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Differences Between Tights and Leggings

Tights vs Leggings

Tights and leggings are two fashion statements that are so popular with the ladies. They are easy to wear, light, and very fashionable. Anyone wearing tights or leggings feels comfortable. However, how does one distinguish between tights and leggings? Though both are form-fitted pants, tights and leggings are not the same. You may be calling tights as leggings, or leggings as tights. It is time to correct your wrong ideas about tights and leggings before the fashion police raise a brow at you. In this article, let us discover the differences between tights and leggings.

Many are confused between tights and leggings. We couldn’t blame them since these two are very similar types of clothing. Some wear them with shorts and skirts. Others wear them with sweaters and boots. Tights and leggings are both tight and fitted pants (but they’re not the usual pants). And they can be stylish, colorful, and patterned.

One of the main differences between tights and leggings is their thickness. Tights are usually thinner and leggings are thicker. To put it simply, tights are like pantyhose while leggings are like sweatpants. Tights are see-through while leggings are not.

Since tights are like pantyhose, they are very stretchable. Some tights are also very lacy. When wearing tights, be careful not to brush against sharp corners because they are likely to rip. Because of that, tights are undoubtedly cheaper than leggings. Some women love to wear brightly colored tights – the neon ones. But some tights also have patches and patterned styles. Tights are see-through. Don’t go outside wearing nothing over your butt. You’ll be laughed at. You can wear tights with dresses, shorts, and skirts.

If you want something thicker, then go for leggings. It can also provide you more warmth. Shiny leggings are popular, even the leather ones. Women love to sport anything black, smooth, and shiny. Since leggings are thicker and your butt or skin can’t be seen, you can wear them as pants. No need to put over it shorts and skirts. Aside from the shiny types, some leggings are also knitted and patterned. Try wearing them and you’ll definitely look gorgeous.

Tights also cover your feet while leggings do not. Leggings stop at your ankles, but now there are varying lengths for leggings. Today, there are cropped leggings. Women like to wear them during their workouts. Some women also wear cropped leggings under their dresses. In the past, leggings were mostly black and had stirrups at the bottom for the feet. These stirrups prevented the leggings from moving up. Perhaps you have already seen stirrup leggings. They are mostly worn by gymnasts and ballerinas. But as of today’s fashion, stirrup leggings are not the “in” thing.

For tights, it is nice to wear ballet flats and boots. For leggings, it is nice to wear heels, sneakers, and open-toed shoes. Nevertheless, the shoes you wear for your tights or leggings depend on your overall look. If they look better together than separate, then wear them.


  1. Tights and leggings are very similar types of clothing so many are confused. Both are tight and form-fitting pants.

  2. Tights are thinner while leggings are thicker.

  3. Tights are see-through so you need something to wear on top of them like shorts and skirts.

  4. Leggings are thick enough to cover your hips and butt so you may not need to wear something on top of them.

  5. Tights cover your feet while leggings do not.

  6. Leggings also vary in length. Some leggings go down at the ankles and some are cropped.

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