar to the Byzantine text-type. OT: Masoretic Text with Septuagint influence not the Alexandrian texts

    • That is correct. It uses the traditional text or received text(TR). This is a well known and researched fact. It is also documented in the preface to the NKJV.
      What it does is it puts the Alexandrian or NA and the majority text(MT) in the footnotes. This is actually a huge advantage and help of the NKJV.

  3. So it’s OK to read either?
    Someone help here. I’m kinda lost.

    • I read KJV for years. I but I bought a new bible and I bought NKJV. I LOVE it. I read it everyday.

      • I will not get engaged in debate with any posts here. #1 go said to cast the seed some will land on poor soil some on fertile soil and produce fruit. talking about his word. here is my point , how do we justify all these translations in the guise or readability for `todays needs ( CLEARELY A STEALTH WORKING OF SATAN) OK HOW DO WE JUSTIFY DET`. CHP12 VS 32 PROV CHP 30 VS 5-6 AND THE MOST SEVERE OF THE THREE WARNINGS OF ALL REV CHP 22 VS 18-19. I REST MY CASE . KJV

      • I am disappointed in the KJV because it does not capitalize pronouns related to God and Jesus Christ. I have come to appreciate the NKJV more than the KJV because of that and for other reasons. For instance, some words in the KJV are odd, like the word “stuff” instead of “things” and “matrix” instead of “womb”. The NKJV uses “things” and “womb”. Also, the KJV uses the word “corn” a lot and I don’t believe corn was native to Israel. Not sure about Egypt. But is corn treaded when it is harvested? Like in 1 Tim 5:18. The NKJ says “grain”. Also, Jesus and His disciples walked through corn fields in the KJV but grain fields in the NKJV. Grain makes more sense to me. Also, in Gen 9:12 and elsewhere, the KJV uses “token” instead of “sign” (NKJV) of the covenant with Noah. Token seems strange to me as it’s something you hold in your hand. There are lots of other reasons I now prefer the NKJV. Feel these are justifiable reasons.

        • Corn is an ancient English word for grain. Only in modern times has the word come to have it’s more narrow meaning. Yes the NKJV uses more modern words here and there, but this is a honey trap. Satan said “yae hath God said…” and his goal is to seed doubt about the reliability of God’s word. The NKJV with its footnotes and changes to verses seeds doubt in the mind as to whether God really preserved His true Bible.
          The 1769 version of the 1611 KJV updated spelling and word definitions, and it would be good to do something similar today. But the NKJV goes far beyond that, changing the meaning of many verses and causing confusion. The publisher of the NKJV HarperCollins also publishes the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey. Think and pray carefully before trusting anything produced by them!

    • Absolutely , it is your choice. the KJV is more poetic than the NKJV and the NKJV uses more uptodate language so it is more meaning to us living and talking today’s language. If reading the Bible use one that reads easy. If studying the Bible use several translations. But above all translations be sure to pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth, that way you want come away with your own interpertations of what it says But the Holy Spirit’s. after all it was the Holy Spirit that told the writers what to write in the first place. God Bless you real good.

    • I am also researching nkjv vs kjv vs nasb.
      I have found blatant omissions from the nasb that would lead me to believe that the catholic church is trying to strengthen their argument that Mary stayed a virgin. The nasb removed the word “firstborn” which implies that Mary had more sons after Jesus. So definitely not a perpetual virgin because only Jesus was without an earthly father.
      I found today that the nkjv added the words “with passion” in 1st Corinthians 7. The original kjv text only says “burn”. Kjv sounds like it is talking about burning in hell, while the nkjv is downplaying hell. If the kjv is correct but you only read the nkjv or niv or nasb or anything that ADDS to the bible, then a person in the circumstance in this verse would be risking “burning” in hell and not just burning with passion. I am terrified of the new texts. They seem to have a motive of lessening the warnings in the scriptures.

  4. I read and enjoy reading the King James Bible. I had been reading the “New World Translation” of the bible, which is a Jehovah’s Witness bible. Then I noticed omitted verses, namely Acts 8:37. When I went to the KJV, I saw it read “Acts8:37  And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.” This is a HUGE change to the word of God to remove this verse, to remove any verse. I checked other versions. NRSV-CE and NIV omit this verse. It matters what version of the Bible you read and study. I do not trust any version but the KJV now. Please do research! Also this site gives some very good insight into the differences between the KJV and NKJV God Bless!

