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Difference between Brazilian wax and bikini wax

There are a number or different types of wax treatments that a person, or a woman in particular can get. The types available vary in different parts of the globe and is also subject to the preferences of the person getting it done. Obviously, all of these have some factors which distinguish them from each other. However, some of them are very similar and are therefore often confused with each other. An example would be the Brazilian wax and bikini wax which have a number of similarities but are not the same. As we will now point out, the two have some considerable differences.

The Brazilian wax is a popular hair removing method in the US. It can be easily distinguished by the amount of hair it removes. It must be pointed out that Brazilian wax is considered a form of bikini wax with some differences. Also referred to as ‘sphynx’ or the Hollywood wax, the Brazilian wax ensures that you become hairless from your belly button to your buttocks. A complete wax requires a person to be naked so as to allow the aesthetician to reach all possible hairy regions. You may even have to change positions quite often. However, a typical Brazilian wax leaves a thin strap of hair right at the top of the vagina. This strip is known as a landing strip. In many cases, a Brazilian wax also removes hair from the inner lips of the vagina and from in between the buttocks. In general, it removes all hair from the anal region, perineum and areas around the vagina except for leaving a landing strip. When getting it done, the genital area is subjected to talcum powder after which hot oil is applied and then the hair is removed. There may be various reasons for getting a Brazilian wax instead of a bikini wax. For some, it is just a matter of preference or what gives them greater satisfaction. For others, it is the preferences of their spouses that decides which wax they would resort to. Yet for others, Brazilian wax is the better option as women are known to report better fitting of bathing suits, a cleaner feeling etc. Furthermore, some women also give credit to a Brazilian wax for a better sexual experience with higher levels of satisfaction.

The bikini wax is different from the Brazilian wax in that it removes lesser amount of hair than its counterpart. Conventionally, a typical bikini wax only removes hair visible around the bikini area. The waxing usually begins from where the leg creases, that is, where the hip joins the leg, to the upper thigh and the inner thigh. This is the classical bikini wax. Another type, the extended bikini wax is more customizable as the client can decide on how much hair removal they will prefer. It can range from removing a little amount of hair greater than the classical bikini wax to almost a Brazilian wax. A landing strip is often left but it is larger than that for a Brazilian wax. Moreover, the inner lips of the vagina are also not waxed. Warm wax is applied to the areas surrounding the bikini and the bikini line. A strip of cloth is used for waxing which is pressed on top of the region to be cleared and then ripped off against the direction in which hair grows.

A simple way to understand the difference between the two would be to understand that a Brazilian wax requires all clothes and undergarments to be removed so as to allow greater or almost all the hair to be removed. In contrast, a bikini wax can be done with a bikini on and therefore does not remove the hair where the bikini is worn.

Summary of differences expressed in points


1. Amount of hair removed; greater in Brazilian wax

2. Brazilian wax, removes all hair from the belly button to the vagina (including inner lips) and buttocks (including between buttocks), a landing strip is optional; a bikini wax removes hair around the bikini line, larger landing strip

3. Brazilian waxing requires a person to be totally naked from the belly downwards; bikini wax can be done with the bikini on

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