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Differences between Glock 17 and Glock 19


When looking at the Glock Pistols models 17 and 19 we will discuss first their similarities and then their differences. The best place to go to is the manufacturer’s website at https://us.glock.com. Once you arrive there, click on pistols and select either Glock 17 or Glock 19, then do a compare. You will have a compare table. Let’s review!


Both pistols have a 9×19 caliber safe action system. Their width is exactly the same coming in at 30 mm, with the same barrel height of 32 mm/1.26 in. Both of them have the same trigger pull of 2.5kg/5.5lbs, and the same trigger travel at 12.5 mm/0.49 in. The barrel rifling on both is right hand, hexagonal, and the length of the twist is the same at 250 mm/9.84 in.

These pistols are similarly designed for law enforcement, military, home protection, first-time buyers and all enthusiasts. So that is about all the similarities.


Once you discover the differences, you will see they can vary in their uses and what they are designed for. The Length of the G17 is 204mm/8.03 in. The length of the G19 is 187 mm/7.36 in. The height of the G17 is 138mm/5.43 in and the height of the G19 is 127 mm/7.36 in. The barrel length on the G17 is 114mm/4.48 in and the G19 is 102 mm/4.01 in. Between the sights, the G17 is 165 mm/6.49 in while the G19 is 153 mm/6.02 in.

The weight difference is significant. The G17 is heavier coming in at 40mm/1,41 lbs. (unloaded) and 55mm/1.94 lbs. This is because the magazine capacity of the G17 carries two extra rounds. The G17 is more suited for sports shooting while the G19 is more suited f0r women to carry.

These differences are actually important when one starts to consider the purpose and uses for each pistol. According to the website, Glock is boasting that the G17 pistol is the most widely used pistol for law enforcement worldwide. Because of its design with what is known as the “Safe Action” system, it is a favorite when law enforcement finds themselves in a high-pressure situation.

The “Safe Action” system is a mechanical system built within the pistol. There are three that work independently and sequential of each other, which mechanically disengage one after the other when the trigger is pulled, and reengage when the trigger is released. The first is the trigger safety which must be depressed at the same time that the trigger is pulled. If that does not occur, nothing else in firing that round will occur.

The firing pin safety is spring-loaded and blocks the firing pin from moving forward. It is only when the trigger is pulled rearward the trigger bar pushes the safety pin upward to clear the firing pin channel. The safety pin re-engages when the trigger is released. The last safety feature is the trigger bar, which has a shape with two arms that are resting on the drop safety shelf. When the trigger is pulled, after the first two safety features disengage, the trigger bar will move off the shelf, separating from the fire pin lug.

Although both pistols carry the safe action system, it is the larger size and feel of the G17 that makes it a law enforcement favorite. However, the G19 has become in demand for private use, security and most importantly concealed carry. The lighter weight has made this easier to conceal, easier to carry and bodes well inside a women’s purse.

G17 and G19 Gen 4

The generation 4 of both models had some changes to them. Both had an increase in their barrel length by 2mm/.08 in. There were also changes to the grip design, with the modular back strap making it more adaptable to the user. In addition, they designed the Gen 4 so the reversible magazine is adaptable to both left and right handed operators.

One should also note the Modular Optic System feature available for these pistols. No more custom machining of the of the pistol’s slide. They are available as an option on the Gen 4 of both the G17 and the G19. With a standard site, you are aligning the front and rear of the sight. With the Modular Optic System, you will focus more on the target and alignment of the target with the dot. This makes either model with this improvement conducive to both sportsman and self-defense. Focus on the target, not the alignment. What a great concept!

Although the article was entitled differences, we trust that discussing the similarities helped you see with more clarity the differences. It is these differences that will help you in your buying decisions when you understand your purpose for pistol ownership in the first place.

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