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God vs Allah

Religion is a very controversial topic to discuss especially between Islam and Christianity. Devout followers of both faiths have claimed supremacy over the other which is why throughout history; many scholars and experts have tried to breakdown the difference between God and Allah.

First, analysis of each name reveals a difference in meaning based from their language of origin. God is said to be rooted from the Sanskrit word ‘hu’ which means to call upon or invoke. Allah, on the other hand, is rooted from the Arabic ‘al’ which means ‘the’ and ‘ilah’ which means deity or god. But despite clear variation, both names basically refer to a very powerful being that can be called upon for help.

The next point to be analyzed is their behavior as recorded in accounts found in the Bible and Koran. God proclaims salvation through unconditional faith by his followers and through the sacrifice o f his son Jesus. Allah promises deliverance to followers who do good deeds as outlined in their holy book the Koran.

Christians worship three incarnations of God that is known as the Holy Trinity; the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Muslims know only of one Supreme Being and that is Allah. There is also a big difference in how God and Allah see those who sin. God can forgive those who go against him while Allah is a bit strict and wants those who sin be punished accordingly.

God also allowed his prophets to perform miraculous acts in his behalf as a form of persuasion for skeptics. The Muslim prophet Muhammad wasn’t required by Allah to do the same. But perhaps the most critical aspect in which these two deities differ from each other is how their followers can gain entry into heaven or paradise. God does not allow sinners into his fold unless they repent and wash their sins through Jesus. Allah determines entrance into paradise through th e gravity of a person’s sin. Minor offenses are treated lightly but big sins mean eternal damnation.

There are other points where both religions meet and veer away from each other. But no matter what their differences are, both deities play vital roles in the moral values of the society and civilization as a whole.


1. The word God has a different meaning with Allah ‘“ God means to invoke or call upon while Allah means deity or god.

2. God promises salvation to those who believe in him while Allah wants his followers to do good deeds to save their souls.

3. God has three representations; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit while Allah is the lone god every Muslim must worship.

4. God preaches forgiveness against sin while Allah wants his followers who sin be punished.

5. God shows his presence through miracles while Allah doesn’t.

6. God will only allow sinne rs in heaven when they repent and pray through Jesus. Allah allows those with minor sins to enter paradise.

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  1. Hi,

    It seems that this article is inaccurate on a number of points and very superficial in relation to your understanding of Islam. Some examples:

    ‘2. God promises salvation to those who believe in him while Allah wants his followers to do good deeds to save their souls.’

    Every believer will enter Paradise, some without reckoning, some after their deeds weighed and some after recompense.

    ‘4. God preaches forgiveness against sin while Allah wants his followers who sin be punished.’

    This is incorrect as Allah wants good for all His creation but those who sin risk the possibility of being punished. In fact He places many intermediaries between himself and creation do that they may seek forgiveness for their shortcomings. Allah tells His creation ‘I am how you perceive me’ – so those who have a good opinion of him will reap the benefits.There is also the Prophetic tradition which states that on the Day of Judgment a man who will have absolutely no good deeds to speak of will gain entrance into heaven without punishment by simply having a good opinion of his Lord.

    ‘5. God shows his presence through miracles while Allah doesn’t.’

    Another inaccurate point. Muslims most definitely believe in miracles, whether they be on the hands of Prophets or saints (or even the layman). To say the Prophet Muhammad did not perform miracles is complete ignorance, a brief reading of his biography would indicate otherwise. Examples are the splitting of the moon after being challenged by disbelievers, providing food to feed hundreds from a single cooking pot and providing water from a rock for the companions to use for ablutions.

    ‘6. God will only allow sinners in heaven when they repent and pray through Jesus. Allah allows those with minor sins to enter paradise.’

    Allah is the ‘All Forgiving’, all one has to do is turn to Him, in fact many will be forgiven just for doing something that is deemed minor to the layperson, the example giving in regards to point 4 is sufficient in addressing this.


    • Which surah is it that the refutations to point 4 is said.

      • Kind speech and forgiveness are better than charity followed by injury. And Allah is Free of need and Forbearing.
        All Surah: 2 Verse: 263

    • Dude, totally agree with you. When I read this article I laughed my ass off.

      “Surely, those who believe, those who are the Jews and the Sabians and the Christians – whosoever believed in Allah and the Last Day, and worked righteousness, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
      Think it’s chapter 5 verse 69 or 70 check it up
      Peace, salaam

      • The Muslim God and the Christian God is different. In a Christian point of view, his God is a Godhead of three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, while in the Islamic point of view Allah is just God only, so we cannot combine Christianity and Islamic on the same measure. Two different concepts. One who believes in Jesus can never turn to Islamic.
        Muslims do not honour the New Testament.

      • Firstly I don’t agree with you because the truth is that allah doesn’t exist because he doesn’t have any power to create the world so there is no need to say that this stupid god called allah is god if you want to know who is God is Jesus Christ who is great God who creat all the heavens and the earth

        • I am a Muslim and I’m deeply offended by your comment. In fact, I have half a mind to curse you out right now. But I won’t, instead I’ll say this: you have your own opinions and I have mine. So I would appreciate it if you could keep your rude opinion to yourself. Thank you.

        • Becarefull of your words .
          For Jesus is a prophet of Allah named Issa.
          You people are always causing trouble for the Noble prophet.
          Jesus Christ never quoted in any part of the Bible to worship him.
          So once again becarefull of your words,even if you don’t respect human being,try and respect God

        • Christ Jesus is not our God… He is the son of God, lord Jesus christ perhaps…we pray through him to yahweh, Yahweh is God…

        • You are a buffoon. And so is the author Maureen.

          The only people who belief Jesus as the messiah, you attack them like they are idolators?

          I will let the Jews deal with your misunderstood god.

          Allah is from Aramaic Alaha. Assyrian Christians and Arab descendents use the word to refer to the “Supreme One” same as Elohim or Eloha. He is not a deity with any shape or form. Muslims do not worship any ‘deity’. Muslims are monotheistic just like early Christians, they do not give the Supreme One any image but give Him 99 attributes of Greatness. The word Allah is more common as it stands out “Supreme One” … Not deity.

          The One Modern Trinity Christians call Father is the one Muslims prefer to call “Allah”. To ensure no biological association with the Supreme God.

