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The major difference between Sunni and Wahabi is the beliefs and rituals. Sunnis are in majority and almost 90% percent of Muslims around the world belong to Sunni sect whereas the members of Wahabi movement are located in Saudi Arab. There are a few main and major as well as many secondary differences between the Sunni and Wahabi Muslims which caused these sects to be cut off from each other and emerge independently.

The major difference between them is that Wahabis believe that Prophet Muhammad should be praised only as a human being whereas Sunnis show extra special care and respect towards the Prophet of Islam.

Sunni Muslims celebrate the birthday of the Holy Prophet and arrange Meelaad. Meelaad is a form of gathering in which the Sunni Muslims get together and praise the Holy Prophet. The birthdays of Sufi saints are also celebrated with much dedication and enthusiasm. The day of their deaths are commemorated in the form of Urs. Wahabi Muslims do not believe in celebrating and practicing all these events which are very strongly rooted in Islam. Wahabis call these practices of events as unlawful and wrongful innovations. Wahabis also believe that this is as close as to shirk or polytheism and Sunnis follow the ways of infidel Hindus.

Sunni Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is Nur and still present in this world. Whereas Wahabis do not believe in using pious individuals as intermediaries when asking Allah as they consider it shirk or polytheism. Sunnis believe in the saints and mysticism whereas Wahabis do not believe in mysticism, intercession and prostration as well. Sunni Muslims visit the tombs of the saints and perform tawassul for the blessings of Allah whereas it is the greatest sin for a Wahabi.

Sunni Muslims believe in four imams of fiqah or Islamic laws such as Hanfi, Hanbli, Malakii and Shaafeyii whereas Wahabi does not follow an Iman in Fiqh. Wahabi Muslims are a group of fundamentalists and have an orthodox version Islam. Wahabis in Saudi Arab do not allow their females to work side by side with their men and they also are not allowed to drive a car. The women are treated as third rate citizens and they are bound to wear a long abayaa or garment to cover them from head to toe. Sunni Muslims are moderate and believe in the equality of women as suggested by Islam.

There are many differences present in their rituals of praying, marriage ceremonies, dresses etc. Wahabi Muslims have separate mosques and schools. Wahabi Muslims are followers of Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahab in the 18th century in Arabia, and his movement came up against a lot of opposition from the Indians Sunni Muslims. Members of the Wahab movement in Saudi Arabia believe their role as a restorer or reformer to free Islam from negative deviances, heresies, innovations, superstitions and idolatries. Wahabis prefer to eliminate music and listening to songs. They are against watching television and drawings of living things which contain a soul.


1. Wahabi Muslims are followers of Muhammad ibne Abdul wahab present in the 18th century in Saudi Arabia whereas Sunni Muslims are followers of Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

2. Sunni Muslims believe in intercession and mysticism whereas Wahabis call them as deviants and wrongful innovations in Islam.

3. Sunni Muslims strictly follow one of the four schools of thoughts or madhabs of fiqah or Islamic jurisprudence whereas Wahabis follow their sheikh.

4. Wahabis do not observe annual Sufi festivals, events or the birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

5. Sunni Muslims wear charms and believe in healing powers unlike Wahabi beliefs like visiting tombs or shrines of saints.

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  1. Where have the wahabis gone respond !!!!!

    • I am a sunni but the knowledge from Muhammed (PBUH)’s last message was that He is just a man and not to be worshipped and tomb visited but just as a normal man and we should not pray on anyones grave for our benefit except from Allah. Those are Sin in the type of teachings i had while growing up. My teachers, books and all related information was Sunni and not Wahbi…i think the writer missed another branch of Sunni..something special sunni and generalized it in this segment.

      • my name is ghufran ahmed and i m a muslim not sunni or wahabi
        just because there are not sunni , shia, wahabi in the quran and hadith.
        if any one can give me the proof of sunni , wahabi, shia , barelvi , deobanadi from quraan and hadith i accept there cast otherwise you also call himself as a muslim.

      • your not a sunni if your dont celebrate the prohets birthday. Asthakfar. Dont call your self a sunni when yo dont act as one.

        • There is no proof of celebration birthday of Prophet Muhammad Sallalla Ho Alai he wasallam from him neither from his companion . The day he passed away is confirmed . But his birthday is not confirmed .

          The celebration started in the late 18th century . May Allah bless you, me and all Muslims .

      • U r right…. sunni name is all about to follow The Muhammad (S.A.W)’s path and he had stated that he is nothing else than a human being………..

      • Nice one.. Sameer.. You commented a sharp point. Proud of you being a Muslim

      • Salam to All,
        Never dare consider Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS) as a ordinary Human being for ALLAH SWT ordered us to send constant blessing to Holy Mohammed after remembrance of ALLAH SWT.
        ALLAH SWT blessed HIM as a mercy to mankind. & Stupid you all consider holy Mohammed like an ordinary person.
        ALLAH SWT ever glorified as HE is certainly declared i n Ayatul kursi , 5th Line Who is there or dare to intercede in the presence of ALLAH SWT except as HE ALLAH HIMSELF Permits.
        Certainly ALLAH SWT will accept our prayers through Holy Prophet Mohammed (MSAS) & other wali Ullahs.
        Milad Mohfil is a congregation to Submit to ALLAH SWT & bless holy prophet Mohammed MSAS & its never a bida.
        Believe or not . Its your choice. I have spoken the truth.

    • Well this website is wrong. 90% of muslims follow ahle sunnat wal jamaat which include the hanafis , malikis , shafiis and hanbalis. But this website have made all of the 90% of muslims barelvis by afding their set of beliefs. Before writing please cross check from other sources. No Maliki or Shafi celebrate’s the birthday of prophet Muhammad it is a bidah and a way in which we are over-exaggerating in his praise. Remember that prophet Muhammad warned us that we should not over exaggerate in his praise. Whereas Muhammad ibn abdul wahab is concerned he was a hanbali who was a revivalist. He tried to stop the najdis from comitting shirk and following bidah. Barelvis are scum on earth

      • Suddenly you are an expert on scum of the earth just remember the hadeeth about prophet pbub being the mirror. Thats all

        • I am not a Muslim, but what if I suggested that NO human beings are scum of the earth? (even though we all make mistakes of course)

      • Followers of ashraf ali thanve are d biggest scums… u vil be always below us…

      • sir why you are obstinate on say of not to perform the birthday of our prophet when god himself states that make concrete the symbol of Allaha. further god himself has celebrated the birthday of prophet by calling all the holy spirits. the jannat is not a very simple gift it cannot be achieved by keeping enemity with the messangers and friends if Allaha.Allaha hum sub ko rahe hiddayat atta farma. Ameen

      • This us true. The author of this article seems to be talking about Goshia Muslims (as they known in my part ofthe world).

    • this posting is illiterate, no offense

    • 90 percent of sunni do no even know what is milaad so this website is full of bs get your facts straight and stop making up stuff

      • I agree with you I’m Sunni and I do not celebrate the prophets birthday. Also this article is wrong wahabbi is a sect of Muslims from Sunni society.

        • I am sunni from the Shafii school of thought. Where I am in Southeast Asia, we do celebrate the Prophet’s birthday – through reminding ourselves of his exemplary conduct so that we strive towards the same as we go through our daily lives. We definitely don’t ask for things from God through him, a point incorrectly stated by the author.

    • Assalamu alaikum

      You only need to visit this website and you will get your answers and i am a shafi but live in Pakistan.http://www.ahlus-sunna.com/

      Khuda hafiz

    • Wahabis unfortunately are like rats . They were wrong then and are wrong today . Their teachings are simply not islamic and much of their teachings has brought trouble for the Muslim community worldwide . The Saudis have always supported them . Now they have become worse . Salafis.
      Their ideology is totally non islamic and they are the main cause of terrorism everywhere.
      For the betterment of all muslim ummah , it’s a must to eliminate them as the harm they have done is unimaginable.

    • Musilms are in summary don’t celebrate in mohammed at all musilms just celebrate in two eids which it eid al-fitr and eid al adha and friday -count as eid as for musilms becuz it’s the day that allah create adam and it’s the day that adam die in it ,,so islam never do wrong for people and true sect of islam is “sunmi islam” just write “the sunnah islam studies so you will find the truth of islam and find a couple of section for islam studies and different subjects and see the recognize the true recognize N the fair one ,,,,,islam always erged to good deeds and look at the things in the good way to make it really good religion somebody sunnah have the pure values and good values which it necessary to abide by it

  2. Fatwa of Deviancy on Ibn Taymiah
    Ibn Taymiyah: the Wahhabi founder’s role model

    It is worth giving an overview of a man named Ahmed Ibn Taymiyah (1263-1328) who lived a few hundred years before Muhammad ibn `Abdul-Wahhab. The Wahhabi founder admired him as a role model and embraced many of his pseudo-Sunni positions. Who exactly was Ibn Taymiyah and what did orthodox Sunni scholars say about him? Muslim scholars had mixed opinions about him depending on his interpretation of various issues. His straying from mainstream Sunni Islam on particular issues of creed (`aqeedah) and worship (`ibadat) made him an extremely controversial figure in the Muslim community.

    Ibn Taymiya has won the reputation of being the true bearer of the early pious Muslims, especially among reformist revolutionaries, while the majority of orthodox Sunnis have accused him of reprehensible bid’ah (reprehenisible innovation), some accusing him of kufr (unbelief).

    It behooves one to ask why Ibn Taymiyah had received so much opposition from reputable Sunni scholars who were known for their asceticism, trustworthiness, and piety. Some of Ibn Taymiyah’s anti-Sunni and controversial positions include:

    (1) His claim that Allah’s Attributes are “literal”, thereby attributing God with created attributes and becoming an anthropomorphist;

    (2) His claim that created things existed eternally with Allah;

    (3) His opposition to the scholarly consensus on the divorce issue;

    (4) His opposition to the orthodox Sunni practice of tawassul (asking Allah for things using a deceased pious individual as an intermediary);

    (5) His saying that starting a trip to visit the Prophet Muhammad’s (s) invalidates the shortening of prayer;

    (6) His saying that the torture of the people of Hell stops and doesn’t last forever;

    (7) His saying that Allah has a limit (hadd) that only He Knows;

    (8) His saying that Allah literally sits on the Throne (al-Kursi) and has left space for Prophet Muhammad (s) to sit next to Him;

    (9) His claim that touching the grave of Prophet Muhammad (s) is polytheism (shirk);

    (10) His claim that that making supplication at the Prophet Muhammad’s grave to seek a better status from Allah is a reprehensible innovation;

    (11) His claim that Allah descends and comparing Allah’s “descent” with his, as he stepped down from a minbar while giving a sermon (khutba) to Muslims;

    (12) His classifying of oneness in worship of Allah (tawheed) into two parts: Tawhid al-rububiyya and Tawhid al-uluhiyya, which was never done by pious adherents of the salaf.

    Although Ibn Taymiyah’s unorthodox, pseudo-Sunni positions were kept away from the public in Syria and Egypt due to the consensus of orthodox Sunni scholars of his deviance, his teachings were nevertheless circulating in hiding. An orthodox Sunni scholar says:

    Indeed, when a wealthy trader from Jeddah brought to life the long-dead ‘aqida [creed] of Ibn Taymiya at the beginning of this century by financing the printing in Egypt of Ibn Taymiya’s Minhaj al-sunna al-nabawiyya [italics mine] and other works, the Mufti of Egypt Muhammad Bakhit al-Muti‘i, faced with new questions about the validity of anthropomorphism, wrote: “It was a fitna (strife) that was sleeping; may Allah curse him who awakened it.”

    It is important to emphasize that although many of the positions of Ibn Taymiyah and Wahhabis are identical, they nonetheless contradict each other in some positions. While Ibn Taymiyah accepts Sufism (Tasawwuf) as a legitimate science of Islam (as all orthodox Sunni Muslims do), Wahhabis reject it wholesale as an ugly innovation in the religion. While Ibn Taymiyah accepts the legitimacy of commemorating Prophet Muhammad’s birthday (Mawlid) – accepted by orthodox Sunni Muslims as legitimate – Wahhabis reject it as a reprehensible innovation that is to be repudiated.

    Ibn Taymiyah is an inspiration to Islamist groups that call for revolution. Kepel says, “Ibn Taymiyya (1268-1323) – a primary reference for the Sunni Islamist movement – would be abundantly quoted to justify the assassination of Sadat in 1981…and even to condemn the Saudi leadership and call for its overthrow in the mid-1990s”.

