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Difference Between Gideon’s Bible and the KJV

Gideon’s Bible vs the KJV

The main difference between the Gideon’s Bible and the KJV is that the KJV is an English translation of the Christian Bible, and the Gideon’s Bible is actually the Bible distributed by an organization, Gideons International, which uses the KJV for the distribution purposes in hotels and motels free of cost.

Gideon’s Bible
The Gideon’s Bible is also called Gideons International. Gideons International is an evangelical organization whose main aim is to distribute free copies of the Bible. It distributes Bibles in 194 countries and in 94 different languages. The most important feature of the Gideon’s Bible is that they are placed in motel and hotel rooms.

The Gideons International usually uses the King James Version for their distribution. Along with the KJV they also distribute New King James Bibles and Testaments. These versions are also called MEV or Modern English Version Bibles and Testaments. MEV Bibles are distributed by Gideons International only when the hotel or buyer wants to specifically buy the MEV Bible.

The Gideons International was founded in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1899. The main aim of the organization is to establish the fact that each member should be willing to do God’s work with his own judgment having faith, obedience, and humility. Its chief work started in 1908 when Bibles were distributed for free to be placed in hotel and motel rooms. The first Bible was placed in the rooms of Superior Hotel in a city called Superior, Montana. The headquarters of Gideons International is in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Gideon’s Bible is also distributed free of cost to hospitals, military personnel of various countries, prisons, nursing homes, etc.

The King James Version is also called the King James Bible, KJV, or Authorized Version. The Church of England authorized and started the English translation of the Christian Bible in 1604 and finished translating it in 1611. It was printed for the first time by the king’s printer baker. This is considered to be the third translation in English; there have been two more translations. The first translation was authorized during the reign of King Henry VIII. There was then another translation of the Great Bible, and another was commissioned in 1568 of the Bishops’ Bible. The New Testament was translated by 47 scholars from Greek, and the Old Testament was translated into English from Hebrew text. The Apocrypha was translated into English from Latin and Greek. The Authorized Version or the KJV became the standard version for scholars who were English speaking.


The main difference between the Gideon’s Bible and the KJV is that the KJV or King James Version is an English translation of the Christian Bible, and the Gideon’s Bible is actually the Bible distributed by an evangelical Christian organization, Gideons international, which uses the KJV for distribution purposes in hotels and motels free of cost.

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  1. Dear friends,

    Greetings and “shalom” in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    I got your address from your web site. I appreciate your activities. Keep on!

    In my country, I am resounded by ministry Muslims and majority Orthodox Christian. That is what I am doing with other evangelical co-workers of reach them with the gospel. We need your prayer and support in doing God’s work. So that you would be co-workers with us also.

    Our ministry needs Bibles, new Testaments, Books, and other gospel literature. So that we may be fruitful in our work. As you know with the minority Muslims 28% and majority Orthodox Christian about 40% trying to reach, sharing the gospel to change peoples life for the Lord. Please, let us know your reply.

    In His love
    Kebede Molla

    Our address is:
    Kebede Molla
    World wide Mission of Gos. Asso.
    PO Box 25005
    Addis Ababa 1000

  2. I heard the Gideon Bible was a version that was banned by King James hence the King James (approved) Version. The original Gideon contained additional pages/books that were political and were removed/banned.

    • Correction. There is NO such thing as a “Gideon Bible”. The Gideons International have placed Bibles, over 2 1/3 Billion of them (or portions thereof), all over the world. They are “Gideon placed Bibles”. Currently, within the English speaking countries, we place Bibles in the KJV and the MEV versions. Many will say, “Gideon Bibles”, but they are Bibles (in various authorized versions) PLACED by the Gideons. We do distribute Bibles in about a hundred languages though. There is also a free Gideon Bible app for your phone. It will “speak” the word to you in over 1000 languages too. The Bibles and NT are distributed by the Gideons and Gideon Auxiliaries themselves (in most cases) in person. In addition, we buy Personal Workers Testaments (NT, Psalms & Proverbs) ourselves to personally use for one on one witnessing. The cost of Bibles placed in public places (like Hotels) is born by the faithful offerings of the many churches who partner with the Gideons in financial support. Only Gideons can buy our Bibles, they are placed free of charge. Visit http://www.gideons.org for more information. You can be a “Friend of the Gideons.”

  3. is it true that niv some words are been removed and gideon?

  4. Just wandered what version of the Bible was in our room. I believe I understand that the gideon Bible is a KJV. Just wanted to educate myself. To God be the glory!

    • The Gideons do not use the KJV exclusively or even mostly as implied by this information from Difference between. This information is false. We currently use the English Standard Version (ESV) as well as the KJV. About 15% of the Bibles shipped to our members is KJV. 85% is ESV. KJV is used predominately in the South and in Utah. Many local groups do not carry the KJV due to perceived archaic language and syntax. Please alter you information so it lines up with the true. Also over 100 different languages and 201 countries.