          Sadly some Christians wish to be Superior/supremacist and to place Jesus higher than Allah… mistakenly placing Jesus superior to his “Father”. Meanwhile Jesus said My “Father” is greater than I.

          It is a conceptual difference between Trinitarian Christians and Monothestic Muslims (yes there is no concept of Trinitarian Muslims) but Islam is probably the closest faith to Christianity in theology… Making it article of faith Believing in the miraculous birth of Jesus by Virgin Mary and believing in his Book as the Messiah of the Supreme One.

          How can you resort to fowl language against Muslims? Sadly you insult your own God. You should be handed over to the Jews. They will teach you how to insult people and their “deities”.

          Message to Maureen. Get your information from people more knowledgeable in Islamic theology than yourself… Trying to concoct answers only leads to mockery of your narrow learnedness.

        • How do you explain the word Allah in your Arabic written Bibles in the Middle East and in Africa?? Lol

        • lol. May Allah guide you

    • As I am embarking on a journey of better understanding of various religions and peoples beliefs and where I fit in ultimately good to see comments that clarify things as I go along.Where it takes me who knows…………..

      • Glad to hear brother, however, if you’re gonna search for a philosophy of life that in your mind makes sense, you should read the original books of those religions you have as alternatives. I urge you NOT to listen to other people when it comes to the content of each religions, the message makes the religion not the people who uses the message. In the bible, priests are able to make interpretations for you. In the quran, one must interpret themselves because there is no one between man and diety in Islam. Good luck!

        • Where in the Bible does it say that individuals cannot interpret it’s Word? Just asking.

          • Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; – Proverbs 1:23-24 KJV
            Only those who believe, accept and recieve the Spirit of God Jehova through Christ Jesus can truly understand the mysteries of the Holy Bible. You will understand the meaning of these scripture only through his Spirit. He calls everyone to him but only a few will heed his call.

        • Ammet, you should spend your time writing fiction novels as you don’t have a clue about the truth. I guess this is why you were attracted to Islam , you and Frank Sinatra can sing together , “I did it my way” . When reading the comments about Islam I see a real collection of diverse theories. I would think Muslims would at least read the Qur’an and get their stories straight about what the Qur’an has to say about this very popular monotheistic religion.
          Respectfully submitted, James G. Ricketts

          For the record, I view Islam as the World greatest fairy tale of all time

        • I 100 percent agree doing your own research is key I’m a Christian but I have also read some of the Koran and done some research. To each his own journey in life god wanted us to have our own relationships with him is why he sent jesus so we did not have to go though a priest.

          Best wishes,

          God Follower

        • Your comment is awaiting moderation…

          I 100 percent agree doing your own research is key I’m a Christian but I have also read some of the Koran and done some research. To each his own journey in life god wanted us to have our own relationships with him is why he sent jesus so we did not have to go though a priest.

          Best wishes,

          God Follower

    • Who wrote this????? “Allah” is the Arabic word for “God”

    • my dear muslims y cant u understand dat allah doesnt has his name bcz al+ilah means god only in arabic franckly elohim name is yehova.

      yehova cant permit sex, food,,,,,,,,,, in heaven but allah providing all these.

      allah never speaks vt humans directly but bible god speaks vt humans.

      allah’s messenger said idnt knw want happend in his life but jesus (god, prophet, human, died fr human sins,,,, )knows future n all things

      jesus giving eternal life himself to humans bt muhammd cant.

      finally bible is only one holybooks plz understand dis but quran came after muhammad n also quran talking opposite about bible.

      • I agree with you

      • If you actually read the Bible it is nothing more than a compilation of stories from several different people. The books of the Bible originally known as the caning work compiled by King James and the Council of Nicea. Know your own religion before you speak negatively about others

        • The bible before the counsel of nicea was already known which scriptures were inspired by God. The church fathers already quoted the new testament a lot before being compiled into the bible we have now.

          There is nothing wrong about having different authors the unity in one message confirms rather the supernatural part. The bible has many prophecies which we can confirm.

          There is no evidence of the whole bible being corrupted into another message this argument remains unanswered by muslims.

      • I suggest you start with the history of the Koran. Which has 500 quotes from the Bible but was written and re written several times by one man claiming it came from an Angel of God until it finally started having followers. The Bible being a letter from God himself preceded the Koran. And the Bible goes from the creation of men in the flesh all the way to the end of prophecy which is rapidly approaching. And we will return to our spiritual form as he originally created. Christians are free to make there own choices not forced as in the Muslim faith. Free will is what the war in heaven and Lucifer God favorite trying to sit on Gods thrown in the first place.

    • my dear muslims y cant u understand dat allah doesnt has his name bcz al+ilah means god only in arabic franckly elohim name is yehova.

      yehova cant permit sex, food,,,,,,,,,, in heaven but allah providing all these.

      allah never speaks vt humans directly but bible god speaks vt humans.

      allah’s messenger said idnt knw want happend in his life but jesus (god, prophet, human, died fr human sins,,,, )knows future n all things

      jesus giving eternal life himself to humans bt muhammd cant.

      finally bible is only one holybooks plz understand dis but quran came after muhammad n also quran talking opposite about bible

    • Amazing!

      You said Allah promised those with minor sin to enter paradise! Where is that paradise going to be, what authority does Allah gave on earth? As far as scriptures reveals, God of heavens alone created everything and all things from which other gods are made out of.

      Also, where was Allah during creation of the world if he has authority? The whole realm about Allah and prophet Muhammed is ambiguous in my view.

    • I’m glad you commented. If you hadn’t I would have believed all that stuff about Allah not forgiving or doing miracles. Thank you

    • Thank You so very much for the explanation. I’m of the Christian Faith but know Allah exist. I have Muslim friends who I ask to say a Prayer to Allah for me. I’m not the typical Christian, I have an Open mind. Allah and My God are not from Earth so both are Extraterrestrial. I believe in Extraterrestrials how else can we explain all the airplanes, people in space suit and drawings. Look at the Aztecs, Incas, Egyptians and the Asians temples and pyramids. They have seen things that we haven’t seen and incorporated in into their temples. How else could they show all these different things that did not exist in there time. They were visited by extraterrestrials. I truly believe Our Gods as powerful as they are would not create life on just our planet. Anyone who thinks this is the only planet with life don’t truly realize how powerful Our Gods are. I Pray I don’t offend You with My beliefs that is the last thing I would want to do. Take care My Friend. I Love everyone in the world and Pray for those who think I’m their enemy. We all need to come together and show Love to Everyone. Love Always

    • Allah is Lucifer/Satan. Allah lives in the Kaaba , where he reigns. Five times every day, his followers worship him. During the singing from the Mosque, demons are being summoned. Islam is a satanic ideology. Mohammed was a warlord and pervert.

