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democrat_republicanDemocrat vs Republican
A Democrat and a Republican differ in many ways, especially in their philosophy, ideas, worldview and politics. A Democrat is considered to be generally liberal whereas a Republican is known to be conservative.

While a Democrat generally believes in a larger federal government, the Republican do not believe in such a concept. The Democrat believes that the government should look towards the greater good for the welfare of the people, irrespective of individual interests. They always tend to see the people as equal.

The Republican holds economic equity on top than any other thing. They believe that all answers lay with the people rather than with the government. The Republican wants less governmental interference and strongly believes in property rights rather than believing in welfare rights.

Democrat looks towards equality under a federal government and a Republican looks towards people looking after themselves. A Democrat stands for government-supported programs like healthcare and giving government subsidies to business, schools and hospitals, which means levying more taxes. A Republican wants decisions to be made at the state level with less government involvement.

When the Democrat thinks federal government to be supreme and believes that every idea should originate from it, the Republican believes in capitalism and free market.

A Democrat wants the right to legislate equality and a Republican want the right to earn equality. A Democrat’s stance will always be to enhance his position with special interest groups and a Republican always chooses a stance that he believes to be correct.

While the Democrat stands more for community, community responsibility and social justice, the Republic is for individual responsibility, individual rights and individual justice.

Another difference between a Democrat and a Republican is that the former as a party tends to be pro-choice and the other one tends to be pro-life. When a Democrat favours social policies at the federal level, a Republican favours the policies at the state level.
While a Democrat is considered to be on the ‘left’ end of the political spectrum, the Republican is believed to be on the “right” end.

One can also come across many ideological differences between the two. Some examples are that when the Democrat believes in decreasing military finance, the Republican wants to increase military budget. When the democrat wants women’s right to be legalised, the Republican does not want it to be legalised.

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  1. What is it with Conservatives? Everything that they don’t like, it’s a “liberal conspiracy” … Really????

    FCOL!!!!! Grow up, if you are really THAT naive, then you DESERVE to be a Tea Farty Moron.

    • Lol. What are you going to do now, throw food? Apparently, (some) Dems react like ill behaved children, yelling,calling names, and just being irrational when someone shows the Den was mistaken.

      Bil: What are you talking about? Knight is arguing the Dem side.

      Maybe no one explained to you the concept of debate. There is a topic about which one presents evidence. Others admit or refute the concept by using evidence. No response is equivalent to losing on that point. Yelling, a sign of fear, is looked down upon, as is name calling.

      I’ll give you another chance. The topic was minimum wage. You/Dem side was to give the man a fish, mine/Rep was to teach the man to fish. Go on …

      • WTF are you talking about? I wasn’t talking about ANY minimum wage???!! but that BULLSHIT attempt to twist scripture was pathetic!! Jesus taught personal responsible to the RICH and the POOR!! funny how you republicans only misquote the bible to prop up your BULLSHIT IDEAS!! first off try reading the bible before exposing your republican FOOLISHNESS!! Jesus hung out with the SICK – THE POOR! and what did he tell his disciples to do???? sell all your material wealth and follow ME. What did Jesus say about the mentality of the RICH? a rich man going to heaven is like a camel getting through the eye of a needle!! @minerva, you’re so hopelessly IGNORANT that the RICH have brainwashed POOR idiots like yourself to cheerlead on their behalf!! what a damn FOOL! your bowing down to corporate america for FREE!! you don’t even get a paycheck from them! you do it for FREE! LMAO. listen BOZO tell your grandchildren how minimum wage is so horrible when their looking for THEIR first JOB!!

        • Minimum wage was referring to Billodot, not you. You were supposed to address the “Southern Strategy” – which I totally wiped you over about showing it had nothing to do with race.

          I’d be happy to discuss it with you, if you can stay on topic.

