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Differences Between Warm and Cool Blonde

Did you know that not all blondes are naturally blonde? Very few people are naturally blonde. Most people bleach or color their hair to achieve their desired look. But how do you know which blonde fits you best? Join me as we explore the differences between the two main blonde types: warm and cool blonde, and learn to identify which one suits you.

Blonde refers to hair color that is characterized by low levels of melanin which is the dark pigment. 

Blonde is divided into 3: warm, cool, and neutral blonde.

Neutral blonde is a mix of warm and cool blonde.

What is Warm Blonde?

Warm blondes are rich, sunnier colors with orange or gold undertones. They match with the warm skin undertones.

How to know if warm blonde is for you

Find out your skin undertone

Use this quiz to determine whether you have warm or cool undertones. 

  • Color of your veins-If they are green you likely have warm undertones.
  • Gold or silver jewelry-if gold looks better on you then you have warm undertones
  • Whites or off-whites-if you look better in off-whites such as brown or orange, you have warm undertones
  • Burn or tan test-If your skin tans then burns in extreme conditions, then you have warm undertones.

Eye color

The warm blonde goes well with brown, amber, hazel, or gold eyes. 

If your eye color falls within this range and/or you naturally have warm undertones, the warm blonde is for you.

How about Cool Blonde

Cool blondes are for cool skin tones that have pink or reddish undertones. 

 How to know if cool blonde is for you

Find out if your skin undertone

  • Color of your veins-if they are blue or purple you likely have cool undertones
  • Gold or silver jewelry-if you look better in silver you have cool undertones
  • Whites or off-whites-If stark white looks better on you, you have cool undertones
  • Burn or tan test-If you burn rather than tan in the sun you are likely coo-toned.

Color of eyes

The cool blonde does well with people with blue, green, or gray eyes. 

 If your eye color falls within this range and/or you have cool undertones, the cool blonde is for you.

 Similarities between Warm and Cool Blonde

  • They are both types of hair-color styles.

 Differences between warm blonde and cool blonde


Warm blonde is associated with warm undertones while cool blonde is associated with cool undertones.

Eye color

A warm blonde goes well with brown, amber, hazel, and gold eye colors while a cool blonde goes well with blue, green, or gray eye colors.  

Warm vs. Cool Blonde: Comparison Table

Warm blonde vs. Cool Blonde: Conclusion

Striking a balance between your skin tone and the blonde color you want is the in thing when selecting a blonde type. With this information, it must be easier for you to make the choice.


Should I have a warm or cool blonde?

You can have either, depending on your skin undertones and /or eye color.

Is baby blonde cool or warm?

Baby blonde is cool.

Is dark ash blonde warm or cool?

Dark ash blonde is cool. 

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