      • Uh…. The Kaaba is in your Bible like ALL Islamic rituals. Why? Because all the prophets of God were Muslims. Christianity and Judaism came long long after the prophets lived. Would you like proof? I can show you Islamic rituals right there in the pages of your bible. I challenge any Christian to show their faith from the Holy Quran or from the authentic Islamic sources. Ponder the following-


        1. Shahada (Mark 12:29)

        2. Salat (Matthew 26:39)

        3. Zakah (Hebrew 10:24)

        4. Fasting (Matthew 4:1-1)

        5. Hajj (Psalm 84:5-6)


        Leviticus. 19:27
        Leviticus. 21:5
        Jeremiah. 9:25
        1 chronicles. 19:5
        Exodus. 30:17
        Exodus. 40:30
        John. 13:4

        Exodus. 28:1

        Genesis. 17:1
        Psalm. 95: 6
        Ezekiel. 43:3
        Kings. 18:39
        Psalm. 5:7
        Numbers. 20:6
        Nehemiah. 8:6
        Matthew. 26:36
        Matthew. 17:1
        Revelation. 7:9

        Leviticus. 11:7
        Deuteronomy. 14:8
        Isaiah. 65:3
        Proverbs. 31:3
        Isaiah. 4:11
        Amos. 6:5-7
        Habakkuk. 2:15
        Leviticus. 10:8
        Isaiah. 66:17

        Genesis. 49:10
        Genesis. 16:7-14
        Deuteronomy. 18:18
        Deuteronomy. 34:10
        Jeremiah. 34:18
        Isaiah. 21:13
        Isaiah. 19:19
        Daniel. 7:13
        Mathew. 21:33-43
        Galatians. 4:21
        John. 1:19-22
        John. 14:30
        John. 16:7-14
        Act. 7:37
        John. 14:15
        Revelation. 7:9-12
        Revelation. 19:10-16

        Deuteronomy. 6:1
        Deuteronomy. 13:-1-11
        Deuteronomy. 22:13-22
        Deuteronomy. 21:18-21
        Deuteronomy. 22:25
        Mathew. 15:3
        Joshua. 1:18
        Hebrews. 10:28
        Leviticus. 20:9-16
        Leviticus. 20:27

        *According to the Islamic doctrine, Muslims should believe in all the prophets sent by Allah almighty among the prophet are Adam, Noah, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and lives (Quran 3:84)*

        I have taken your books of the Bible and proven that every Prophet in the Bible where Muslims! I challenge any follower of Judaism or Christianity to please try to do the same. Please provide proof that the Prophets practiced your religion. I will wait. God Bless

      • May Almighty Allah open ur eyes into the religion of Islam bcos u don’t have any knowledge about what ure saying, bcos they ve brainwashed you with fallacy history about Islam, but my prayer for you is to become a Muslim before u die bcos Islam is the only way to paradise.no Islam,no paradise

    • I fully agree with Mr Nisar read the the explanation is not to be correct looks like nobody checked it before being published it is wrong confusing and an Islamic

    • You’re just a typical Muslim who doesn’t want to admit that Muslims are the worse people on earth. You cite violence. Tell me, your Muhammed good you to but Churches, kill people anyhow? You easily get angry when a Christian jokes with you. Worse religion ever.

    • Its inaccurate on both sides christian God is yhwh they leave out the vowels because its a sin to say the lords name outside of prayer its the living God of the hebrews Christianity is based off of Judaism and Yashua (jesus) said those that do the will of my father will be shown mercy also if u take the names out of the torah in order it tells u something important.

    • Nissan, I am a Christian by birth and now by choice. I agree with you that the article is very inaccurate in how it attempts to show differences in the two, while just the opposite is true. If one can open their mind just for a moment they will see that both books are saying and asking the same but the method of phrasing is like two individuals describing the same event. For example with the Trinity and the Spirit, as long as someone believes in God or Allah there is a Spirit? Some want to divide us of the Abrahamic Faith as division provides an opportunity to conquer. Sometimes there are those who are accused of being nonbelievers but basically I believe if you are a believer in the God of Abraham you are a believer, it is not the religion that makes one a believer. I have prayed with all three groups and my fulfillment was equally pleasing.

  2. There was a totally wrong interpretation about Allah. i believe the writer have no ideas on what his trying to describe. please refer to Al-Quran, and you will get the true picture between Allah and god because Al-quran never ammend by human being compare to bible. bible are changing regarding time by their follower, they will choose the thing that they think suitable for their life BUT Al- Quran is from the Allah via Jibril to Muhammad SAW to all mankind

    Islam is the way of life.

    • my dear muslim. if bible was changed then ur allah is not god bcz no where in quran dat bible was corrupted.
      but muslims r with religion feeling. they dnt need god but need madness.

      i have different type of qurans. including ur ahmadeeya quran too.

    • Wat an idiot, could U hv noticed both Bible and Qur’an are minds of people who have wanted minds of mankind’s to behavior in orderly manner.
      Answer me this question.

      When the Corona virus came to us could any idiot thought of the bible or quran?

    • Your wrong mate,Jesus christ is the only way

  3. If for one second anyone actually believes that Mohammad split the moon literally is only going to show how rediculous one is for believing in such a thing. Another thing, much food from a cooking pot ? That was copied from the Bible of the story where Jesus fed the ,ultitudes with fish and bread in the basket and also the story of the water from the rock was copied from the Bible considering it’s almost the same exact story just changed the words a bit. It’s obvious to people like me that have studied and researched many religions and the history of them that the Quran and Mohammad are false doctrine and a false prophet which the Bible warned us about. It’s easy to see if you only do a little bit of studying.