    Sivan says that only six months before Sadat was assassinated, the weekly Mayo singled out Ibn Taymiyya as “the most pervasive and deleterious influence upon Egyptian youth.” Sivan further says that Mayo concluded that “the proliferating Muslim associations at the [Egyptian] universities, where Ibn Taymiyya’s views prevail, have been spawning various terrorist groups.” Indeed, a book entitled The Absent Precept, by `Abd al-Salam Faraj – the “spiritual” leader of Sadat’s assassins who was tried and executed by the Egyptian government – strongly refers to Ibn Taymiyya’s and some of his disciples’ writings. Three of four of Sadat’s assassins willingly read a lot of Ibn Taymiyya’s works on their own.

    Ibn Taymiyah is also noted to be a favorite of other Salafi extremists, including the Muslim Brotherhood’s Syed Qutb. Ibn Taymiyyah’s student, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, is also frequently cited by Salafis of all colors.

    Ibn Taymiyah’s “fatwa” of jihad against Muslims

    What is also well-known about Ibn Taymiyah is that he lived in turbulent times when the Mongols had sacked Baghdad and conquered the Abassid Empire in 1258. In 1303, he was ordered by the Mamluk Sultan to give a fatwa (religious edict) legalizing jihad against the Mongols. Waging a holy war on the Mongols for the purpose of eliminating any threat to Mamluk power was no easy matter. The Mongol Khan Mahmoud Ghazan had converted to Islam in 1295. Although they were Muslims who did not adhere to Islamic Law in practice, and also supported the Yasa Mongol of code of law, they were deemed apostates by the edict of Ibn Taymiyah. To Ibn Taymiyah, Islamic Law was not only rejected by Mongols because of their lack of wholesale adherence, but the “infidel” Yasa code of law made them legal targets of extermination. The so-called jihad ensued and the Mongol threat to Syria was exterminated. Wahhabis and other Salafis to this day brand the Mongol Mahmoud Ghazan as a kafir (disbeliever). Orthodox Sunni Muslims, however, have praised Mahmoud Ghazan as a Muslim. Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani writes:

    In fact, Ghazan Khan was a firm believer in Islam. Al-Dhahabi relates that he became a Muslim at the hands of the Sufi shaykh Sadr al-Din Abu al-Majami’ Ibrahim al-Juwayni (d.720), one of Dhahabi’s own shaykhs of hadith….During his rule he had a huge mosque built in Tabriz in addition to twelve Islamic schools (madrasa), numerous hostels (khaniqa), forts (ribat), a school for the secular sciences, and an observatory. He supplied Mecca and Medina with many gifts. He followed one of the schools (madhahib) of the Ahl al-Sunna [who are the orthodox Sunnis] and was respectful of religious scholars. He had the descendants of the Prophet mentioned before the princes and princesses of his house in the state records, and he introduced the turban as the court headgear.[7]

    Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhab would later follow Ibn Taymiyah’s footsteps and slaughter thousands of Muslims in Arabia.

    Orthodox Sunni scholars who refuted Ibn Taymiyah’s pseudo-Sunni positions

    Ibn Taymiyah was imprisoned by a fatwa (religious edict) signed by four orthodox Sunni judges in the year 726 A.H for his deviant and unorthodox positions. Note that each of the four judges represents the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence that Sunni Muslims belong to today. This illustrates that Ibn Taymiyah did not adhere to the authentic teachings of orthodox Sunni Islam as represented by the four schools of Sunni jurisprudence. There is no evidence to indicate that there was a “conspiracy” against Ibn Taymiyyah to condemn him, as Wahhabis and other Salafis purport in his defense. The names of the four judges are: Qadi [Judge] Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Jama’ah, ash-Shafi’i, Qadi [Judge] Muhammad Ibn al-Hariri, al-`Ansari, al-Hanafi, Qadi [Judge] Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr, al-Maliki, and Qadi [Judge] Ahmad Ibn `Umar, al-Maqdisi, al-Hanbali.

    Some orthodox Sunni scholars who refuted Ibn Taymiyya for his deviances and opposition to the positions of orthodox Sunni Islam include:

    Taqiyy-ud-Din as-Subkiyy, Faqih Muhammad Ibn `Umar Ibn Makkiyy, Hafiz Salah-ud-Din al-`Ala’i, Qadi, Mufassir Badr-ud-Din Ibn Jama’ah, Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Yahya al-Kilabi al-Halabi, Hafiz Ibn Daqiq al-`Id, Qadi Kamal-ud-Din az-Zamalkani, Qadi Safi-ud-Din al-Hindi, Faqih and Muhaddith `Ali Ibn Muhammad al-Baji ash-Shafi’i, the historian al-Fakhr Ibn al-Mu`allim al-Qurashi, Hafiz Dhahabi, Mufassir Abu Hayyan al-`Andalusi, and Faqih and voyager Ibn Batutah.


    Wahhabis attribute a place and direction to Allah

    While accusing the masses of Muslims of being polytheists, Wahhabis themselves have differentiated themselves from other Muslims in their understanding of creed. Due to the Wahhabis’ adherence to an unorthodox, grossly flawed literal understanding of God’s Attributes, they comfortably believe that Allah has created or human attributes, and then attempt to hide their anthropomorphism by saying that they don’t know ‘how’ Allah has such attributes. For example, Bilal Philips, a Wahhabi author says:

    He has neither corporeal body nor is He a formless spirit. He has a form befitting His majesty [italics mine], the like of which no man has ever seen or conceived, and which will only be seen (to the degree of man’s finite limitations) by the people of paradise.

    Discussing each part of his statement will shed light into his anthropomorphic mind. Bilal Philips says that “Allah has a form befitting His majesty…” What he confirms in his mind is that Allah definitely has a form. He even specifies the kind of form by saying: “He [Allah] has neither corporeal body…” meaning that Allah has a form that is not like the forms of creation, and then says, “nor is He a formless spirit. Then he says, “He has a form befitting His majesty…” The problem with such statements to a Muslim is that they express blatant anthropomorphism. What Bilal Philips is doing here is foolishly attributing a “form” to God that, in his mind, nobody has ever seen. Therefore, Bilal Philips believes that God has some type of form, or non-corporeal body. No orthodox Sunni Muslim scholar has ever said such a perfidious thing.

    Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, one of the greatest mujtahid Sunni imams ever to have lived, refuted such anthropomorphic statements over a thousand years before Bilal Philips was born. The great Sunni Ash`ari scholar, Imam al-Bayhaqi, in his Manaqib Ahmad relates with an authentic chain that Imam Ahmed said:

    A person commits an act of disbelief (kufr) if he says Allah is a body, even if he says: Allah is a body but not like other bodies.

    Imam Ahmad continues:

    The expressions are taken from language and from Islam, and linguists applied ‘body’ to a thing that has length, width, thickness, form, structure, and components. The expression has not been handed down in Shari’ah. Therefore, it is invalid and cannot be used.

    Imam Ahmed is a pious adherer of the time period of the Salaf that was praised by Prophet Muhammad (s). How can Bilal Philips claim to represent the pious forefathers of the Salaf? He not only contradicts them but is vehemently refuted by them. The great pious predecessors had refuted ignoramuses like Bilal Philips in their times long ago.

    Blatant anthropomorphism is also illustrated by the Wahhabi Ibn Baz’s commentary on the great work of Imam Abu Ja’afar at-Tahawi called “Aqeedah at-Tahawiyyah” (The Creed of Tahawi), a work that has been praised by the orthodox Sunni community as being representative of Sunni orthodoxy. The now deceased Ibn Baz was Saudi Arabia’s grand Mufti.

    Article #38 of Imam Tahawi’s work states:

    He is beyond having limits placed on Him, or being restricted, or having parts or limbs. Nor is He contained by the six directions as all created entities are.

    Ibn Baz, in a footnote, comments:

    Allah is beyond limits that we know but has limits He knows.

    In another footnote, he says:

    By hudood (limits) the author [referring to Imam Tahawi] means [limits] such as known by humans since no one except Allah Almighty knows His limits.

    Ibn Baz deceptively attempts to represent the noble Sunni Imam al-Tahawi as an anthropomorphist by putting his own anthropomorphic interpretation of Imam Tahawi’s words in his mouth. It must be emphasized that not a single orthodox Sunni scholar understood Imam Tahawi’s statement as Ibn Baz did.

    Ibn Baz’s also shows anthropomorphism in a commentary by the great Sunni scholar Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani. Ibn Baz says:

    As for Ahl ul-Sunna – and these are the Companions and those who followed them in excellence – they assert a direction for Allah, and that is the direction of elevation, believing that the Exalted is above the Throne without giving an example and without entering into modality.

    Another now deceased Wahhabi scholar, Muhammad Saleh al-Uthaymeen, blatantly expresses his anthropomorphism. He says:

    Allah’s establishment on the throne means that He is sitting ‘in person’ on His Throne.

    The great Sunni Hanbali scholar, Ibn al-Jawzi, had refuted anthropomorphists who were saying that Allah’s establishment is ‘in person’ hundreds of years ago:

    Whoever says: He is established on the Throne ‘in person’ (bi dhatihi), has diverted the sense of the verse to that of sensory perception. Such a person must not neglect that the principle is established by the mind, by which we have come to know Allah, and have attributed pre-eternity to Him decisively. If you said: We read the hadiths and keep quiet, no one would criticize you; it is only your taking them in the external sense which is hideous. Therefore do not bring into the school of this pious man of the Salaf – Imam Ahmad [Ibn Hanbal] – what does not belong in it. You have clothed this madhab [or school of jurisprudence] with an ugly deed, so that it is no longer said ‘Hanbali’ except in the sense of ‘anthropomorphist’

    Sulayman ibn `Abdul Allah ibn Muhammad ibn `Abd al-Wahhab, the grandson of the Wahhabi movement’s founder, says:

    Whoever believes or says: Allah is in person (bi dhatihi) in every place, or in one place: he is a disbeliever (kafir). It is obligatory to declare that Allah is distinct from His creation, established over His Throne without modality or likeness or exemplarity. Allah was and there was no place, then He created place and He is exalted as He was before He created place

    Just as Bilal Philips affirms a form to Allah in his mind, and Ibn Baz confirms limits to Allah in his mind, al-Uthaymeen confirms that Allah is literally sitting ‘in person’ on the Throne in his mind. All of them have loyally followed the footsteps of Ibn Taymiyyah and Muhammad ibn `Abdul-Wahhab – the two arch-heretics who were instrumental in causing tribulation (fitna) and division among the Muslim masses because of their reprehensible, unorthodox interpretations of the Islamic sources.

    Wahhabi anthropomorphists say: Allah is in a direction, Allah has limits, Allah is literally above the Throne, and that Allah is sitting ‘in person’ on the Throne. To a Muslim, the fact is that the Throne is located in a particular direction and a certain place. By understanding Allah to be above the Throne literally as the Wahhabis do, they are attributing Allah with created attributes and, as a result, are implying that a part of the creation was eternal with Allah. This opposes what the the Qur’an and the following hadith authentically related by al-Bukhari says:

    Allah existed eternally and there was nothing else [italics mine].

    Sunni orthodoxy clears Allah of all directions and places. To a Sunni, Allah has always existed without the need of a place, and He did not take a place for Himself after creating it. Orthodox Sunni scholars have said exactly what was understood by Prophet Muhammad (s) and his Companions (ra). Imam Abu Hanifah, the great mujtahid Imam who lived in the time period of the Salaf said: “Allah has no limits…”, period. And this is what Sunni orthodoxy represents.

    • Listen Mr Abadat you sound like a total idiot. You quote Hadith and make your own presumptions. Anyone can do that you foolish person. So generally speaking you have sat there on high seat looking down on other Muslims but labelling millions Kaafir according to your own pride. Let me ask are you a self proclaimed prophet of Allah because you talk alot of crap to which I find it hard to respond but I can say this YOU ARE SO ASLEEP WHILE WAKING YOU COULDN’T BE MORE ASLEEP IF YOU WE’RE LYING IN BED UNDER YOUR DUVET SUCKING YOUR THUMB WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED.

      let me start by quoting a Hadith from Mishkat

      There will be a group from the Muslims who will wear green turbans and these will be a group of the hell fire

      Do tell me who that is since you know so much I can now say it doesn’t take a genius to Work out which Bidati people or as I call them grave worshippers the barelvis who else today wears green turbans.

