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Difference Between Sunni and Tabligh

Sunni vs Tabligh

Islam has many branches and the major branches are Sunni, Tabligh and Shia. All these branches are different in their religious practice, belief in god and other things. Here let us discuss the major difference between Sunni and Tabligh.

Tabligh is the branch in Islam that considers that there is one God. It also considers that Prophet Mohammad was a Man who was doing God’s work as he was chosen for it.

The Tabligh also believes that they are in this world for not just spreading religion but also to remind all Muslims of his duties as a religious person. It also stresses that all Muslims live a life laid down by Prophet Mohammad. Tabligh wants all Muslims to follow the words of the great prophet and be an example for others. It stresses that all Muslims should live as was taught some 1400 years ago.

Tabligh was actually not a branch of Islam. Earlier Tabligh was known as ‘informing’. All Muslims, including the Shais and Sunnis had to follow Tabligh.

Sunni is a branch of Islam that has almost the same system as that of the Tabligh group. One of the major differences that can be seen is that the Sunnis believed that Prophet Mohammad was not a mere man. For the Sunnis, Prophet Mohammad was more than a man who had universal power. The Sunnis also accepted the first four caliphs as the rightful successors of Prophet Muhammad.

“Sunni” is a word that has been derived from Sunnah, an Arabic word that refers to the actions and words of Prophet Mohammad.However, there are many contradictions about the word Tabligh.

Sunnis also form the largest group of Islams in the world.


1. Tabligh is the branch in Islam that considers that there is one God. It also considers that Prophet Mohammad was a Man who was doing God’s work as he was chosen for it.

2. Sunnis believed that Prophet Mohammad was not a mere man. For the Sunnis, Prophet Mohammad was more than a man who had universal power.

3. Tabligh wants all Muslims to follow the words of the great prophet and be an example for others.

4. Earlier Tabligh was known as ‘informing’. All Muslims, including the Shais and Sunnis had to follow Tabligh.

5. The Sunnis also accepted the first four caliphs as the rightful successors of Prophet Muhammad.

6. Sunnis form the largest group of Islams in the world.

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  1. slmz to all..tell me guys what is the difference between this sunni and tabligh.we all bow down to one allah.so why all this dispute.sit back and think it is said that before qiyaamah there will be dispute amongst us and there the time has come so lets all unite and show these nasaaras that we are all one.believe what you have learned and what you feel is right.one of the sunnah of nabi s.a.w was to make tabligh so… and “im a muslim and im proud to be one”

    • i agree wid u bro,der is a slite difference in sunni n tabligi jammat,its lik der is 99 common thg n 1 difference, if we r only lookg to dat 1 diff den we r ignorg 99 common thg, i m proud to b a muslim….

      • Boy we are two different people we sunni our aqeeda is the beat we do fatiha khani and we visit qabr mubarak of our walis and we pray salatussalam to our prophet Mohammed mustafa sallallahu alihiwasallam we are two different people and am proud to be a sunni muslim

        • helo.my Muslim brothers and sisters I am a common muslim person . and I follow islam and I understand tht our nabi was choosen prophet by Allah subhanawataala he was also informed and addressed to do tabligh and spread islam globally .our prophet did tabligh and went house to house and door to door and spread islam he use to greet every muslim with salamualaikum to every muslim he meets im the street or in the desert or any wer he can see them.followed the same also the wali allah did tabligh throught thier lifes and spread islam. so my question is wit sunni and tablighi which is devband to do tabligh and spread islam in.a proper way and dnt spread hatred amonst the muslims .

          • as. you cannot claim to be a muslim- even you deny verbally your actions make you belong to a group. howver, you have to understand that there is only main Islam group others who left the group are called deviant sub groups. Ahlu sunna follows the straight path of the prophet SAW through the companions, the law imams and all sheikhs. kharijites and shia first left the group. mutazila , jahmia and others followed but were defeated and thus ended. then through other names the mutazila revived in many other forms in 1920 when Saudi got oil.these are tabliq, wahabi, muslim brothehood -these are the ones who blow up themsleves. the other point is that you lied because sahabas were never ignorant like these people you call tabliq. tabliq never teaches muslim islam but instead they are busy in useless tour and meetings. they deny learning quran and hadith and that is why they collect and send to tour all the muslims who are in mosques learning.

          • Sallam brother. I am converted in ISLAM newbei. Need deep and brief learning in jumaat tabligh. Does jumaat tabligh really sunnah?