    • bible is contemporary regarding the time, have you realize?. but the quran was evergreen through the time, no changing at all. how many version of bible do you have rite know? did you’all used the same bible. i dont think so. did the bible says, one day the last prophet will come to the earth and teach about Islam, and even jesus have to obey to the muhammad. muhammad bring the Al-quran because the bible has been modified by his follower regarding to their needs. but al-quran is the different. it came from Allah through Jibril to Muhammad. Allah promises to preserve al-quran from any modification.

      Surah Al-Ikhlas
      “The absolute fact is that Allah is the Only One, The Unique, the Solitary, the Absolute; The Perfect, The Exclusive; Allah is the Eternal, Absolute, Transcendent, Absolutely Independent; Allah is The Only Self Reliant; One upon Whom all, without any exception, are dependant; [112:01-02]

      • the only thing that I can say to you is that your so stupid

      • the only thing that I can say to you is that your so out of mind

        • This is so unfair. We’re Muslims and because of that we get so much hate. Please, Please, PLEASE! Tell me why we are so stupid. Why we are out of our minds.

      • The Holy Bible is not changing there are amplified versions to break down for people that can’t understand and that come with impaired hearing and lack understanding, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever No matter how great all small For all have sinned and fallen short from the Glory of God It is through our Lord Jesus Christ That jew and gentile Are saved Because Jesus Died For Our Sins On the Cross and rose again on the third Day He is the Son of God And He coming back soon on the clouds with fire And Alah is not God and creator of the universe and all things that have life Alah is just another name for Lucifer the devil that can transform himself as tho he is an angel of Light but we know him by his lies like the qur*** false bible and all lies

      • The Bible does not change ever as god never changes in any time. Some people say they are Christian and only follow the parts of the Bible that they like or some people don’t reach all of it or twist it around. Every part is important and everyone should read it for themselves before they say anything about it. Your faith is ment to be your own that’s the point of Christianity god saved people so we could have a relationship with him.

      • Hi friend,

        I just want to clarify a bit the Bible never changes some people say they are Christian and don’t read he bible or don’t follow everything god never changes his word the Bible never changes either. There have been some who have tainted the churches ideology’s and there have been cults that have added things to there version which is wrong. Jesus is god god is the only being that can be in multiple places demons flee in Jesus name because he is god. Jesus came to save humanity and be a bridge between us and the father. The trinity is the same god. Just as people have a body mind and spirt. The son the father and the holy spirt play different roles but it’s the same being.

        Best wishes,

        God Follower

    • To FRED, it seems from reading your responds thats you subscribe to the Christian faith, i don’t subscribe to either, i love the way you use reasoning to arrive at the conclusion that any one believing in the said miracles of Mohammed got to be crazy. if you could just use the same thinking you’ll fine that Jesus miracles aren’t unique to him and in fact non of the biblical miracle. at best thy where borrowed from pagan religions, yes you can see Mohammed as a copy cat, but the whole Bible is such also, is any of those book where to be presented as scholarly work by a modern day researcher or graduate student as final graduate work. they will all be guilty of plagiarism, so i don’t know why any one believe in them any way.

    • when one of the follower of the Prophet been asked if he believe that Muhamed travel one nigth between Mecca and Juresalem,he answered that he believe him for more than that (that he get from the seven heavens the words of God=Allah)
      i believe that it is true as i belive that Jesus walked on the sea and that Moses split the ocean.
      they all coming from the same source.
      if so nothing will surprise you on finding ressemblance on the three books:Thorat,Bible,Coran.
      i belive on all three of them and i follow the last one because God won’t send another prophet if there was no need.

      • Jesus said in the Bible that there is no need for anymore prophets to come after him. And Jesus raised people from death to life.

    • My goodness! Out of all these statements, majority ofyhese people are dillusional! I heard a Muslim leader s peak about Islam! It us a very screwed up, false religion! It is no where near Christianity.

      You are the first one I have read on these replies who said it right!

      How can these people be so foolish? It’s quite scary!!

      • I’m a Muslim and Muslims are not foolish

        We worship Allah(God) the creator of heaven and earth,the creator of me and you.

        Think about it,who else is worth worshipping except the one who created you??,why should you worship anyone else except the one who gave you life and sustained you and provides for you???

        Think about this and reason,and you will find truth in this if only you’re truthful to yourself.

        In this their is truth for those who reason/ponder

    • 1 GOD! The only God that created the earth and all the other planets; the sun and the moon and every living creature on earth. What a glorious God. There shall be NO other god’s before God. We are to worship THE God. Not allah, not any other false prophet. To get into Heaven, we have to be forgiven of our sins. Question. Does allah have a 10 Commandments? God gave these to Moses to give to the world. As a Christian, we have the 10 Commandments as guidance through life. We have the Son of God, our blessed Jesus Christ! Without Jesus, where would we all be. Keep Jesus close to your heart, every day. Talk to him. Pray to him. If you’re afraid, anxious, depressed, lonely, angry, sad, or even if you’ve sinned – take it all to Jesus – for forgiveness or ask him for guidance. Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Where would we all be without Jesus? He died on that cross on Calvary for ALL our sins, everyone. There is 1 sin that is unforgivable – not believing! We have to believe in the ONE AND ONLY GOD!! God is Good!

    • Hi Fred. I just was reading the comments. I pray that the person which you are speaking to will purchase a Holy Bible and start reading the book of John and read it while asking the Holy Spirit to give him understanding.God is the way the truth and the life. The only way to the Father is through his son Jesus Christ.
      They are following a false teaching. Works will not get them on to heaven.
      We must repent of sin.And except God as Lord and Savior.The one they are following. Did he die, was he buried and did he rise from the the dead? No!! Only our Lord!! All of our sins and his love for all, man kind kept Jesus Christ on the cross! Wake up! Don’t be lost in hell because of false prophet Islam. Please share. I’m on agreement with you. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ Amen! Jesus is the God of Love. Dont follow a man that wrote the Quran a man that married little girls.A man that was full of sin! Read the bible for yourself. Learn for yourself. Don’t be spoon fed by man!! We must pray for God to open their eyes and ears and their hearts to the truth Amen. Retha Stuart. God bless!

