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Difference Between Mohawk and Fohawk

Mohawk vs Fohawk

Mohawk and fohawk are confused with each other because they look and sound the same. These are two popular modern hairstyles that imitate the Mohawk hairstyle of the people from the Mohawk nation. It is also sometimes regarded as “iro” because of its connection to the Iroquois look.

A Mohawk is more radical because of its strikingly lengthy and erect midline hair. The straight hold is achieved by using a hair gel, spray, or mousse. While the midline region of the head bears this long hair, the rest of the regions of the head are shaved cleanly to the skin like in the case of a bald surface. To shape your hair into the Mohawk style, you simply have to reserve a wide strip of hair at the center of your head from the border of your forehead down to your nape. This is known as a high-maintenance style because of the constant trims, shaves, and use of hair products.

Fohawk, correctly written as faux hawk or faux-hawk, is a trendy style that sort of follows the Mohawk. “Faux” in French means “false.” That’s why everybody regards the fohawk hairstyle as a false or fake Mohawk. Contrary to the Mohawk, the fohawk simply uses all the available hair at the center of your head and stretches it up using a very strong hold gel to mimic that trademark Mohawk look. Kevin Federline, Adam Sandler, and Natalie Portman are just some of the popular names that experimented with their hair in the fohawk style.

Fohawk is said to be the milder form of the Mohawk hairstyle because it omits the unnecessary shaving of the rest of the hair, most especially those at the sides of the head. As a matter of fact, the remaining regions of the head are usually trimmed a little to create a distinct difference in hair length with the central part of the head. This also makes it more appealing to a lot of people. In fact, many have regarded the fohawk hairstyle as a very attractive style as opposed to the Mohawk, which gives a goth, rebellious, punk rock look. The fohawk can be used for any type of occasion may it be for partying, going to concerts, and even for formal occasions. It’s just too hard to look at someone with a Mohawk hairstyle attending a formal occasion.


1.The fohawk hairstyle is applicable to any type of occasion (informal to formal) while Mohawks are not meant for formal occasions.
2.The fohawk is regarded as a more attractive and appealing hairstyle for more people as opposed to the Mohawk.
3.The Mohawk gives a gothic, rebellious, and punk rock look.
4.The Mohawk hairstyle only leaves the midline hair of the head intact while leaving the rest completely shaved.
5.The fohawk hairstyle has a long midline portion of hair but retains the hair at the sides of the head. Sometimes the side hair is just trimmed down a bit.

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