          • Tabligh is just normal people who believe besides ibadah we have the responsibility to do daawah just like the prophet and companion…and we forgot that we have to do daawah…. its An important sunnah we did not practice….tabligh is an amal not a group just like solat…. do we have solat Jumaat?…..no…of course not

          • Islam prohibit making sects. Quran select Islam as religion and it’s followers as a muslim. That’s it. Now anybody belong to any sect then he/she be on wrong path. It does not matter what is the name of sect. It can be sunni, shia and sub sects within these two branches sects. Quran is clearly against sects. Each of sect claim that it is correct other are wrong but all sects wrong. Only muslim who do not belong to any sect is correct. Tell were prophet and his companions sunni or shia? They were neither sunni nor shia but muslim.

          • Y the arabs built a palace called kingdom near mecca.. Where according to hadith dajjal will enter after being fail to enter the mecca n madina y???

          • From which hadith

        • Rasoolullah was neither a sunni nor a sunni nor a shia. He was a Muslim following the creed of Ibrahim (Alai).. Beware brothers Allah and his Rasool has vehemently warned against sectarianism… they will have no place in partaking from the Hawlul Kawthar.. my advise don’t follow any if these groups or sects.. you follow the Quran and the authentic sunnah.. in case of grey areas avoid them completely.

        • I’m also proud to be a muslim bro…..hamare khoon ki boondo me bhi sunnism hai …aur ye kabhi nahi chootega jsnhallah sunni zindabad islam zindabad

        • Yes! We are proud to be a sunni muslims ….because of prophet and 4 calips.. And because of wali auliya ..we are alive so it’s our duty to pray calips ,wali auliya and prophet and ofcourse allah …..alhamdulillah for made us sunni

        • No discipline whatsoever, Do you have a boy here?

    • All the muslims have same goal and fallow 4 imams so that all the sunnah would be fallowed and implimented,Bila Tashbi it is like the 4 departments of the same company.keeping this concept in mind we the muslims will Insha Allah unite and bring peace and will be successful in Almi Banzak a nd day of Judgment.

    • Rasoolullah was neither a sunni nor a sunni nor a shia. He was a Muslim following the creed of Ibrahim (Alai).. Beware brothers Allah and his Rasool has vehemently warned against sectarianism… they will have no place in partaking from the Hawlul Kawthar.. my advise don’t follow any if these groups or sects.. you follow the Quran and the authentic sunnah.. in case of grey areas avoid them completely.

    • Walahii you are absolutely correct. For the that I agreed with

  2. Tablighi are a sub branch of Sunni School of thought, not a separate one.

    • The information on this website is false. There is no seperate branch called as Tabligh. We all muslims are sunnis as we follow the Sunnah of Our prophet. When a person who is sunni is reaching out the message, i mean the propagation of the message of the islam is called doing tabligh, its not a separate group.

      My dear muslim brothers, dont blindly believe on the information posted on the websites, you can read the quran and the hadiths to get the first hand information and correct your thinkings.

      • Scott,

        I agree with you. I was searching for some difference in belief and practice between Sunni and Shite but after reading the information here; I found it misleading especially when it mentioned that Tabligh believe there is one god. For any non muslim without basic knowledge, this can be thought in a different manner.

      • Asalamu alaykum my brother,
        It is as straight forward as water that our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a man with divine powers of knowledge and leadership which were given by Allah.

        Allah is the only god to be praised and worshipped and not the man Allah. Our prophet had his part of role in spreading the message of islam to the human kind.
        It’s Allah whom we need to return and to answer.

        We need to respect Our prophet of God like the other prophets of Allah that is Hazarat Isah, Musa, Ibrahim, Suleiman, dawood (peace be upon all) and not to praise our Prophet for his role since only Allah praise worthy.

        It’s ultimately Allah who holds Universal Knowledge and he the king of Judgment day.

        Allahu akbar

        • Dear Brother Naushad

          With all due respect. I must add that our Rasool (SAW) was THE chosen one. It is and was through him that we are who we are today, Which are practising Sunni Muslims. Ultimately respect should be given to our Nabi Muhammad Mustapha (SAW) in any form. Allah hu Subhaanahu wathaallah has given our Rasool powers with literacy which NO common man till date has, can or will every possess thus following our Rasools sunnah is our ticket to Jannat. Our Nabi (SAW) will be our inteceder on the day of Qayamat as we are from his Ummah and if u or anyone else thinks that we can perform our ghusl or wudhu and sit on our Musallah and talk directly to Allah then I’m afraid that you are absolutely wrong or being mislead buy the Wahabi!!!!None of us are as pure or clean to sit on our Musallah and claim to talk or ask Allah to pardon us, as far as I am concerned a chain of command is what is followed in every aspect of our lives like wise Allah has sent angels to our Nabi as he was the chosen one. As for all the other prophets in Islam,Judaism and Christianity were also chosen by Allah not to mention were also assigned tasks and none of their followers dare stand in their place of prayer and ask of God Almighty for pardon directly. NEVER BELIEVE THAT ANY COMMON MAN COULD REACH THE STATUS OF OUR BELOVED NABI. May ALLAH always be pleased with him and May he together with your Quraan,Deeds and Salaah intercede on your behalf on the day of Qayamah In shaa Allah Aameen.

