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To understand the difference between any two things or people or places, one would have to have a very detailed, experiential and clear knowledge of each. When it comes to things or people or places that we can feel and touch and physically experienced with our five senses it is not a difficult task.

However, when discussing the Supreme Creator and the relationship of Jesus Christ to the Supreme Creator or God, it is a very difficult thing to conclusively come to terms with. There are basically only three major religions in the world that would be considered monotheistic and they are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The rest of the world religions are pantheistic or mystic.

So we can limit the discussion here to the three monotheistic religions. Of those three, two of them recognize Jesus who is called the Christ of Nazareth who lived over 2000 years ago in and around Jerusalem as a prophet. Only Christianity recognizes Jesus Christ as God in human form. Trying to now compare God to Jesus Christ does present some problems.

First of all, understanding God outside of the 66 Books of the Bible would not be acceptable to the Christian Faith. One could conclude that God is a “Thinking Structure” as was written about in many different writings. One could describe God as the “common cognizant thought” that all human beings have in common as they are in essence all composed of “cognizant thought”. It could be just the “abundance of love” that is part of this world. It could be the understanding that our thoughts create reality and that God is in all of our thoughts.

Whatever your understanding of God is, it may be only partially correct at best, even if you decide that the Bible is the final arbitrator in describing God, even one’s understanding of God from the Bible is extremely limited.  This would be true even of Bible Scholars who spent their lives studying the scriptures. So let’s now look at Jesus Christ.

It seems obvious from history, both in the historical texts of the scriptures and extra-biblical texts that Jesus Christ existed. His life did accompany many miraculous events that seemed to have been foretold in the Old Testament. He did have many recorded events about his life that are not easily explained. It all started with the events around his birth. It included the numerous miracles recorded in the four Gospels. It culminated in his crucifixion, death and reported resurrection that to this day has not been sufficiently refuted. Simply producing his dead body would have been sufficient but no one was able to do so.

As a result, the life of Jesus Christ has changed the course of history and forced many followers to conclude that Jesus Christ was God in human form. It is from this that the Trinitarian view of God arose from implication. The term Triune God or Trinity when referring to God is not actually found in scripture. In fact, Jesus Christ himself did not claim to be God. The closest he came to saying that is that he was the Son of God, the Son of Man and that he and his Father are one!

However, it can be confirmed that scripture states that believers are also considered Sons of God and one with the Father. Is this different than what Jesus meant about himself? One can look at the book of John chapter 17 where Jesus prays that we are all one with the Father.

God is described from subsequent Christian teaching as One God represented in three Persons known as God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. It is from this understanding that Christians believe in One God, represented in three divine persons.

So how is the man Jesus Christ different from God. First of all, Jesus Christ is human. He lived as a human and died as a human. This is not something that God is believed to have ever done before. Jesus Christ arose from the dead in human form. So if Jesus Christ is God, how is he different?

As he ascended to heaven, it was reported in the Book of Acts, he ascended in human form. This means that Jesus Christ has limited himself to time/space continuum. It has to be! The fact that he was apparently able to go through physical walls and ascend into heaven and even walk on water may be an indication that as God, he understood and used the laws of Quantum Physics in such a way that we may discover over time.

The alternative is that Jesus Christ is simply human that had an understanding of how the physical world really works in view of Quantum Physics. There is no indication that Jesus Christ displayed infinite knowledge as God, neither did he display omnipresence as God.

So what is the main difference between Jesus Christ and God?  We would have to say the limitations that he had as a human on this earth that God would not have been limited to. These are all within the time/space continuum that we as humans still do not fully understand.

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  1. Interesting stuff; compare & contrast.

    • Jesus gave many indications as to his Deity during His ministry.
      Although He completely maintained the perfect Hypostatic Union (All man and All God) at the same time. He showed us who and what he was. Here are just a few things Jesus shared with us; John 8:58 ” Before Abraham was, I am”. “I am the light of the world”. (John 8:12;9;5) I am the resurrection and the life”. (11;25) Jesus referred to Himself as I am (6:20; 8:24,28,58;18:5), a clear allusion to God’s identification as “I am” (Ex 3:14).

