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When it comes to politics knowing the exact difference between different political roles that are filled by politicians can be confusing. In this article we will take a look at the difference between a governor and a senator.

Most democratic political systems around the world operate on a bicameral style of parliament. This means that there are two houses in the parliament. In the United States they are known as congress and the senate. This style of parliament originally operated in Rome.

When looking at the United States system of government, a governor is responsible for the running of a state and they do not have regular dealings with national politics. A senator belongs to the senate, which is also called the upper house. They are a state’s representative in the upper house of the senate, which pertains to national politics.

A governor is responsible for taking care of citizens at a state level and a senator is responsible for representing their state’s interest at a national level. Since both politicians operate on different platforms of government, it cannot really be said that a governor outranks a senator, or vice versa.

At a state level the governor is the top of command and they are only really answerable to the President of the United States. In fact, on a state level they have the same type of responsibility and power as the President. A governor is directly elected by the people of the state, in much the same way that the President is elected.

Each state in the union has two senators and they are expected to represent the state at a federal level. Senators vote on different bills that are passed through to the senate by congress. The senate performs a very important function in federal politics as they have the power to pass or veto proposed laws that have been put forward by congress.

The office of governor and senator are both used as stepping stones to the presidency of the United States. Bill Clinton was a former governor and Barack Obama is a former senator.

1.A governor acts at a state level
2.A senator represents their state in federal government
3.A governor has the same powers as the President, but at a state level
4.There are two senators for each state of the union who represent their state
5.Many politicians use being a governor or senator as experience for becoming the President of the Unite States.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren for Governor!

    • Are you kidding? You need to do your homework, or your a very scarry person.

    • I haven’t read everything, but what I have read, you’ve done a good job on. What a terrific idea “DifferenceBetween.net”. I love it. Anyone interested in this type of thing, you can go to the Hillsdale College web site and take classes for free. They always have one for the Constitution. They are one of the best Universities in the nation, and we have been slowly losing our freedoms in this nation because of our own ignorance. People claim rights that don’t exist and steal the rights of others that do. They get away with it because of our ignorance. We should all take advantage of it.

  2. This was a sick as breakdown. I’m high afffffffff lmaoooo ayyyyyy

    • Yeeeeee boiii lit afff

    • I’m sorry then you must lack common sense and the ability to reason. These people post this stuff for free to help us that need a breakdown of the differences in the government officials role and responsibilities.

  3. Yes these two are sused as stepping stones to the Presidency…. unless you’re Donald Trump. In which case NO experience is required.

  4. It is a perfect definition of the senator and the Governor. It seems that a governor is not as aggressive a senator

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