  4. The proof is in the pudding !!!

    What is happening with the countries like middle east shows how inhumane and violent these people truly are. They have no respect for human race and they have no clue what is right and there is so much fear and hate in these people that they should consider turning to christianity for eternal peace and love.

    God Bless

  5. Allah=God. God=Allah. They are one and the same. I’m not a scholar, but I do have a pretty good knowledge of both religions and I know that at the core, both preach the same thing. Love of God, Love of Yourself, and Love of Others. Christianity and Islam are both beautiful religions, and the deitiy that both Christians and Muslims worship and pray to is the same.
    Don’t hate, man.

  6. What is the difference between God and Nature?

  7. God and Allah are thesame but the difference is the interpretation of the individuals understanding, God is God, the thing is the language and believes. Let’s love one another as we love yourself. Amen

  8. To FRED, it seems from reading your responds thats you subscribe to the Christian faith, i don’t subscribe to either, i love the way you use reasoning to arrive at the conclusion that any one believing in the said miracles of Mohammed got to be crazy. if you could just use the same thinking you’ll fine that Jesus miracles aren’t unique to him and in fact non of the biblical miracle. at best thy where borrowed from pagan religions, yes you can see Mohammed as a copy cat, but the whole Bible is such also, is any of those book where to be presented as scholarly work by a modern day researcher or graduate student as final graduate work. they will all be guilty of plagiarism, so i don’t know why any one believe in them any way.

    • Jesus is the way, the truth, the life….without Jesus….no one can enter Heaven….No one can deny Jesus. If anyone denies Jesus, he will deny you before God in Heaven. To get into Heaven your name has to be written in the Book of Life. In order for your name to ever be in the Book of Life, you have to believe that Jesus was crucified on a cross and died for our sins, he shed blood for our sins. On the 3rd day he rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. The Bible is the real truth. Our world is at a crossroads like never before. It is believed by many theologians that we are very near the end of time. Study the Book of Revelation, carefully. There are clues for the end of time all throughout the Old and New Testament. Seek forgiveness for your sins, we all sin everyday. Without forgiveness we’ll all perish into the burning pit of fire as described all throughout the Bible. There is only 1 God. God created the entire world. God created every person as he desired. He has plans for all of us. If we aren’t near to God, we never know what he has planned for our lives. Seek forgiveness. God is Love. God is Good.

  9. It seems most people have a wrong opinion ofthe Bible God-Jehovah.He is love and through Jesus the Saviour,he establishes a personal relationship with anyone that comes to him. God did not establish any religion on earth. Want to enjoy life with God?e-mail methomson4real@yahoo.com

  10. i think you got some of that wrong, show me the proof of what you say if you are truthful

    allah is the only god, allah is god, but he is one never three, or four

    do major sins take people to hell? they can do but there have been hadith along the lines that

    where it seems that even prostitutes, and sinners have been forgiven by allah, god for a lifetimes worth of sins and have not been punished in the grave inshallah

  11. If Jesus (PBUH) and Muhammad (PBUH) where reading this article an the comments that follows, both will be dissapointed. There is no possibility to have two different supreme beings. The creator is the same whether we like him or not.
    He does not need us to defend HIM or compare HIM with anything else. We need HIM and HE does not need us.

    I can bet my last dollar, Jesus (PBUH) and Muhammad (PBUH) would never compete against each other. I urge everyone to read the revealed scriptures with the interest of learning what the message say to us and not to distort it.

    • hi can Jesus compete against this false allah

    • Jesus compete against this false allah

    • Well said! I was raised Christian, I am married to Muslim faith. I live in the USA, and stay 4 months of the year in Jordan. With this said, I am fortunate not to just read the Quran, and other books, but as well to be educated “when” I ask from friendsand family. Not one Muslim has ever tried to pull my upbringing away, I am given the most respect. Now, I am reading books, as well as the Quran…I want to understand more to make my own decisions based on the facts of my readings, and not because of someone is telling me what I should or should not do/believe. So far… the difference I have found is, Christians believe Father, Son, and Holy Sprirt. Muslim believe God is God (one). Muslims love and know how great Jesus is…however Jesus is God’s prophet,not His son of Muslim beliefs. Allah is God in Arabic language. Allah and God are the same. I know someone will slam me for my opinion that I feel are based on facts…
      Have a blessed day!

  12. Lol. This article has to be the most poorly written article i have come across in a long time. Look at how desparate the writer is to prove that Muslims and Christians worship different Gods. He/She doesn’t reliaze that the second most used name for God in the Bible is “Elohim”, which in Hebbrew means the same thing as “Allah” the only one worthy of worship. Plus “Allah is a bit more strict” Lol. Every chapter of the Quran starts with “With the name of God, the MOST COMPASSIONATE, the MOST MERCIFUL”. The writer lied when he/she said that God accepts repentence but Allah doesn’t. Allah will ALWAYS accept repentence from any of his slaves. And before you call “Allah” strict, you might want to read the Old Testament, particularly Deuteronomy, where Moses slaughters infidels in the name of God.

    • First of all, there is no such thing as a new testament. God’s word is eternal. He has never changed his word, nor does he change. Second,read Numbers 23:19. I am Good and not man that I should lie, neither the Son of man, that I should repent. It would be a direct contradiction to suggest that God would ever become a man or repent, yet the Bible on numerous occasions states he did both. Do people realize that 3 ones added together equals 3 even if you suggest the Trinity represents one God? What happened to Isaiah’s prophecies of I am God and there is none beside me? All of a sudden, you’ve got some little white man sitting at God’s right hand on the throne. God said his glory would he share with another and no flesh shall glory in his presence. Am I the only that reads with/for an understanding of God’s word? At the end of this life, this argument will be settled. Read Mark 12 : 29 – 31. Jesus never stated he was God. Man diefied him.

      • Big Mike, I would suggest to start with you learn how to read before you start quoting the inerrant word of God. James G. Ricketts

      • Jesus was not white that’s just how some of Europe dip it him god is three in one means that he is one spirit but three different parts one part the holy sprit is a guide, the father creates and runs heaven and earth and the son is supposed to be the bridge between humanity and the father. He also sacrificed himself so we could be apart of gods kingdom. God is the only being that can be in more then one place the trinity father, son and Holy Spirit is a simplification of a relationship that god has with himself that humanity can not fully understand. As it is written that the son was with the father in the beginning when god makes humanity he says let’s make man “our” image. As humans are three parts body mind and spirt god is father son and holy sport every part is important and plays is role in one being.

