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Allah is the Arabic and Muslim version of God.  Jesus is a figure in Christianity, he is often called the Son of God.  Aside from the difference in people who believe Allah or Jesus to be a religious figure, there are also other differences between the two.  In Islam, Allah is believed to be the supreme figure, a deity.  He is a unique creator, master of the universe, and is to be put above all else.  In Christianity, Jesus is not the creator but the creator’s son.  Jesus is a part of the Holy Trinity revered by Christians.  The trinity is the idea that the father, his son, and ghost are demonstrations of true faith.  Allah is taken as more of a God than man, whereas Jesus is presented to Christians as a man who walked the earth like all other men.

The man who is Jesus was said to be of Jewish decent born in Jerusalem, Israel.  While there is no scientific evidence of birth or death, his birth is celebrated on Christmas Day by all Christians.  The day of Jesus’ death is marked as a day of sorrow for Christians, as he is said to have been killed by Jewish non-Christians.  Allah was first used in the Meccan religion to depict a higher power whose will must be done in order to be of true Muslim faith.  Allah is sometimes criticized by non-Muslim or Arabs as being a demanding God, however Muslims believe otherwise.

Islamic religions have given Allah 99 names, each depicting the glory of him as a deity, each name describing another quality of him.  Allah, as a creator, is believed to have made everyone equal and those who suffer will be saved.  Jesus is believed to be a savior of Christian souls.  It is believed that he lived to preach the ways of God and died for the sins of all mankind.

Christianity and Allah have met in Arabic Christians.  This is the belief that Allah is still God, however he is incorporated into their faith through the trinity, which is part of the Christian religion.  Even for Christians and those of Jewish faith, Allah is an acceptable term for God.

Allah and Jesus may seem similar for those who are unaware of specifics, however they are very different.  Allah and God are sometimes interchangeable to mean the same, however, Jesus and Allah are not the same.


  1. Allah is the Muslim God.  Jesus is the son of the Christian God, part of a trinity of faith.
  2. Allah is a deity and God.  Jesus is considered to be a man who lived and died.
  3. Allah is considered supreme above all else, even so he is given 99 names which depict his great qualities.  Jesus is the savior who is said to save Christians from the turmoil of a sinful life.
  4. Arabic Christians seem to be one of the only religions who incorporate the idea of Allah into the Christian trinity regularly.

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  1. You have wrong view of Jesus, He is a creator of universe from the beginning with the Father and the Holy Spiirt. Jesus is not the creator but the creator’s son.Jesus is a part of the Holy Trinity revered by Christians. The trinity is the idea that the father, his son, and ghost are demonstrations of true faith.” This is one of the most distorted Christian view.Keep up the good work, but be factual.

  2. This contains several half truths and mistakes. Allah is the God of Abraham, the same Creator found in the Jewish and Christian faiths. Arabic Christians, instead of saying ‘God’ say ‘Allah’ because ALLAH means GOD. How are they incorporating Allah into the Christian faith? Because they speak the tongue of the Koran? Jesus the Son is ONE IN BEING with the Father. Jesus was NOT born in Jerusalem. Jesus was NOT killed by Jews, He was killed by ROMANS. Jesus is ONE with the Father; Yahweh in the FLESH.

    What was your source? Wikipedia? You’re confused.

    “Allah and Jesus may seem similar for those who are unaware of specifics.”

    SERIOUSLY? Everyone in the world knows that Allah is not the man who was nailed to a cross.

    • Jesus was, indeed , killed by the Jews although it was the Romans that carried out the execution.Did they not prefer Barabbas to be released back into their society and Jesus to be condemned for comparing himself to be the son of God? It was through their desire that Pilate based his decision to have him crucified.

  3. jesus is a massanger of allah s,w .

    • What is mean by messanger how many messanger what’s the reason of messanger its unbelievable god already given his word in the book format for humans and what’s the role of messenger k i have one doubt then where is the messanger for my generation why Mohammed is the last messanger and the people at the messenger time are different from us no then why this partiality please wake up friends think something jesus send for clean all sins no moke partiality

      • As you are saying christo,
        as you don’t know that ISA AHEHES SALAM (so called jesus) is our prophet like MUHAMMAD ( PEACE BE UPON HIM) and also he is mentioned in the HOLY QU’RAN …

  4. With all due respect, Christmas is not celebrated by all Christians.

  5. First of all i would like to clarify the simple thing when you are going to compare something, so first of all that must be same in Quality OR Quantity OR Height OR weight etc. but here Allah and Jesus are not same in any way. So plz don’t compare this.