      And according to your Hadith which you tries to pin on the real Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah the Tablighi Jamaat/Deoband who today is copying them and and shaving there heads and shaving there moustache and call people to Islam the way they do and also sit in gatherings as they do. Copy there books and etiquettes????? None other than the barelvis off shoot group the madani boys so now does your Hadith pertain to them because after all they use the satan box (tv) to pass on their message to the masses with their oscar winning actors performances lol

      Lets get things straight Prophet PBUH said his Ummah will split in to 73 sects and gave examples of some of the bad sects and also gave examples of the good sects the Tablighi Jamaat comes under the good example as Prophet PBUH said there will be people from my Ummah who will prevent evil and enjoin the good and that’s what Tablighi Jamaat do. When they knock the door of you dirty grave lickers they get sworn at for calling you to the masjid you dirty people only like it when someone calls you to a clubbing party in the masjid and note of your Hadith is do Carry any weight the Madanis also have an office in Delhi plus your just throwing your opinion around without any basis or logical argument

      Explain to me how you are Ahle Sunnah when everything you do is the opposite of what Prophet PBUT did??

      Did Rasool SAW do the following


      those were just a few points from the tip of the iceberg but let’s look at another aspect

      Prophet Muhammad SAW once looked towards Hind and said there is Khushbu(fragrance/smell) of Ilm(knowledge) coming from Hindustan or Hind, Rasool Allahu Alam so where do you get of coming out with NAND stretches from here to there??? And to be certain there still is no consensus of where najd actually is some say a part of Syria or the whole of Iraq some say part of Yemen etc so no one knows 100%

      Anyhow answer the following and be truthful because history has recorded this as it was not long ago and the books of your ala hazrat which you guys have named him yourself ala as in the highest hazrat Nauzubillah talk about Guatakhs his books also contain his fatwas so ill give you a few home truths and we will see how you defend it if you can

      When the British empire overtook India the only Muslims to stand against them were Deobands from which the tablighi jamaat eminate from. Mr ala or should I say Kala wrote a fatwa which is there for all to see in his books of fatwa. The Deobands started the Khilafa movement while the Ottoman Empire was collapsing and embolised many Ulema to fight Jihad where many lost their lives. Ala Ahmad Razaq khan your leader who describes himself as the qibla for the rest of the world gave a fatwa that whoso ever helps the Deoband ulema fight the British empire is a kafir and will be out of the fold of Islam. He quoted some verses of the Quran to fool the poor uneducated Muslims of India and they listened to him. His fatwa stated that India is Dar Ul Islam and not Dar Ul Harb and that it belongs to the British so according to the Hadith of Prophet SAW & Sharia law & the Quran you have to obey the rulers of the country as it belongs to them???? Did he forget that India was being occupied by force and was invaded how on earth was it Dar Ul Islam??? Later when people got suspicious and started leaving him because of this his excuse was he didn’t want to team up with the Deobands as they weren’t Muslim lol. But in his book the Mal Fuzat he says its ok to eat the sweets of Diwali from the Hindus and in another passage he said be friends with the Sikh qadianis or Hindus but never with the Deobands the same Deobands who were trying to keep the Khilafa alive??? Due to kala hazrat many ulema died and many devout Muslims died and the upsurge to reunite an army from hind for the Ottoman Empire was short lived because of this barelvi kufaar lover and his dispicable fatwas.

      U barelvis love him more than the Prophet SAW and do things he said which out great Prophet PBUH didn’t do such as khatham and preparing special foods for the deceased every week (see Mal Fuzat) extravagant foods such ice pudding and koftas and rice lol what a joke

      Lets also look at the modern reality of the barelvis and how they behave today

      In all the recent wars you barelvis and your fat overgrown peers and mullahs have say back and watched while the Muslims have died.

      Afghanistan – Deobands fought
      Chechnya – Deobands fought
      Iraq – Deobands fighting until today
      Bosnian Serbs – Deoband fought
      Somalia – Deobands fought
      Palestine – Deobands fight until today
      Afghanistan part 2 – Deobands fight until today
      Syria – Deobands there today
      Kashmir – Deobands fighting even today

      Where are your barelvis ???? Too busy collecting for the next Yaarvi or raising money for the next extravagant £10 Lakh cake for Milaad???

      Recently barelvi ulema from uk have a fatwa of kuffar against the Taliban I wander why maybe because there own family members are fighting as soldiers in the British army killing Muslims brothers & sisters in Afghanistan

      If you ask why they never speak for the Palestinians they say they are WAHABI how disgusting u people are yet you point at others

      Your mr ala kala hazrat was to be knighted by the British empire for his works in helping them subdue the rise of the khilafat movement of Deobands but he passed away and his next in command were instead given knighthood in his honour and he was mentioned as the sole contributor to help the success of the British empire in India

      In a book written by a British historian Francis Robinson he writes in his book that Ahmad Razaq Khan was a British Agent who helped them in breaking the Caliphate and he received payment for it. So telle who the hell are you to point fingers at the Tablighi Jamaat the people who started Tabligh by foot from city to city country to country leaving their families home for the sake of Islam. And you call these people bad you friggin kufaar lover.

      Go and ask your leading peer scholar what ever you want to call him who has millions of followers mr sheikh khabbani the barelvi biggot. He sat in the White House on the eve of the attack on Iraq on Ramadhan and opened his fast with Mr Bush his dad and prayed for the armed forces of America and the coalition forces to win the war. When I asked one of his mureeds why he did this they said because mr khabbani said the Iraqis deserved to be punished Naizubillah this is the reality of you barelvis you are too happy for the Muslims who do not believe in grave worshipping and turning Masjids in to night clubs to be killed because you are happy to love the west and the kufaar but not other Muslims brothers.

      On this day of Ramdhan you the writer of the garbage opinions you have mr abadat you have love for the Shia who malign and swear at the great Sahaba RA but you have hatred for the other proper Muslims because you are one and the same even your are happy to hold hands with the Jews and dance around but you will be quick to cut down other Muslims. While the deobands have off shoots such Sipa e Sahaba to protect the honour of our great Sahaba against the Shia menace and look at the SSP how most of them have become Shaheed in the noble cause tell me what you have done other than sit and eat with these dirty kafir and plan the destruction of the Mujahids of Islam today.

      Go and suck mr Adnan oktar aka haring yahya and sheikh nazim sheikh khabbani and all the other fake Sufis and pretend u r true by worshipping graves intermixing and dancing in Masjids but the reality of u snakes is there for all to see

      And I have a final test for you

      Go to one of your peers and tell them you want to go to do Jihad in Syria and see what happens to you (Guantanamo bay that’s what)
      Go to a deoband scholar and ask the same question but make sure you go to the deoband scholar 1st

      Thanks for making me rant in Ramadhan you disgusting kufaar lover mr abadat go and have a bath and clean yourself you smell of shiaism and yahudism

      • Salam . Can you please tell me
        1. Which of the companions celebrated “umar day” on 1st muharram when deobandies are doing it .
        2. Which companion arranged tablighi raiwindi “jorr” and sehroza .
        3.which companion celebrated “khatm_imam bukhari” . Deobandies are doing it .
        4. Please dont say that deobandies fought in iraqand palestine etc etc . Deobandi is a sect of pakistan india and especially KPK is a sect of KPK and

        • how can a sect found in 19th century call every one kaffir. sahaba didn’t practiced qawali, minat, milad. they don’t have proof not a single one. they are always ready to give fatwa against any islamic movement if it doesn’t involve them.

          remember the people of khurasan are deobandis. not shia not barelvi. they will be the army of mehdi.

          about wahabis “”But why should Allah not punish them while they obstruct [people] from al-Masjid al- îaram and they were not [fit to be] its guardians? Its [true] guardians are not but the righteous, but most of them do not know”” (verse 8:24).
          only muslim could rule hijaz.

          whether muhammad saw was a noor or human or both if it was important for muslims it would have been explained in hadith.

          wahabis don’t ban going to shrines but the few shirks done there. at the time this movement started people used to bow before shrines. someone had to stop them.

          people who don’t have any thing to do make firqas only. anyone can take any meaning and start another sect.

          we don’t even give the name ALLAH to anyone how could someone be like him. if Allah is noor than no one else could be like that noor. read surah ikhlas.

          Prophet (PBUH) knew only what Allah wanted him to know. example :He didn’t knew about the day of qayamat or who dajjal was(Prophet (pbuh) tried to find out by spying on ibn e sayad.

          name the qawali written by any sahabi? name the mizar constructed by the righteous caliphs?name the cake flavor they used to celebrate prophet(pbuh) birthday? what was the religious education of ahmed raza barelvi? the grand father of ahmed raza barelvi along with billions muslims they were not barelvis so are they kaffirs(they didn’t believed in those believes)? if this was the true religion than name the arab country as religion started from there where barelvis are?

          if barelvis r sunni than they 10 percent of ummat.

          sorry if hurt someone.i don’t believe in firqas but hate everyone who promote hatred for no reason but only jealousy.

          • what is qawali you didnt understand and what it has din you did not know and what is prohibited and what is permitted you did not know really now the islam is in the hands of bad people as a wahabi. If you want to estimate what is permitted either you and your belief peoples anr doing what is prohibited you and your group peoples are abstaining. In short your Belief stand in rowdyism what your belief father mohammed bin abdul wahab done in past and your people are doing in present and maligned the Islam in the eyes if gair muslim Please enquire by nuterly and comment .

      • Brother Majid,
        I am born Sunni but do not believe on going to shrine, spending money on Milad, URS, Khatam, QAWWALI, asking from graves or any other Laghwiyat (biddat). I do believe on Jihald but I am very much against Taliban because Quran clearly state to kill any Muslim without reason is major sin, especially when there is a chance, he/she may ask Allah’s forgiveness in future. May Allah correct me, if I am wrong. Other than that, with due respect, even though I like school of thoughts of Deobands / Wahabis but your language is not appropriate how to talk to people. Prophet Mohammed PBUH said, closer to him are those, who has best attitude towards people.
        May Allah gives hiddaya to all of us. Aameen.

      • Dear Majid

        I was under the impression that most terrorists that kill innocents are Sunnis.

        But, now you’re saying almost all are Deobandis. Is that really so?

      • Mr you and your scholars are the persons contaminated islam with your illegal slogan of anti Islam Jihad with the wish of role and you and your scholars have sow the seeds of oppression under the bed sheet of your created belief of false islam.on other hand islam is not religion of killing the innocence and the roots of oppression on muslim are existing in your belief nations.

        • Wahabi muslim is not folower of mohammad salallaho alaihe wasallam but he follows abdul wahab najdi . He is not true muslim.


    • u are right, all what u said is true but there are not going to listen because there deaf and blind may God bless u my sister in islam may God granted our heart with full of joy and ful our heart with prophet muhammed(S.A:W) love, mawlid I will celebrate he’s birthday till my last breath nobody can stop it I swear and we should continue to follows he’s roles till doomsday ya rabbi pls guide us to the straight part

    • Wow ! You guys have some serious divisions….! I mean, I thought Christianity had major division—- and it does —– but i think you guys have got them beat ! Damn !
      I am not saying that as an insult, either —-nor is it a compliment.

      I am not Christian, for the same reasons I would hesitate to become Muslim. I do, however, believe in a supreme being and I find spirituality —-and peace —-in the natural world. My ancestors are American Indian—-maybe that is why.

      The natural world…..you know, the same one that is getting bombed to f*ckin pieces , in the MidEast, over differences of opinion on who is “right” about God.

      Don’t even talk to me about “God” , til you can show me by example.

  3. Again u dumb dumb one eyed idiot.

    The fatwa was faked & engineered 100 years ago by none other then the British agent mr Kala Hazrat Ahmad raza barelvi.

    The liar took sentences from the books of deobands and took them for fatwa the poor Ulema of Madina & Makkah could only go by what they were told and showed by kala Hazrat. He lied and deveined them.

    If you we’re a true Muslim and by now other people here who have the knowledge of what I’m going to mention.

    When the fatwa was issued under deception Hazrat Ashraf Ali Thanvi RH went to Makkah & Madinah to clarify things the same Ulema who had given the fatwa withdrew their signatures and also wrote a new Fatwa which stared the Ulema of Deobands are Ahle Sunnah and were deceived by one named Ahmad Raza and also gave a fatwa against him. If you we’re a true Muslim and were not a son of a Yahudi you would have told this truth to everyone. May the curse of Allah be upon you you liar and deceiver just as your leader kala Hazrat.

