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The topic involving Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis is so much talked about in America that it has become a favorite area for discussion in term papers. Students also write several essays telling about their personal stand on how the two lived their lives as well as how they changed America. Nevertheless, these two personas are very alike. They became president during the civil war period, got married and were both born in the state of Kentucky. But how are they different?

Because of the ongoing chaos in the country, several series of civil wars broke out most likely because of the issue on slavery and the disparity between the Black and the White. Out of this came the Confederacy which parted away from the government Union. With this, the two prolific entities were born. Hence, the basic difference is that Abraham Lincoln stands for the Union while Jefferson Davis is for the Confederacy.

The former is known as a leader that had a very hard time controlling his people and subordinates, specifically his Cabinet members. The Republicans did not show respect to Lincoln much more that he was not able to take any Senate or Cabinet post prior to his presidency. The other (Davis) is known as the leader who easily created enemies for the state and preferred battling all the oppositions by force rather than concentrating on making the governance more stable. As a West Point graduate, he really wanted to settle things quick with his army. It’s like you must go with him and win the war being fought or else you will die (if you won’t join the fight).

Many political leaders within the Confederacy criticized Davis because of such a warlike attitude to the point that many of them resigned one by one. This view also came to be contested by many of his cabinet members.

Lincoln had conflicts with the senate whereas Davis also got irked easily by Alexander Stephens, his vice president who has a completely different ideal and personality. Lincoln also showed blatant disrespect to the Supreme Court (SC) and the Constitution in several instances like when he increased his military size by his own approval and how he disregarded the SC’s ruling to release their captured enemies.

On the brighter side, Lincoln was dubbed as an effective president despite his lack of military experience. But Davis was seen as having the greater inclination of becoming a leader because of his exposure as a public speaker and his knowledge in public affairs ‘“ something that Lincoln lacked.

1. Jefferson Davis has more political and military experience than Abraham Lincoln.

2. Jefferson Davis was head of the Confederacy while Abraham Lincoln was leader of the Union.

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  1. This isnt a bad article — if the writer was a sophomore in high school, and only knew what the distorted text books told him.

    But it’s a pathetic article if the author thinks he knows anything about either gentleman.

    For example, take the statement that Lincoln showed “blatant disrespect” to the United States Surpreme Court. First, nonsense, although he should have had them all arrested and tried for treason, but he just left them alone.

    These were men who conspired with other SOuthern leaders to push slavery into the territories, where people hated slavery. This “court” was actually a group of men dead set on spreading slavery.

    Learn what the Dred Scott decision was —- it was a “decision” which did from bench what no humans would ever do by legislation, even in the South. This “court” decided that blacks were “so inferior” that they were not even human in the eyes of the law.

    Let me repeat that — the Dred Scott courts (the one you said Lincoln disrepsected) were trying to FORCE slavery into the west by declaring blacks were not even human. They were property, like a dog is property, like a bucket of shit is propert.

    Not only where blacks simply property — because of their gross inferiority — but no state, or congress, could even declare any rights for blacks. No matter if 99% of the people in Kansas, for example, voted against slavery — too bad, according to this “court”. Even 100% of the people — doesnt matter. Blacks are not human, in the eyes of the law, and can NOT be made into humans.

    This same court was in power when Lincoln got there — and naturally they immediately moved to stop Lincoln from doing anything about anything. They should have all resigned, because they were all extreme partisans, FOR the South. Most of them were very likely bribed.

    Lincoln didn’t respect them? No kidding, nor should he have. In fact, he should have had them arrested and tried, and forced to testify who paid them off, and who who giving them instructions. Very likely it was Jefferson Davis.

    Learn real history before you announce such drivel. At least know the basics.

    The difference between Lincoln and Davis was, Lincoln cared about people, including the rights of people. Jeff Davsi said God gave the South slaves “as a DIvine Gift” and that “African slaves are the most contented laborers on earth, with natural affection for their owner”.

    Learn real history, get back to me.

  2. Lincoln cared soooo much about the blacks and hated slavery so much that he abolished slavery yet owned slaves himself. Wow very caring person. By learning history you mean that we need to learn that he originally only abolished slavery in the confederate states and that slavery was allowed in the northern states. I think you should leave this guy alone until you educate yourself a little more.

  3. I am sorry but both of you commentors are wrong. Lincoln main goal wasn’t to abolish slavery but to bring the Union back together and to stop slavery from spreading to new territories. In fact he didn’t care about abolishing slavery until half-way through the war.