    Jesus has mother but what about Allah ???????
    Jesus has Birthplace but what about Allah ??????

    So in future if you are comparing anything then take at least same object OR Subject OR person OR etc…..


    • Allah has always been, therefore needed no mother as did Jesus in order to be identified with man. Allah and God are one and the same, being the god of Abraham. Research carefully and you’ll see that Muslims and Christians alike are aware of this and hold these ancient characters in high esteem respectively.

    • Do you think that god is man or human? then you just lost your mind. the GOD is creator so he creats you. and i live life like jesus more than you. jesus where beleive in GOD as i do. jesus where a man as i am. Jesus where born as i am. so then nothing difference between jesus and me becouse we are human not GOD. GOD is only one and if you read bible there is about GOD whom you called godfather but God is not father as written in bible.

      • Mr.Abdul Baari…
        You are living your life like Jesus Christ??
        If you want to be Jesus Christ then die today and raise after three days, raise the dead person, forgive the sin, cast out the demons, do a lot of miracles, live the sinless life, Heal someone and last but not the least forgive them who crucifies you. I would suggest you to read the bible first.


    • i will clear your doupt and the reason why GOD have sent this much messenger so can you dont put blaime that you have not get any clue of GOD. and all muslims are now messenger as GOD have complete the way of life and send quran. you asked for your generations messenger here i am. and you wondring how could i be messenger? here is thing ALLAH sent thousands of messenger and few prophet like Moses, Jesus, and last messenger and prophet MOHAMMED (PBUH) and they all have spread thier message that ALLAH/GOD is one.

  6. History & Stats Christianity Islam
    date founded c. 30 AD 622 CE
    place founded Palestine Arabian Peninsula
    founders & early leaders Jesus, Peter, Paul Muhammad
    original languages Aramaic and Greek Arabic
    major location today Europe, North and South America Middle East, Southeast Asia
    adherents worldwide today 2 billion 1.3 billion
    adherents in USA 159 million 1.1 million
    adherents in Canada 21 million 500,000
    adherents in UK 51 million 1.6 million
    current size rank largest in the world second largest in the world
    major branches Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant Sunni, Shiite
    Religious Authority Christianity Islam
    sacred text Bible = Old Testament (Jewish Bible) + New Testament Qur’an (Koran)
    inspiration of sacred text views vary: literal Word of God, inspired human accounts, or of human origin only literal Word of God
    status of biblical prophets true prophets true prophets
    status of Jewish Bible canonical noncanonical but useful as a (corrupted) inspired text
    status of Jewish Apocrypha canonical (Catholic);
    useful but noncanonical (Protestant) noncanonical
    status of New Testament canonical noncanonical but useful as a (corrupted) inspired text
    summaries of doctrine Apostle’s Creed, Nicene Creed Six Articles of Faith
    religious law canon law (Catholics) Sharia
    other written authority church fathers, church councils, ecumenical creeds (all branches);
    papal decrees, canon law (Catholics) Hadith
    Beliefs & Doctrine Christianity Islam
    ultimate reality one creator God one creator God
    nature of God Trinity – one substance, three persons unity – one substance, one person
    other spiritual beings angels and demons angels, demons, jinn
    revered humans saints, church fathers prophets, imams (especially in Shia Islam)
    identity of Jesus Son of God, God incarnate, savior of the world true prophet of God, whose message has been corrupted
    birth of Jesus virgin birth virgin birth
    death of Jesus death by crucifixion did not die, but ascended bodily into heaven (a disciple died in his place)
    resurrection of Jesus affirmed denied, since he did not die
    second coming of Jesus affirmed affirmed
    mode of divine revelation through Prophets and Jesus (as God Himself), recorded in Bible through Muhammad, recorded in Qur’an
    human nature “original sin” inherited from Adam – tendency towards evil equal ability to do good or evil
    means of salvation correct belief, faith, good deeds, sacraments (some Protestants emphasize faith alone) correct belief, good deeds, Five Pillars
    God’s role in salvation predestination, various forms of grace predestination
    good afterlife eternal heaven eternal paradise
    bad afterlife eternal hell, temporary purgatory (Catholicism) eternal hell
    view of the other religion Islam is respected as a fellow monotheistic religion, but Muhammad is not seen as a true prophet Christians are respected as “People of the Book,” but they have mistaken beliefs and only partial revelation
    Rituals & Practices Christianity Islam
    house of worship church, chapel, cathedral, basilica, meeting hall mosque
    day of worship Sunday Friday
    religious leaders priest, bishop, archbishop, patriarch, pope, pastor, minister, preacher, deacon imams
    major sacred rituals baptism, communion (Eucharist) Five Pillars: prayer, pilgrimage, charity, fasting, confession of faith
    head covered during prayer? generally no yes
    central religious holy days Lent, Holy Week, Easter Eid-al-Fitr, Eid-al-Adha, month of Ramadan
    other holidays Christmas, saints days Mawlid, Ashura
    major symbols cross, crucifix, dove, anchor, fish, alpha and omega, chi rho, halo crescent, name of Allah in Arabic