      • Big Mike:In Num.23:19 of O.T. Bible,God was comparing his divine attribute vs.human sinful nature which was inherited from Adam(Roman 5:12-21)..The heart of men are very evil(Jerem.17:9)deceitfull and wicked- so to said humanity traits God was refering to and not to human physical appearance..In Genesis 18th chapter,God took a human form accompanied by 2.angels also in human form..Abraham washed their feet and fed them with meat,water,bread,milk,butter,etc..So even in O.T. time,God can take the human form..In the next chapter 19,the 2.angels continue their journey toward Sodom & Gomorrah- the 3rd angel was God in human form continue talking with Abraham..Then the famous bargaining for Sodom residents vs. total extinction occurred- Abraham started with 50.righteous residents,dwindling untill it become 10.righteous only..There were no 10. righteous residents in Sodom n G.so it failed the criteria and was erased for existense the next early morning..Lord Jesus claimed that it was him,the YHWH God(Exodus 3rd n 6th chap.) whom Abraham was talking to in such Genesis 18th chap.incident(John 8:56-59)..

    • If allah is ur true god y then in quran diff verse for non believers.
      Y did Muhammad never knew abt his death in advance and y he has to plead for paradise to allah at the time of his death.
      Y did Muhammad married 13 wives including minors was he sex maniac or sex addicted.
      Y did Muhammad never forgive innocent ppl rather murder loot or behead them.
      Y muhammad himself was possessed by gabriel the evil spirit.
      Y Muhammad never did good things in his entire life and promise others paradise
      Y goat ate ur koran.
      If koran is holy were is the proof it came from heaven.
      How many daughters allah has if none then y u worship black stone in mecca.
      In the days of ibrahim there were 365 idols worshipped by muslims and y does Muslim object to idol worshipping.
      Was Muhammad sinless or sinful prove from ur koranverses if not.

    • Well said! I was laughing and shaking my head as well reading this ridiculously inaccurate article.

      THE Irony…”God accepts repentence but Allah doesn’t”….IF God of the Bible accepts repentance for salvation, what was the point of Jesus dying for your sins?!! Because of that contradiction in the bible that God needs payment of ALL sins to fulfil Him being a Just God. Where’s the mercy and the ability to forgive in that exactly?!!

      Honestly I don’t know how these major contradictions of their core beliefs aren’t red flagged.

      Allah states through His mercy one will get to heaven.

      Allah Yihdeehum.

      • God is a holy god so he can not be around any sin there was no way that god could let any humans into his kingdom as much as he loved people becuse they did evil things and sinned to get around this he sacrificed part of him self the son so the son could be the mediator between humanity and the father. God is forgiving but he can not be with us because we sin so he made an alternative route or secound chance for us persay. He is around I’ve seen what he’s done with my own eyes.

        Just trying to be helpful I am a big fan of learning to find the truth,

        God Follower

  13. Also, does this mean that Jews and Christians worship different Gods? Something for you to consider…

  14. great article !! i would also add that only muslims consider their allah god same as xtian god, only xtians consider their god same as jewish god, and of course, the jew disavow both xtian & islamic gods. this is straight from their orthodox theologies, so expect the liberal versions to differ…

    as for mohamhead & the evil koran…

    Mohamhead was a 7th century murdering warlord who rose to power on a river of blood surrounded by thugs and gangsters using intimidation, violence, deception and trickery to expand their criminal empire while mercilessly suppressing and killing their opponents and enriching themselves on stolen booty.

    The evil koran is a collection of sayings and speeches by this diabolical madman claiming divine guidance from some mythical sky-god which has inspired generations of crazed fanatics to abhorrent behavior resulting in historys worst ever crimes against humanity starting 1400 years ago and still continuing even today.

    graphics version, great for emailing 🙂


    • @ecks why,,,,,I fear 4 u on the day of judgement b4 God,,,the finger u use in typing all this nonsense of urs will denie u,,,infact Ur Prophet will denie U I.e prophet ISA (pbuh) (jesus the son mariam) B4 the Almigthy God………I leave u to God and keep boasting in ignorance and u are arrogantly selected….And to the writer,,,,first all,will like to call ur attention to something u failed to realise,,,,,,,,Never in ur life compare God with whatever He created,imagine U say God vs Jesus etc and I don’t knw how to put this straigth into ur stincky brain dat these are all languages with the same and one Almigthy meaning they call God,Allah in arabic or do u expect them to use another country’s language,AllaHa is called God in jesus mother’s tongue,jehova means God for some people,my mother tongue we call God eledumare, and so on what is ur stress and what do u intend to gain after ur low level write up and it shows how low u are when writing articles out for fools like u to read….And let me make this clear to U, Most muslim sometimes fails to know and note this that we and the christians worship a different God ‘cos theirs is three in one God but mine as a muslim ONE God (ALLAH,the most merciful and most beneficient) pls research b4 spreading shits out and remember u will still give account of this b4 the almigthy God and u shld v always noticed that No Muslim on earth will raise an abuse on any of the prophet of the Almigthy God I.e prophet b4 Prophet muhammad (pbuh)………..So bear this and read well to know the truth and the true way is ISLAM (submission to the will of the Almigthy God)MUSLIM.

      • Salam brother,I understand that seeing such ignorant words against Allah SWT gets you angry,same here,But Our Prohphet Mohammed SAW teaches us to be kind and good in speech.Repay their ignorance with kindness.

        Btw Allah means God,and he is my God and your God,and who else is worth worshipping except the one who has created you?,I worship the one who created me,And he is my lord and your lord and the lord of the Alamin (all that exists).

        May Allah guide us all,Amin ☪️.

