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Difference Between Black Boots and Black Suede Boots

Black Boots vs Black Suede Boots

Buying black boots and black suede boots may be a tasking job, not because of the dilemma of choosing what the right kind of boots for you is, but because of the trouble of identifying what is black and what is black suede. Black boots and black suede boots are difficult to distinguish from each other. However, if you gaze at them close enough, for sure you’d eventually notice the subtle differences. The two have some distinct textures and qualities.

Foremost, black boots are primarily made of typical leather. This material is prepared by drying up an animal’s skin until it toughens to the point of durability. However, many manufacturers today are using other types of materials other than leather. Black boots have become popular for many because these can go well with almost any type or color of apparel. This means that you will not be pressured much with your head-to-foot fashion style if you’re wearing black boots as your footwear. Many also use black boots during cold and wet seasons as it provides additional comfort. On top of this, black boots are said to be tougher than other footwear because of the solid leather layer used.

Black suede boots, on the contrary, look almost the same as traditional black boots. It’s just that they are prepared by using the underside surface of the animal’s skin, not the firm layer. Like black boots, the material is also toughened under the heat of the sun.

Unlike the former, however, black suede has a softer, fuzzier, and finer feel to the surface because it does not reflect the outside harder leather. As such, persons wearing black suede find the footwear to be more comfortable and easier to move around in as opposed to using black boots. This is one of the reasons why black suede boots are generally priced much higher than the other. However, the only drawback for black suede is the presence of pores. Because of such, liquids, dirt, and other elements can easily break into the material which leads to the early demise of the material.


1.Black suede boots are prepared using the underside surface of the animal’s skin.
2.Black suede boots have a fuzzier, finer, and softer feel than black boots.
3.Black suede boots are more comfortable when used as compared to black boots.
4.Black suede boots are generally more expensive than black boots.

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