      • Jesus may said I am but one thing he said over and over I am the son of God he made it clear I am the son of God you cannot question Jesus words of Jesus himself says I am the son of God how can you or any human being question Jesus‘s word

    • Romans 10:14 14How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

      Romans 10:17
      “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

    • May every one go through these verses slowly..
      Revelation 22:12,13
      Revelation 1:7,8 and
      1Timothy 3:16

    • The word Son does not mean offspring…it is capitalized because it means image… Jesus, the Son of God, hence, the image of God….
      Not, Jesus the son of God, meaning his child.

  2. Sorry but Jesus did not resurrect in human form as you are conveying here. He resurrected in a spiritual body as an example to us of what our future resurrection will be, and our form in eternity will be like. Jesus had the capability to appear in the physical after His resurrection. Him eating with the disciples and allowing Thomas to literally touch the crucifixion nail holes is proof of His ability to appear in the physical. But, He also was able to move thru walls and appear out of nowhere. This is a characteristic of what one who is in a spiritual body can do also. Our future eternal life will be in a spiritual body as described in scripture and set by example by Jesus Himself.

    • Christ is risen

    • Agreed Bradford. Realizing He was “God”, Jesus could enjoy both a ‘physical’ body and a far more Subtle body… and can give direct proof of this to those who are spiritually mature enough to receive this information. …. directly from Within.

      He did not have to SAY He was “God” …because He was “God”. He Revealed His Infinite State as only “God” can.

      THAT One, all inclusive, Divine formless
      Consciousness can take on ANY Form THAT One, “God” , so chooses.

      The mind of Man can not fully comprehend “God”.

      • Jesus himself said don’t worship me but worship my father in heaven…pray in my name…so he wasn’t God…he served God as we should do too become like him…he showed us the way…to become son’s and daughters of our Father in heaven..

        • Gregory,Jesus said I and my father are one, meaning God the father or His father are one, meaning every thought you may want to describe who God is, So is Jesus isn’t? So God and Jesus are one. Ex 3 God said Iam Jesus said I am. While Jesus was on earth, He by His father’s sent direction He has to be limited atleast to show you that at your limited understanding of who God is, you can still know Him and worship Him in the way Jesus Himself did.

        • Even in the heavens ITS STATED MANY TIMES, Jesus sits at Gods right hand side

    • Well maybe not!
      He has the scares on his hands and feet still and always will as a reminder.
      He sent the comforter his mother the breath of the spirit, for us after he left to wait his return.
      Yes he is as we shall be, better and it may be entirely different and may not be all we think we know I think is. We will be given a perfect spiritual and fiscal body if we are saved.
      What kind of body that could entirely be is truly unknown..

    • A Spiritual body is not a spirit body. Job said that though the Lord slay me yet in my flesh I shall see God. Consider Ezekiel valley of dry bones which are resurrected in the flesh. And you yourself mentioned Jesus resurected body
      with wounded flesh.

    • Thank you ! That makes more sense to me now.

  3. I am afraid that you have quoted the scriptures regarding the fatherhood of God out of context. True, John 1:12 gives the right to become the children of God to all those who received Jesus. But Son of God cannot be equated with children of God, except by doing violence to the ordinary meaning of these words: ‘son’ and ‘children’. When Jesus was baptized by John, His uniqueness as Son was affirmed by God the Father . See Matthew 3:17.

    It is absurd to state that the Doctrine of Trinity is a subsequent teaching , thereby implying that it is not in the Bible. This is similar to claim that the Constitution of America doesn’t have the concept of Rule of Law and that it is a subsequent invention of the American Courts.

    • Reading Matthew 3:17, a thought occurred: God spoke a sentence? Words people heard and understood? Or are we in metaphors and again?

  4. Jesus did claim to be God he said before Abraham was, I am. The disciples called him Lord. Psalms: The LORD said to my Lord sit at my right. Eloheem herfers to plural in Gen. Let us make man in our image. We are in the image of God, we are also triune. One person body soul and spirit. John who was for told of preparing the way for the lord in the desert.

  5. 1 Timothy 3:16 And with on controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, Justin’s in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.This scripture proves that Jesus was God. Amen

  6. 1 Timothy 3:16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. This scripture proves that Jesus was God. Amen

  7. I have been told that every person is a liar. Everything was written over the last couple thousand years.
    How much of this is the truth?
    What proof do you have?
    besides what has been written by man
    that this is the word of God?