    • I pray maureen your eyes have been opened to the truth. Jesus is the son of God And God. God bless you hope you keep reading that KJV.

    • Yes I recently found this with the NIV bible and the publishers Zondervan are the publishers of the Satanic bible couldn’t believe it all our bibles are NIV now looking at reading the NKJV as I find it easier to read

      • I seem to always find it funny that the KJV crown always declare that the NIV, NASB purposely left out words or entire chapters. Also, the KJV crowd pretty always use the KJV as the standard instead of the texts used to create the KJV.

        I think we all pretty much know that the texts used for the KJV have extra words/passages in them. It isn’t that a certain company is purposely removing these words or passages. So instead of making that claim at least be honest and comment on why the verses aren’t in the newer bibles and in the KJV and NKJV.

        I read from the KJV, NKJV and NASB primarily and find they all have their uses for studying.

        • Actually there are several verses that are in the Codex Vaticanus that aren’t in modern Bible translations that used the Vaticanus as their source. Almost like they were left out on purpose for political reasons. Once you understand who is behind the NIV, ESV, NASB, NAB, etc. translations it’ll make a lot more sense. Westcott and Hort were the translators which most modern day translations are based off of. Westcott and Hort believed and praised Darwin’s theories of evolution and said Genesis shouldn’t be taken literally. You could even question if these two were even real Christians yet they’re translating Bibles.

        • You are asking the KJV only crowd to be honest?. More chance of pigs flying.

      • The producer of the NKJV HarperCollins also publishes the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey! Christians should read Bibles produced by other Christians, not by atheist publishers who do not love God’s word

  5. Check Ezekial 28:18 kjv says little horn power will be turned to ashes.nkjv says he has been turned to ashes. Also the mark of the beast is referred to as “in” the forehead and right hand in kjv. It is “on” the forehead and right hand in nkjv. Also check out the Wisemen in Daniel 2…..there are major differences in the story’s when you pay attention to detail.

  6. Someone kindly notify me about the verses with different meanings between the KJV and NKJV

  7. My brother and I have discussions concerning NKJ and KJ versions. I read the NKJ and I believe the Holy Spirit is our teacher and will reveal the truth if you believe He is here with us. In general people have translated the Bible according to their knowledge and understanding of the original manuscript. If you feel convicted get on your knees and ask The Holy Spirit to be your teacher concerning the Bible
    He was there from the beginning of time. The last thing people need is confusion and that is a way Satan tries to bring decision amongst Gods people. Yes the essence of the Word of God is I believe. Jesus is the Son of God (just like His Father they are one) He died for us to reconcile man to God. He was raised from the dead. He is seated at the right hand of His Father. He sent The Comforter (Holy Spirit) He is coming back. By His blood we are forgiven our trespasses.

    • Mark said it perfectly. It doesn’t matter the version. What matters is what guides and if its the spirit of God then truth will be shown

    • Thank you so much for your comment as I needed to see this. I just am so confused as it says the publishers for the NIV also created a Satanic Bible. I can’t support that

    • Some versions, I believe, do change some verses of scripture and their meaning entirely. It is your choice what you want to choose to read, but choose wisely. I grew up with nothing but the KJV. I believed that the KJV was true and that the NKJV was false. But, the more and more I heard from the NKJV, the more I saw that while it does change some words her and there, that it conveys the same meaning as the KJV. I feel that the KJV and the NKJV are the best choices for you to read and understand. I believe that there are mis-translations with versions besides these two.

      • The publisher of NKJV HarperCollins also published the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey. Should Christians trust the publication of our Bibles to an organization like that? The NKJV contains many changes to verses, sowing doubt as to whether God has preserved His pure words

  8. I will stick to the KJV. It was good enough for this country for almost 400 years, and God doesn’t make any mistakes. All the new modern versions give me a bad feeling in my spirit. I know the NIV was satan authored which any true believer who has studied God’s Word knows. I was wondering about the NKJV, but now I am assured that with prayer and study, the KJV is the only version that is authorized by God. I also know after 71 years of my life that God raises up preachers to preach His Word, and The Holy Spirit blesses the hearts of every person who totally depend upon God Almighty for The Truth, The Way, And The Life Who Is Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation. Jesus Christ Himself Is Who everybody should be seeking to worship. Intellectual arguments will all be done away with, but The Word Of God will stand forever.
    The Holy Spirit will not bear witness to a lie.