          Sahira A.

          • A.alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters. we were told by Allah in the quran that oh believers do not add or remove anything that were brought by Rasullullaah SallaAllahu Alaihi WaAlaAaalihi WaSallem take whetever he came with and leave whetever he tells to stay away from it, those group are nothing we are following sunnah of Rasullullaah SallaAllahu Alaihi WaAlaAaalihi WaSallem and u can learn more through siyrah of Rasullullaah SallaAllahu Alaihi WaAlaAaalihi WaSallem .

          • Dear brother Sahira.
            If someone has wronged you. They cannot go ask your son to ask you for forgiveness. Likewise when we sin, we make our creator angry so we should ask from Almighty Allah for forgiveness as it was said to us
            And your Lord said, “Call on Me, I will respond to you.” —The Holy Quran 40:60


          • Suban Allah masha allah
            #sunni forever

        • Brotherman, I agree to disagree, read the Quran Al Kareem and see what Allah SWT Says About the final and seal of all prophets. Send your Salawatu to His Rasul, Mohammad is not, But A Messenger Of Allah. He is not a the father of any of your men, But the Messenger of Allah.

          • Our Nabi did everything by the permission of Allah SWT, from Quran to Sunnah. Whatever he liked, and was not Ordered by Allah SWT, he made clear to the Sahaba(RA) or Ayisha(RA),

            (I love this and that as a part of worship to Allah SWT, however, and i fear “bidha”)

        • Somebody is trying to spread doubt and create differences amongst muslim….tablligh as a branch with other being sunni and shia showed sheer shallowness about Islam

      • I completely agree with you brother.I’ve been going with Tabligh for many years ,There are sunni muslims .in fact i never saw a Muslim follows the Sunna more strictly than them.They say there no a small sunna and a big one,everything prohet Muhammed
        صلى الله عليه وسلم did was geat and was a guidance for Muslims.

  3. Assalaamu aleikum

    In this article there are some major flaws. First of all, Sunnies are not in our age and have never been one single group. There has always been different groups with some minor differences.

    As for the base from which you make this claim. You see the Berelwi point of view and thinking that it is the only correct belief of Sunni Islam. Which is a grave mistake. Let me answer your claims.

    The only difference that you could find was that you believe prophet of having universal powers, while you say that your opponent does not.

    As for berelwi beliefs of prophet being Hazir Nazir, first of all this is not agreed upon by the Sunni scholars. And second of all, even the Berelwi scholars do not think that this belief of prophet being Hazir Nazir is a belief, which is compulsory on anyone. So they consider this legal difference in which the opponent is not considered having blame. In my country Sunnies other, than Berelwi including myself, Shafei don’t believe prophet as being Hazir Nazir. And another beliefs as for prophet having knowledge of gheib. The belief that prophet doesen’t know the Gheib completely, the belief comes from the Kuran. And you will not find this claim in the narrations of classical Islamic scholars. Majority of Sunnies, including scholars of Syria, Egypt, Indonesia.. Believe prophet as having some amazing things, some gifts from Allah. But they do consider prophet being only normal human being, not made of light like angels.. And for certainly not divine, or having control over the universe.

    Sunnies have some major groups, them being Ikhwan, Tabligh, Jihadi and Sufi. Also followers of Ibn Taymeyah and Muhammed Bin Abdul Wahhab are considered to be Sunnies.

    If you seek to find difference between Sunnies and other groups.. You need to read Aqeedatottahaweyyah. In it there has been given majority of the beliefs of Sunnies. And in it you will not find ANY reference on prophet as having superhuman universal powers. Some person might still believe in these things and be Sunni. But they are certainly not a belief, which is mandatory for one to be from people of Sunnah.

    Tabligh name was itself used by the prophet to convey his message. As was also his question.. Hal ballaghto? Did I convey the message? Da3wah, Tabligh, Risaalah, or whatever can be used for work of Amr bil Ma3ruuf and Nahi 3anil munkar. And there is nothing wrong with group naming itself Jama3atottableegh.

    I want to emphasize that Berelwies are not the only Sunni group and they do not make the majority in Sunni Islam, nor are all their beliefs universally accepted in Sunni Islam. But they also do belong to Sunni Branch of Islam.

    • Caution all Muslims,

      It is total falsehood,


      Tabligh is not a madhab(sect). It is an organization which doing job differently not something alien. It follow the book fazail-e-amaal, muntakhaab-hadith and fazael-e-sdakaat. Which is Collection of hadiths from bukhari, muslim, tirmidhi etc. of aishya (ra), omar and abu-bakr (ra) etc. Means basically sunni.

