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Waxing Vs Tweezing

This eternal question of spotting the differences between waxing and tweezing has boggled many. This dilemma is often mostly associated with the removal of facial hair. Both of these techniques nonetheless are methods of semi-permanent hair removal.

Waxing is one of the oldest methods in which a layer of wax is spread over the skin; a paper strip (or cloth) is then pressed over the wax and quickly striped off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Thus removing the hair along with the wax. Waxing can be performed in various areas of the body like the legs, arms, underarms, eyebrows, bikini area, chest, feet, back, upper lip etc.

It is preferred over other methods when it comes to one time removal of larger amounts of hair effectively. Once the hair is waxed, the area will not grow hair for 2-4 weeks depending on the area waxed. Waxing pulls the hair follicles out, thus the re-grown hair is not as thick as before but thinner and it gets softer over longer periods of time.

Tweezing is a much newer method born out of the invention of the tweezers. Easily available, small, and compact, this provides a solution to many of us. Most people use tweezers on their facial hair. Hair has to be pulled out one by one and thus takes more time and can be more painful than waxing it all in one go. Although tweezing pulls out the hair, the follicle still remains. Because of this the re-grown hair is thicker and immediate.

Tweezing is mostly used for smaller areas like the shaping the eyebrows, the upper lip or the general removal of stubborn facial hair. These areas can also be waxed, but if the amounts of hair to be removed are only composed of a few single strands then tweezing is a better option. Waxing is better for taking out several strands of hair at once.


1. Tweezing is more time-consuming and painful than waxing.

2. Re-grown hair in waxing is thinner and softer as compared to tweezing which is thicker and darker.

3. Waxing removes all hairs including the fine hair whereas tweezing can remove thicker hairs, as individually grasping the thinner ones is very difficult.

4. Tweezing has more accuracy due to its individual hair removal.

5. You can get your full body waxed, not tweezed though.

6. Waxing is messier than tweezing.

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