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Differences Between iPhone 6 AND Galaxy S5


Samsung as well as Apple released their flagship phones in 2014. Both the smartphones have an impressive spec sheet and top of the class features. So, in this article we attempt to differentiate between the Galaxy 5 and iPhone 6.

Galaxy S5 does not receive much changes in terms of design from its predecessor. The body is mainly plastic with metal-plastic rounded edges. It has a matte finish on the back panel and a plastic band runs along the sides of the phone.
The iPhone is beautifully designed with an aluminum body and for the first time Apple has introduced slightly rounded corners. Moreover it is 6.9mm thick as against 8.1mm of the S5, giving it a slicker look. It is also 5mm narrower than the S5 making it easier to operate with one hand.

But the body of S5 is designed for water resistance. It is IP67 certified for water resistance up to 1m for 30 minutes. The iPhone on the other hand has no such features.

The Galaxy S5 sports a 5.1 inch AMOLED display at a full HD resolution of 1920X1080 and 432 ppi (pixels per inch). This resolution delivers some sharp image quality and excellent color, brightness and contrast.
The iPhone has a 4.7 inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1334X750 and pixels packed at 326 ppi.
While on paper, the S5 seems to be the winner but both the phones deliver excellent color accuracy and crisp and sharp images. While the AMOLED screen of the S5 delivers excellent contrast ratio, the IPS LCD of the iPhone offers better viewing angles and color accuracy.

The iPhone 6 is powered by a 64 bit Apple A-8 chip dual core clocked at 1.4 GHz. To deliver high quality graphics it sports a GPU PowerVR GX6450 and 1 GB RAM. Along with this the phone comes with 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB ROM. As the ROM capacity increases the price of the iPhone shoots up.

The Galaxy S5 is powered by a 32 bit Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz. The graphics has been updated to Adreno 330 GPU and the phone comes with 2 GB of RAM. S5 comes with 16 GB on-board storage and has a slot for microSD card. It supports microSD cards of capacity upto 128 GB.

Again, the Galaxy S5 seems the obvious winner with almost double the specs of iPhone. But many performance tests like GeekBench and IceStorm put both the phones’ performance at the same level.

The iPhone 6 runs on the latest iOS 8, which although offers lilitd optons for customization, is very simple to use.
Galaxy S5 has Android 4.4. In addition, Samsung has added its new interface to the phone called TouchWiz. Unlike the iPhone, S5 offers heavy customization. It comes with many pre-installed apps like ChatON and S Voice but many of them are not so useful. One new feature that TouchWiz introduces is the new multi-window. It allows you to have more than one app open in the screen, but that does not help in the 5.1 inch screen and is more of a phablet functionality.

The Galaxy S5 has a 16MP camera with a 1/2.6” camera sensor. In addition, the camera offers tons of features like TouchFocus, Digital Image Stabilization, Phase detection Auto Focus and HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode to name a few. The camera shoots videos at a resolution of 4K at 30 FPS. The S5 also has a secondary camera of 2.2MP.
The iPhone has an 8MP rear camera, 1/3” camera sensor with features like BSI (Back-illuminated Sensor), Autofocus, Phase detection focus, Digital Image Stabilization and HDR. It records videos at 1080p HD and has a front-facing camera of 1.2MP.

The Galaxy S5 is juiced by a 2800mAh battery as against the 1810mAh battery in the iPhone 6. While directly comparing the battery capacity of two smartphones running on entirely different platforms doesn’t do justice, it still gives a little insight about the battery life. Moreover the S5 comes with a load of options to conserve your battery when extremely low. These options turn your phone’s display black and white, allowing you only to receive and make calls thus extending the battery life of the phone in times of emergency.

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