      • Absolutely right bro …agree wid u

      • You are saying that hadith’s from Bibi Aisha , hz abu baqr and hz Umar are taken leaving hadith’s from Bibi khadija her daughter Bibi fatima ( the head of paradise of womans ) her son’s hz imam Hasan and imam Hussain ( the leader of jannat of youths ) and hz Ali karam allah ho wajahul kareem..why hadees from people who were ahl e bait were not given importance , means enemies of allah and enemies of islam were silently playing their game in dress of Muslim to weaken the spirit of Islam.a and today also these enemies of allah mistreat the direct descendents of prophet Muhammad sww.

  4. this person adding these things doesnt know what he is talking about sufis, tabblighs etc are all sunnis they are just different sects in the sunna and different ways of getting closer to allah

  5. i thnk ths site is handled by barelvi muslims who call thmselves as only sunni sect bcoz the difference u hav made amongst many sects like tabligh and barelve(u call them sunnis),deoband and sunnis are not relevant infact totally wrong.deoband muslims are the only muslims who perfectly accepts the taqleed of imam abu haneefa:r.a:,the barelvi sect goes against to the belief of abov mentione imam.barelves commit lot of shirk and are bidati,and thatz y evry fiqh school is against their beliefs and rituals.

    • U r right bro.
      This is only Handel by barelvi.

      But dont worry world has largest numner of tablig people..
      Ee all r tablig..
      And I am challenging tablig are right people.
      No way these Sunnis are looser..
      Sunnis r false people..
      They r fellows.who acquired less knowledge. .

      • There are no sects in Islam. We are only Muslims or no Muslims. People who make sec or believe in sects are acting against Quran and Allah.

      • The writer of this Article definitely has no knowledge of Quran. Tabligh means “giving message”. It has nothing to do with sects. There are no sects in Islam. Sects are man made thing and is contrary to Quran’s message. Any one who believe that Quran is Allah’s book and Prophet Mohammad (SAW) is His messenger, is a Muslim, that’s all. Shia and Sunni is just a man made thing. It has nothing to do with Quran. Either anyone can be a Muslim or non Muslism, that’s all.

      • Hey you when you will going to meet in hashr ground so how can u paas this exam tell me our proohet told us if muslim can pra sufi likely khwaja moinuddin hasan chishty and gausul azam dastagir …they all wali auliyas will protect us and if u dont pray prophet will also forget you if you forget sunnah of prophet s.a.w..

      • Bro u people can only bark in front of uneducated people…y don’t u go and ask sunni maulana Or any educated person…tablighi are fake… Come on quran was bought by our prophet mohammad… U people follow quran but u ppl say that sunnis r fake… Cuz of our nabi we r living here today.. We should b thankful to our nabi so that we r looking beautiful and Peaceful life.. Last but not d least.



        • On the day of judgement, we all would be asked whether we did follow the orders mentioned in the Quran.

          Did we follow the five pillars of Islam i.e, oneness of God (Allah) and Prophet Mohammad is his messenger, 5 times prayers, Zakat, Saum (roza) and Hajj. Allah is not going to ask us whether we were Shia, Sunni, Wahabi or anything else. All sects are man-made and has nothing to do with Islam or Quran.

  6. It’s quite obvious that the author of this article has a limited knowledge of what he was writing . . . or even totally ignorant of . . . .

  7. Assalaamu aleikum

    We should not also fall into the trap of calling berelwi doing shirk, etc. Many of them are simply ignorant, but absolute majority still Muslim.

    What I find so funny about this article is that the person, who wrote this article could not prove his point with anything else, than saying that “Sunnis” call prophet Muhammed SAWS just a human being. And he said, real Sunnis call prophet more, than human being. Prophet himself said: “Innamaa ana rajolon methlakom.” Indeed, I am nothing more, than a man like you.

    We do say, prophet was special men, Allah gave him sometimes glimpses of Gheib, he was best of human being. But to call him mere man IS CORRECT, since he himself said that. Innamaa ana rajolon methlakom. I would like ANYONE to bring me a proof that prophet was made from noor, like angels, or that prophet was not a man, or is not a man, or even proof that he is not merely a man. And from Sahih, or Hasan Hadiths/Quran, please. No weak, or fabricated Ahadith.

  8. istwe have to cn4m that the prsn who told us dat kind of knwlg is MUSLIM or not……. there r many pepls who r n0t muslms bt and share wrog kind of things with muslims…….. this is really vry vry dangerous 4 us…………..

  9. what was the different, he dont mention it ,,, that’s not a matter what ever u group belong the infortant is your following the sunna of nabi muhammad (peace be upon him) and the qur’an…..

