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Difference Between Hair Gel and Hair Wax

hair_gel_amHair Gel vs. Hair Wax

The difference between hair gel and hair wax is often confusing. Many people feel they are much the same thing, but in reality, they are very different products. Because some people do not realize there is a difference between the two they often end up with their hair in a state of confusion.

The first thing to know about the difference between hair gel and hair wax is that hair gel comes in many different forms and it can be purchased in many different prices. There are many hair gels on the marketplace which can be purchased in department or grocery stores and they can, more likely than not, be purchased for a small amount of money. More expensive hair gels can be purchased at salons and these price ranges would obviously be more expensive. In this aspect, hair gel and hair wax are similar as hair wax would also have a wide range of prices.

Secondly, hair gel comes in different forms, such as, it can be a direct application or in the form of spray. Hair wax is basically just what is says it is ‘“ wax. Hair wax could only be purchased in solid form. Also, unlike hair wax, hair gel comes in different volumes. These volumes are assigned with specific numbers wherein the higher number gives better results.

Another aspect is that hair gel can be used in both longer hair styles or shorter styles. It can be used for “scrunching” and it also works good for straight hair to make it look a lot sleeker. Hair wax, on the other hand, is used mostly for shorter hair styles. Hair gel should be avoided if your hair is usually dry as it contains alcohol. Conversely, hair wax does not dry your hair out and would work well with hair that has a dry texture.

One advantage of hair wax is that it continues to leave the hair pliable to work with throughout the day and it can be used for dry hair types. Hair gel should only be applied to wet hair but once the hair is dry it tends to leave the hair in the form it was styled. Hair wax works well with styles that are meant to be spiked.

Last but not least, hair gel washes out in just one shampoo as it tends to be water based.. Hair wax is also a bit heavier and may require several washings to remove.

1. Hair gel has several forms unlike hair wax that only comes as a solid wax.

2. Hair wax can be used for dry hair types unlike hair gels.

3. Hair gels can be cleansed easily from the hair as it is water based compared to hair wax that needs a more thorough rinsing for complete removal from one’s hair.

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