  7. please study your religion carefully Islam religon takes some ideas about Christians,Bible is the most oldest book which God gave to his people unlike Koran written only by Muhammed who is dreaming to be come a prophet.I will tell you Bible is a complete scripture from the beginning of the world until it ends please read bible Genesis and Revelation and compare to Koran which is hanging and elogical.

    • Abraham father of all religions were muslim mose was a Muslim and Isa was Muslim you have to understand the definition of Islam

  8. Please my muslim brothers read about what Jesus told dont just rely on Koran.My mother is a muslim and my father is a christian i always ask about the truth but I found on Christian religion which is more fixed and more logic it speaks about human life,the salvation,the rules all the things..please remember that BIBLE is the oldest book than KORAN so it means to say that long time ago BIBLE spaeks already on what will happened to us unlike KORAN.please save your life,

    • you are saying that bible is old than QURAN okay then if your course of graduation modified you should not change old course and if technology have modified you should work on black and white computer screen huh? QURAN is modify book of ALLAH/GOD. and he want to send messenger for you to understand the world and solve humans problems. QURAN even talk about how to treat your wife,brother,sister,neighbour and even beggar. QURAN is final book and islam is the religion that ALLAH/GOD prefer so you sould follow islam.

  9. In as much as we’re tryin 2 clearify dis issue,we shld remember dat d Christian God is 2 muslims Allah.but Jesus is d same God dat came in form of human 2 save us and wen he died and resurrected on d 3rd day he ascended into heaven and sent d holyspirit 2 be wit his disciples and all beleivers.dis is d mystery of d trinity which is above human understanding.then on d part of d muslim i’ve always heard about Mohahmmed,pls is he a kind of Jesus or what,i need 2 be clearified.Regrettably d war we are experiencing nowadays are mostly religious war rather than socioeconomic war and its caused by d misconception or misintepretation of dis deity.The bible and koran is there 2 give us directives and moral instructions,let us not be confused wit confusing teachings atimes coming from d leaders of d church and mosque.cos we have one thing in common be u christian,muslim,arabic,buddihst even pergans..We all must die someday.dat is inevitable.

  10. Regardless of the many names of God, Allah, or Jesus, in different religions. He is one being/creator. For the being/ creator and His father are as one. “No one come to the Father except by me”, says the Holy Bible. Therefore they are as one. It does not matter as long as we believe in Him.

  11. Regardless of the many names of God, Allah, or Jesus, in different religions. He is one being/creator. For the being/ creator and His father are as one. “No one come to the Father except by me”, says the Holy Bible. It does not matter as long as we believe in Him.

  12. John 14:6

  13. jesus actual his name is isa alai salam he is not son of god but messanger of god

  14. “those who say jesus the son of Mary is God have disbelieved”
    “those who say that God is one of three have disbelieved”
    the Koran had came after the Bible to correct the concept of the Bible that has been changed through time.
    Jesus have never done A miracle without saying in the will of God.
    we can see through time Jesus was called a normal man from God, then he was is called the Son of God. and now a days he is even considered to be God. isn’t that enough proof to prove the Bible have been corrupted. when I say corrupted I just mean part of it not all of the bible is corrupted.