    • What about the NKJV?

    • What dont you like about the NKJV?

    • How is the NIV authored by Satan? My brilliant NIV says Jesus is almighty God. In fact it is clearer on the deity of Christ than the KJV. It is also tells me that there is no other name given to men by which we must be saved. That name is Jesus. It also tells me that Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No one can come to the father but by him. Is that the voice of Satan? How can Satan cast out Satan? To say the NIV is authored by Satan when God is blessing it to bring many to Christ. Is nothing more than blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. You have convinced me that the KJV only cult is from the pit of hell,and is authored by Satan

  9. No matter what version you read if it is not with the Holy Spirit you are merely reading literature, when you read it with the Holy Spirit then it becomes a holy bible. Many theologians study the Bible and aren’t Christians. “Lean not on your own understanding”!!!!

  10. Thank you everyone for all of the information, it was very helpful.
    God Bless You All.

  11. Might I also suggest people look into the King James Version Easy Read (KJVER) Bible. It is the same text as the KJV, BUT it does update clearly archaic words like drave is updated to drove & others.

    I love the KJV but I understand some people might struggle with the few archaic words, to them I would recommend the KJVER. I have read both the KJV & KJVER from Genesis through Revelation. In my humble opinion I will take a the KJVER over the NKJV.

    No matter which bible you read, may you grow in faith that Jesus Christ has saved you. God bless you. Amen.

  12. Image noticed that the word begotten is left out of the new king James. Begotten is a strong word to be left out. I will stick with the king James bible

    • Hello Thomasgsmith
      Which text does the NKJV leave begotten out? I noticed John 3 v16 in the NKJV has a begotten in? Happy to read both the KJV and the NKJV and trust the Holy Spirit will lead me in to all truth while reading either.
      God bless

    • I don’t what NKJV all of you are reading but again my Bible does infact state just that John 3:16 I wish I remembered every single part of scripture because every time one of these comments say, NKJV left this or that out, I know that’s not true and find it in my Bible because it’s too important to me for people not to know the truth. These are old posts but hey it’s 2020 and I’m reading them lol

  13. Look, I follow only the king James Bible, now I have looked in the other Bibles, and here is the difference between the newer translations and the king James is that the King James Bible manuscripts came from Antioch, the newer version Bible’s come from Alexandria Egypt, read the first five books of Moses, I think you all will find to your shock that God hates Egypt, another argument for the king James is the 3 warnings about changing God’s word, the first is in the book of dueteronomy, the second warning comes in the book of proverbs, and the last warning comes in Revelation 22:18-19, in the book of Acts 3:26 NKJV says unto you first God having raised up his servant Jesus.
    In the King James Bible accurately says
    Unto you first God having raised up his SON Jesus. So which one is it servant or son? In the book of Psalms it says it is better to trust in the Lord then to put confidence in man. So when there is a teacher of the Bible not teaching from the king James, and claim they can read the manuscripts, now there’s two problems with that, first when you say you can read the manuscripts I understand you are then wanting me to put confidence in you for my salvation, that makes them a SCRIBE, and most important problem with a SCRIBE, Jesus warns us of the leaven of the scribe’s. And the final problem I have with the new king James, is that a Total of 16 verses are missing and most of it has to do with the word hell, and that’s a problem and Satan knows he’s going their, so he’s working by nearly exraciting the word hell making the people comfortable for they don’t have a Godly fear of a future judgement, the King James glorifies God, the newer Bibles take from the word of God, therefore not glorifying God, how could it be the inspired word of God, and finally for the argument that the new king James is easier for you to understand, well let me shut that down with the inspired word of God from the King James Bible in Malachi 3:6,
    For I am the Lord I change not, therefore ye son’s of Jacob are not consumed.

    • This guy^. I stand with this guy not cause of what he says but what he says and backs it up using the Word of God

      • I read the nkjv and it has every single verse you said it leaves out…

        • I must also add that NKJV calls him his Son but just as Jesus said he came to serve, he was also called his servant, so both are correct I think. He is God’s son that chose to serve and that’s why he’s very pleasing in God’s eye. Also he the NKJV doesn’t use the word hell as much as phrases like, lake of fire and brimstone which to me is scarier than the word hell.