  10. There’s not important differences between Sunni’s and Tabligh, all of them follow the Profet (s.a.w.) and stick firmly to the Qur’an and to his Sunnah. Of course Muhammad is the most and very important man, but with the only difference from the rest of the mortals, that he was specially empowered by the Power and Wisdom of God and with the only mission to spread the Message of LA ILAHA ILA AL-ALAH MUHAMMADAN RASULULLAH, until the Last Day.

    By the way, I’m Tabligh and Sunni.

    assalamu alaykum wa rahma tu al-lahi wa barakatuhu!!

  11. Tablighi are Deobandi and are from Wahabi Sect but they are pretending to be Sunni.Lol
    Tablighi/ Deobandi have accepted that they are Wahabi.

    1) Book ” Sawanah Hazrat Maulana Yousaf” Page.191, 192
    2) Book “Azafat Alyoomiyah” P age.75

    and many more

    • Answer to Siraj

      First of all. Who people call Salafist and Wahhabist. This is something connected to Marjaa, the religious authority, whom you follow. Salafi/wahhabi they say you should not follow one mathab, or one Alim blindly. And their MAIN marjaas are IbnTaymeyah, Ibn Qayyem, Ibn Baaz, Shaykh Albani and Muhammed Bin Abdul Wahhab.

      When you see Deoband and Tabligh. None of their books are from that marjaa. All of Deoband follow Abu Hanifah and they do not accept evidence from salafists in cases of Fiqh.

      It is really BIG sin to use words like this to mock Muslims, while at the same time you yourself did not bother to study Islam and dont know what are you talking about.

      I would like to get knowledeable reply on the basics, where you have derived your Fiqh. What is the evidence that Deobandis, or Tablighis follow the basics of Fiqh of Muhammed Bin Abdul Wahhab, Ibn Taymeyah, Ibn Qayyoom, etc? It is not about any fatwa. But you should bring evidence that they either teach that it is fisq to follow mathab. Or it is very bad, condemnable, etc. And that you should yourself follow what you understand from Quran. Without this kind of evidence the claim, Deobandis are Salafists simply does not fit.

      Muhammed.. If people of Tabligh do something wrong, please tell me what is it.

  12. BEFORE “MAUT” COME TO YOU, the persons who follow tabligh think n ask the right person who knows Allah, communicate with Allah zahiran wa bathinan. (Wali Allah) Then ask him either tabligh is right or wrong. DO NOT CHOOSE THE WRONG PERSON….

  13. Asww… Pls. What do you understand by Tabligh?

  14. Asww… Something is troubling my mind since all this days, but I couldn’t see any better Alfa to ask(I meant all of them belongs to different Jamah) 1. What is the evidence of Tabligh on going to the Path of Allah because Alfas said JIHAD is simply means STRIVE OR STRUGGLE in the path of Allah by using Weapons. 2. What is evidence of IJTIMAH?

    • Ijtimah mean some good Muslim come in one place and olking about Islam Quran and Hadees learning so this is the good way of Islam and what about u thinging this humanity?

  15. I dont think of all jamats am.jst a MUSLIM .am the muslim who does not hate my other muslim brother or sister on usless issues………. represent your self as MUSLIM b coz on the day of judgement no one will be asked about tgeir jamat … be 1 and no 1 can devide you… i love all MUSLIMS…

  16. Warship the creater not the creation

  17. I am a sunni scholar and completely against tablig jamat.my prophet is the one who knows everything including gaib knowledge and the proof is given by the ayah aliflammim when hazrat jibrail alihissalam came with the ayah my prophet said jibrail alihissalam continue I know the meaning of aliflammim which proves that Nabi knows gaib knowledge and that proves that hazrat zibrail alihissalam is not the one who taught my prophet how to pray and by the way I am an ashrafi mureed.

  18. Tabigi is not a maslak,,u will fund different maslak of people in tablig,,evry tabligi is sunni but not evry sunni is tabligi,,it is a deoband dominated group although u wil found shafi,,hanbli,,maliki n vry rarely salfi also,,but no barelvy or shia

  19. I am a Muslim.alhamdulillah.

  20. Am so happy 2 b a Tabligh

  21. Tableeghs call sunnis ignorant so why must we bother entertaining them dey r a scam opening big madressas for blk kids as a front cos behind all ds dey r making money from peooles sadaqahs zakaats etc dey r very dshonest people who hide behind der innocent long beards now dey busy havin a meetin with d zulu king im sure dey wanna bluff him hes at der best interest dey try to takeover all d sunni musjids these nimakarams newmodel madars i jus hate d bastards peopl pls follow d original n best ahle sunnah wal jamaat not these moneymakers jazakallah to all d ahle sunnah reading my msg n as for d wahabbis may allah grant url hidayat or send yrl staight to jahannam

  22. Assalamu alaikum friends,
    In fact the Thablig Jamaath as we seen now is an institution or sector founden by one Ismayil Gangohi and he had some that colluded with the faith of Sunni sector. Is it right ?