    And you ask what is wrong with Milad

    Here you go:-

    You put up lights imitating Xmas
    You cut expensive cakes while Muslims are dying of hunger
    Decorate Masjids when it’s not allowed
    Men and women intermix
    You song songs in Masjid when it’s not allowed
    You decorate a chair and then say Prophet PBUH has arrived so stand up Nauzubillah, tell me which one of you actually sees the beloved Prophet PBUH to make such claims
    You put out salt, sugar and flour and look for signs of the Prophet and angels attendance Nauzubillah
    You hire expensive cars so your fat ulema can travel in style because its Milad
    You say whoever doesn’t do as you do they are not Muslim or a Wahhabi

    Tell me you say you are Aashique Rasool so much that your more than the Sahaba RA as they didn’t celebrate it the ones who sacrificed everything for Rasool SAW never knew of what you special grave kickers know Astagfirullah

    You are a twit I’m from the UK and am ready to debate you face to face and I put a reward of £10,000 that I will prove to you that Kala was nothing but a British agent sent to split the Ummah of Rasool SAW

    You are an ignoramus who is causing fitna with lies mr abadat and you have no shame as your arguments are futile and lies and have no logic. You are dirty individual who deserves no mercy as you have nothing but lies and hatred.

    You love the Gumbathey Hazrat don’t you the green dome of Madinah on the Prophet PBUH masjid don’t you. Why don’t you ask your great ulema and especially kala Hazrat as to why they were unable to defend it when the Wahhabis wanted to knock it down. Check the history and see which Scholar and from which school(deobands) was the one to save it with his love for Rasool SAW, none of your scholars had the knowledge to stand on front of the sheikhs and ulema of Saud and make a case but 1 did I won’t even bother Naming him in the hole you may be intrigued and read about it yourself.

    Stops making archery of yourself because Islam isn’t about dancing and going to darghas to pray and ask for things from dead people whether they were pious or not Allahu Alam. Islam is not about free mixing and eating lavish food every week because of newly invented celebrations. Islam isn’t about imitating the kufffaar. Islam isn’t about taking the help and giving help to kufffaar to hurt other Muslims. Islam isn’t about being loyal to kufffaar yet merciless against other Muslims.

    You sir are a munafiq from the way you wrote and spread hatred, you sir are exactly the type of people who will stand to fight against Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS in favour of your illegitimate family the Yahoods.

    You need to go back to basics you claim you know Islam and are Agle Sunnah yet a lot of your practices Mirror Pagans, Hindus, Chinese, Shia, Jews and the like.

    The time is near carry on killing Muslims with your adopted brothers of kufffaar and see what will come to you when Hazrat Imam Mahdi arrives In Sha Allah

    • Dear Mr. Majid;

      It is clear from ur above post wat type of ‘Tahjib’ u hav learned through ur so called tabligue Jammat/Wahhabi sect.

      Let me tell u, pls get ur facts corrected, first try to find our who brought Islam to Hind, Africa, China & other areas, no sahabi or respected Prophet HSAS come 2 these area. Islam has been spread by all sufi & wali allah ie. Haz Khwaja Mouinuddin Chishti, Haz Nizamuddin awaliya etc.

      In regards ur Tabligue Jammat & Wahabis, even Muslim will nt belive ur version of islam , leave aside Non muslims to convert to Islam. U r the persons who are spreading hatred in Muslims as well as whole humanity. U r talking about Jihad, tell me what your so called wahabis-deobandis are doing today, they are killing fellow muslims only in the name of Jihad , take example of Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. whom they are killing? is killing innocents is allowed in Islam??Islam had never allowed to kill innocents. Their are rules of wars in Islam. Islam is religion of peace & tolerance, love, nt to exploit ur self & kill others to.U people are only black spot on the name of Islam. b’cause of u , other people are making fun of Islam.

      In regards Milad & other things , let me tell u , Prophet HSAS has celebrated their milad by keeping fast on Mondays also Prophet HSAS has celebrated Urs of Shohada ekram & Haz Musa ale salam , check out with ur so called Moulana & hadits. Prophet has said that khushboo of Ilm is coming from hind & Najd is the place where the sect will start who will not give respect to me, because, Hind is land of all sufis & waliallah from last 1000 years who has spread Islam in non muslims, converted lacs by their behavior, nt like u idiots, chamache of Moulana. Najd is the place where Wahhabism has taken its birth. i can discuss on everything with u, but try to learns something from Islam & Prophet, at least give respect to other, all other people that u, r not idiot.

      How can u say that Tabligue jammat is gud one, open ur eyes ,check the condition of people who are following u, it is disgusting. pls note that Namaz , Quran, Ramzan , Kaba everything is from Prophet. Allah has said, i had created both the worlds for Prophet HSAS. so if u nt respecting Prophet, how the hell , ur Ibadate wil be accepted & also note that this sect of Ahle Sunnat is started with Prophet from last 1300 years & will end with Kayamat, not like ur Wahabi/Tabligue sect. Ur Father , grand fathers were followers of same Sect,. I think they all will go to Hell.

    • abdul majid u are a very arrogant an uneducated wahabi i could tell u say am a yahoodi and whatever else you said to me astagfirullah thats your bad not mine carry on cursing me brother it doesent effect me wobbler
      you talk that we do this an that we hate palestine and what not you couldnt be further away from the truth my friend let me enlighten u with something mayby you could actually open your wobbler eyes for once instead of being blinding by the true deviants of islam ie abdul wahab ibn tayimmiyah !!!!

      ure tablighi jamat has got centres in israel
      Israel has granted the Tableeghi Jamaat permission to establish propagation centres. The Tableeghi Jamaat are to oppose Hamas and destroy the spirit of Jihad amongst the Palestinians. Will the Tableeghi Jamaat really serve Islam in attempting to destroy the spirit of Jihad amongst the Palestinians?

      According to the “Weekly Takbeer” (19-10-95, Karachi, Pakistan), Israel has granted the Tableeghi Jamaat permission to establish propagation centres. The Jamaat has already set up offices close to government buildings in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. On the 7th of October 1995, Abdul Mahdi, leader of the delegation of Palestinians and now living in Jordan, said upon arriving in Raiwind that the deputation of Tableeghi Jamaat members in Israel had not even uttered a word of protest at the Israeli brutality unleased on Palestinians.

      According to the “Daily Assas” (19-09-95, Lahore), even Israel and India who are the worst enemies of Islam do not consider the Tableeghi Jamaat as a threat or harmful to them because the Tableeghi Jamaat not only abstains from any form of Jihad but also considers it an absolute prohibition. This is evident in the history of their activities. It is with these facts in mind that the Israeli authorities have allowed the Tableeghi Jamaat to establish 24 centres in Israel. Members of the Tableeghi Jamaat travelling from India to Raiwind in Pakistan were allowed special Air Charter facilities by the Indian authorities which is otherwise not available to other Muslims.
      here is your great mufti with a fatwa on palestine

      It has been reported in the Arabic magazine “Minarul Huda”, published in Beirut, that the Saudi-Nadji Grand Mufti, Abdul Aziz bin Baaz has issued a Fatawa (Judicial Decree) stating that it is absolutely Ja’iz (permissible) for Palestinians to reconcile with Israel without any prior conditional arrangements.

      Before Ibn-e-Baaz Fatawa, another Wahabi Mufti, Nasir-al Bani, has issued a Fatawa stating that the Intifada (Uprising) movement of the Palestinian Muslims is absolutely Haraam. The Fatawa also said that if the Palestinian Muslims did not stop the Intifada Movement and move out of the Israeli occupied land, then they would be classed as sinners. (Minarul Huda, Vol.34)

      now you say brevilis have just got an agenda with wobblers well then lets hear from some wobblers themselfs


      There may be somebody who will dismiss all our expositions as biased or one-sided in an effort to mislead the masses and hide the truth. To combat that, I have included in this book the views of their very own Molwis (living in one house under one roof). This is a fact that no one can be more fully informed of the realities of an individual or group than those who are within. Outsiders may not be fully aware of the realities because of the false garb of piety that is flung over, hiding the true character which cannot be seen from the outside but only from inside where every avenue of life is transparent. That is why to know the realities and truth about anybody; domestic views are most reliable and trustworthy. Here there is no question of biased views or party politics or even religious intolerance. Whatever is stated here is absolutely factual and a clear revelation of truth. It is a well-guarded secret that has suddenly been revealed and has surfaced by accident.


      Whatever is revealed by the Tableeghi Jamaat members about the devious pattern that is applied and also the attack on Tableeghi Jamaat by the Ulema of Deoband reveal, is, in reality, a punishment inflicted by nature and it had to come sooner or later. It is food for thought for those who had gone overboard, at the artificial piety displayed and had refused to listen to any reason.


      On the 26th February 1968 a conference was held in Madressa Husseinyah in the city of Muzaffar Nagar, (U.P.) India. Many notable Ulema of the Deobandi School of Thought attended the conference, delivered lectures and read papers. Almost every speaker openly criticised Tableeghi Jamaat. Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah, a graduate of Deoband delivered such a dynamic and comprehensive lecture that it has been fully accepted in the Deobandi circle. In fact, it has been printed in a book form by ‘Aljamia Press, Delhi’ under the title “Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg”. The compiler of this book is Molwi Noor Mohamed Chandini (A Molwi of Deoband) and is the trusted companion of Molwi Abdus Subhaan Mewati who was the leader of Tableeghi Jamaat in Meiwat.

      A monthly magazine “Darul Uloom” is issued from Darul Uloom Deoband. They have a section under the heading “Review on Books”. In September 1968 in a page of “Darul Uloom” he writes: “We have received a book called ‘Usoole Dawatô Tableeg’ for our comments. The author of the book is Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah Sahib of Delhi. A large selection of this book is devoted to the argument that the Ulema retain the right of guidance and leadership of the Ummah by virtue of the fact that they are thoroughly informed of the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. After this, the internal practical patterns of Tableeghi Jamaat have been brought to the notice of the masses. We have withheld our comments and views on this book because we wish to draw the attention of responsible leaders of Tableeghi Jamaat to the contents of this book and have asked them to either accept all the accusations or to refute them.”

      He goes on to say: “This book has been in circulation for quite some months now and in fact the newspaper ‘Aljamia’, Delhi, has printed quite a few articles on it. In spite of this there has been a mysterious non-response or reply, even clarification or refutation from the Tableeghi Jamaat. This quietness can plunge a large section into mental turmoil.” (Mahnama Darul Uloom Deoband, pp/4)

      Do not forget that this statement is made by ardent supporters of the movement. During the course of his lecture, Moulana Abdur Rahim Shah emphasised that the Ulema are the guardians and expounders of the Quran. “How idiotic are those who under-estimate the Ulema and be-little Islam.” He further threw ample light on the misleading effect being created by these dangerous and artificial exponents of Islam.

      “The district of Meiwat has been made the unfortunate victim of this Cult. It is disturbing to see that the ignorant members of the Jamaat who are not qualified to do Tableeg work are usurping the specialised field of the Ulema. These self-appointed propagators of Islam are not ignorant of the basic tenets of Islam but they themselves are a low, dubious and doubtful characters, and are frowned upon by society.” (Usoolé Dawat wa Tableeg, pp/4O)

      Remember that Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah of Deoband was not the only Aalim to criticise the ulterior motives of the Jamaat. His views were shared by the other leading Ulema of the Deobandi School of Thought. Molwi Noor Mohammad Chandini goes on to say: “I saw that Moulana had made a great impression on the audience. Subsequent speakers also elaborated and supported the views of Moulana Shah Abdul Rahim. The audience was so impressed that no one walked out.”

      “The following Ulema delivered their lectures after Shah Abdul Rahim:

      a) Moulana Fakrul Hasan of Darul Uloom Deoband.
      b) Moulana Abdul Ahad Sahib of Darul Uloom Deoband.
      c) Moulana Irshaad Ahmad of Darul Uloom Deoband.
      d) Moulana Anwar Shah Kashmeeri of Darul Uloom Deoband

      Besides these Ulema, there were also others, including a large group of students of Darul Uloom Deoband and an audience running into thousands.” (Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg, pp/5)

      At another spot Molwi Noor Mohammad has described the participants of the function. He writes: “The following Ulema were present during lectures:

      1. Moulana Abdul Ahad Sahib Mohaddis Darul Uloom Deoband.
      2. Moulana Fakhrul Hasan Sahib of Darul Uloom Deoband.
      3. Moulana Irshad Ahmad Sahib Muballig of Darul Uloom Deoband.
      4. Moulana Anwar Shah Kashmeeri Sahib of Darul Uloom Deoband.
      5. Moulana Abdul Kalam Sahib Muballig of Darul Uloom Deoband.
      6. Moulana Mohammad Yacoob Sahib Mazahire Uloom Saharanpur.

      Beside these Ulema, the stage was packed with local and surrounding Ulema, and students of Deoband. The general feeling was as if Moulana (Shah Abdul Rahim) was the voice of all those present.” (Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg, pp/54).


      Readers are invited to observe the following hypocritical role played by Molwi Irshaad Ahmad Sahib, the very spokesman and representative of Darul Uloom Deoband, who had advocated to defend the Tahleeghi Jamaat in an open debate (with the Sunni Muslims) which took place in Baraar, situated in the district of Muneer. He had suffered such a humiliating defeat in this debate that I doubt he will ever forget it in his entire life. In spite of repeated request from the Sunni speaker to repent, he remained adamant and thousands of witnesses were convinced that he will not return to the truth. And indeed he did not!