    • Amen, Mortal Man of power can dictate the interpretation as per his benefits.

    • For the overwhelming majority of non believers there is the notion that if believers just give you something tangiable than it’ll change everything. God himself could explain everything to you and you still wouldn’t believe it. That’s the cold hard truth. You either believe or you don’t and it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

    • Alpha, Man is not a Liar as you were told. Man is a sinner but he has been given chance to repent from sin from God so that he can do good.Whoever told you such evil statement is not of God. The word of God the Bible is truth and God wrote thru his inspired men and women many years ago. It’s up to you to disapprove by choice but to us who believe it , it is life and life changing word of truth just tempt to use as it says and you will never be the same again.John 3vs 16. John 1vs 12. I Timothy 3:16. 1Tim 2: 15 The only breath you are breathing today can not be taken for granted Alpha.If you misuse that breath now just remember it will go back to the one who sent it in you the Supreme authority, our God.

    • Who told you?

  8. The Catholic Church’s theology about the dual nature of Jesus Christ, his death, and resurrection that can be traced back as far back as the second century.
    Accordingly, Jesus was one person with two natures, one divine and one human. When Christ’s dead body was in the tomb his soul descended to the outer ring of Hell (“Abraham’s Bosom”) where the Old Testament saints awaited the promise of the Messiah opening the heavenly gate to the Beatific Vision, which was closed to humans since the Fall from grace recounted in Genesis.
    The divinity of Jesus Christ was united to his body and soul the entire time he was dead and in the tomb. This is why his body did not rot and his soul could overcome the powers of Hell.
    It was necessary that the same body of Christ be reunited with the same soul. Had he resurrected in a spiritual body (as Bradford suggests in an earlier comment), then his resurrection would not have been a true resurrection.

  9. Please ref these Bible verses that clearly identify Jesus as God!!

    For clarification on the foundation, bible not the opinions of men:

    It’s very clear, undeniable.

    Thanks – RC

  10. In Islam it is beloved that Jesus is God prophet sent for the people to do mercy and right things in society. He was taken by God .after sometime he will come again and conquer the whole world .there will be peace and porsperity and then he will die.he is still live in skies.there are seven skies he is present at one of them.

  11. Jesus is a person ( human ). God the Father is not a person ( human ). He is a Spirit ( Holy Ghost ). God is our Father. That is WHO he is. God is a Spirit. That is WHAT he is. Jesus was conceived by his Father the Holy Ghost. Jesus is the second Adam. A MAN IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. There is no three person Trinity. Just God in Christ and Christ in you.

    • I’m Catholic, and the Catholic Church teaches that the Holy Spirit is the result of the love between the God the Father and the God the Son (Jesus). Since the Father and the Son have existed and loved each other eternally, the Holy Spirit has existed eternally. So the Son does not come from the Father and the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit comes from the Father and the Son. The Nicene Creed states that the Holy Spirit “proceeds from the Father and the Son.” The Catholic Church also teaches that Jesus is not just man, but God also. Completely God and completely man. I do acknowledge that not everyone here is Catholic (or even Christian for that matter). I’m just stating what the Catholic Church teaches.

  12. Jesus is a person ( human ). God the Father is not a person ( human ). He is a Spirit ( Holy Ghost ). God is our Father. That is WHO he is. God is a Spirit. That is WHAT he is. Jesus was conceived by his Father the Holy Ghost. Jesus is the second Adam. A MAN IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. There is no three person Trinity. Just God in Christ and Christ in you.

