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Difference Between Mormon and Catholic

Difference Between Mormon and Catholic

Mormon vs. Catholic

Arguments over whether Mormonism is to be considered as Christianity is a controversial and very questionable issue. Even though the two share a number of similarities, most Protestants as well as Catholics don’t want to acknowledge Mormons to be Christians. Nonetheless, religious experts tend to compare Mormons with Christians. This is because Mormonism became known in a Christian context and Mormons consider themselves to be Christians.

A “Mormon” is a nickname referring to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They believe in a God of love, who has all knowledge and power, and testify of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World. Mormons represent the fourth largest religious denomination in the United States, while Catholicism is the oldest Church founded by Jesus. It is under the authority of Bishops, Patriarchs, and the Pope.

One of the many differences between the two is in their perspective towards the Holy Trinity. Mormons believe that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three different entities who are “one in mission”. Their doctrine about Trinity is that the teaching of the New Testament holds that there is a Father, a Son, and a Holy Spirit; three dissimilar beings. This is not the case in the Catholic belief, wherein the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit are three individuals in one substance.

The second difference pertains to the religions’ perception of God; for Mormons, God has a physical body and He is the Heavenly Father. This belief is based on many biblical passages such as when Stephen saw Jesus standing at the hand of God or when Moses spoke to God “face to face”. He is referred to as the “Heavenly Father” for “he is the Father of our spirits.” Catholics, on the other hand believe that God is Trinitarian and doesn’t have a body. There is only one God who is a pure spirit, the creator of the world, holy and good, all-powerful, and worthy of mankind’s worship and love.

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Another difference is in how they define hell. According to Mormons, hell is an unpleasant spirit prison that is to be entered only by the most obstinately wicked. Do wicked things, be like Satan, and you’ll end up in hell. Conversely, Catholics believe hell to be a place or a state of being of eternal torment and distance from God. It is the non-believers and absence of God in oneself that defines hell.

The two religions’ beliefs in afterlife are also dissimilar. Mormons believe that when they die, everyone goes to the spirit world and undergoes preparation; good souls in the spirit paradise, and the wicked in the spirit prison, and upon resurrection, reunite with the body. They believe in a second chance after death. Catholics believe that we don’t have an afterlife; souls either go to Hell or the Kingdom of God. Many devotees’ souls, as they believe, will undergo purification in Purgatory before entering Heaven. But despite these differences, both religions believe in the resurrection of Christ and in the Holy Bible.

As we can see, Mormons and Catholics are not that different from one another. The disparities are mainly in the way they interpret the scriptures and sacred texts.


1. The Holy Trinity for Mormons is three distinct beings with one purpose. For Catholics, it is three persons in one substance.
2. For Mormons, God is a Heavenly Father with a physical body, while Catholics believe that He is a Trinitarian God who does not have a body.
3. According to Mormons, hell is a spirit prison for the wicked souls. The absence of God in a person is how Catholics define Hell.
4. As opposed to Catholics, Mormons believe in afterlife, resurrection, and second chances.

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  1. In the book of Genesis the tempest is realy in the plural form and all animal that are not mention during creation are of them and belong to Satan and that is what he uses to try and keep us from God, and these beigns were created when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life. Adams first wife Satan stole for himself. John Smith is not a second Messiah he was one of the antichrist and there may be others, and the great prohet Elijah will come to help the Jews understand that Jesus was the real messiah.The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are of the “similar being”, three individuals in one substance, but the son came into human flesh to die on the cross to save us from hell and our sins. There is only one God who is pure spirit, creator of the world, holy and good, all-powerful and worthy of mankind’s worship and love. When people die, they go to the spirit world and undergoe preparation, good souls in the spirit paradise and the wicked in the spirit prison and the good souls reunite with the body. There is a second chance for all who did not accept Jesus before death. After this second chance the wicked spirits that remain will then enter hell. It is also where the non-believers and absence of God in oneself that defines hell. After all this revelation takes place there will be a 1,000 year period in which God and his son Jesus will rule the earth.

  2. How about we concentrate on the similarities, we all believe in God.
    enough said.

  3. Awkward moment when Catholics do believe in the resurrection…
    In the Nicene Creed is says “I look forward to the resurrection of the dead and life everlasting”

    • Katarina, I’m not sure what you mean by your comment. Yes Catholics do believe in an after life just no second chance.

    • That’s exactly what I said. We believe in heaven and hell. Resurrection of Jesus Christ and resurrection after death (afterlife). The forgiveness of sins through confessionals (second chances). The only difference is God was not a physical entity and was the creation of life. We also celebrate the same holidays and believe in saints and prophets. We are very similar in our beliefs.

  4. What about after death you get a planet to populate with your spirit children? Wearing of temple garments? Having to go to the temple, and if you dont go regularly you will not enter thr celestial kingdom? Baptism of the dead? Being sealed to your spouse for eternity? That native americans are actually israelites? 10% thithing required to enter heven? That the bible is inaccurate and not the word of god because man put their own spin? That the sun receives light from the distant sun Kolob which Elohem (god) calls home?

    • Well, you have some point. I am both a Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and a CAtholic 🙂

      • Not possible Joe….. a former LDS and a Catholic now or former Catholic and LDS now.