          Remember – facts, not anecdotes and emotion …

  2. Democrats are more thin skinned, and Republicans find things with better humor – according to SNL’s Lorne Michaels explaining why they pick on Republicans more (so they obviously do): Republicans are easier for us than Democrats. Democrats tend to take it personally; Republicans think it’s funny. http://www.vulture.com/2014/01/lorne-michaels-on-tonight-show-snl.html

  3. BTW, republicans aren’t “THIN SKINNED” HUH? wasn’t it glenn beck getting on television CRYING like a old woman about capitalism, communism, liberals, democrats, marxism ETC ETC? republicans are typically the biggest PUSSYS on earth!! republicans aren’t “THIN SKINNED” wasn’t it limbaugh who served up BULL$HIT to his sheepies about how evil and unamerican the ACLU was but when his FAT got caught abusing prescription drugs and he was scared $HITLESS guess who FATBOY went CRYING to?? the F(CKING ACLU!! and by the way I see our local republican A$S kisser is back again with another heep of republican HORSE$HIT, FUX most trust news source???!! thats why canada doesn’t even broadcast that HORSE$HIT, in their country!! thats WHY FUX NEWS is register with the FCC as a ENTERTAIMENT network!! why the F(CK would a legitimate NEWS organization register as a ENTERTAIMENT network?? LMFAO!! Last point, our resident republican cheerleader forgot to tell everybody that FUX has been losing viewers since 2007 I believe!? and of course MR BULL$HITER forgot to tell everybody that FUX doesn’t attract hardly ANY viewers between the ages of 25- 54!! the average FUX viewer is over 65!! what does that tell you?? you have a audience that’s LITERALLY DYING!! just like the GOP!!

  4. Difference between republicans and democrats?? I literally could go hours on that one but how about for our devoted and hopelessly delusional republican CULT members, just take a look at former GOP governor Charlie Crist new book about how the republican party has gone extreme right! or checkout Ana Rivas Logan former congresswoman of Florida. and why she abandoned the G O P- the republican party is DYING and the halfway SANE members are abandoning ship!

    • Charlie Crist? You mean the guy even liberals called a RINO and an opportunist. The one who Florida wouldn’t vote in a second time, but he wouldn’t believe it when so he became an Independent and then a Democrat and still couldn’t get elected … instead Florida went with the Tea Party candidate? And Ana Rivas Logan … isn’t she the one they said shouldn’t run w/Crist because she too was a one termer who only switched parties because she, too, was virtually unelectable once anyone got a taste of who she was?

      Why do you always use such terrible examples? Seriously, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

      “The one who Truth is, Crist was a RINO (Republican In Name Only) for many years. He positioned himself as a conservative to keep those in his own party happy. But his actions spoke otherwise.

      As governor from 2007 to 2011, Crist bucked the GOP on items such as voting rights and environmental issues.

      He staunchly opposed oil drilling off Florida’s shores until fuel prices shot up in 2008, then quickly changed his mind back when running for the senate after the BP disaster in 2010. Many Republicans believe his order to restore felons voting rights, and increase early voting hours helped President Obama carry the state in 2008.”


      • You are a riot! LOL A- I didn’t “WIFF” on the southern strategy conversation, I know the story you just stumbled on it just here recently and of course being the typical republican you are you completely SCREWED it up. B- charlie crist left the republican party just like Anna Rivis Logan realises the GOP isn’t A- CONSERVATIVE- B- it’s been co- opted by corporate american (KOCH BROTHERS ETC) that’s why Collin Powell finally woke up but in your drug induced mind, anyone who doesn’t subscribe to carl rove and grover norquist their just RINO”S!! wow I feel bad for you, because your lame excuse for ANYBODY to wake up and realize to GOP is full of religious nut cases,(MICHELE BACHMANN) foaming at the racist (TED NUGENT) or just plain CRAZY in your book is a RINO, may God have mercy on your lost soul lol BTW hows McConnell liking that tea party thingy?? the tea party told him to go get FU^KED because they want to run THEIR candidate against Grimes in KY!! the tea party is ripping your beloved GOP to shreds LMFA

  5. Minerva,

    The biggest problem is the only thing Republicans are interested in is winning. They take position that they think will win, regardless of whether it is a complete opposite of the position they took three days prior.

    There are only three issues in the GOP handbook that never change, Guns, Gays, and Abortion. Everything else is up for grabs.

    It was Newt Gingrich that said a national health care plan would only work if it had an individual mandate.
    In fact, almost every idea that Obama has presented on taxes, immigration, the military, and a range of other topics was once a GOP idea… as soon as Obama suggested them, all of a sudden the GOP was against it.

