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Indian Railways is an enterprise owned by the state and run by the Indian government through the Ministry of Railways. Advanced booking is done in India days before the said journey. Actually, ticket sales are open 120 days before the travel.

One can book the tickets offline at the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) or online by using IRCTC.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Cooperation (IRCTC) is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways that helps you check, reserve, and confirm ticket availability online through their website. The tickets here you will find have a certain status on them. This will either be RLWL or WL.

So, therefore, this brings us the question, “What are RLWL and WL, and what are the differences”?


WL means “Waiting List.” The train has a fixed number of available seats and if at the time of your booking there are available seats, then your ticket is instantly confirmed. So, therefore, once you have booked your ticket online in IRCTC, your request for a seat on the train can be received but not confirmed depending on the availability of the seats. If there are no more available seats, your ticket will be WL. The confirmation then will depend on the cancellation of a confirmed ticket.

So when your ticket has WL on it, it means that your ticket is waiting to be confirmed, and you will be given first priority in case any passengers cancel their already confirmed tickets.

A final chart will be posted usually four hours before departure time. If there are no cancellations of confirmed tickets and your ticket is still waitlisted, then it will be cancelled and you cannot board the train. Boarding the train with a WL ticket will get you a fine of a certain amount. However, you will be refunded the whole amount if your ticket is cancelled.

In case confirmed passengers cancel their tickets, your Waiting List status moves to Reserved Against Cancellation (RAC). When the chart is put up and your ticket is RAC, then you can board the train. Further cancellations before departure time will confirm your RAC ticket to full berth. This means that you are now fully booked on the train.


RLWL stands for “Remote Location Waiting List.” It is a type of waiting list ticket. Most trains have remote locations that have important stations where they stop and pick up more passengers en route. Each train will have a number of reserved seats for these locations. However, the seats are few.

Just to give an example, if you have booked a ticket from point B to C on a train that moves from point A to D through point B and C, but there weren’t any available seats on the train, the confirmation of your ticket will depend on the cancellation of a confirmed passenger from point B to C. In this instance, you have to keep checking on the status of your booking online before getting on the train.

Also, a final chart is put up two to three hours before the time the train is set to depart. Chances of getting an RLWL ticket confirmed, however, are very slim because the number of RLWL tickets on the train are few as compared to the other destination tickets.

The main difference between the two is mainly the chance of getting confirmation for either. Chances will be higher if you get on the WL rather than when you get an RLWL ticket, because the majority of passengers on the train do not have Reserved Location tickets; hence, cancellations will be few.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the information…

  2. I book ticket in rankpur exp date 9/2/2018 wating list RLWL32 chang for confirmation sir?

  3. Sir I have booked a ticket that has rlwl 2 from bhusawal to lucknow.The train originates from Lokmanya Tilak terminal and ends it’s journey at Lucknow and I have another confirmed ticket from LTT to Bhusawal .From Bhusawal to lucknow it another ticket for the same train has RLWL 2.What is possibility of being it confirm,?

  4. I want the clarity about wl and rac…
    What will first came..
    If possible give me a call un telugu..
    My #9010789143

  5. Sir I have booked train from Bangalore to Tirupati 10 tickets.it is start from RLWL 43 to RLWL 53. It is confirmed or not.please give me a suggestion.

    • Depends upon cancellation of reserved tickets between your boarding and destination stations

    • sir I have booked a ticket online and in samata express by kesinga to Vishakhapatnam. Amount deducted by RLWL 17 18 19 .on Dt. 19.6.15 My PNR No. Is.. 2625885560 .I have not yet got the refunded amount of Rs. 670/-till now.

  6. Rlwl 31
    Rlwl 32
    Tell me the Chances of confirmation

  7. I am going to tirupati 17 may from Solapur my ticket is 29rlwl so this is conform or not

  8. Dear Sir
    I have booked 3 tickets Delhi cantt to bandikui. Current status of tickets rlwl 1,2,3 what will be confirmed ???? Please confirm to me.

