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The major difference between Sunni and Wahabi is the beliefs and rituals. Sunnis are in majority and almost 90% percent of Muslims around the world belong to Sunni sect whereas the members of Wahabi movement are located in Saudi Arab. There are a few main and major as well as many secondary differences between the Sunni and Wahabi Muslims which caused these sects to be cut off from each other and emerge independently.

The major difference between them is that Wahabis believe that Prophet Muhammad should be praised only as a human being whereas Sunnis show extra special care and respect towards the Prophet of Islam.

Sunni Muslims celebrate the birthday of the Holy Prophet and arrange Meelaad. Meelaad is a form of gathering in which the Sunni Muslims get together and praise the Holy Prophet. The birthdays of Sufi saints are also celebrated with much dedication and enthusiasm. The day of their deaths are commemorated in the form of Urs. Wahabi Muslims do not believe in celebrating and practicing all these events which are very strongly rooted in Islam. Wahabis call these practices of events as unlawful and wrongful innovations. Wahabis also believe that this is as close as to shirk or polytheism and Sunnis follow the ways of infidel Hindus.

Sunni Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is Nur and still present in this world. Whereas Wahabis do not believe in using pious individuals as intermediaries when asking Allah as they consider it shirk or polytheism. Sunnis believe in the saints and mysticism whereas Wahabis do not believe in mysticism, intercession and prostration as well. Sunni Muslims visit the tombs of the saints and perform tawassul for the blessings of Allah whereas it is the greatest sin for a Wahabi.

Sunni Muslims believe in four imams of fiqah or Islamic laws such as Hanfi, Hanbli, Malakii and Shaafeyii whereas Wahabi does not follow an Iman in Fiqh. Wahabi Muslims are a group of fundamentalists and have an orthodox version Islam. Wahabis in Saudi Arab do not allow their females to work side by side with their men and they also are not allowed to drive a car. The women are treated as third rate citizens and they are bound to wear a long abayaa or garment to cover them from head to toe. Sunni Muslims are moderate and believe in the equality of women as suggested by Islam.

There are many differences present in their rituals of praying, marriage ceremonies, dresses etc. Wahabi Muslims have separate mosques and schools. Wahabi Muslims are followers of Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahab in the 18th century in Arabia, and his movement came up against a lot of opposition from the Indians Sunni Muslims. Members of the Wahab movement in Saudi Arabia believe their role as a restorer or reformer to free Islam from negative deviances, heresies, innovations, superstitions and idolatries. Wahabis prefer to eliminate music and listening to songs. They are against watching television and drawings of living things which contain a soul.


1. Wahabi Muslims are followers of Muhammad ibne Abdul wahab present in the 18th century in Saudi Arabia whereas Sunni Muslims are followers of Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

2. Sunni Muslims believe in intercession and mysticism whereas Wahabis call them as deviants and wrongful innovations in Islam.

3. Sunni Muslims strictly follow one of the four schools of thoughts or madhabs of fiqah or Islamic jurisprudence whereas Wahabis follow their sheikh.

4. Wahabis do not observe annual Sufi festivals, events or the birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

5. Sunni Muslims wear charms and believe in healing powers unlike Wahabi beliefs like visiting tombs or shrines of saints.

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  1. The following 11 people are guilty of calling orthodox Muslims Wahhabis’. Their aim and objective is to use the term Wahhabi to insult real Muslims [people on pure tawheed] because they envy the real Muslims for their deen.

    Parvezi [Hadith rejector]
    Mu’tazila [rationalist]

    The people who use the word wahhabi, their intention is to practise smear, sneer and jeer. However, the people who practice the teachings of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab are not Wahhabis. They are Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’ah and Salafi Jihadi. These words are not offensive. It is inappropriate to call a person a Wahhabi because it is used to insult and name calling is haraam.

    The people who are Mushrikeen use the word Wahhab to insult orthodox Muslims. They want you to abandon your pure tawheed and follow them in their kufr, shirk and zandaqa. The Sufis, Shias and Bervailvis are the Mushrikeen of the Ummah.