    The Republicans are Chameleons, fair weather friends, and unreliable to take a position and stay with it. Unfortunately,
    they are a poor judge of the public opinion and how it is trending, always ending up a couple years short.

    Their ONLY strength is adversarial. They are good at making the other guy look evil, but hold no ideas or solutions of their own, just criticism of the other side and their IDEAS….. is that DEBATE enough for you Minnie?

    • Are you talking about Charlie Crist? Oh wait, he went Democrat.

    • I like the civility  But, you still present no evidence nor a clear topic.

      Since the topic is Difference, your premise, by definition, must be that what you claim of the Republicans is not true of the Democrats.

      I contend that there is:
      1 No difference in the need to win by any politician or their ardent supporters, and that
      2 Democrats are more likely to change positions.

      Point 1. Each party exists by driving their constituents into an emotional frenzy so they are in such a panic they will part with money and vote to keep the world from collapsing – which would be guaranteed if someone from the other party wins, because they want to destroy America. Generally, the crackpots are more energized when the other party is in power. Sadly, few are principled enough to put the feet to the fire of their own. At the last election, the likes of Dion Rabouin published, “Mitt Romney and the Capitalist Extremists Who Want to Destroy America,” while unions staged Romney’s America, which including voter suppression, rising student debt and a decline in working conditions. I’m pretty confident I can match you story-to-story/person-to-person on this one – if you want to try. Otherwise, we concur that both parties are equally guilty.

      Point 2. Republicans are more conservative than liberals. By definition, they change less. The platform hasn’t changed much since the party’s founding – from the “(alarm of the)reckless extravagance which pervades every department of the Federal Government” to “the right of each State to order and control its own domestic institutions according to its own judgment exclusively “to individual rights, immigration, and even “(t)hat the present Democratic Administration has far exceeded our worst apprehensions, in its measureless subserviency to the extractions of a sectional interest … and in its general and unvarying abuse of power entrusted to it by a confiding people.”

      Democrats, on the other hand, kept taking God and Israel out of the 2012 platform. Everything from energy policy to military actions constantly flip & flop from Platform to Platform. (The difference between 1980 and 2012 is amazing, for those who bother basing their opinion on historical, verifiable facts.)

      Heck, Democrats can’t even keep liking Obama 70%+ of Obama 2012 voters recently said they regretted it! This includes 39% of blacks, 100% of Hispanics, 55% Democrats, and 71% independents – and let’s not get started on abandoning the ACA (noting the Executive Order changes are exactly what the Republicans always wanted).

      Furthermore, it’s Democrats who seem obsessed w/God, guns, and abortions. They oppose the status quo on the first two and want to force everyone to participate in the latter. (I’d be happy to discuss this more thoroughly, w/documentation, if you want.)

      Finally – are you actually saying Obama steals all his ideas from Republicans?


  6. I assumed @minerva was your typical low information republican male, well I might have been wrong about our resident republican cheerleader, maybe our republican butt kissers is a low information female?? LMAO that’s even worse!! The GOP has repeatedly told women to STFU and just keep popping out babies! republican women are the poster child of the Stockholm syndrome victims for decades! My God! what does the GOP gotta do to show you they don’t like you. limbaugh calls women SLUTS and you clowns don’t say ONE word! but watch how I’ll be called a misogynist RIGHT now for merely stating the TRUTH! you cons are hopelessly ignorant! republican law makers can say Rape isn’t a big deal and your typical republican female just sits there DEAF, DUMB and BLIND! but let someone show how the GOP totally disrespects women and now YOU’RE the misogynist!!?? unbelievable lol hey @minerva, explain to everybody how that anti Rape gene works according to republican todd akins and mike huckabee. republican women are pitiful!! and don’t start that republican cry baby stuff! calling republican women pitiful isn’t being misogynist, A- all women aren’t republicans, therefore it’s not being misogynist! it’s being factual

  7. Democrats rob Peter to pay Paul. It is the whole idea behind a tiered tax system. It is also why they support minimum wage increases – which would result in $500K people to losing their jobs and raise the cost of goods for everyone, according to the CBO report – and ObamaCare, which relies on the young (lol) and also results in lost jobs or hours. http://www.cbo.gov/sites/default/files/cbofiles/attachments/44995-MinimumWage.pdf

    • Embryonic stem cell research/abortion are other examples. (hESC is also an example of ignoring science to put forth an agenda – but both parties do a little of that.)