          • The NKJV is published by HarperCollins, who also publish the Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey. Can an organization that publishes the satanic bible be trusted? Google ‘What today’s Christian needs to know about the NKJV’ for a list of many many changes they made to God’s word

    • Well your wrong about god hateing egypt god didnt say that anywhere cuz GOD dont hate anybody.

    • You cannot substantiate the Antioch/Alexandria myth. No one knows where each individual manuscript was penned. Also, may need to look up Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, Egypt who defended the deity of Christ against Arians from Antioch, Syria. Look up on YouTube, John Ankerberg KJV Only controversy revisited. Quite a long discussion but a good one.

      • Absolutely true this Alexandrian manuscripts bad Antioch manuscripts good has been one of the greatest deceptions from the KJV only cult.

  14. Easier to understand?? The Holy Spirit will teach you when you are saved. You don’t need a book easier to read.

    • This is an argument that cannot be used as the King James Version was originally written for the AVERAGE 12 YEAR OLD TO UNDERSTAND. If you claim that archaic writing and the KJV is too hard to understand then you either aren’t trying hard enough, or you have to admit that education has been going down the drain. The American and Canadian constitutions were both written based on the KJV.

  15. why do you care what the difference is
    We are supposed to worship God!!!!!

    • Woah woah woah to you. You can call anything God. Doesn’t make it God. Muslims will say they worship “god” and so the same with Judaism. Same with Hindus. Etc. I rebuke that statement in the name of Jesus Christ.

  16. Also everyone that has been apart of this post or have read this post or is now doing so. Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God almighty, never not once called a murderer, a thief, a prostitute etc. “You are of your father the devil.” Not one time in the entire Bible he told that to anyone but other than the scribes and Pharisees. The ones who were “spiritual” or “holy” men. Thinking their works are great and good and holy.

    • He did infact tell Peter to, “get behind me satan”. Matthew 16:23. Because he was not minduo of the things of God, but the things of men. NKJV

  17. Greetings in the wonderful name of JESUS.
    On the 19 dec 2018 just before Christmas I too had my faith shaken when reading KJV which I base my life on. It is the direct word of GOD. In Acts 12:4 KJV
    Acts 12:4 And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.
    In the NKJV;
    Acts 12:4 so when he had arrested him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to 4 squads of soldiers to keep him, intending to bring him before the people after Passover.

    The HOLY SPIRIT which resides in me was shaken, upset with this violation of the HOLY BIBLE. KJV. I was angry, I cried tears, I prayed to GOD for an answer as to why the devil infiltrated with his lies and deceipt the translation process of GODs word.
    Easter / Ishtar is pagan in origin. Satan’s queen. It was a hard time during the festive holiday season I was shocked, I sat without a bible for 4 days and felt lost. I refused to open the KJV and delivered it to a prophetess. Who do I believe? The KJV was all I knew. I bought myself a NKJV and now my HOLY SPIRIT is at peace re-building my knowledge in the word through the NKJV.
    Regarding Passover, the feasts of the LORD is found in Leviticus. Those feasts we should keep and the rest are abominations in the eyes of the LORD.

  18. What happened to the Lion and the Lamb lying down together in Isaiah 11:6 and in Isaiah 65:25? In both NKJV and KJV. Something’s amiss!

  19. I am going to start reading the KJV. I read NIV and now ESV but am going to purchase probably both KJV and NKJV. It’s funny to see people argue over which version is the correct one. It’s also funny to see some people who read the KJV don’t have Holy Spirit or walk righteously as people who read other versions. So really, if you have Holy Spirit, it shouldn’t matter what version you read. Satan is trying to make you read a version that is hard to read, many people find the KJV version hard to read, that’s how Satan keep you not knowing the truth is to get you confused and bored reading a hard bible that you don’t understand the text. I would say, read the version that you understand and then upgrade to a harder version.

  20. The reason people don’t understand the KJV is because they are lost and the Holy Spirit doesn’t reside in them. They KJV is a spiritual book written by the Holy Spirit. Mankind that have not trusted the gospel of the grace of God, that Christ died for our sins, was buried, and raised from the dead cannot understand this spiritual book. In 1 Cor 2:14 the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God. The moment a person trust Christ as their saviour they are then baptized By the Holy Spirit into the church the Body of Christ. The Holy now dwells in that person. Unless the Holy Spirit dwells in you you cannot understand the Holy scriptures. Trust Christ and begin to understand the scriptures.