      This happened in the debate that took place in Muneer. Now observe the behaviour of the very Molwi Irshaad Ahmad in another function that took place in Muzaffar-Nagar. Here, he openly opposed the Tableeghi Jamaat, which he had so vehemently supported previously. He did not shudder to arm himself and attack the very Jamaat, which he had defended.

      He has committed an act, which smacks of hypocrisy. I have the right to insist that this is a peculiar specialty of the Ulema of Deoband and their group which is not found in any other sect. They are such professionals in defending and opposing one and the same principle simultaneously; that the layman is helpless to diagnose exactly what they stand for.


      Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah has confessed that he himself drew the attention of Molwi Yusuf Kandehlwi (son of Molwi Ilyas, founder of the Tableeghi Jamaat) to the internal corruption of the Jamaat. Each time his reminders were ignored.

      We quote: “For approximately 5 to 6 years, I have been continuously drawing the attention of Moulana Yusuf to the glaring weaknesses of the Tableeghi Jamaat. I also stated to him that if he did not pay attention to these problems, the Ulema would not remain silent for long. They will be forced by circumstances to react and the end result can never be predicted.” (Usoolé Dawató Tableeg, pp/46)

      A frustrated man goes on to state his subsequent actions: “Finally, when I did not see a desirable result, I resorted to a lot of Istikaara and Duas. Alhamdulillah, when I was thoroughly convinced of the dangers of Tableeghi Jamaat and the harm inflicted on the Ummah, I openly began to rectify their mistakes in my lectures in the presence of the Tableeghi Jamaat.” (Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg, pp/46)


      For 6 consecutive years Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah drew the attention of Molwi Mohammad Yusuf to the incalculable harm done by Tableeghi Jamaat. Molwi Mohammad Yusuf criminally ignored these warnings, which led to Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah resigning from the Jamaat. He has now resorted to Divine guidance, as he himself claims. The Divine guidance received categorically points out that Tableeghi Jamaat is a danger to Islam, and Muslims must be made aware of this. “So inexperienced members of Tableeghi Jamaat are causing internal dissentions and friction and the matter has reached so far that in the Tableeghi Ijtimah they display support, zeal and diligence whilst they oppose other Islamic gatherings. The Amirs of virtually every district complain that members of the Tableeghi Jamaat refuse to attend lectures of even the biggest Aalims, on the contrary, they belittle the Ulema and ridicule them.” (Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg, pg/44)

      This report of Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah is not to be taken lightly. He has placed his fingers on the pulse of Fitna and has diagnosed a killer disease. All those people who were even remotely connected to Tableeghi Jamaat will confirm each and every word stated. This deadly disease emanating out of the Tableeghi Jamaat environment is so fatal, that if not checked and remedied in time, will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Ummah. This is a fact that after having links with Tableeghi Jamaat a man becomes so biased and confined in thoughts that he refuses to recognise the religious services of other Ulema and individuals attached to other organization. He remains aloof from all other groups and kicks aside every other servant of Islam and constructs his own isolated environment.

      Allow me to say that to mentally detach Muslims from each other and make them an exclusive slave of a particular sect is no service to Islam. On the contrary, it is a gigantic dis-service and is bound to spread mutual hatred.


      Pointing out these biased tendencies of the Tableeghi Jamaat, Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah states: “Wherever the Tableeghi Jamaat are in control, invariably teachers and Imams of Masjids are labelled as opposition and dismissed, regardless of the long services and proven ability. I can quote specific examples, but that is not my aim. My aim is to highlight the faulty mentality which is gaining foothold and I wish to save the Ummah from this calamity.” (Usoolé Dawato Tableeg, pp/48)

      A point worthy of noting is that, if the Tableeghi Jamaat treat people of their own beliefs in this manner whereby they cannot even tolerate in their midst non-Tableeghi teachers and Imams, can you imagine the ill feelings that they are harbouring against Muslims in general and Sunni Muslims in particular?


      Views expressed below are obviously that of a person who is sincerely concerned. Every word reminds the reader of an approaching storm. He says: “I swear by Allah that this description and exposition of the Tableeghi Jamaat is being done with regret. Indeed it is my religious duty. If these amateur leaders (the ignorant lecturers of Tableeghi Jamaat) started open lecturing and assumed the duties of Ulema, to which they have no religious right, and if they exaggerate the merits of Tableeg reducing the greatness of other Islamic faculties, and in spite of reminders by other leaders, they do not desist, then it will be our Islamic duty to expose this entire movement, regardless whether anyone accepts it or not.” (Usoolé Dawató Tableeg, pp/52)

      He further states in another portion of his lecture: “It is noteworthy to ponder, that even a compounder at a chemist requires certain qualifications in order to discharge his duties. The Tableeghi Jamaat has taken religion so lightly and easy that any individual without the required and necessary qualification delivers lectures when he so desires. How true the following proverb proves: ‘A half baked healer is a danger to life and a half baked Mullah is a danger to one’s Imaan’.” (Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg, pp/.54)

      No doubt, the biggest gateway for dissension (fitna) amongst Muslims has been opened by the Tableeghi Jamaat who assures this to be a reward able act (Sawaab). Outwardly it seems to be a very good statement that everyone should be involved in Tableeg, but one should pause and reconsider the consequences, obviously this exercise is just as dangerous as placing on the driving seat a man totally ignorant of driving. Only he who has no feeling for Islam can ridicule it in this way. Just to swell the number of party members and increase the group is like sending inexperienced unarmed soldiers to war!

      Possibly some may say that the Tableeghi Jamaat can be admired, since they allow even the ignorant to take part in their activities. Don’t be misled. In fact the Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) has interpreted this exercise as a sign of Qiyamaat. He says: “When the work of religion is undertaken by unqualified and irresponsible persons, then await the Day of Judgment.” In another Hadith it is mentioned that the loss of knowledge and disregard for religion is a condition before Qiyamaat. Rasoolullah (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) says: “When there remains no bearers of knowledge, men will take Jahils (ignorant persons) as their leaders. Religious inquiries (fatwas) will be made and the answers will be furnished without any knowledge. The result is that they themselves are lost and will mislead and misinform others too.”

      The Tableeghi Jamaat is ambitious to gain leadership amongst the groups of Jahils (ignorant). It is not surprising then, that the Prophecy of our Beloved Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) has been confirmed by their advent. The Tableeghi Jamaat is one of the early signs of the approaching Day of Qiyamaat.


      Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah has strongly attacked the proud and arrogant members of Tableeghi Jamaat who have an opinion about themselves and their Salaat, whilst under-estimating simple Muslims. Nobody denies the greatness of Salaat, but at the same time no worshipper is allowed to become influenced by a sort of satanic arrogance or be conceited. He specifically points out this arrogant mentality: “I sincerely value the efforts of those Muslims who leave their homes purely for learning Deen and endeavour to become practical Muslims, but if they return with an attitude that Ulema, Islamic Institutions, Sufi Seminaries and other places of Islamic activity are inferior to what they are doing, then in my opinion this nocturnal worshipper is the greater criminal in comparison to the one who may not be a practicing Muslim, but respects others and is ashamed and aware of his own sins. The harm of the latter is confined whilst the harm caused by the former is contagious, and is capable of destroying our entire Ummah.” (Usoolé Dawató Tableeg, pp/54)

      What words of wisdom Shah Sahib have uttered! If one ponders on his statement then surely one is bound to seek Allah’s protection from the deadly pangs of the Tableeghi Jamaat, and indeed will wish the same for the Ummah. Closely observe the behavior of this Jamaat and you will realise that behind the screen of Salaat, they are looting the Imaan (faith) of Muslims.

      We do concede that there may be an addition to the number of worshippers in the Mosque, which is outwardly attributed to this group, but have you ever stopped to consider the belief and Imaan of how many that is slaughtered outside the Mosque? Statistics are not yet available!! Until a person’s life is devoid of Salaat, he poses a threat to nobody but himself. But immediately on return from the Tableeghi Jamaat camp, two prostrations, and he becomes a danger to the safety of the Islamic society. Is this not true?


      The arrogant attitude of this Jamaat is shattering the much-needed unity of the Ummah. Describing this, Shah Sahib cites a few incidents, which is worth reading. “Due mainly and fore mostly to the Tableeghi Jamaat, dissension, friction, hatred and disunity has spread to several places, especially in Meiwat. Despite the great emphasis laid on the respect for the Ulema, they insist on disrespecting them. Undoubtedly, they have been reduced to being a separate cult. You may read in the press that an Aalim was severely assaulted with a stick in Ferozpur, similarly Moulana Abdul Manan, the son of the Sheikh of Meiwat, Moulana Abdus Subhaan, was also attacked for his anti-Tableeghi Beliefs. There were several horrible and unsightly incidents because the common masses are ignorant of the real fact and many of the true missionaries of Islam are hushed and brushed aside, lest they be successful in propagating the true message of Islam.” (Usoolé Dawato Tableeg, pp/56)

      He further describes: “Whoever opposes the baseless lectures of these Jahils (ignorant people) he is described in the Markaz (Headquarters, based in Delhi) as anti-Tableeghi and they adopt towards them, attitudes as adopted towards the Sunni Muslims. Nobody bothers to ask them what is the reason for their opposition, they blindly begin to cause harm. After investigation it will become obvious that there is a personal vendetta. Imagine, a movement that was launched to create harmony amongst the masses and the Ulema, is now fast becoming the cause of Muslim division! It is quite surprising that the more a person becomes near to the Tableeghi Jamaat the further he gets from the Ulema and Muslim masses. And those who have given a few Chillahs. then their status is beyond question! It is a foregone conclusion that the Ulema are nothing in his eyes.” (Usoolé Dawato Tableeg. pp/50)

      This is the Satanic arrogance that has destroyed thousands of years of worship. I don’t think that the creation of such a mentality is a service to Islam. What’s the use of that Tableeg which takes the good man by his hand and seats him next to Shaitaan (Devil). Hijacking the masses from the Ulema and enslaving them is another form of ego-worship. Those who call this Tableeg are trying to fool the entire world. We cannot imagine another religious tragedy than driving a wedge between the masses and the Ulema. Indeed this is the service of the Tableeghi Jamaat.


      Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah has elaborated in great detail the status of the Tableeghi Jamaat in accordance to Shariah. He states: “The Tableeghi Jamaat in their lj’tima claim that their present movement is in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) and Sahaba (Companions) of the Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam).” Ponder and ponder again if this is justified claim?

      In the books of Ahadith the merits of propagation is clearly mentioned. The merits thus mentioned, are they in respect of this movement? Let us examine the words of Abdur Rahim Shah: “I must state that many unseasoned individuals have written several books on the virtues of Tableeg. These books are read at educational gatherings and create a gross misunderstanding and confusion amongst the people who assume that the virtues of propagation thus mentioned in the Ahadith specifically refer to this movement. It is absolutely necessary that the writers should amply clarify the position that this is not so! This is a grave deception. If you regard this movement as virtuous and of a high status and a Sunnah of the Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam), then we challenge you to furnish your evidence from the Holy Quran and Ahadith. If you are able to prove this as a Sunnah then explain the reason for the Ummah not implementing this Sunnah for the past 1400 years. Then do we classify the Ulema, Aulia Allah and the Muhaddiseen as anti-Sunnah?!

      It is a strange contradiction that at times it is claimed as the Sunnah of Prophets and on the other hand it is claimed that Molwi Ilyas is the founder of this Movement.” (Usoolé Dawató Tableeg, pp/50)


      Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah poses very basic questions that must be noted before proceeding any further. The Tableeghi Jamaat in one breath contradicts itself. They claim it is a Sunnah of the Prophets and Sahaba and in the same breath, that the founder of this movement is Molwi Ilyas.

      QUESTION 1: If in reality this is a Sunnah of the Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) as claimed, then it must be proven by authentic Islamic books that the Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) and the Sahaba also used to form Jamaats and do Ghast and Tableeg of Kalima and Namaaz amongst Muslims.

      QUESTION 2: If this is proved to be Sunnah of the Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) and Sahaba, then why was this Sunnah ignored for 1400 years and do we classify all the past Spiritual Illuminaries as anti-Sunnah?

      QUESTION 3: If this claim be true that this is the Sunnah practice, then surely Molwi Llyas is definetly not the founder. If it is the Sunnah of the Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) then they are the rightful founders of Tableeg and not Molwi Ilyas as claimed. If Molwi Ilyas is the founder, then obviously this type of Tableeg did not exist before him, and if so, it can be called a Sunnah. (It is Bidah!)