    Sandeep Tiwari

  9. I book ticket in Shangmitra exp date 22/05/2018 wating list RLWL1 3Ac chang for confirmation sir?
    Plz sir clearified

  10. Sir I have booked train from jabalpurto patna 03 tickets.it is start from RLWL 19 to RLWL 18. It is confirmedor not.please give me a suggestion.

  11. I have booked ticket from karur to chennai central . But ticket is RLWL 36 . Travel the ticket to the train. Chat is prepared.

  12. Thanks for the information

  13. Sir I have booked 5tickets to dwaraka Gujarat, but I got RLWL 1 TO 5 seats can I have a chance for conformation,so please can you help.

  14. What is the mean RLWL20/WL21

  15. Rlwl 15,20 is there chances showing 80% 78% is the birth will cobfirm or not

  16. Rlwl 158….! Can I get the ticket confirmation…..?

  17. Nenu Tenali nunchi tirupathiki 2 tickets book chesanu present avi wait list 1,2 unnay okavela avi conaform rakapote

  18. I have booked ticket from Secunderabad to Rajahmundry on 24/12/2018 . Train 20810 Nagavalli super easy express. My no is RLWL :53. It will confirm for or RAC pl reply.

  19. Rlwl45 it’s possible is their to confirm

  20. Sir I have booked 1ticket from giddalur to madgaon, but I got RLWL 15 can I have a chance for conformation,so please can you help.

  21. I book tickets in Sabari Express date 29-01-2019 waiting list RL WL 35,36 change for confirmation sir?

  22. Sir, I have booked ticket for 27/4/19 through irtc website , from Kadur to pune. I got RLWL/1 and RLWL/2. Please confirm whether the berth is confirmed on the available date.

  23. Sir i booked 3 tickets from jabalpur to bilaspur for 22 fab 19 and the status is RLWL 16;17;18 will it be confirmed Or not Or should i cancel it

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    Plese ans. Sir

  29. Sir I have a RLWl 1,on train no:19578
    What is the chance of confirmation

  30. Sir,
    I have book a ticket from Vasco to Velankanni for 2nd September 2019 but I am getting RAC 108. Is it confirmed or till which number will be confirmed directly for the first shot.

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  32. What are the chance of seat getting confirm on gnwl3/rac55
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  34. Sir, my sister and Nephews has got rlwl 4,5,6 is possible to be conformed, please suggest me.

  35. Sir i booked 3 tickets from sc to cnb for 11 June 19 and the status is RLWL 2;3;4 will it be confirmed Or not Or should

  36. Rlwl 14 on 14june is there any possibility to confirm pls inform me

  37. Hi sir, I have rlwl 31 32, surat- virus, it’s possibility of seat

  38. Sir if i booked the Ticket throgh online Then it shows RLWl or wl Can You plz confirm That

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  42. Sir my ticket rlwl

  43. Ram parshad
    Date 11/9/19
    I have booked 3rd AC tickets from abu road to pathankot.will it be confirmed or not

  44. My RLWL is 31 from Surat to Wardha on 3/011/2021. I checked on IRCTC app for new ticket, for the same train now it is showing WL 33 for new ticket. How is it possible to get booked on RLWL and new booking is offering WL? Also is there any chances of getting it clear??

    • I booked .tiket from LD to MAO pn 19.12.21 train no. Is 11097 RLWL/4,5,6 seat no. are there it confirm or not pl.tell me.

      • I booked tiket from LD to MAO on 19.12.21 train no. Is 11097 RLWL/4,5,6, class AC II seat no.are there it will confirm or not pl. Tell me.

  45. Dear sir.
    I have booked ypr hwh fest spl pnr no- 4318315332. will it be confirmed or not. Rlwl-23,24,25,26,27..

  46. I booked tiket pune to Pithapur on 20/11/2021 train is 01019 RLWL19,20,21 seat nos are there it will confirm or not pl.tell

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  48. I have booked ticket from kota to panvel of 13 th March 22 and I have rlwl/2 .
    So will it get confirmed

  49. It’s very useful information RlWL vs RL
    Thank You

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