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Difference Between President of Iran and the Supreme Leader of Iran

iran-president-vs-supreme-leade_smallrPresident of Iran vs the Supreme Leader of Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran has a unique political system. It has the trappings of a republican system while maintaining the absolute rule of an elite revolutionary Islamic council. That is why the country has a sitting president and a Supreme Leader at the same time. Here are the major differences between the president of Iran and the Supreme Leader.

The Supreme Leader of Iran holds absolute power. The president of Iran on the other hand is subordinate to the Supreme Leader and holds formal functions of the executive branch. Essentially, the Supreme Leader is the absolute head of state while the president of Iran is the head of government.

The Assembly of Experts of Leadership is the official body that elects the Supreme Leader of Iran. This assembly of experts is composed of 86 Islamic scholars. The president of Iran on the other hand is elected through a popular vote. However, the Supreme Leader decides who should run for the presidency.

The Supreme Leader can be booted from office by the Assembly of Experts only. The president of Iran on the other hand can be ousted or dismissed by the Supreme Leader.

In matters of state and government control, the Supreme Leader exercise exclusive power over the armed forces, foreign affairs, and judicial systems. The Supreme Leader also controls the nuclear arsenal of the country. The president of Iran on the other hand controls the cabinet and appoints ambassadors and governors. The president also has the power to appoint the defense minister and the intelligence chief but he should get the explicit consent of the Supreme Leader.

Indeed, the political system of Iran is different from Western republican systems. Just take note that the Supreme Leader is the absolute ruler of Iran while the president serves as the chief executive with limited powers.

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