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The major difference between Catholic and Jewish is that Catholic is a Christian denomination and Jewish, or Judaism, is a religion that came before Christianity. Both religions have their roots in Torah, or the Christian Old Testament. Both Jews and Catholics believe in the story of the creation of Adam, and that chosen people of God are called Jews. Both believe in the Messiah to come, but Jews have a different belief to Catholics. Catholics believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah the Jews were looking for, whereas Jews believe that Messiah has yet to arrive.

Catholics acknowledge the Bible and Apostolic Tradition. They view the Bishop of Rome as the universal pastor. Christian faith is established on the base of Judaism and believes in the salvation of mankind, compared to Jewish faith which has not accepted Jesus as the Messiah until now. Jewish people, unlike Catholics, do not have a belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God, whereas Catholics pray to saints and believe in the confession of their sins.

In fact, there are also those adherents of Jesus Christ who accepted Christianity over Judaism, since they believed that the Messiah they were waiting for had arrived in the form of Jesus Christ. Catholics acknowledge the Jews all the time, and pray for them. They are also not considered to be against the Jews, since they both follow the same Old Testament.

The differences between the Judaism and Christianity religion are concepts about God, views of Jesus Christ, free will and original sin, death, heaven and hell. Jewish people believe in monotheism, whereas Catholics believe in the Trinity. For a Jewish person, Jesus Christ is a wonderful teacher, but not an incarnation of God, whereas Christianity revolves around this central theme that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and son of God. Jewish people believe in free will and the choice given to humans by birth to select good over bad, whereas Christians’ belief is that people are good or bad by birth. The Jewish believe in death and the after life, like Catholics, but their concept of hell and heaven is different.


1. Catholics believe in the Trinity, whereas Jewish people believe in the concept of one God.
2. Jewish people believe in Jesus Christ as a teacher, whereas Catholics believe that He is the son of God.
3. Catholics are not anti Jewish, and they acknowledge Judaism.
4. Jewish and Catholics are both believers of the Old Testament, or Torah.
5. Catholic and Jewish beliefs differ in concepts about free will, original sin and death, and hold different views about heaven and hell.

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  1. i found what i was looking for thanks

  2. The trinity is one God, just in three different people. (Kindof like a split personality.)

  3. Where did you get the idea that “Christians’ belief is that people are good or bad by birth”? Good and Bad are concepts from society that they learn and then make a choice. Do I do “good” or “bad”?

    If that was true, then what is the point of trying to be better? If you’re pre-determined to be either good or bad it doesn’t matter.

  4. Good basic comparison. I didn’t realize that the Old Testament and the Torah were one in the same. Will research on.

    • Torah is the 1st five chapters of the old testament. Teaches of the creation of man, what to eat ( Leviticus ch,vers?? Thou shalt not eat anything of the sea without out scales, nor eat any animal that part from cod (grass) of land, and any bird that eat from the dead of the land or from the sea.), how to live as God want you to be. It talks about if do this things your unclean spiritually for so many days. It’s a good read. Unlike most parts of Bible it’s pretty much straight forward in rule of life and an account of mankind’s beginning and fall. You will find a small references to the angels that fell from grace in 1st book. Then in exodus when Jews left Egypt there’s reference to the children of fall angels and earth females living in one direction so they didn’t travel that way. To find out more about the aftermath of the fallen Angels you have to read the book of Enoch. I love this book. It talks about the children of angels, the angels teaching man the secret knowledge of heaven (war, witchcraft, astrology, ect.), how God was upset with the fallen when he saw man kill each other in war and the fallen Angels children being a plague in man he sent an archangel to in tomb the fallen in a volcano in southern part of earth till judgement day and wipe earth clean of the children. Enjoy reading. That’s all from now

  5. I actually “know”, GOD is the HOLY TRINITY, “FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT”. I have testimony of true MIRACLES, physical in content, that JESUS CHRIST “EXISTS” today. Thank you for reading my reply.

  6. There is no official line on jesus in judaism what so ever…its purely what individuals think..useing the words ‘they believe’ alluding to jesus is a misnomer..

  7. In the old testament, God was leading Israelites to a physical promised land. The laws were physical and so were the blessings.
    In the new covenant, God leads us to his heavenly kingdom and the rules and blessings are more spiritual in nature.

    Peace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with you !

  8. I don’t think us Catholics and Christians believe that people are good or bad by birth, I agree with MB, children that become adults learn manners and other things (good or bad) by adults, it’s not by birth. Education, manners, and other things that we as kids learn, are learned from home.

  9. How come it doesn’t give a Jewish perspective on what they think of catholics,the whole thing is about what Catholics think of jews,not what Jews think of catholics,it makes it one sided.i think Jews have much stronger opinions on catholics.and would be interested in their opinions,bad as they may be.

  10. Catholics believe we are born with sins and to confess your sins at confession.

  11. The statement “Christians belief is that people are good or bad by birth” is completely false and should be deleted from the text. In fact, the previous statement which says that Jews believe in free will also applies to Christians. Catholics believe that we are born in a state of original sin which had its origin in the act of Adam and Eve turning away from God. In the Catholic Church we believe origin sin is washed away through Baptism which reunites us with God. After that it is our own decisions (free will) which determine whether we remain in relationship with God. An action which we do which alienates us from the presence of God in our lives is called a sin. A sin requires absolution by a priest in confession to restore our relationship with God.

  12. That is exactly what catholics believe I come from a very longlline of Catholics and they believe babies are born with sin and need to be baptised inorder to be pure then you grow up and use confession to stay pure. I myself am no longer a active catholic for I have other beliefs that I wont get into but honestly thats what they believe!

  13. Catholics don’t pray to Saints, they ask the saints to pray for them.

  14. I am Catholic, I like to keep it simple Jesus is the Alpha Omega and son of God.
    You want to talk to God you must go through Jesus, That is my Catholic Religion.

  15. We’re basically the same on most points. Catholics we believe the Messiah is already here why Jewish people do not. Why come to this page to hate it’s such a waste of time and you just sound ignorant to claim you’re a Nazi or whatever ignorant things you write words mean nothing…your forgiven God bless all Jewish and Catholic. 3\18\2023 Gregg

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