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jesus_christChristianity is a religion based on the basic premises relating to Jesus of Nazareth who is considered the Son of God. Catholicism is one of the several denominations of the main Christian faith and has the largest followers among all the Christian sub-faiths of Lutheranism, Protestantism etc.

Catholics believe in the seven sacraments (holy moments) but other Christian denominations do not recognize all the sacraments. The seven Sacraments for Catholics are Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, Ordination, Reconciliation/Confession and Anointing of the Sick.

Catholics also assert that Saint Mary, Mother of Jesus was the greatest saint and did not sin but other Christians like Protestants do respect Mary as Jesus’ mother but believe that she sinned like anyone else. While Catholics believe Mary’s resurrected body went to heaven immediately, other Christians believe that the body was buried.

Also, Catholics, unlike other Christians, believe in a spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church. He is known as the Pope and regarded as the direct descendant of Saint Peter the Apostle. Catholics believe that Jesus had asked St Peter to build the Basilica in Rome. You are necessarily a Christian if you are a Catholic but you may not be a Catholic if you are a Christian as you may believe in a different Christian denomination.

Unlike other Christians, Catholics also believe in a spiritual and literal interpretation of the Bible. Catholics also believe in typology which accepts events in the Old Testament as allegories for events that follow in the New Testament. Catholics, unlike other Christians, are more strict about following the Scriptures word for word and are not very open to interpretations unless given by bishops. Moreover, Catholics believe that the end of the world as given in the Book of Revelations is not a metaphoric description but will actually take place in the future. Roman Catholics also believe in the process of confessions to a priest while other Christians believe in an inner dialogue with Jesus.

However, all Catholics, like other Christians believe that Jesus is the savior of humanity and he died on the cross to atone for the sins of all humanity. Catholics and all other Christians believe in the Holy Trinity of the son, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Catholics also believe that Man retained some goodness even after the Fall in the Garden of Eden but most of other Christian sub-faiths teach that Man fell into complete depravity after the Fall.

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  1. Catholicism is not the first Christianity.
    Orthodoxy is the first Christianity.
    The schism in 1046 created the Papal system in which the Catholic faith follows.
    Orthodoxy means it has never changed and is from the apostles.

  2. who wrote this shlock? –Obviously not a catholic! For anyone truly interested this is a real misrepresentation of the catholic faith.

    • I am still a Catholic,my wife is becoming a Christian,and we are already arguing,there is some rights and wrongs on both sides,i am a good person,help my neighbour and those less fortunate than myself even though we are struggling financely,i help stray cats and dogs and all life in my area,but I am told that i’m still not going to heaven??????

  3. I’m a Catholic AND a Christian. Meaning by I’m the follower of Christ ( Christian ). And Catholic ( Universal ). There is nothing to debate about this actually. We believe in One God , Jesus right? Catholic teachings were passed down by Jesus himself as a remembrance of what he did before. That’s why the Eucharist is very important for us catholics. After searching so much about this Catholic Vs Christian stuff , we don’t need to go to the bible and find what is stated there then it will be true. The bible didn’t mention about Catholics , but it is Universally spread to share His Love to us. It’s just the same. Catholic is a Christian. Catholic is the first Church and other denominations branched out from it , all found by men. Well , depends on someone’s knowledge about their faith , history..etc. At least we still have that strong connection and faith that Jesus is our Lord Savior and we are Saved by His name , plus he promised us that everyone who believed in him has a place in Heaven. God Bless and Peace. 🙂

    • wat do u mean by saying I pray for ur soul to attain salvation, was it Jesus dat propounded ur theory of seven sacrament no then hi do u say u do thin in resemblance wit Jesus, Catholic was the first occultic gay,free man, illuminating society founded, I hv good news for u leave the Catholic society n be save

  4. please there’s nothing in the bible called Trinity it is a Catholic invention jux hi they’ve invented the face of Jesus wit somany different unresembling faces, anyone who believes in a so called trinity do not know the word of God

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