    • Nigga, research ur info before writing this shit. Asta8fur allah

  15. The author of this article is right. Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God. And whatever linguistic games he wants to play is fine with me. Christians are polythesits that worship three gods. If a minister/priest/preacher is asked about this, they will say it is a “mystery of faith” The truth is: The holy spirit is a part of god that can enter a person and provide comfort, answers to prayers, and guidance. The son is an incarnation of god similiar to Hinduism. This provides a good argument as to the authors explaination of the origin of the word god as being from Sanskrit(a Hindu language.) The Christian god is not so disimiliar from Zeus and his numerous sons. This point shows how early Christians were influenced by Greek ideas. Finally they believe in god the father. He is the main god who looks like a man and cannot be reached except through the holy ghost or Jesus. Catholics can also reach him through saints. So, as my Muslim brothers and sisters can see, Christians and Muslims do not worship the same god and to say we do is Kuf.

  16. I have to say that this is what I wanted to know just to confirm my understanding in what the differences were. I only have one main objective; as a Christian, I feel that we are miss represented when it comes to who and how we worship. Real Christians believe in Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and the Father/ GOD, but here’s the catch but we believe them all to be ONE! One God, One Faith, One Baptizmal. As Real Christians we believe that God will not only forgive us of our sins when we repent and turn from our wicked ways, but also deliver us from the bonds that hold us back.

    For those who believe in Allah then they are the ones who will be left here when the second coming of the Christians Massiah returns to rapture those who are ready.

    To be ready you must first believe in Christ, for he is the only way, the only truth, and the only light. Then Be baptized in ONLY IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Not in titles of what any man can be. And finally to receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Even after you’ve accomplished this goals you then are equipped to fight the good fight and always conquer the everyday wiles of the spiritual enemy.

    Those who follow Allah say that they follow the law of Moses but forget that the God of Moses was none other than GOD not Allah and the law that God gave to moses for his chosen people was made for them to love one another throughout their individual lives. Allah doesn’t allow Mercy and forgiveness, but pain and suffering.

    God is a sign and representation of Holiness and Good, wheather Allah isnt too far off from barely topping Satans ways, quite frankly there’s alot of seperation between God and Allah, God has grace and peace, Allah is all about getting your own, wrath and justice the majority of the time and then also can only do so much whether with God, there is no limit at all to him and his abilities.

    • God is a english word
      Moses did not speak English
      In fact English did not exist at
      The time of moses
      Moses did not call his lord G O D
      G O D did not exist at the time of Moses
      Find out what language Moses spoke oh
      It was not Hebrew , Greek , or English

  17. hi.

    First of this article has a completely wrong point of view, through this it appears that there are different gods in this world, the god of christians the god (Allah) of muslims the god of jews the gods of hindus the god of bidhists etc. That is totally wrong my dear , there is only one GOD for us all and for every other creature in this world. It is just the difference of the ways of worshiping him and the the different laguages that calls him in other words (which one is the right way of worship is completely another question )
    Allah is the GOD its just the arabic word for GOD like in german gott or in french dieu or in spanish dios or italian dio etc etc. could we ask now WHAT IS THE DIFFERECE BETWEEN GOD AND DIOS (in Spanish) offcourse not that is the same just a different language .

    I realy don’t understand when you say it in “summary 1”- Summary:1. The word God has a different meaning with Allah ‘“ God means to invoke or call upon while Allah means deity or god. –
    first you say The word God has a different meaning with Allah THAANN
    you say God means to invoke or call upon while Allah means deity or GOD.
    it seems like you dont know the true meaning of word GOD, because also in english GOD means deity as well, and than you say … or God that means that Allah means God 😀 you say it yourself and you don’t understand it.

    in Qur’an GOD mentioned 99 names for him the best is ALLAH


    Second there are many mistakes describing Allah (god ) form the islamic way

    “summary 3”. God has three representations; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit while Allah is the lone god every Muslim must worship.

    -( Allah isn’t the lone god only for muslims but for everything that exists )

    “summary 4″. God preaches forgiveness against sin while Allah wants his followers who sin be punished.

    -( The Prophet Mohamed pbuh said that God’s mercy overcomes his anger and he is the forgiver the merciful, he forgives everyone that asks HIM AND ONLY HIM sincerely for forgiveness and doesn’t worship anything else but HIM.
    Hold to forgiveness, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorance. (Qur’an, 7: 199)
    … They should rather pardon and overlook. Wouldn’t you love Allah to forgive you? Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Qur’an, 24:22)
    The repayment of a bad action is one equivalent to it. But if someone pardons and puts things right, his reward is with Allah… (Qur’an, 42:40)
    …. But if you pardon and exonerate and forgive, Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Qur’an, 64: 14)
    etc.)- ” http://www.islamfortoday.com/athar12.htm

    “summary 5”. God shows his presence through miracles while Allah doesn’t.
    – This sentence like the whole text is the prove the this article has a completely wrong point of view because Allah (god ) shows his presence in
    many many ways that are mentioned in Torah, Bible , Qur’an , in the words of his Prophets (from Adam, Abraham, Noah, Salomon, David , Moses , Jesus, etc. and last by Mohamed peace be upen all of them ) in the Nature and all around us.
    He has let loose the two seas, converging together, with a barrier between them they do not break through. (Qur’an, 55:19-20)

    summary 6. God will only allow sinners in heaven when they repent and pray through Jesus. Allah allows those with minor sins to enter paradise.
    -( It is the same like in “summary 4” Allah (God) will allow anyone to enter paradise who repent and pray and him but only him, not through Jesus or Mohamed or Moses or anything else )

    god bless

  18. Allah is the arabic word for ‘God’, and the God of Muslims and the Gods of Christains are the same god, just interpreted differently

  19. God , Allah, Elohim… same deity different languages.

    Arabic speaking Christians also use the term Allah. Now the way each denomination or holy book describe this deity may differ slightly but they all refer to the SAME deity GOD, DIEU, ELOHIM, ALLAH, DIOS…. . These three monotheistic religions differ primarily by their chosen prophet. Mind you chronologically speaking each religion does acknowledge and respect the prophets of their previous counterpart. Judaism- Christian then Islam (chronologically)

  20. Perhaps we need to understand one thing when it comes to God, and that is, there is only one true Gog and he simply says: I am God of all Gods. I am All in all . There is NO other GOD beside me. Now that is so crystal clear and easy to understand. So what is all the fuss all about ? Gas we poor mortals like to complicate things a little for our self’s , like children we are full of ego and vanity the works of the Devil. I am better than you , my God is so and so. Just think about it how great is God, and he has so many names throughout all Nations of this World,and he doesn’t mind. He Loves us all. And he calls as Children. I can see why, Can you ? The main thing is that no matter what, we need God, he does not need us, but if we put our differences aside, and just love one another as well as God we are so Blessed. I like to take this opportunity and bless all God worshipers and devotees. No matter what your religion is. And if you have Faith, than let the Faith and Love trough God conquer all. I truly believe that. Just one thing comes to my mind when it comes to Mohammed the prophet , he wasn’t crucified and resurrected JESUS WAS !