    • So everyone who lived before 1611 was lost. All those who do not speak archaic English is lost. Those who have not fallen for the KJV only deception are lost. This idolatrous blasphemous worship of the KJV just gets worse. No doubt because they blaspheme God’s word if it is not the KJV they worship. God has sent them great delusions that they believe lies.

  21. Slight correction. The KJ translators did not “neglect” to use Alexandrian texts. They were not discovered. Also the KJ translators in their notes and letter to the reader shows they didn’t claim a final work with no need of revision as most even today utilize the Blaney revision of 1769 which had two forms. Oxford and Cambridge. The NKJV translators primarily sought an update to the KJV as well as utilized footnotes to note textual variations as there are no two manuscripts that read completely identical.

  22. I’m not here to sway anyone one way or the other, that is the work for the Holy Spirit. This debate about the Kjv only bible has bothered me for years.
    Here is my issue, for years I studied out for the KJV until one day a young lady in my Bible study class bought me a 1611 version King James,imagine my shock when it was way different in language then my kjv. The kjv has been translated into a more updated English language than the old English.
    Thus my change in study habits, I
    use both nkjv and nkjv in a parallel bible and compare scripture to scripture of both and if I find discrepancies I follow the nkjv. To me the nkjv is easier to read. but by doing this many of the words in the KJV. have been easier to understand.
    To me they both teach the blood of Jesus unto salvation.

    May your prayers and the Holy Spirit (Ghost) lead you to all truth
    May we all be together someday in heaven in one mind. God Bless

    • It’s not a different language. Same words, some different spelling, different font. I have no trouble at all reading my copy of the original 1611 KJV. And I’m not KJV only.

  23. God’s written Words-The Holy Scriptures which we commonly call The Bible are inerrant, infallible in the original writings. Now man is not perfect, but fallible; -this is true. -God’s Word says this over and over. Thus no translation man performed is perfect but fallible. Just stating the obvious. There are English versions in the 1500’s also. Not that English is the ultimate language of the world. Not many since 1611 read this, this way:
    “1 In the beginning God created the Heauen, and the Earth.
    2 And the earth was without forme, and voyd, and darkenesse was vpon the face of the deepe: and the Spirit of God mooued vpon the face of the waters.” //// When God’s chosen children/people are with Him in glory/heaven, we will see Him face to Face, bow down and worship. Praise His Glorious Name, Father in Jesus Name. At that time we each can say Thou O LORD or You O LORD.

  24. Sisters and Brothers.
    It is obvious that many of you are very passionate about the King James Version of the Holy Bible. Please do your research. The King James is not the first English translation. It was produced to appease the Puritans. Also, King James was not a fan of the Geneva Bible. He put together a group of linguists to translate the ancient manuscripts. These were not men who were from other regions that may have had a better understanding the languages being translated. The probability that things were lost during translation is high. Hold on to what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you about salvation. The rest is just cause for debate.

    • I’m hearing a lot of Christians lie on this page and it breaks my heart. You say things with authority that is easily disproven. Especially the ones who keep talking about how the new King James versions doesn’t have this or that. I’ve commented on some of them with where it actually does say those things. Please if you don’t know for certain then don’t say anything at all. Especially when someone wrote that NKJV was wrote by antiochs and it’s in Egypt and we all know God hates Egyptians??? That is not true. We know God loved the cyrians and in ancient times a lot cake from what is now modern day Turkey, aka Antioch. Please stop lying brotheren because God loves you and you still have a chance to repent. Repent and read the Bible again. With all my love and peace be with you all…

  25. Why does “Heaven vs Heavens” matter?
    Because in the beginning there was only one Heaven.
    But after God initially created Heaven, he then split it into the “Heavens.”
    Firmament from the Firmament, and all that.

    It’s the same reason that the NIV removes Lucifer;
    It then refers to him as “the morning star.”
    Then Jesus later refers to himself as “The morning, and evening Star.”
    So because they removed “Son of the Morning,” and put “Morning Star;”
    Now Lucifer, in the NIV, is Jesus whom is called Christ.