      These questions posed by Shah Sahib are so important that it can never be ignored by the members of the Tableeghi Jamaat and I think it is their religious duty to clarify the position before continuing with their Tableeg work and deceiving the Muslim Community.


      In the previous pages you have read the name of Molwi Ihtashmul Hasan, the most respected confidant, Khalifa and Brother-in-Law of Molwi Ilyas (founder of Tableeghi iamaat). From childhood to old age the major portion of his life was spent in leading and guiding Tableeghi Jamaat. Establishing a relationship with the Saudi Wahabi government was his personal achievement. In spite of this he has stripped the Tableeghi Jamaat absolutely naked at the junction for all to openly see. The name of his kitaab is “Zindagi Ki Sirat-e-Mustãkeem.”

      Under the heading ‘Zaroori Intibah’ (important announcement) he writes: “The present form of Tableeg taking place from Markaz Nizamudeen (Headquarters of Tableeghi Jamaat), in my opinion and knowledge is neither in accordance with the Quran or Hadith. It is not in agreement with the teachings of Hazrat Mujaddid Alf-e-Saani and Hazrat Shah Wali-ul-lah Muhaddis Dehlawi and the rightly-guided Ulema. Those Ulema who are actively engaged in Tableeg, it is their first and foremost duty to conform it to the teachings of Quran, Hadith and the past leaders and Ulema. It is beyond my comprehension that a service, which in the lifetime of Moulana Ilyas was confined to Bidat-ê-Hasana (good innovation) in spite of the strict implementation of Osool’s (principles), can now be regarded as the most important service to Islam, even if done absolutely haphazardly. Now in its degenerated state it cannot even be called a good innovation (Bidat-ê-Hasana). I want to expose this and end my responsibilities.”


      Readers are invited to observe this about turn. When this evil has spread on a global scale and when this scandal has reached its peak, now it is stated that the present Tableeghi Movement operation in virtually every town is in opposition to Quran and Hadith. We demand an explanation as to why, for so many years it was claimed that:

      a) This is the Sunnah of Prophets.
      b) This is the Sunnah of the Sahaba.
      c) This is the highest form of Worship.
      d) This is the most important task of Islam and so on.

      Who is responsible for this global misleading? Under present circumstances it is incumbent upon them to recall the entire movement and reconsider the position anew before repentance can be implemented.

      And the greatest crime happened to be that whilst Molwi Ilyas was alive, the status of this Jamaat was confined to be a Bidat-é-Hasana (good innovation) and not a Sunnah! Why were the people misled that this is an example of the Prophets and Sahaba?

      Let it be said, that the responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the leaders of this movement to name a few:

      I. Molwi Ilyas

      2. Molwi Mohammad Yusuf

      3. Molwi Ihtashamul Hasan

      4. Molwi Manzoor Noomaani

      5. Molwi Abdul Hasan Au Nadwi

      6. Molwi Imraan

      7. Molwi Raghib etc.

      All of them were aware of the realities of this Jamaat. But they played around with the Imaan of simple gullible Muslims and ridiculed Islam. Now that misleading beliefs have reached the hearts and souls, we suddenly hear that the Tableeghi Movement is no more a Sunnah but a Bidat (innovation). Indeed, not a Bidat-é-Hasana (good innovation) but a Bidat-e-Dalalah (evil innovation) the perpetrator of which is destined for Hell according to Hadith.


      It should not be said that this is the personal opinion of Molwi Ihtashaamul Hasan. It should not be forgotten that Molwi Ihtashaamul Hasan is a foundation member who is obviously aware of internal secrets, thus his utterances can never be dubious and his allegiance to the organisation beyond doubt. It is quite possible that this confession could be made towards the end of his life when death was starring at him in the eye. It is remarkable that these accusations by this Tableeghi Molwi went unchanged and unanswered.

      Some comments were made in a book called “Chashmaé-Aaftaab” (Author – Molwi Qaamrudin Mazahiri): “Moulana Ihtashaamul Hasan Kandhalwi is a foundation member of this movement. Recently, he made a severe attack on Tableeghi Jamaat and has labeled it as a group that mislead people. It is surprising that being the initial member and advisor up to now, his views being implemented for so long, principles were formulated by him totally, what evil does he now see, that has generated his opposition?” (Chashmaé-Aaftaab, pp/3, printed in Kanpur).

      Readers should gauge the status, Molwi Ihtashaamul Hasan enjoys, in the eyes of the Deobandi Ulema. However, Molwi Mehmood Hasan Gangohi has also commented: “I was under the impression that Molwi Ihtashaamul Hasan has left the Tableeghi Markaz in Delhi due to ill health and permanently settled in Kandhala and owing to this, is unable to participate in Tableeghi activities. But it was not so. The actual reason of his abstention from the Tableeghi Jamaat was that in his opinion the present Tableeg is not a religious act and, on the contrary, corrupts the religion.” (Chashmaé-Aaftaab, pp/7)

      Elsewhere he writes: “You regard this Tableeg contrary to Quran and Hadith and a cause of destruction of the Ummah.”

      He further comments: “You have not clarified as exactly after how many years of Molwi Ilyas’s death this Tableeg degenerated from good to bad innovation and became a destructive factor for the Ummah. Was it so immediately?” (Chashmae-Aaftaab, pp/e5)


      The question is not “How long it took to degenerate from Bidaté Hasana to Bidatê Sayyia?” (from good to evil Bidah). The real question is “What was the status of Tableeghi Jamaat in the life time of Moulana Ilyas? Was it a Bidah or Sunnah?”

      A passage of time does not change the status of an organisation, so why were simple Muslims misled into believing Tableegh to be a Sunnat, whilst in reality it is a Bidah? He goes on: “I am surprised to see that you sat and watched an organisation to which you had been attached for so many years deteriorate right before you and you could not even issue a single statement against it.” (Chashmaé Aaftaab, pp/7)


      After reading the Deobandi/Tableeghi literature in detail, one is amused to see them using dreams to justify their actions, and these dreams are supposed to have been seen by people of the Jamaat, but it cannot be verified at all. Each time the Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) is directly involved, in encouraging and showing happiness at the work done by the Jamaat!

      In fact Tableeghi Jamaat was created by Moulana Ilyas after he is said to have had a dream in which, directions were given to him! I am surprised to see that Tableeg, which is portrayed as the most important Islamic activity, is being justified and ‘proved’ via a dream! No Quranic verse or a single Hadith was presented. To crown it all, those who have had these dreams are not known, and are floating in oblivion!

      Nevertheless, Moulana Ihtashaamul Hasan has pointed out two important facts i.e.:

      I. Tableeghi Jamaat, in its present form is an evil Bidat, because of its Islamic Defects and inherent fitna.
      2. The present Tableeghi Jamaat is definitely not in accordance with Quran and Hadith or in agreement with the schools of thought of Shah Waliallah, Hazrat Mujaddid Alf Thani or other past luminaries of Islam. (The latter is the reviver of Islam who served in India in the 10th Century)


      In opposing Tableeghi Jamaat, Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah and Ihtashaamul Hasan are not giving vent to their own personal feelings. Even Moulana Zakariyya has acknowledged that close followers and even the disciples/successors of Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi dislike Tableeghi Jamaat. This goes to show that a large group of even the Deobandis has detected this glaring fact that Tableeghi Jamaat is a liability and burden on Islam and Muslims. Moulana Zakariyyah writes: “Nevertheless I have also been hearing that some Khalifas (Successors) and close confidants of Moulana Thanvi also dislike the Jamaat.” (Chashmaé Aaftaab, pp/11)


      When the members of Tableeghi Jamaat go out on their hunting rounds they display an embarrassing degree of humility and simplicity. But alas, not many victims are aware of the hidden Shaitaan behind that facial make up!

      Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah has also exposed the evil deeds of the present head (Hazratji) of the Markaz. He writes that there used to be a Madressah named Madressa Hafizul Islam in Ferozpur (District Meiwat). Hazratji took control of the Madressa by force, resulting in a lengthy controversy and its subsequent closure. He goes on: “The organising committee has laid a charge against the imposed control of Moulana Inamul Hasan (present Head of Tableeghi Jamaat), and there is a strong tussle, rising controversies, and the Madressa is closed for more than a year.” (Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg, pp/6O)

      After describing this disgusting behaviour of Hazratji, Moulana Abdur Rahim Shah questions: “Now I ask you to note the display of artificial humility and simplicity on one side and then see this arrogance and pride on the other. Judge for yourself the honesty in this ‘piety and humility’.” (Ibid. pp/6O)

      Imagine! This is the character of the leader of this Jamaat who regard themselves as the Angels of this World!


      Despite them being aware of the many religious shortcomings and falsehood of the Tableeghi Jamaat, they diplomatically present certain convincing excuses.

      Humbly they say: “We admit that the Tableeghi Jamaat does have their weaknesses but they render some service to religion, you find shortcomings everywhere therefore, give them credit for their ‘good work’.”

      Moulana Abdur Rahim Shah presents a splendid reply to their decietful activities: “I would like to clarify certain misunderstandings amongst the people; that some work of ‘Deen’ is being carried out, therefore some of the shortcomings should be disregarded. To err is human! Regarding this issue, if we ponder, that a person who neglects his Salaat has deficiency in his actions, but to degrade the Ulema and Islamic Institutions, and to make most venerable acts as undesirable and non-Sunnah acts (Bidah) as Sunnah, is a deficiency in Faith. I find it difficult to comprehend why corrupt beliefs are overlooked simply because they (the Tableeghis) belong to a reformative organ. Is this in accordance with Shariat? Faith has been disregarded. You will agree that fulfillment and success depends on Faith and Action.” (Ibid. pp/64)

      We have been insisting for so long that Tableeghi Jamaat is not a reforming movement, it is a new way of life, in conflict with Islam. This was ignored and deliberately misinterpreted only because it was issued by the Muslims adhering to the main stream, Ahlé Sunnat Wa-Jamaat, to which belong all the Sahaba and Aulia. Truth can never be suppressed for too long. Now even Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah has also confessed that Tableeghi Jamaat is no more a ‘reforming organ but it is fast degenerating to be a new Deen.’ No wonder the Tableeghi Jamaat regards their Muslim oppositions as Kaafirs and Murtads (one who leaves Islam and returns to Kufr) because to believe in Tableeghi Markaz is their 6th pillar of Islam.

      Moulana Abdur Rahim Shah further went on to say: “I am baffled and I do not understand as to since when is the acceptance of the Tableeghi Jamaat part of Faith (sixth pillar) and whosoever opposes it, is declared a Kaafir (infidel).” (Usulé Dawat Wa Tableeg, pp/61)

      In the course of his discussions Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah Deobandi explicitly stated that instead of propagating Islam, the Kalima, Salaat, etc. the Tableeghi Jamaat is exerting its energy in calling others ‘Kaafirs’, they take and consider all opposition to them as Kaafirs and Mardoods. (Infidels and rejected).” (Ibid, pp/61)

      Referring to Meiwat, a place plagued and overtaken by the Tableeghi Jamaat, Moulana Abdur Rahim Shah disclosed the following: “Our people of Meiwat have converted non-Muslims to Islam but now, unfortunately, some of the Missionaries and Ulema of Meiwat are bent upon converting Muslims to Kaafirs and Murtads. (Usulé Dawat Wa Tableeg, pp/6I)

      The compiler Molwi Noor Mohamed Chandini, writes in his commentary on the condition of Tableeg in Meiwat: “As soon as a man can afford to go to the Markaz and if he does not do so he is regarded as Murtad.” (Ibid, pp/6O)


      In conclusion, we desire to make it quite clear to our broad-minded and enlightened readers that the quotations revealing the religious misfortunes of the Tableeghi Jamaat are not those of the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaat but from the Ulema of Deoband and the followers of the Tableeghi Jamaat. It should, therefore, be accepted without doubt that the accusations and allegations against them are true. The clear evidences and exposures of the Tableeghi Jamaat by the Ulema and the so-called devoted servants of Tableeghi Jamaat makes it impossible for a true Muslim to tolerate the actions of Tableeghi Jamaat as a Movement worthy of recognition. Therefore, it is your religious duty, as brethren of the True Faith to stay away and remain aloof from the mischief of Tableeghi Jamaat and strongly protect your Imaan (faith) and beliefs.

      now brother i am a busy person plz do not irritate me again with ure slander an jahhlliyaat

      • You stupid copy and paste merchant. Your a busy person lol how very amusing. All you do is refer to your Sheikh Google and spread fitna and lies.
        Again it shows how blackened your heart is and how much of a donkey you are that you persist to make two different things as one. The salafi sect & Abdul wahab had nothing and had nothing to do with Deoband & Tablighi jamaat. You never even did justice to your reply which never responded to any of the questions I raised re your copy cat dawat e islami and your great ala hazrat. But alas you could not reply because just as you your parents grandparents and so on we’re all dogs of the British empire and created as a fitna. Read the works of Shah Wali Allah Muhadis Dahelvi and hid prediction about the 2 Ahmeds who would arise in the Indian sub continent and would be a great fitna to Islam. Who were them 2 Ahmad Raza & Ahmad Qadiani of course.

