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Difference Between Replica Jeans and Original Jeans

Replica Jeans vs Original Jeans

“Original jeans” refers to jeans produced originally by the different brands. Some of the most famous and popular jeans makers are: Levi Strauss, Lee, Diesel, Wrangler, etc. All of these brands have some specific characteristics which distinguish them from each other. It could be the innovation in denim, color, technique of manufacture, fit, the type of accessories used, etc. No matter what the differences, the thing which is common to all is that they are originally produced by the brands whose labels they carry.

Replica jeans are jeans which are copies of the original products. They might be indistinguishable from the original jeans and almost look exactly like the original, but still they are copies. The replica jeans are replicas because the fabric used is not of the same quality, though it might look the same color and feel the same at a glance. It does not have the same quality accessories, the workmanship is not perfect like the originals, and they most definitely do not add up to the cost of the original. This is the reason why replica jeans are easier to acquire and cheaper to buy.

There are many brand companies which make replicas of their own original products in order to reduce the cost and make it available to the common market. They might have designer outlets where original products are sold and the replicas sold in the discount stores where people cannot afford to buy the designer version.

“Replica jeans” also refers to copies of a particular style of jeans made by the same company many years ago because the original is kept in the archive, for example, the Homer Campbell jeans from the Levi Strauss Company. The story behind it is that a person named Homer Campbell wore the jeans in 1917 and put some denim patches on the knees to make the jeans last longer as he worked in the mines. After three years, the jeans started coming apart, and he returned them to the company. The Levi’s people dug deeper and found out that the denim patch might have torn and worn out, but the original fabric on the knees was still in good condition. These jeans are still in Levi’s archives, but the replica of the Campbell jeans has been made and remade 9,500 times.

Another kind of replica jeans refers to the fake jeans which are made not by the brand company and are not made with their consent. They are counterfeits and sold at cheaper prices for the sole purpose of making money without letting the buyer realize that they are fakes.


“Original jeans” refers to the jeans produced and sold by the original brand company; replica jeans refer to copies of the original jeans made by the consent of the brand company to make it available to a larger market. It also refers to copies of a particular, one-of-a-kind jeans which are kept in archives. “Replica jeans” also refers to fake copies of the jeans which have been made without the consent of the brand company and are counterfeits.

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