    Sufis are the Christian of the Ummah, the Berailvis are still Hindus and the Shias are still Zorastrians. These people have entered into the fold of Islam under false pretence. These people cannot survive in a genuine Islamic State because they are kuffar, outside the fold of Islam. They would be asked to convert to Islam or leave.

    They are the worst of kuffar. They preach that Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was a British agent. Why would the British sponsor a scholar like Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab to bring back authentic tawheed to the Ummah?!

    These misguided Muslims use to be grave worshippers. The colonial masters promote evil practices like grave worshipping because grave worshippers have no taqwa to oppose them with jihad.

    Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab will be remembered as the man who removed shirk from the Ummah. The malicious slander of the mushrikeen doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

    Mirza Gulam Ahmed, the false Prophet of Qadian, was on the payroll of the British. He preached non-jihad against the colonialist and he even claimed to be a Prophet after Muhammad [saw].

    Ahmed Raza, the founding father of the Berailvi movement, was also paid by the British, and he preached that Muslims should worship the graves besides Allah [shirk].

    History has proven that the preachers who were sponsored by the British were all fake Muslims whose aim and objectives was to mislead unsuspecting Muslims. Today, millions of Muslims in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have become infidels due to the work of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and Ahmed Raza. Both of these heretics were sponsored by the British.

  2. 90 percent of Muslims don’t celebrate mawlid or meelad or any Sufi celebrations its just something deviant people say to look like they are a part of the majority so lying is a sign a person is deviated as a true believer will not lie or deceive ever as he knows That Allah Sees and Hears this arguing isn’t even between the majority of the Muslims its between ignorant groups and the majority of muslims have no idea what’s going on but we do know that Muhammad peace be upon him told us to hold fast to the Quran and his sunnah and Allah has told us to hold fast to His rope and not become divided so majority of Muslims should follow what Allah has said and learn from Quran and follow the sunnah of Muhammad make life simple and let the egotistical groups waste their life arguing.. The messenger said “I guarantee a house in Paradise for the one who gives up arguing even if he is in the right.” So I say let’s try and do the best we can when worshipping Allah and follow the sunnah of Muhammad in the best manner and spread smiles amongst people and spread salaam amongst each other and leave judgement to Allah so Asalaamu alaikum brothers may Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.. Let’s not argue anymore let’s just spread salaam and joy and live smiling and be helpful to people and live the way Muhammad peace be upon him lived and his family and companions did that is the best way the simple way arguing just leads to bitterness and confusion and makes matters worse 🙂 Allah will tell us how well we did on earth 😀

  3. Wahhabism is a tumour in this ummah, it must be uprooted. This Ummah has been living in peace for centuries but after the advent of Abdul Wahab najd, this ummah was split apart. The Prophet pbuh in a famous Hadith refused to pray for Najd, when enquired by companions, the Prophet pbuh said, the horn of Devil will come out of Najd. The famous Hadith Jurist of Syria Allama Shami ra commenting on this Hadith said that Prophet pbuh was referring to Abdul wahab Najdi. Wahabi have been shamelessly changing the islamic book to propogate their wahabi najdi beliefs for example they have doctored the books like Adab ul Mufrid by Imam Bukhari, because there are Hadith that support the beliefs of Alhe Sunna wal Jammah. The same way they have doctored the Medicine of Prophet by Ibn Jauzi ra, they have taken the Hadith supporting the use of Amulets.Be aware of Wahabi publications.
    The creed of Alhe sunnah wal jammah is not to worship graves but to visit the pious people of Allah to gain barakah. The challenge to wahabis is, show us a single scholar from the family of Prophet pbuh till this date, who holds on to your beliefs, Shame! There is non. Alhamdulliah they are all from Alhe Sunnah wal Jammah.

  4. Whabis are cheaters.No whabi exist during the time of Our PROPHET peace be upon him.
    Whabis are evils.
    They insult our prophet.
    This is a new fitna

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