        And you people mention Sufis as If it’s exclusive to you only ha ha ha funny people the greatest Sufis today are the Deobandi Sufis and I am a Deobandi Sufi and we are the proper Hanafis unlike you HEAD BANGING BRILLOS. So I’m sorry I wasted your busy schedule where you had to go to your Sheikh Google to copy and paste.

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      • You Barelvis are the biggest Jaahils and Kaafirs. You will be destroyed very soon. Inshallah.

  4. Mashallah shakeel at least we have one sane brother on this site. One who denies the owliah deny the creator at times of hardship an immense torture the walis are those people who held up the flag of islam an continiously strived in the way of Allah swt and yet u wahabies deny these great saints more fool you inshallah u will get recompense!!
    I wanted to expand further on the corrupt an deviant life the king of wahabies abdul wahab!!

    Muhammad bin ‘Abdal Wahab and the “Wahabis.”

    The reason why this Sect are often called Wahabis boils down to the name of one of their main leaders; Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab. It is often believed, that Abdul Wahab started the “crusade” against the Sunni Muslims, but In reality, he did not start this, it was started in the time of Ali RadiAllao-unho. Throughout history there have been different names for this Sect, but in the eighth century, one of their leaders use to call himself Salafi. Even today, this Sect has four names SALAFI, WAHABI, NAJDI and AHL-HADITH – although today they prefer to call themselves Salafi.

    This Sect would not have been as famous as it is but at the time of Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab. Even today, if a person or a number of people were to petition the country of Saudia Arabia, they would receive funds or grants if they promise that a Masjid or Madrassah would be built – to teach the Wahabi cirriculum. Or if a magazine would begin to circulate then, it too would receive funds to propogate the Wahabi beleifs. It is in this way, and by currently owning large, well equipt publishing houses, that the Wahabis have been able to mass distribute and mass circulate misinformation about the Ahle As Sunnah Wal Jammat and propogate their own beliefs passing them under the guise of “Salafi” Islam. Many, if not all, of their publications are beautifully designed but, this cannot hide the fact that they are continually trying to break Sunni Muslims from a scholarship this has flourished for over 1400 years. The head office of this “organisation” is in the Najd region, that was where Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab was born.

    He was born at the beginning of the 12th century (Hijri) In Jazeera tul Arab, the name given by the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) to which has been changed by the Saudi Royal family to that of their grandFathers to Saudi Arabia. He was born in Najd so that is why often he was referred to as Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi in his time.

    Shaytan came in the form of the Najdi Shaykh

    Hafidhh Ibn Kathir writes: when the Kuffar of Makkah had a meeting concerning the Prophet Sallal laho alihi wasalam, an old man came claiming

    “I am a Najdi, what ever you want to know, I will be helpful”. This Najdi Shaykh then gave his view against the Prophet (Sallallahu’ aliahi wa sallam), through out the meeting.
    [Tareekh Ibn Kathir. Volume 4]

    The Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] stated: I fear from the Najdi’s.
    [Bukhari Chapter on Jihad]

    The Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] stated: That the Fitnah will emerge from the east. [Bukhari, Kitab-ul-Fitnah]

    Abdullah Ibn Umar narrates:

    The Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] made Du’a for Syria and Yemen, some people asked him: “Ya Rasoolallah (Sallallahu’ aliahi wa sallam) pray for Najd.” The Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] again repeated Dua for Syria and Yemen. They again requested for Najd. Upon the third time the Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] said: “There will be earthquakes there, tribulations will emerge there and a horn of Shaytan will emerge from there”. [Bukhari, Kitabul Fitan]

    The brother of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab al Najdi, Shaykh Sulaiman bin Abdul Wahab, said about his brother, “The horn of Shaytan which the Prophet (Sallallahu’ aliahi wa sallam) referred to is you.”
    [Sawaa’iqul Ilahiya]

    The false Prophet, Musailima Kadhab was also born in Najd. After reading the history of Najd, you will see that this is a place of Sh’yateen. Secondly the Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] predicted earthquakes and tribulations for this place indeed there occurred such an earthquake that we can still hear its bang over 2 centuries later.

    Many people say that Najd is high land and that the Dua was not made regarding the high land. However in this Hadith the Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] mentioned the places Syria, Yemen and not the type of land, therefore the word Najd in this Hadith refers to the place Najd itself which is in Saudi Arabia not in Iraq.

    Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab’s Education

    He was educated in the Najd, Basra and Damascus, his brothers and parents were of the Aqeedah of Ahl-e-sunnah but, through reading Ibn Taymiyyah’s books, he chose to differ in belief with the rest of his family, who were not pleased with him. His brother Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Sulaiman wrote a book against him called ‘Suwaa’iq-ul-Ilahia’, in which he gives the answers to all Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab’s objections.

    Shaykh Uthman Bin Basheer & Shaykh Juhri takes all the information we will provide here from Tareekh-e-Najd, in the book called Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab. Some Najdi says that Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Sulaiman, during his lifetime, converted to Wahabism, however there is no evidence to prove this.

    Shaykh Najdi started a conspiracy against Ahl-as-Sunnah. This movement is called Al-Wahhabiyyah. (“Shaykh Juri in Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab. Page 13”)

    There are four names by which Wahabis are famous, Wahabis, Najdi, Salafi, & Ahl-e-Hadith. Ah-l-Hadith was at the time when the British were ruling in India, and the followers of Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi were called Wahabis but Maulana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi made an application to the viceroy of India that they be called Ahl-e-Hadith rather than Wahabi, this application was granted. That is the reason why Maulana Muhammad Hussain wrote: It is Haram to do Jihad (War) against the British. [“Iqtisaad-fi-Massaiil-Jihad”]

    Mirza Hairat from Delhi in his book Hayyat-e-Tayybiyah writes that Moulana Ismail from Delhi a founder of Wahabi in India, said in his speech in Calcutta “ It is Harram to do Jihad against the British.” These people are so loyal to the British so how could the British not accept their application.

    Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi influenced the spouse of the Amier of Dur’iyaa, Muhammad bin Sa’ud, to his movement and later the Amir also followed. Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi asked him to aid his movement with his power. Muhammad bin Sa’ud assisted with spreading their reign over boundaries beyond Duri’yaa. Lawrence of Arabia was a spy for the British in Arabia and pretended to be a Muslim. He promoted Arab Nationalism and always said to the people, ‘O Arabs, Islam started in Arabia, so to rule is your right, why do you live under the Uthmanni Khilaffat? This brainwashing worked well and helped in destroying the Uthmaani Khilaffat. Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi and Muhammad bin Saood were attracted to this nationalistic movement. Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi labelled this to be Jihad and said: “In Hijaz, the people are worshipping other than Allah”.
    “Tareek Najd-Uthman bin Bashir”

    Muhammad Hasni wrote that Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi said: “When I went to study in Basra, mushriks would ask me questions and I would leave them very surprised with my answers”. “Tareek Aal-e-Saood”

    Shaykh Juri states: “Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Najdi called The Ahl-e-sunnah Muslims Kafirs & Mushriks apart from himself and his (blind) followers”. The proof for this is that Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab himself said that in Basra, Mushriks would come and ask me questions, these people were Muslims and thus Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab only considers himself and his followers to be Muslims.
    [“Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab”]

    Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab wrote. Those people who ask for intercession from Prophets and Angels and make Du’a through their Waseela, to become closer to Allah, are commiting sins. Due to this crime it is permitted to kill them and to take their possessions.

    Shaykh Attar wrote that Shaykh Najdi said: “I declare war on these people as the Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] declared war on the Kuffar of Makkah, against those people with corrupt beliefs”. Corrupt beliefs refers to those people who seek intercession from Anbiyah, Awliyah, and they make their Dua through them (Waseela) and those people who travelled to the Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace]’s grave with the intention to seek help other than Allah’s.
    [“Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab’ page.55”]

    The people who leave their corrupt beliefs and join us then, their blood will be saved, and those people who do not do ‘Tasuba’ (Repent) or pay jiz’eiya get ready to do battle. Then Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Attar says: “To spread the good, It is in Islam as to do Jihad, who can refuse this.”
    [“Shaykh Ahmed Attar”]

    Mas’ood Aalam Nadwi wrote that Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Najdi has called only those Muslims kafir who make Du’a with the Waseela of Prophets and Awliya, and he made jihad against them. [“Mas’ood Aalam Nadwi”]

    All these statements prove that Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Najdi’s Jihad was not against kafirs but against those Muslims who held the Aq’aid of Ahl-e-Sunnah, like the Khawarij, he considered all other Muslims to be kafirs.

    Khawarji’s are those people who consider all other Muslims to be non-believers apart from themselves. They are supposed to kill people who have trust in pious people, as they did with Khabab for saying that he loved Ali radi-allah-ho-unho. Also they would call any person who has committed a major sin a non-believer. Even for anything small they would call the Sahabas non-believer’s as they did with Uthman, Talha, and Zubair Radi allahu taala unhu ajmaeen.

    The Khawrij’s would only take the literal meaning of the Holy Qur’an and that would be it they would take it no further. They would call the Sahee (true) Hadith fabricated, such as Hadith-e-Rajm, (stoning the Adulator to death), they would label their opponents non-believers and consider it right to take their belongings and their wives as slave girls. When the Khawarij spoke they would try to refer to the Qur’an or the Hadith as much as possible.

    It has been said by Abdullah bin Umar radi-allah-hounho that Khawarij’s are so mischievous that they fit those Qur’anic verses that were revealed about the non-believers.
    “Bukhari chap, Al-murtadeen”

    For further details please consult books by Ibn Hazam Sharastani, Abu-Mansoor Ma’tirdi, Abu-Zahra Misrei and Mazhabe Islamiyah This was a strange thing as even Abdul Wahab’s blind followers could not digest it. Shaykh Juhri wrote: ‘I think that Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi apart from himself and his followers has labelled all other Muslims as kafir; while not all Muslims have worshipped graves and especially the Ulama. At the time no Muslim’s worshiped grave’s but that was an excuse by Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi so that he could kill the Muslims.
    [“Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab page 36”]

    Shaykh Juhri says: “I cannot find any reason why they should all have been labelled Kafirs”. Juhri was a strong follower of Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab but even he was surprised at this action by [Muhammad Bin Abdal Wahab ]

    Now returning to the movement of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Najdi, with the help of Amir-e-Duriya He destroyed the shrines. (Graves of Companions) Companions who were in the Najd.

    He killed those people who were leaders of the Ahl-e-Sunnah and took their properties and possessions. With the support of those Arabs that were nationalist. They continued increasing their reign, coming out of Najd until Hijaz was taken by them and they managed to win control over the whole of Jazeerat-ul-Arab.

    During this time the Ottoman Khilafah was busy engaged in international battles and was therefore unable to respond in a swift manner. In 22 June 1792, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Najdi died upon which Qadhi Shawkaani wrote a poem with regard to this incident; one sentence was: “Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab was that son, with whose Noor the Hijaz and its surrounding places became enlightened”. See how the person who sought help from the Kafirs is being praised!!!

    For some time after, the rule was in the hands of Ahle-Saud. It was during this time, during the reign of the son of Muhammad ibn Saud, that the Ottomans sent Muhammad Ali Pasha against him, who defeated him, finished their influence in the reign. Again’ Jazeeratul Arab became part of the Islamic Caliphate, the royal family fled to Kuwait. Some time later, the Ahl-e-Saood managed to re-gain control over Jazeeratul Arab and changed its name to Saudi Arabia. Grants were given from abroad to spread Wahabi’ism. Initially it was spread by the sword but now it is through money. The Saudis came to Europe and spent the wealth from the Bait-ul-Maal as though it were their Father’s wealth. In front of the guilty Saudi Ulamas all this Haram and Bid’ah goes on but they say nothing, but will still give Fatwa’s against Milad-un-Nabi.