  15. Read the 7 youth testimony ..revolution of hell ..everything will be clear to you …you can find it in Google …….

  16. you are biased, your views on JESUS are wrong

  17. I cant believe what im hearing… allah is the great deciever as it says in the quraan. Jesus is the way the truth and the light… lets not forget he was the 1 nailes to the cross for our sins…

  18. I just have one simple question,If the Muslims say Noah is a Muslim then why did he bring pigs on the boat?



  21. In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

    John 1:1

    I Am the Alpha and Omega.

    Both Almighty God and Jesus repeat this notion in Revelation, The Lord said the same thing to prophet Isaiah.

    Let US create man in our image.

    Who would this US be????

    The US would be simple, God and Jesus are one in the same. Jesus always was because he is God manifested in flesh. While God may have created a body and given Him a mother, Jesus is God. God placed himself in flesh to fufill His Will and save all men from sin.

    God’s plan was fufilled and we will see the Lamb of God on the throne on the Day of Judgement. Every knee will bend all voices will speak, Jesus is the Lord, Worthy is the Lamb who was slain.

    • It is true, everyone has the right to self-determination, faith, and life. However, do you believe that God is one, The Holy Trinity does not actually exist,?, God is only one, not three in one. , God is not eligible to liken like creature, because he is not a creature, all that ever existed in the world does not qualify as a god. God never appears. There is no god in this world, only God .. To your knowledge, Islam emphasizes peace, but the world seems biased to Islam, why is that?. , note that the media world is in the grip of western .. thank you;)

  22. let them go astray, their ego is so thick. do you think that God can be killed easily by humans. No, God is not so humble, where the eyes of your heart, not befitting to Allah equated like creature. I fully believe that Allah is the only God, jesus (Isa alaihisalam) is not God, and not the son of god. god is not a creature, the existence of god supernatural. I am proud Islam has become the religion of my ancestors from generation to generation. Islam is growing in the north of Borneo (Sabah), Malaysia, the area where I live. Thanks be to God

  23. How we are all raised from all belief, im a christian, roman catholic, i believe in all human kind, speacially jesus, anyone that i cant see does not mean the existance is not true or real, but honestly look at our world today, father of jesus still watched his son suffer, allah watches all people suffer, no lord or god of any belief shall do this to us, not allah not god, if they loved us, they will bring peace to our world not harm.

  24. No one has no right to speak down on no one, no one has no right to take anothers life because they are different, to follow in something or someone who puts us through this should not be believed in or listened to, its sickening, its wrong, we are all beautiful

  25. It is true, everyone has the right to self-determination, faith, and life. However, do you believe that God is one, The Holy Trinity does not actually exist,?, God is only one, not three in one. , God is not eligible to liken like creature, because he is not a creature, all that ever existed in the world does not qualify as a god. God never appears. There is no god in this world, only God .. To your knowledge, Islam emphasizes peace, but the world seems biased to Islam, why is that?. , note that the media world is in the grip of western .. thank you;)

  26. Give me a break… Allah is some man who said the angel Gabriel showed himself too… told him he’s god and that he should marry a six year old girl… then he fused his beliefs with Jewish beliefs to grow his religion… he made Christians pay for protection like a mobster… he never did any of the miracles jesus did… any reasonabe human being can see he is a fake and a pervert… how any intelligent human being can fall for this belief is ridiculous… there religion promotes death to all other faiths… and anyone who leaves there faith is said to be put to death… there is no place for Islam in a democratic society… good Muslims aren’t really Muslims at all… in there own faith it says they should be put to death for not following the entire rules put in the quran. .. making them paGans and infidels in there own religion.

  27. . Why do you say that? .. do not you know the religion of Islam?.. Your thoughts are very low .. God Almighty, nothing comparable to his power. Human is human, God and man are not the same.

  28. JESUS IS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR! When it’s all said and done, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD (GOD). I Pray that everyone will seek GOD like never before and ask HIM to reveal the Truth if you still don’t believe…..Seek and you shall find before it is too late, GOD is giving us plenty of time! The end is near, wake up before it is too late, you will be held Accountable!!!

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