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Differences Between Boot Cut and Flare

Boot Cut vs Flare

What is that one thing that each and every individual, young and old alike, would own and have in his or her own closet or dresser? A pair of jeans, that’s what. Wouldn’t you agree? Take a look at your own closer or dresser … how many pair of jeans do you own? Simply put, every living man and woman would always have a pair of jeans. No matter how old you are, what nationality, and what country you live in, having a pair of jeans is somehow a universal clothing that would go with just about any type of top.

Talking about jeans, what is the difference between a boot cut pair of jeans and a flare type of jeans? There are actually many types of jeans these days, especially more so with the advent of the internet, because you simply have a wider market to choose from, and an even wider market of consumers. What’s more, with a wider market of consumers, you need to make sure that you would be able to cater to their needs, hence, referring to body types.

What is a boot cut pair of jeans?

When you’re looking at clothing catalogues, you would notice that not only is the type and color of the jeans considered, but how the cut of the lower part of the jeans would appear. Boot cut jeans would normally have the leg bottom opening a bit wider than usual, but not more than that of its width from the knee down. The idea is for the hem to fit over the boots, hence the name. Another description for this type of jeans is the tapered look to the knee and how they slightly flare out to accommodate the boots one is wearing.

What is the flare pair of jeans?

Flare jeans, on the other hand, are the type of jeans that would have wide opening. Another term used for this type of jeans is the ‘bell bottoms.’ This was quite popular during the 60s and then during the 90s, this type of jeans become popular again. The waist for this type of jeans would vary depending on the brand. Some would be low on the hips, some just hitting the hip bone, and yet some on the waist. These days though, the flare jeans have been given a modern twist because the thigh and upper leg area are quite tight.

How do you choose between a boot cut and flare?

If you are quite familiar with your body size and type, then you probably think you already know what type of jeans would look good on you. Here are a few pointers that you can add. Boot cut are the most loved style, not just by cowboys but by virtually everyone. This is considered a classic, so it might be good to have a pair around. Flare jeans are the most flattering, and they would look good on almost any type of footwear as well, so when choosing a pair of flare jeans, you might want to make sure that they have the perfect fit not just on the waist area, but most especially on the butt area.


Boot cut jeans are not just common, but they’re considered classic and they’re called as such because the leg opening is just enough so that your pant legs would fit over your boots.

Flare jeans are just like your ‘hippie’ generation. They would look great on just about any type of body type, but then again, always make sure they have the perfect fit for your body.

Lastly, no matter what type of jeans you would go for, any pair of jeans would always be considered a must-have in every closet.

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