  23. Tablighi = Sunni and there is no Difference Between them . all of them follow prophet Mohammad but every group focusing in on worke (Tablighi focusing on speeding Islam by good morality and higher dealing with pepel)

  24. For the kind information to the author of the article, tablighi jamat is the stem of the Sunni Muslims which was formed when the universities and schools were stopped from teaching Islam and instead had a focus on the study of science, arts and commerce. Later on there was a difference of opinion between the two groups, one who participated in public i.e, calling people towards Islam and another the one who did not do tablig. Later on the the differences changed into conflicts. Also I would like you to correct the fact you mentioned that Sunnis are greatest in number but instead the tabligh is one the rise which covers all the arabian countries except Iran. Only India and Pakistan are the countries where the Sunnis that you said exist. I would suggest you certain articles to read before posting upon this issue again
    1)Khalid Hasan. “Tableeghi Jamaat: all that you know and don’t”
    2)”The Future of Political Islam”. Foreign Affairs.
    3)Agwani, Mohammed (1986). “Islamic Fundamentalism in India”. Twenty-First Century India Society.
    4)Ali, Jan A. (2012). Islamic Revivalism Encounters the Modern World: A Study of the Tablīgh Jamā‘at. New Delhi: Sterling Publishers.

    • Tabligh means teaching. When anyone teaches about Quran and sunnah, is called a Tablighi. Thats all. There is no need to fight about it.

  25. Also further I want to inform you that in Islam there is a teaching that though one has conflicting ideas one must live in unity, you can read about the conflicts of ideas of Umar (r.a) and Uthman (r.a.) so that you can know that one has to be live in harmony and respect other’s perspective as well and no muslim should exceed from being a muslim. Unity is what Islam supports.

  26. slms, not taking sides just a question , they is a guy who is known for spreading tabbliq and jamaat , ( Ashraf ali thanvi ) he says in his book , the branches from a tree that falls on the ground has more life than our prophet Muhammed saw , we all know his not dead , and howcome he died in a toilet ,, also not to forget our prophet muhammed saw did tabliq going door to door to non muslims , why does jamaat go to muslims and why do they have fun wen going jamaat and eat luxury etc why ????

    • Musammiyan, Haamidan, Musalliyan

      Salaam Alaikom wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakaatuh

      My Dear Brother, Riza,

      May Allah SWT increase you in Taqwa. Ameen

      Dear Brother, dying in a place is not conclusive proof of one’s status.

      Check out on where Imam AlAwzaa’iee died.
      Does that demerit his status?? No, of course, not.
      في يوم الأحد 28 صفر سنة 157 هـ، دخل الأوزاعي حمام بيته وهو شيخ كبير شارف على السبعين، وأدخلت معه امرأته كانونًا فيه فحم وأغلقت عليه امرأته باب الحمام غير متعمدة، لئلا يصيبه البرد، ولم يقو على فتح الباب، فاستسلم لأمره وتوجّه إلى القبلة، ومات مختنقًا

      As far as what accusation or allegation made towards Sheikh Ashraf Ali Thanvi -رحمة الله عليه- , are/were they made based on unbiased objective study made on this Scholar or is it something else?
      My Brother, did you personally investigate or did you take what was said for granted as the holy-truth, I don’t think you rely on this?
      Brother, look for any counter-clarifications by him or by his successor(s) or disciples and students?
      Perhaps, there is a context in which he had said that and it could have been taken out of context and made to appear as slander. Perhaps, it was clarified by him in another text or clarified by one of his students?
      Perhaps, it was a purposeful interpolation made against him by one of his detractors.

      Brother, he shared the same maslak as Sheikh Ahmed Rida Khan – رحمه الله – , they both were from AhlusSunnahWalJamaat, Alhamdulillah. Both did great service for the Ummah.

      Let’s not pit them against one another! Let’s look for how we can bring them together in the respective context in their respective works.

      It is very likely, that one scholar gives a fatwa according to the audience in front of him and then gives another fatwa on the same point elsewhere or to another audience or environment or people.
      The community they were in could verily warrant them to make a fatwa based on their judgment of on the audience’s condition of the heart and knowledge level. They will definitely be held accountable for issuing an inappropriate fatwa and for the undesired result it may cause on their condition.
      It is very possible that they may actually differ on some points.

      Differences happened between the Sahabas, too.

      Example, with the case on whether The Prophet – alayhi-wa-ala-aalihi-sSalaatu-was-Salaam- saw His Lord or he did not.