      • Well done. As a Gideon I find it disheartening some of the information is simply untrue. As stated the KJV is a translation used in many places, the ESV is preferred these days. It is also true that we have indeed used various translations. As to “information left out” when translations are made some phraseology may be different from KJV Bibles but the meanings are the same. Nothing has been “banned”! We now print Bibles in 109 languages (the latest one Bru used by some 600,000 people in India). How can you have 109 versions of the same “inerrant and Devinely inspired” and it be this or that translations!

    • I just always wanted to know the difference between The Kjv and the Gideon Bibles. Thanks for making everything clear for me!

  5. I need a copy of the Gideon International Bible
    Am in Kenya

    • Hi Antony,
      Did you get a bible? If not, I am happy to send to you.
      Please send me your address or PO box.
      I am in Sri Lanka.

  6. Please I need this the Gideon International Bible

  7. Thank you for what you. Please I need this the Gideon International Bible . I read this Bible in Hotel and i love it.
    Thank you

  8. Hello,
    I have been blessed by the Gideon’s Bible for years as I traveled lodging in different hotels/motels. I am a full time Chaplain and I also serve as the Bereavement Coordinator for St. Louis Children’s Hospital. At the hospitals, patients have been asking for bibles and we don’t have enough to give. I would like to store some in the chapel make some available to the patients and families at their request. Please help me with this effort. My mailing address is:
    Chaplain Jonell Calloway
    One Children’s Place
    Suite 11 East 10
    St. Louis, MO 63110 Thank you.

  9. Could i get a copy of this Bible?

  10. Please sent me a KJV bible
    to This address Zipcode is 91801 300 N.bushnell Ave #10!!!!

  11. Please sent me Gideón KJV bible
    Zipcode 91801- 300 N .bushnell Ave.#10

  12. Would it not be simpler to say there is no difference? Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Yeah they never really state the difference whatsoever what’s the deal with this explanation I don’t eben think they know or are trying to trick you into getting a non kjv.

  13. i have church members and the can’t buy bible. we will happy when u support with bible thank

  14. God bless you for the wonderful work you doing. Can I please order for some bibles for evangelism in Ghana, Takoradi, Amazing Grace Family Assembly. P. O. Box. Ax531
    Azuma Road. Takoradi
    Ghana. Thanks a billion.

  15. May I please have a kjv to address 6723 collinsdale Rd Baltimore MD 21234.


  16. Don’t talk rot. “the Gideon’s Bible is actually the Bible” is completely untrue. The Bible was not written in English and which books are included (and more importantly, not included) was decided at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD.

  17. Looked a english standard version of Gideon Bible, could you tell me
    how to get one thanks

  18. Can you send me the Gileons bible kjv please …75 McCormick rd sw ,Cartersville Ga. 30120..

  19. How can I get some of the Bible please

  20. It is good and simple English for me

  21. What year were the scripture references & helps added?

    What year was the sinner’s prayer for salvation added to the back cover with a place for signature?

  22. Do the Gideon’s use the NIV bible with or without the footnotes? Many readers who want to know God’s Truth find this confusing. Thanks.

  23. How can I lay hands on a Gideon International Bible? I had one but lost it on a holiday.

  24. I don’t really understand this post. Are you suggesting we should not be reading The Gideons International, which is *HOLY BiBLE* rather be reading The King James Version which also is The Bible? Pls Family, Which One Is complete, genuine and states the real facts concerning God And HIS will towards mankind. Your comments/contributions will be appreciated.

    Thank you all as I awaits your response.

    Cherish From Lagos, Nigeria.

  25. I would like to request for a KJV and a NKJV Bible if its possible for my bible study. I had a Gideon Bible with me now….got it from my brother….Am in the Fiji Islands….

  26. Good morning, It is with great humility and honor of that great commission to tell the world The Good News of Jesus Christ to the lost.

    My name is Gregory Martin and I live in Ecuador where it is clearly a mission field with ignorance of who God is and it is my hope that several of the Spanish/English new testaments were sent as my wife who is Ecuadorian is a translator want to have Bible studies here in Puerto Lopez. While traveling in the. Hotels I have kept these bibles to help my Spanish and have given 4 away to locals here during my sharing The Gospel. Thank you.

  27. Michelle Paul I would like a Gideon’s Bible I do not have money to pay for a Bible I need a free Bible my address 5250 Stewart avenue apartment 1154 Las Vegas Nevada 89110 I truly appreciate if I can get a Gideon’s Bible in Jesus name I pray amen


  29. I came across the Gideon placed bible on a very recent holiday. The Gideon placed bible was very helpful to me because it showed me where I could find help within the Holy Book. This is very helpful to all people. I used my phone to take pictures of the measurements table page and the pages of ‘where to find help’ to assist me in reading my KJV. Thank you for adding that into your placed Bibles. If you could find it in your heart to send me a copy I would be most grateful. 32 Maryon Road, Ipswich Suffolk IP3 9NG, UK. Praise God and Jesus for giving us our daily bread in spirit and life. Thank you

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