  13. Christ is 100% Man and 100% God.
    He is a man because:
    * He slept, He got tired, He ate (hunger), He cried and even died. These are characteristics of MAN.
    He has to become a man because:
    *We’re in a physical world and before a spirit can relate well to this physical world, He must be a man. That’s why even the devil can only operate effectively when he gets access to a body. As you can see, he is using us against ourselves. Remember also in the garden of Eden, he used the snake.
    * He became a man,went through all that we’ve been through right from pregnancy to adulthood to show us that, He understands our pain, cry and all our situations because he is been there before as a man and that’s why He can SAVE us. Unlike Adam who has never been a child before and so does not understand what it means to cry.
    Christ is God and He must not necessary say it categorically or claim it openly, He is. Even men sometimes hide their identity trying to portray humility and so it’s not strange for Christ not openly declaring Himself as God but gave so many indications that He is. Christ wants us to identify Him by ourselves if indeed we have understanding.
    If you recall, He told one disciple that if you see me, you have seen the father,
    He is THE IMAGE (picture) of the invisible God. Take your picture and tell me you are seeing your brother, so if God is holding Christ (image or picture), He will be seeing Himself.
    Christ is both the door that leads to the sheepfolds as well as the Shepherd,
    Every thing was created by Him and for Him.Nothing was made without Him and He was before all things.
    I can go on and on.
    On this earth, He became a Son been sent because of the reason why He came but in actual fact He is the same God. Christ is both the bridge and the God whom the bridge is leading to.
    He is reconciling man to Himself.
    It’s a mystery and never easily understood.
    Never get confused by the fact that:
    * He keeps mentioning My Father,
    *A voice coming from somewhere saying that this is my beloved Son…
    Remember God is Heaven and on Earth at the same time and He is not to be understood.
    The day you will understand God, He will cease to be God.
    I’m sorry I did not quote any text but if all that I’ve said are in the Bible.
    There are a lot more I can say to argue this out that CHRIST IS GOD but let me stop here for now (+233242372691)

    • This is exactly how I feel! So glad I’m not alone!

    • AMEN! I thank God that I read your Clear explanation because I’m still seeking the truth ! and I do Believed that Jesus is God based on my Bible reading & study , help of Our Pastor and The Holy Spirit! ( I am a New Born again just last Week It takes more than a year before i accepted this Baptism since I was not yet prepare before) when I was a kid I call my self as a Christian since I was Baptized as a Christian Cat****** we went in Church every sunday But I’ve never learn read Bible, until God Shown up in My dream sayingthat I must seek Him So I started to have fear that time to him and seek Him until I asked my classmate to help me to understand about the dream and she helping me until now and I’ doing my own research too to understand more About Jesus ( I realized before that I am not a real Christian Because i’ve never seek the Truth “The Kingdom OF GOd” ) .But Now I’m so Happy that I’m Doing Well .. God is giving me Wisdom to see the the TRuh

  14. Even from the beginning, God was not known as God. When He comes to the garden, they refer to Him as the VOICE until the time when Enosh was born before men realized that, that voice they’ve been hearing is God and man began to call on the name of the Lord (Gen 4:24-25)
    Now God was once known to be a VOICE that comes to the garden and when you hear a voice, you will definitely hear some WORDS through the voice OR you will hear the voice saying something (word) to you and Christ is the WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God. Meaning the voice or the word that comes to them in the garden whom later they found out to be God was Christ (the same). Unless somebody want to say that his voice can be separated from him.
    If your voice is separated from you, it means you are dead and you will not be heard again because you will not be able to speak.
    You can confirm that (eg) Kofi is in the room by just hearing his voice in the room when you are outside without necessary seeing him because you agree that Kofi’s voice is he himself and his voice cannot be separated from him.
    The same way you cannot separate God’s voice (word) from Himself and Christ is the Word(voice) that proceeds from God’s mouth which means God and Christ are unseparatable.
    This has been confirmed in John 1:1- 14
    In the beginning was the word ……… and the word became flesh and dwelt among men. As I said in my first post, there are a lot more to be said about this issue, but once again let me stop for now.

  15. To many different verses to support both sides so maybe I will hold my peace and wait on God to reveal or come back or something

  16. I really enjoyed the author’s mindset. Growing into spiritual maturity with Our Father is KEY. God Bless you and keep you, for God is definitely not up for debate. He has placed His Word in everyone of us, it is up to us to pay close attention, and to refer to only Him when not understanding. Keep growing with God, it is Everlasting Work. Thank you so very much, my spirit sings.

    • No, there are plenty of people who don’t believe any of it. To the extent that morality is innate, it’s a product of being members of a social species that is able to relate to others. You don’t hurt people because you understand what it’s like to be hurt. If there were a such thing as an all-powerful being, it would have no meaningful relation to morality because it could not be harmed (and if you claim that he Christian god was harmed when in the form of Jesus, the story indicates that was part of the plan, and thus, consensual. Consent is non-harmful just as harm is non-consensual.

  17. Given my experience of men and the world, I find it more likely that the Bible is a pack of lies than that the supernatural claims are true. Jesus was a wise peacemaker. That’s it.