      Did you ever come across those who affirmed it curse or slander those who denied his seeing His Lord?
      Did you ever come across those who denied, curse or slander those who affirmed his seeing His Lord?

      Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas, Anas bin Maalik, and others رضي الله عنهم, were of those who affirmed.

      Lady Aisha, Hazrat Abu Hurairah, and Hazrat Abdullah bin Masuud رضي الله عنهم , were of those who denied.

      With our sanad to Imam An-Nawawi رضي الله عنه, he makes this statement, to which we stand for as well, on this issue:
      قال النووي في شرح «صحيح مسلم»: والأصل في الباب حديث ابن عباس حبر الأمة والمرجوع إليه في المعضلات وقد راجعه ابن عمر رضي الله عنهم في هذه المسألة وراسله هل رأى محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ربه فأخبره أنه رآه، ولا يقدح في هذا حديث عائشة رضي الله عنها

      mustaghfiran musalliyan Haamidan

      Warm Regards,
      Mohammed “MercifulJustice”

      • No matter what u say, the formation. Of the tabligh jamaat has its roots on linguistic, cultural and sect. It is the most racist of all religious sect n is not based on islam but on Hinduism.

    • not, Riza, Abdulla mathen

    • Musammiyan, Haamidan, Musalliyan

      Salaam Alaikom wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakaatuh

      My Dear Brother, Riza,

      May Allah SWT increase you in Taqwa. Ameen

      Brother , These statements you have made were not made after careful study to come to an objective conclusion.

      The blessed effort of Tableegh derives their teachings and practice in accord with AhlusSunnahwalJamaat; from the Maturidi-Ashari-Athari, in Usuul, and from the Four mathaaheb, in Furoo3, and from the Sunni Sufi Turuq , in Sulook, and from the Seerat of the Rasullullaah SallaAllahuAlaihiWaAlaAaalihiWaSallem and the Sahabah Ridwaanullaah alayhim ajmaeen and the Awliyaa and Aemmat-al-muttaqeen, and the Waaritheen AlMuHammadiyyeen, QddassaAllahSirrahm ajmaeen especially from the Last of them who shall remain calling: Allah, Allah, QddassaAllahSirrahuAlAzeez, before the Hour occurs, in guidance, direction, and application for this 29th penultimate NafHa- {episodic-bracket}- of-Allah SWT, before the dissension of Sayidna Eisa bin Maryam 3layhi-wa-3ala-nabiyyina-As-Salaatu-was-Salaam, on preparation of the Ummat for the ultimate event(s), in cultivating the Emaan,Islaam,EHsaan, and tackling the fitna and fasad with tact and due diligence, the whole deen in them, In Shaa Allah.
      All with the Mercy and Tawfiq of Allah AzzaWaJall.

      And, Allah is my sufficient Witness to what I say and the SaaliH El-Mumineen. You can make Istikhaarat Prayer and check for yourself.

      mustaghfiran musalliyan Haamidan

      Warm Regards,
      Mohammed “MercifulJustice”

  27. tabligism has evolved its aqeeda based on the teachings of wahabism and have managed to mislead many ignorant, innocent muslims to follow their teachings.If we look at islamic history we find that after the Khulufaa islam was spread to all parts of the world by people of great taqwaa and knowledge and who are known as the aulia of Allah Tallah.We are instructed in sura Fathia that the siraatal mustakeem is the path of those who Allah Tallah has favored, and Allah Tallah has favored the aulia who rightfully are the inheritors of the Ambia. Yes we would like to unite to show the yawood and nasraa but remember that the ummah of our beloved Prophet Sallalwhoalaihi Wasallam will only unite on truth (haq) and not on batil(falsehood)

  28. this is not exact info.
    this is incorrect and insufficient info.

  29. We are muslims alhamdulilla

    • To all our muslims it’s sad to know how
      We react to dis my honest opinion wen u go in jamaat it is for our own benefit
      But we go places meet our muslims family who ah Muslims sad they glad to meet a Muslim sometimes the whole family don’t know nothing about islam n by meeting dem there life change most places the Christians will go meet dem sad n the whole family convert to Christianity so as muslims it’s nice to see n meet all of mankind of the world guidance is only in the hands of Allah but reminder is also beneficial to a believer we not perfect n only hoping Allah accept our effort our ibadaah n help us to die as believers only my opinion I have love for all of humanity n our beloved prophet Muhammad pbh was worried only about his ummah everyone else will b saying naffsi naffsi while our prophet pbh will b saying ummatee ummatee assalaam alaikum

  30. Tableegh is best way

  31. Recently i witnessed a huge fight between sunni and tableeghi jammat( in the masjid). The hatred between the two groups realy shocked me.i have heard so many negative things about tableeghi jamaat like links with wahabi sect and so on. Im no professor on this subject but i am trying to research as much as i can. My wish is instead of fighting why cant we sit down like proper muslims and talk or even co exist peacefully. By talking maybe we can iron out diferences and maybe both sides have been misinformed about each other. May Allah guide us all.