        You have to be rebaptized by either Church if you enter the other. You’d be excommunicated in the Mormon Church

      • Joe
        You posted that you are both Catholic and Churh of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

        I would be very interested in learning how you came to that reconciliation. My sense is yes, why not? I would like hearing from a Catholic who does not come from a place of attacking the Mormon religion. My position is we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. I regularly get silently ostracized by Catholics. They like me but wished I weren’t Mormon. Catholics tend to be rigid and partisan. Yet I”ve never heard a Mormon speak against another religion. From my experience. I am wanting to understand the division which I perceive as non-acceptance by Catholics. In particular against Mormons. I hope I hear from you to discuss more in depth. Text me at nine-4-nine 872 Nine 033

  5. Jesus never founded the Catholic Church he was born Jewish, raised Jewish, and died Jewish. He may have wanted to change some things with the Jewish Church but never said he wanted to start a new religion. He said I will build my church here but never said that it would not be a Jewish church.

    • It is not the fact theat Jesus did not want to stay as a Jew, or never had the chance to change.
      The point in building the church upon the rock was to start a church with the new Good word. The word and life of Jesus, the Messiah.

      The Book of John – Chapter 3: 18-19
      18 Whoever believes in him is not judged, and whoever does not believe is judged already, because he does not believe in The Name of The Only Begotten Son of God. 19 This is the judgment: The Light has come into the world and the children of men loved the darkness more than The Light, because their works were evil.

    • Fair point. He was Jewish. Catholicism originated through prophets, saints, and Jesus’ teachings, changes and set morals. I have nothing against the Jewish faith and mormanism. It’s basically the same, just slight differences.

  6. Your take on Catholicism is unfortunately not correct in your explanation.
    Catholics absolutely believe in the after life. And second chances-only father to have a purgatory -chance for heaven even when needs to be purified more.
    I pray you will find more truths of the One Holy Catholic Church as you research.

    • If that’s true then why do babies go to purgatory? How much more perfect does God have to make them before they can return to their maker, whom they have just come from?
      How does that even make any sense? Please explain as this is exceedingly important to me!

    • Marie,
      If that’s true then why do babies go to purgatory? How much more perfect does God have to make them before they can return to their maker, whom they have just come from?
      How does that even make any sense? Please explain as this is exceedingly important to me!

  7. As a Mormon, I will give a little deeper understanding of the afterlife. Mormons, as well as I, believe that when you die, yes your spirit does separate from your body. Then you will be given a “mini judgement” to determine whether you go to spirit prison or spirit paradise for a time. I say for a time because when Jesus comes for the 2nd coming, which we know not when that is, he will destroy all the wicked people on the earth and the righteous will survive and never taste of death. The wicked will die because they are unclean, unholy, and can not withstand the presence of Christ, but the righteous will be able to. Things will only get worse in the world before they ever get better and it will get better when Christ comes again. At that time, the millennium will start. The millennium is a period of time for 1000 years. At this point, Satan will be bound up and there will be peace on earth for the ENTIRE time. But you may ask, Who will get to enjoy that 1000 years of peace?. It is going to be righteous people first. The better you were here on earth by your deeds, thoughts, and actions will determine where you come in during these 1000 years of peace. The more righteous will be resurrected and reunited with their bodies first and experience more time. You will have peace and vice versa for the wicked, they will be resurrected and reunited with their bodies last and will not get to enjoy the time of peace here on earth. No temptations from satan anymore. Over these 1000 years, more people will come back to earth and gain their body again in their perfect form. Perfect forms mean that if you have any illnesses or injuries or disabilities, then you will not any longer. Your body will be perfect. At the end of these 1000 years, Satan will be loosed again and there will be a great battle called The Battle of Armageddon. We know that Good always beats evil so Christ wins the battle and Satan will be destroyed FOREVER. Then will we have our final judgement. The judgement that will decide our fate for the rest of eternity. Christ will have a bar of Gods and very righteous people to help judge you based on your works here on earth. They will then decide to send you to a glory or hell. We know that Hell is an endless wo or torment for the wicked. When I say glory, I mean that you will receive a reward and go to a place in heaven depending on your works on earth. There are 3 degrees of glories, Celestial (highest glory), terrestrial (second highest), and telestial (third highest). Keep in mind that these are all good places to go to but we want to receive the highest possible glory. The highest glory is where Gods, including Jesus Christ, live at. After that judgement, we will spend the rest of eternity there. If you are worried about not being with loved ones, well there is a little bridge. The higher glories can visit lower glories but not vice versa. Lower glories can not visit higher glories. Be Good with God and repent of your sins. Do not procrastinate the day of your repentance because we know not when Christ comes again and when he does come, it’s too late then. If you have any question, just reply. Thanks

    • I really appreciate your clear articulation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ belief in what next after-temporal death.

      It always made sense to me that our souls are infinite. Both in alpha and in omega … infinite beginning … and infinite forever.

      My path is my own perfection, mine alone, Jesus the model human, “perfection” being understanding our Creator as His word says want He wants of us in the Bible.

      For me. I have grown more in heart. Being. And gospel understanding in word feeling and action in the Church of Jesus Christ of Lstter Day Saints. I’ve attended different denominations, still do including catholic
      . I feel most peace and gain more knowledge, and genuine acceptance of all people’s worshipping in with the Church of Jedus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I simply feel like i am better person. At peace, in God’s eyes and in His service to my family and fellow man. That’s my bottom line … not what denomination.

  8. Please just tell me where in the Bible does it talk about Joseph Smith?
    I have a hard time while visiting the LDS church – not hearing more about the bible and yet hearing a member talk about the numbers of new members – almost like a used car lot! (sorry – it just seems wrong). I want to hear the word. Testimony can be very touching. I just have never felt the reverence that I do in the Catholic Church. Plus as soon as I have even thought about going to an LDS church – they come to my apartment managers office wanting my apartment number – which is a Big no, no, both for my privacy – also for people who manage properties. I love the Lord- I have a relationship with him for sure. I have tried to be open?

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