    • Thank goodness! Someone finally has made sense here. There is ONLY 1 GOD. The God that created earth as: In the beginning….Genesis 1:1. Start with this verse and study all the way through the last chapter of Revelation. Personally, at this time, everyone seriously needs to take an inventory of their lives – the end of time is near….Everything stated in scripture in the Bible, is coming true. All of it. Seek forgiveness. Love one another. Do not allow Christianity to be wiped out by the Democrat liberals in the USA. Stand up, Stand up for Jesus, Ye soldiers of the Cross! He Lives, Christ Jesus lives today. God is Good! All. The. Time. Hallelujah. Amen.

  21. God comes from the god which comes from Old English. To think that God comes from Sanskrit is silly since god and hu do not look alike.

  22. Allah fought God & God won

  23. There is only one God and God said “Thou Shalt Have No Other God Before Me”! As there is only one Church, Christ had said on this rock I will build my Church.

  24. Muslims and Christians(true) do not worship the same God. Saying that they do does not make it so. The Israelites in the wilderness fashioned a golden calf and worshipped it, believing that the calf represented God. This was man mistakenly believing that the true God of the universe accepts all forms of worship. This false notion continues to this day and has actually become more perverse. Nothing could be further from the truth. We can ONLY come to God on His terms, not our own. That means NOT ALL RELIGIONS AND PERSONAL FEELINGS AND BELIEFS lead to God.

  25. Jesus is the only way to HEAVEN.. He said “……No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6)
    Read the Bible but don’t confuse everything will not be written there…also read John 21:25

    Thank you

  26. This is done by an uneducated person who doesn’t know about any religion he makes difference b/w “God” and “Allah o subhana tallah” Allah almighty is the one who exist who knew well ..Allah almighty is the best planner according to my knowledge we need to call Allah with his own name Allah but this man cause a big difference b/w God and Allah and he’s defining like he was doing annual exam we all know their is only one god who is “Allah o tallah ” we should all need to keep our faith in one god who is “Allah” please don’t believe on rumors

  27. Another correction… not ALL Christians believe in or “worship” the Trinity. This article is quite inaccurate and requires more research.

  28. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

  29. In Malaysia &Indonesia the word ‘Allah’ and ‘God’ are used interchangeably.Christians there even use Allah to mention the Father of Holy Trinity.

    • But we must know that muslim and christian are not worshiping the same God. This is because when you read quran the massage does not reflect the bible. For example the bible tells us every thing about the past, present and future. But the quran copied information from the bible and paste it wrongly. For example the father of ibrahim is eliazari according to quran. The bible tells us the father of ibraham is tera. The quran tells that the mothor of jesus is the sister of harun while harun lived more than 1000 thousand before mary the mother of jesus. Some of the verse from the quran were given to favour muhammad when he did a mistake. For example the verses that allow marage to any islam wife and take slave women for himselfe. These verses were raised to favour the prophet

      • You just lack understanding of Islam it is not the same harun which you speak of go and do your research thoroughly May God bless you

  30. God can be anything stick Stine or bone but God as the 1 God only God .
    Illah mean God But Allah means the God only God .pagans belived In many gods but when you ask them who is the creator they will Say Allah … many things can be God’s. But not Allah it means simply The one only main God ..

  31. With all due respect, let me advice all of you both the initiator of this article and the commentators to come out of the tower of Babel. You cannot claim to know God by merely reading some histories-the lettere will kill you rather than building you. My advice is this: Go inside your house or a closet, do not pray in any religious way but with a sincere heart, ask God to reveal Himself to you. Only then will you understand the multidimensional personalities of God and how He relates with all cultures. Except you get a firsthand Revelation of Him, all such history you know may be wrong. Stop fighting for God. That is not the purpose He created you.
    The onness of God is true
    The message of God is clear and
    The judgement of God is sure
    Fear HIM and be saved today!

  32. I am a gentile and was raised Christian, but it is regretful that we were never taught Islamic truths to decide and compare for ourselves.

    1. It comes back to Abraham. He did give birth to Ismael first, which does make him the eldest son which under even Jewish custom, would make his decendants the beneficiary of the land of Israel.

    2. Ismael’s descendants, as I understand, have also been a blessed people. Ismael obviously heard and remembered the teachings of Abraham before his separation (which I always felt was unjust). To be holy, to live justly, to separate oneself from wickedness are obviously shared traits and beliefs of both people.

    3. Allah is the one worthy to be praised, by any name, he is one and the same if both religions.

    4. Jews and Christians have much to learn from the Muslim community. They are dedicated up to and including willing to give their life for their belief and their God. They live by his commandments and teachings in their everyday life. I know of NO Christian that prays 5 times daily or Judaism follower neither. What one eats, habits, dress, etc. all according to God’s desire. Honor and praise them for this and ask God or Allah how can I become so dedicated to your service and worship.

  33. Well said who ever seeks god will find him. Ask him to travel himself to you. Prayer always works!

  34. Reveal*

  35. God told moses i am that iam . Jesus said i am the way the truth and the life. Many people will claim to speak for me will say here is god but do not listen to them(why do islams like terrorism,fighting, descrination, combing and stabing and wasting innocent bloods?)

    • In all Religions there are murderers,rapists and other staff in Christianity you have all sorts of cults that make people do inspeakable stuff. You have to understand religion and God is where people go to to ask for mercy and Guidance that is what Islam teaches. So a Religion is perfect not people of the religion

  36. I am the only god.

  37. this article sounds like it was written by a 12 year old who wrote this an hour before it was due

  38. No. This is terribly and horribly wrong. As a Muslim I don’t curse but if I did someone’s feelings would be hurt

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