  8. That last rant was embarrassing! doesn’t it bother you in the slightest that your regurgitation of republican talking is fruitless, @minerva, we’ve danced this dance for over 9 months and you’ve learned nothing, now heres something important the GOP has lost two presidential elections by over 13 MILLION votes they don’t have the senate and 2014 they’ll probably lose the house. the idiotic nonsense you post here is embarrassing! now according to you democrats hate Obama, lmao republicans by in large suffer from a host of mental disorders, when reality exposes your thinking you create your own reality! to expose you as a fool is easy! The GOP’s still attacking Obama, and he’s not even running again! what kind of logic is that? he already kicked the GOP’s AS$ twice!, what else is there to prove? bottom line, republicans can take their cry baby lily white butts to the internet and post whatever reality they choose to fantasize about! because the republican party is a neo confederate party that is using corporate american dollars to keep caucasian republican males happy, theres a reason why the GOP’s 90% caucasian, well you enjoy your ted nugent, sarah pain john birch society, the civilized world is laughing at you, @minerva, you keep posting your steven forbes crap and the democrats will continue to keep kicking your AS$ES, it doesn’t make a damn difference what Great White savior you create every other week, your not really fighting the democratic party, your fighting progress! the republican party even with corporate dollars and even with fake supposedly christians and even with your rallying cries from your KKK wing, your dying! if you thought Obama, AS$ raped you fools wait till 2016 and beyond! you clowns can’t even field a likeable candidate!! even many republicans hated rommey!! and what did the British media call rommey? MITT THE TWIT lol RIP GOP

  9. I’ve stated here that the GOP is dying! just look at the damn signs, bush jr spends billions on invading Iraq with BULL$HIT propaganda lies about WMDS, France and many other UN members didn’t buy that $HIT!! so of course here come FUX NEWS to the GOP’s rescue! punk A$S bill o’reilly hops his pasty grill up there and starts ranting about how the French are cowards and how we should boycott “FRENCH FRIES”!! LMFAO really ??? seriously??!! FUX NEWS is truly for uneducated idiots!! first off ANYONE with ANY basic american history knows if it wasn’t for the French and German missionaries fighting with George Washington THERE WOULDN’T HAVE EVER BEEN A USA!!! republicans typically are so incredibly ignorant! BTW @mini, tell everybody where the WMDS are???? it’s been over 10 yrs!! where are they?? lol but of course FAT BA$TARD limbaugh says the WMDS were moved to Iran!! REALLY??? SERIOUSLY??!!! A- how the FU@K would he know?!! B- ANYONE with ANY FU@KING common knowledge knows Iraq and Iran aren’t exactly bossom buddies! I guess FAT BOY forgot how Iraq was using mustard gas bombs lobbed at Iran!!

  10. The GOP dying? hell yeah it is!! every since Obama has been president the GOP went from being a covert racist pack of RATS to a overt pack a DOGS, sarah the white guys wet dream palin is making a career out of being a john birch society puppet! This hopeless idiot who can’t even tell you ONE magazine or book she’s read or who doesn’t even know the history of Paul Revere’s midnight right or that Africa is a continent, not a country! or how when she’s vice president how she’s going to get her hands in congress!! LMFAO really sarah? this A$SHOLE has the intelligence of a fruit fly! then you GOPers got teddy boy, good ole nugent! OH, but wait, tell us @mini, how honorably he served in Nam?! tell us @mini, how he avoided the draft, can you say $HIT all running down my legs?? or tell us about his passion for 12 year old little girls, I can’t hear you conservative base, speak up! your so called RELIGOUS RIGHT cracks me up!! so godly, so righteous, so lily white holy, but you embrace a cowardly draft dodging, PEDOPHILE, racist, you clowns went ape $HIT over Clinton getting a BJ but ole teddy is your poster boy LOL these are just a couple of reasons why your GOP is DYING! your economics ponzi schemes that take from the poor and give to the rich, from your racist wings, to your homophobic wings, to your anti science wings, to your anti WOMAN wings, aren’t going to survive! as I said earlier, your not fighting the democrats, your fighting progress!! now get the hell out the way!!


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