  4. this kid is stupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid

  5. I’ll try this once again – this site has a bug in it.
    Lincoln was a loud-mouthed ill tempereed man while president Davis was a soft spoken gentelman who hated war. Those today have been well indocrinated to make a worshipped ‘hero’ out of tyrant Lincoln, who hated Negroes with a passion and ordered most of them killed in his torture camps in Camp Douglas and Camp Elvira. Lincoln was born to an unmarried barmaid in North Carolina, not in Kentucky, and Lincoln was not his name at that time. The REAL Lincoln has been well hidden by DC, and they made up a fabrication to make a ‘hero’ out of, as for the Communist Elites, Lincoln was their hero. TRUE history is much more interesting and exciting then the fabricated garbage passed off in the govt shcools that everyone has been indoctrinated with since 1865. President Davis never had slaves and didn’t believe in slavery (they were not called ‘slaves’ in the South nation, they were called “servants” as they were paid for their work as you are paid at your job today) and in the South servants were treated like family. There was no race problem EVER in the South nation’s history until the Lincoln Carpetbaggers infiltrated and brought their hate with them. But they were treated like real SLAVES in the US north nation. President Davis adopted a Negro orphan boy and raised him as his own son and was very loving to him.

    This may shock you but Lincoln was a dedicated Communist his whole life and was the first Communist in office. He placed Communists (48er’s) in high govt and Military govt offices where they have grown in power and numbers ever since; and in 1861 when he first got into office he did a complete coup on our Founders DC govt and REPLACED everything the Founders established with his own Communist system that we have been under since. Lincoln hated the Constitution and tore it up and stomped it on the floor and burned it in front of his advisors.

    Lincoln created the Police (not Sheriff that belongs to the people) and he disarmed the people, who had been the armed Law Enforcement up to that time. Lincoln was called the “REPLACER President” in his own time and was hated by the people. Lincoln never freed one slave nor cared to. In fact he demanded the Senate add a new Amendment to the Constitution that would keep slavery going forever !

    People need to read some TRUE history for a change – it’s out there but you have to look for it and know the REAL authors and NOT the govt shills like David Barton who keep the lies going so DC can keep its ill-gotten power and control. “The South Was Right” is a good book to start with. “Red Republicnas and Lincoln’s Marxists” and “Lincoln’s Marxists” by Walter Kennedy and Al Benson are other true detailed history books to read IF you want the real truth..and there are about 1500 others of TRUE history out there IF you want REAL TRUE history. Some people cannot handle the truth and rather stay in the tiny fabricated bubble that DC has forced you into all your life.. DC does not want you to know the real truth – it exposes all their Treasons and crimes. If the general population knew our TRUE history, DC would not be the Dictatorship it is. Read some REAL TRUE history – get your chains off of you and your mind free. Then you will know the difference when you read fabricated slop like is in this article above. Don’t blame them = they had the same govt indoctrination schools as you did and were pumped full of the same lies and are just repeating what they have been TAUGHT And TOLD TO BELIEVE. Everyone has been made such fearful sheeple to blindly obey whatever they are ordered to do or think.
    I’m a historian paid by no one – I just educate with the REAL TRUE history that actually happened. History everyone has the right to know about.

  6. Whether Lincoln really wanted to abolish slavery for the pure good of it is controversial. Although, I agree with Luke Parkhurst. Lincoln was a moderate meaning he wasn’t like the abolitionists or radical republicans where he wanted total equality between blacks and whites and he wasn’t democrat who wanted the expansion of slavery. Before and during the beginning of the war, Lincoln just wanted preserve the Union which was being broken up by the South. It wasn’t until January 1, 1863 that he issued the Emancipation Proclamation which basically said that all slaves are not slaves anymore, however he knew that the Confederacy wouldn’t do anything because they seceded. Even though he issued the proclamation, slaves were still slaves since the South didn’t view themselves as part of the Union and they were at war with the North.

    However, many historians believe that this was a huge political move by Lincoln. The South was going to Britain for insight on building blockade runners which were the first iron ships used in battle. After the proclamation, Britain and France acknowledged that the North was now, by Lincoln’s standards, completely anti-slavery since they were anti-slavery for some time. In consequence, Britain and France did not recognize the Confederate States of America as independent, which for the Confederacy meant losing all potential support from power foreign nations.

    Pretty sure Lincoln was a racist by today’s standards. Here’s an actual quote from him. “I do not understand that because I do not want a negro woman as a slave I must necessarily have her for a wife… I am not, nor have I ever been in favor for bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races; that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the races which I believe will for ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.”

    Kind of ruins your childhood…

  7. I will take Lincoln over Davis any time. Did the rich man Davis ever go to the battle field!!! Lincoln was their numerous times. Didn’t at the end of the war Davis wanted his soldiers to go into the Appalachian Mountains to fight a guerrilla warfare that would have easily killed another 200000 more soldiers on both sides what an a******

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