    • Considering that he’s supposed to have said “slaves, obey your masters” rather than ‘masters, free your slaves’, I’m not so sure he was all that great, if there was even a real person under all the myths.

  18. God is the Word, & the Word is God, Jesus Christ in manifest flesh form was, is , & will come again. Prepare ye all for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!!
    God bless & Goodnight or Good day!! Love each other, nation to nation, race to race, religion to religion, do not argue ,& fight, accepting differences is the key to understanding.

  19. This article is very unbiblical! Jesus is the creator! He is God the Son! A trinitarian Christian should had written this article, not you! This is like me writing about what Muslims believe!

  20. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him: and and without him was made nothing that was made.
    John 1:1-3

    Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said to them: Whom seek ye? The answered him: Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith to them: I AM he. And Judas also, who betrayed him, stood with them. As soon therefore as he had said to them: I AM he; they went backward, and fell to the ground.
    John 18:4-6

  21. As far as evidence goes, they have nothing to distinguish them from any other fictional character. God and Jesus are just the imaginary friends that many adults never grow out of.

    • It can be discerned by reason that there is a God. However the world came to be, whether from some form of life evolving into everything contained in the universe or the Big Bang or any other way, something must have caused this to happen. One can explain where something came from, for example, as I’m a baseball fan, a baseball bat. The bat is made of wood which came from a tree which grew from a seed which came from another tree, etc. Eventually, you have to have a tree that grew without first being a seed or a seed that did not come from a tree! Even if one can explain how that could happen, what caused the thing which made a tree grow without a seed or a seed come to be without a tree? Eventually, one comes to a point where the only possible explanation is a Supreme Being which is not contingent upon anything. A Cause without a cause. This we call God.

  22. The apostles except Paul were all illiterate. The names of the gospels were not the original authors, later disciples who were literate wrote the gospels from oral tradition. Illiterate scribes copied these original documents. We do not have the original gospels in our possession. You can read gospels transcribed and see the additions and errors of the scribes. The most noticable is Mark 16 and John 8. Mark is the earliest copy we have of any gospel and it was published 40 years after Jesus’ death. Mark’s gospel leaves Jesus’ resurrection as a question or possibility. The majority of Mark 16 was added much later in the 2nd or 3rd century AD or CE. The Gospel of John was written at best in the early 2nd century by a skilled academic who knew Greek and Plato (Neo Platonist most likely). The whole story in the Gospel of John about the women caught in adultery is a pure fiction added by a monk scribe in the 7th century AD/CE. Paul is the only original author of the new testament who most likely wrote Romans and Galatians, maybe parts of Corinthians, but not much else. Most of Paul’s letters were written by someone else after Paul in 3rd century. Much of the theology of the Trinity was established in the 3rd or 4th century and not completely until after the Canon of scripture was approved at Nicea. The Council of Nicea was a political move by Constantine who was looking at uniting the empire around this new religion that had taken hold of the Roman Empire. The whole story of Constantine’s conversion and handing the kingdom over to the then Pope was a lie uncovered by the early Reformation.

    The new testament like most of the old testament was mostly written after the fact. It doesn’t mean there was not an Abraham, Moses, King David, or even a Isaiah but their prophecies were written by Jewish scribes after they lived during the Jews captivity in Babylonia and Persia.

    We need to look at scripture as not being without error but at best inspired. Jesus’ resurrection is something you have to take on faith without any evidence except the testimony of error prone and dated gospels. The Trinity is an after the fact theology that the Apostles and 2nd century church did not make it mandatory to accept. Jesus was the son of man who became the son of God because of the belief he rose again from the dead. How many Arian Christians were slaughtered by the Catholic Church because they did not accept the Trinity but believed in Jesus’ resurrection ? They were followers of Jesus.


  24. I find this fascinating.

  25. I find it encouraging that there are so many people responding on this site and to others. We learn from each and all. This and no arguments. The older I grow, the more AND less I know. Can y’all believe I said that but it’s true. I now smile, wave and say hi to all I see when entering and leaving a store or any building,on the sidewalk, or in my car. Remember no matter how old we grow, life on earth is short. I was born,baptized and confirmed as a Lutheran. I converted to Reform Judaism and now studying as many different religions as I can and say basically all religions are the same. What’s is important is belief.

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