  32. Follow the Quran and authentic Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ( SAW ). The prophet have said this all, that this religion will split into 73 groups and only 1 will enter Al-Jannah straightforward. His companions ask him which group is it ? He صل الله عليه وسلم said the one which I and my companions are.which means that’s the straight path.
    So now I ask you this question?
    Show me any where in the Quran or the Sunnah that encourages division? Tell.
    Allah said “ولاتفرق” which means don’t be divided.
    During the first fitna after the death of our Prophet صلي الله عليه وسلم that was when division start. We have those who follow Ali رضيالله عنه with his wife and those stay back and follow the First Khalifa Abu bakr الصديق رضيالله عنه.
    He is the first Imam after our Prophet whether those who believe that Ali رضي الله عنه should be the first or not, Abu bakr رصي الله عنه was the first of the Khulafai Arrashid in

  33. Sunnis are the best

    • I do not know even you are a Muslim. You are trying to incite hatred between Muslims.

      In Allah’s eye, the best person is the person who understands and follows Quran, believes in the oneness of Allah & that the Prophet Mohammad was His last prophet.

  34. Assalamualikum(wb)tablighi jamaat was founded in 1920 before that there is only one jamaat that is Sunni.If you had any doubt then go and search on google(when tablighi jamaat was founded)then you will conformed.Jazak’Allah.

    • Tablighi Jamaat is a group of people who teache the message of Quran and sunnah. If you and I do the same, we are tablighi jamat. Everything else is fake.

    • Islam is in Quran, not on google. So it is best to read and understand Quran. There are many fake Islamic websites on internet.

  35. Bewakhoof
    There is no difference
    Tableeg is not a branch

  36. Tabligh jamaat is just a front for a linguistic n cultural sect, Islam does not allow racial or linguistic differences but this group cleverly disguises themselves as a higher class Muslims, 99 percent of this clan is from the most racist people on earth, the surthi Indians. Try them out, use a jeans, a skipper n see if they return your greeting..

  37. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

    Alhamdulillah sunni and tabligh follow sunnah and the five pillars of islam.

    The aim of the non Muslims are to divide and conquer. Sadly, it is working. Let’s unite the ummah and stand together. One finger is weak but when they come together they make a strong fist. Our brothers and sisters are been killed around the world. Rather we make dua to Allah SWT to save our ummah instead of debating each other which is better sunni or tabligh.

    May Allah SWT remove all what he dislikes from within our hearts and fill it with what he loves, may HE SWT guide us, unite us, save us from all evils,(including the evil within us) and calamities may Allah grant us victory. Ameen

  38. I respect all humans. Religion by itself cannot be a Government. It is the Givernment that provides respinsible freedom and imposes necessary controls and regulations so that all humans are reasonably and rationally comfortable.

  39. I would like to tell you and everyone here. Rather just following or feeling proud of being Muslim. “ABSORB” teachings from the Quran and learn from the life of Huzur SAW.

  40. You are right Hafeez. The problem with Muslims are that they fight among themselves for absolutely no reason.

    The writer of this article is a non muslim. He has no information about Islam. He wants us to fight each other.

    This article is completely false. Tabligh means teaching about Islam. Whoever talks and teaches about Islam is a tablighi.

    Tabligh is not a sect.

  41. I had to stop at the very beginning. This article starts out from the start with ignorance. The author made some major mistakes. First Tabligh is a Sunni sect. A Deobundi, Sufi sect of Islam. Therefore the article is worthless from the start. Deobundi have major errors. One Wahdat ul Wajud. Shirk! If a person has an open mind do yourself a favor and use the brains Allah gave you. Ask who is their Shaykh Al Akbar! He was beheaded for his shirk.They try to hide the truth but it’s in their books.

  42. Can a sunni girl maary a tablig boy?????

  43. Tabligh is not a branch of Islam, just a common Muslims whom come together to spread the massage of Islam.

    Now Saudi Arabia has band the Tablig Jamah from entering their country but they are inviting musicians to performs, which is absolutely against the way of the Almighty Allah (سنحان الله الظيم ) that is a complete fitnah and a great sign of the end time, let them sit and wait for the great remainder to come.

    There are many a people who not used to obey the Almighty Allah, (الحَمْدُ ِِلله) with the efforts of Tablig they are now focusing on Islam, Just imagine how the Almighty Allah have tries to remain us about the Akhirah with the Coronavirus, all the mosques were closes, yet they don’t ponder over the massage from the Almighty Allah.
    And when the punishment of the Almighty Allah comes, no one will have a single helper we will go and explain in the Akhirah


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