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On 18th September 2013, Apple rolled out the iOS 7 update for iPhone users followed by subsequent updates. In this article, we aim to provide users with the key differences between the two versions. If you are still stuck with iOS 6 and deciding whether to switch to iOS 7, read on to know more and then decide for yourself.

1) Interface
The most obvious changes in the iOS platform has been done to the user interface. Apple has provided us a more minimalistic look, removing any unnecessary features. The design is flatter with less texture on icons, removing the boxes surrounding certain options and the boxes at the top and bottom.

2) Lock Screen
Lock Screen receives a major revamp in the iOS 7. While iOS 6 allowed us to swipe in two directions, either to unlock the phone or to open the camera, iOS 7 allows swiping in four directions. In addition to opening the camera and unlocking the phone, swipe down to see notifications whereas swipe up to open the control center, which is another new feature of iOS 7.

3) Control Center
In a move to catch up with Android, iOS 7 introduces the Control Centre, a much awaited feature for the iPhone users. Now, you don’t need to open countless menus to switch on/off Wi-Fi, activate Airplane Mode etc. Simply swipe from the bottom of the screen and the Control Center appears. Apple has given 13 features here including Wi-Fi, Torch, Calculator and Flight mode.

4) Multi-Tasking
While iOS 6 gave us 4 apps to choose from and close them at the same time, iOS 7 gives multi-tasking an entirely new feel through the card-based interface, allowing users to switch through different apps and even it allows them to bookmark the favorite apps that are opened frequently. Just double tap on the Home Screen and it will allow you to scroll through all your open apps and swipe any of them upwards to close them.

5) AirDrop
Gone are the days when you had to send a picture via mail to a person sitting right next to you. With the introduction of AirDrop in the new iOS 7, share pictures, videos and notes easily with any other iPhone having iOS 7.

6) Automatic App Updating
Now you no longer need to manually update your apps and do the same tedious job all over again when a new update rolls out. This new feature on iOS 7 allows you to automatically update apps. You can, of course disable this feature if you still want to update everything manually.

7) Apps and App icons
App icons are also given a new feel in this platform to keep with the changing trends. The camera has been changed from a lens to a conventional camera image resembling the one in Instagram, the old sunflower in Photos has been replaced by a color wheel. Also, the folders are translucent. They change color in accordance with your wallpaper. Also, in the new iOS 7, you can have multiple pages in a folder when you cross 9 apps as against in iOS 6 where all the apps were stuffed in a single page.

Built-in apps like weather, camera, and photos also receive some upgrades which enrich your experience. The weather app now portrays a more realistic background resembling the weather when you open it. Besides it gives an hour-by-hour breakdown.

The camera provides much richer and speedier experience. Just swipe across to choose from video-mode, panorama and square mode. It also adds some Instagram style filters for more effects.
Photos has been redesigned too with a new interface and it allows you to sort your pictures on the basis of the location where it was taken. Zoom out to sort photos by date and year.

Sure, the iOS 7 takes some time getting used too. But with the vast new features and easier handling and multi-tasking, we surely recommend users to update to the latest version.

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