    Trust me, the new version of the Bible do this on purpose;
    Because they are printed by Luciferians that see Jesus as Satan;
    They see him as “The Good God,” and Jehovah, as the “Evil God;”
    Because they think Lucifer gave man, “Knowledge.”
    Not realize it was specific Knowledge that Satan gave man;
    “Knowledge OF Good, and Evil.”

    “The Knowledge of the Law is Sin.”
    “Who TOLD YOU you were naked?”

    • Lucifer wasn’t “removed”. It was never there in the Hebrew. Even the KJV translators say the exact same thing with their footnote “Hebrew: Day Star”. Argue with them about it.

    • Lucifer is a Latin word for the planet Venus, meaning morning star or day star. Not referring to Satan at all but the king of Babylon. The KJV translators used the Latin Vulgate showing the Catholic influence on the KJV. The NIV got it right,and it is not saying that Jesus is Lucifer. Another lie from the KJV only cult. Jesus is the Morning Star got that? Upper case. The king of Babylon is the morning star lower case. Who sought to exalt himself above the throne of God. Just like the KJV only cult who seek the KJV above the throne of God. Also in the margin of the KJV it says day star. Why did the uninspired KJV translators use a Latin word in an English translation?

  26. The examples and interpretations and
    comment speeches given are not helpful to a new Christian nor are they fully understood. A straight answer would be what is the easiest bible to understand for a new believer.

  27. To whom is not wise, nkjv, ignores Textus Receptus 1200 times
    Omits hell 22 times
    ” blood 23. ”
    “.Repent 44. ”
    ” heaven 50. ”
    ” God 51. ”
    “. Lord. 66 ”
    Not to mention Gods name Jehovah it’s totally eliminated, I have 17 more notes but if that’s not enough to call it a counterfeit and a work of satan, u’ll have the same internet, seek as hidden treasure. As for me and my house it’s very unwise to worship from a satanic book. Every Word of God is pure pro 30:5 very pure ps 119:140. How many read every Word? This saith the Lord; Cursed the man who trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord. Jer 17:5 Blessed the man that trusteth in Lord, n whose hope the Lord is. Jer 17:7. There’s not a verse which says blessed the man who relies on books which change some 10,000 times and call themselves bibles, of satan.

  28. My friends, I agree with almost ALL of your comments. Any bible that brings us to knowledge and understanding that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again is fine (1cor15:1-4) Apostle paul stated that whether the word is preached willingly or with the intent to do harm didn’t matter. God’s word was and is still being preached. Will say this though, apostle peter said we have a more sure word of prophesy, which I believe is made very clear in the kjv.
    (1thess4, 1cor15, dan chapters 7 thru 12) to reveal the who what when where and why pertaining to the end times that we are living in. It appears that Jesus our Saviour is coming soon! Maranatha

  29. all i know is that the doctrine changes depending on which version you read.
    in one version it says, “the nations were divided according to the number of the sons of israel”, in another it says, “the nations were divided according to the number of their gods”

    which brings up a lot of questions as to what the narrative is being pushed.
    are israelites, gods?
    is the word ben-israel the same as elohym/god?
    why change it when it was completely clear in the original?

    there’s a hidden agenda behind the newer subversive translations, and anyone with an eye to see and ear to hear, can see it coming from a mile away.

    • What hidden agenda is that? Since when was the KJV the standard? Where are the scriptures that support the KJV only myth?. If there is an agenda it is the KJV only cult that Satan is behind.

  30. I would like to have access to the New King James Bible

  31. To Ronald’s comment on October 28, 2019.

    I would like to respectfully disagree about your saying that the Catholic Church is the one true church. Where in the Bible bodies it state this? Also, when Catholics say that they started the church, is much like saying that Columbus discovered America, when the Indians where already here. In the Bible when JESUS started HIS church, the followers called themselves Christians, NOT Catholics! There are Christians all over the world who are not Catholic, Do you think that Catholics have a monopoly on being Christian? I don’t think so!

  32. Harlot Bibles everyone but the KJV. Some people use the NPV – The New Perverted Version.

  33. 2nd king 19 n Isaiah 37 are the same. How many more are their

  34. I came here to try and figure out which Bible is the most truest but also easy to understand and now I’m more confused after reading all this then I ever was ‍♀️

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