    An interesting story: When Shaykh Faisal was deputy prime minister of Saudi Arabia, he toured India, and put flowers upon Mahatma Ghandi’s grave:
    [“News, 11th May 1955”]

    In 1957 Shah Sa’ud went on a tour to America, with him was the defence minister Fahad bin Sa’ud, who put flowers on the grave of George Washington. [“Kohstaan 2nd February 1957”]

    When Saudi Shaykhs go to Muslim countries they do not place flowers on any of the graves of the Awliya because it may dent their Aqeedah, but by placing flowers upon the graves of Mahatma Ghandi & George Washington maybe this strengthens their Aqeedah.

    Shah Sa’ud whilst on tour in India said, “I am satisfied with Indian government that they are treating the Muslims with justice”. This was at the time when Muslims were being sacrificed in Kashmir.

    Shah Sa’ood invited the Indian Prime Minister, Pandat Jawahar Nehru to tour Saudi Arabia, When he arrived, the newspaper ‘Al-Balad Sa’oodia Makkah’ reported thus:

    “When Nehru arrived in Riyadh, the Indian national anthem was played, the women of the royal family left their homes in the cars to welcome him.” Every thing we have written about Nehru is taken from Tareek Najd-wa-Hijaz by Allma Ghulam Rasood Sa’idi and Safar Nama by Muhammad Asim Najdi who was with Maudoodi when he toured in 1960.

    Al-Balad Sa’oodia then wrote an article: We welcome Nehru as he is a peaceful and sensible person, and it is our prayer that he lives thousands of years. Shah Sa’ood secretary colonel Sadat said: ‘Mr Nehru soft voice has more effect than the bang of guns’ and called him the angel of Asia and also called him a Rasool’ our assumption is that he did not mean Prophet but messenger just as many Muslims use the name Abdul Mustafa, meaning not a worshipper but a follower.

    When they received Nehru, they called him Aman-ur-Rasool. He toured a school where the rulers studied, where the Geeta was sung. We have a right to ask: “why do not the Saudi Ulama say that these things are Haram, to sing Geeta, for Muslim women to come out of their homes to welcome Kafir rulers, to put flowers on the graves of kaafirs, to call the person who slaughtered uncountable Muslims in India a messenger of peace (Amman)? Oh those who ask for authentic proof for Milad-un Nabi, by Allah show us even a da’eef (weak) hadith to justify these actions”.

    When they welcomed Nehru in such a way, back. In India and Pakistan marches and rallies were organised in protest. The King was sent a telegram in 1960 by Saiyed Maududi, who came from Hajj to Saudi, he was invited on Royal order to Riyadh. Delivering his speech he said: “If we were to invite the Prime Minister of Israel to Pakistan and welcome him like you welcomed Nehru, how would you feel? You called the enemy of Muslims the messenger of peace”. The whole world criticised them for this, but no Saudi Ulama made any objections.

    In the west people do Dhikr in Masjids, and do Na’at Khanni, once a month they read the Qur’an and convey the reward to Muslims who have parted from this world, especially Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilanis. The Najdi students who come to the west Write piles of books against this and ask for authentic proofs but the people and leaders of their own countries they were to put flowers on the graves of kaffirs they would quietly digest it .


    • ABADAT it is these so-callled Walis who through their fake miracles converted lakhs of people belonging tp other religions to Islam including Mohinuddin Chisti.

  5. It is to Saf,madeeha saeed and all others who keep such a belief…

    At first let me tell you the fact that there is a Hadeeth where our beloved prophet Muhammad salley allahu alaihi wa sallam said that” only one section from my ummah will enter paradise” and other’s are inmates of hell. When Sahaba e kiram (R.A.) enquired about how to find the correct section and who are they?. Then our Prophet Salley allahu alaihi wa sallam said “They will be the biggest section in the world” and they are Ahle sunnah wal jamaat. And aslo for your kind information when it was asked to Hazrat Zain ul abideen (R.A.) that who are the real Ahle sunnah wal jamaat to which he (R.A) replied that they are those who send abundantly durood o salaam on prophet Muhammad salley allahu alaihi wa sallam.
    So you all now may know that wahabbis,deobandi’s Ahle hadith and others are and cannot be called sunni muslims as like of Ahle sunnah wal jamaat. So it means we are not one.
    So now go and follow your Abdul wahhab created religion and Alhamdulillah we follow the religion of our AAQA prophet salley allahu alaihi wa sallam.

    And more over if you need any clarification please get back to my mail ID :civilsajid@gmail.com where Alhamdulillah will ever be ready to give your answers.

    KEY HASHR MEIN BHI HOGA HAMARA NAARA YA RASOOL ALLAH (Salley allahu alaihi wa sallam)


  6. And also for all your kind information: Abdul wahab Najdi is from the same tribe of Zul Khuwaisra (GUSHTAAQ E RASOOL) of which our prophet Muhammad salley allahu alaihi wa sallam already informed us that he will be from his tribe and said that from Najd “the horn of shaytaan will rise”. If you are still stucked to him then go ahead and be with him.

    And we are with our prophet, ahle bait, sahabaas, aulia Allah’s and the righteous. And you be with Abdul wahhab najdi and deobandi’s.


    • Sajid you are a true Evil character no doubt you are a mushrik

      • Really? ? Bold if you are born to a true father then come for an open debate I invite you. Mail me now and come with all your scholars to hyderabad. Accept my challenge and inshallah I will prove that you are not born to one and your are from the same tribe of zul quwaisra

      • Really? ? Bold if you are born to a true father then come for an open debate I invite you. Mail me now and come with all your scholars to hyderabad. Accept my challenge and inshallah I will prove that you are not born to one and your are from the same tribe of zul quwaisra

      • Inshallah on day of qayamat you see who is mushrik. ..you or me …let’s see inshallah

        • As Salaam walay kum
          Not trying to say anyone is wrong but… So called Wahabis are people who believe that Prophet was a HUMAN BEING which means he committed sins… And they also say that his Ahl-ul-Bayt are not to be followed? I mean, the closest people to the prophet would be his family am I not right? The Quran and Prophets’s Ahl-ul-Bayt were to be followed after the prophet had died, but instead people started a myth saying that is not true and “this” is the real meaning of Islam. BTW Do you guys know who the Ahl-ul-Bayt are, If you don’t, I recommend you find out

  7. If You think Salafi teaching are wrong, You should be not understand Al Qur’an, You should be not understand Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم teaching and best live style examples, You don’t really love Islam in the right way.
    If You think Salafi teaching are not right, You must be think of your self, your logic for your own interest, not for Islam.
    If You hate Salafi teaching by your heart and your another alignments, You should be create arguments for hate your really love, The Truth.
    No matter how many you attempt to destroy Salafy,
    no matter what you call Salafi in the bad name,
    no matter you think you have success for make influence in people minds,
    You still oppose the Truth, You never winning anything, but always in loss.
    Before you live, when you live in this world and after you live, in span of times, in every places, You still loss in Standard of Truth.
    Who is oppose Salafi will be loss until he right learning and implement salafi teaching, Islam.

  8. Ahlay Sunnat Wal Jamat don’t celebrate birthday of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. The person who write this so called artical is not a Muslim.

  9. assalamu alaikum,
    please can i be sure about islamic shariyat,what is sunni?what is qadiyani??i’m a sunni muslim,and i’ve some question about quadiyani..
    1.if i get any relation with qadiyani muslims,such as “nikah”,,am i be the sufferer of it??i heard that qadiyani’s r kafer…is it???
    2.if any sunni girl be the wife of qadiyani ,,will her familly be kafer for this marriage??
    3.a sunni girl and a qadiyani boy felt love each other,and they r bound us to get them marriage,otherwise they would commite to suicide,if there any fault of her familly?or their sunni family will go to jahannam????

  10. Which idiot wrote this article?!?!?! Majority of Sunnis do not celebrate Milaad. Only the Brelvi sect celebrate this unislamic act. Yet we all believe in Mawlid but the way it is celebrated is damn wrong and a very recent innovation

  11. Dear writer:
    you neglect the main essential theological difference between Sunni and Wahabi
    Wahabi think that God has physical body (anthropomorphism ) and some of ibn taimiya statements went far beyond that, he think that if we said that God has no physical body, then we decided that there is no God, because the existence can not be true with out physical feature. check his book “Bayan telbees Al-jehmya 2/55, first print in sudia arabia, goverment print 1972. revision by: mohammad abd al-rahman qasim”.
    this critical blief of meterilism of Wahabi religion is reflected on all of their shallow thinking and prospect.
    you can imagine the deference between islamic great advanced deep prospect of existence and this primitive prospect.
    how far between one who think that human spirit is unbounded by physical conditions, and one who think that God is limited by these conditions. there is no hope that they respect human being or wrights in one day even after thousands years in far future.

  12. for d sake of Allah,dont believe him\ the info is totally wrong

    • your right. there is so much wrong in this information and i am not a wahabi. the part where you said they eliminate music. are you uneducated? music is Haraam and im sure it wasnt the sunah of Nabi s.a.w. to listen to music. get your facts right.

  13. assalamalaikum

    give me reference that ahl hadees said that kalima(lailaha illallah muhammadur Rasula) is for not reciting it is only for writtting on flag

  14. Assalaamualaikkum, I was searching something incorrect and it took me tothes article. I am not a scholar but a Muslim brother just like all of you trying to practice the correct way of Islam as practiced by our prophet(saw) and his companions.

    What surprises me is how easily people make statements and judgements without the fear it might be wrong and they will be answerable to each and every grain of mistake they have spread and practiced.

    Brothers take some time to reflect on what you say or do.

    A simple rule I follow, because I am not a very learned Muslim like all the brothers in this blog, is to follow 100% what’s proven by quran and sunnah. Anything thats doubtful I avoid it until I get an authentic hadith supporting it or a related consensus from scholars. Yet I don’t go saying it’s wrong or right, Allah knows best.

    All scholars have dedicated their lives for deen, they might have made mistakes, Allah knows best, but what right do we have to criticise them, when we have difficulty in following certain small things that islam has asked us to do. For e.g. Keeping beard, pant above the ankles, looking at girls who are not maharram and many other issues.

    During prophet (saw) time there used to be munaafiq, among the people but prophet kept it a secret except from one sahabah.

    This was the etiquette of our prophet (saw) and look at us armed with few drops of knowledge or adhering to one’s sects no matter they are right or wrong because you belong to it, just like supporting political party… Blindly.

    Brothers, do your diligence and search for the truth outside your realm of knowledge/group and not within you might grow in to a better Muslim tomorrow In-sha’Allah

    Now dont label me as sunni or wahabi, call me a Muslim, (now that’s not a new group).

    May Allah guide us all and save us from the hell fire.

    Please worship is only for Allah and Allah alone… At all levels at all times.

    And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided [2:186]

    • Mash Allah – Well Said & totally agree.

    • Very well brother Shahid,

      May Allah guides us towards right path. Brother Abadat & Majid are constantly trying to prove their sects right and most perfect and while doing so, their language against other sects is getting in-appropriate. Whereas Allah’s prophet Mohammed said, “best among you are with best attitude towards others”. I was born in Sunni sect but I do respect other sects who believe in main concept of Islam either they are Ahle Hadees, Wahabi, Deoband or any other except those who are declared non Muslims such as Qadiyani because they have twisted main concept of Islam. “Lāllāh, muḥammadun rasūlu-llāh” (There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.) and Muhammad PBUH as last prophet of Prophecy.

      Based on my little knowledge about Islam, it is very simple and peaceful religion, anyone who pronounced themselves Muslim should not be judged by another human because they can have time of asking Allah’s forgiveness till his/her death for his or her sins and it is upon Allah whom he will forgive and how.

      We should stick to basics of Islam; such follow five pillars of Islam; Shahada, Salawat (5 times), Saum in Ramadan, Give away Zakawat to clean your money and Perform HAJJ if you can. Quran and Hadees leads us to be nice to to people (keep good IKHLAQ), cry with fair of Allah, try to be ethically nice (don’t lie, be polite and good to parents, never kill innocent, believe in Jihad and be ready if requested but only against non-Muslims), avoid major sins such as disobey Allah & Prophet, misbehave with parents, kill anyone without in Allah’s way and never kill any Muslim, don’t eat and consume prohibited and haram food or don’t go near Zina and fahashi. By doing so Allah will forgive your smaller sin upon asking of forgiveness, he is a greatest REHMAN & RAHEEM. May Allah gives all of us Hidaya. Aameen

    • very well said brother…v all are jst a muslim.i also dnt knw which sec i blng to..i m a muslim.v should treat our brother respectfuly..v do nt hv rite to blame any one here…v should thank allah for the most precious gift v hv,that v r muslim.

      Muslims should help other Muslims by encouragement and not by exploiting their mistakes. A Muslim should think of himself as a mirror for his brother.
      Establish Salah and command the right and forbid the evil and bear patiently whatever may befall you, for this is firmness (of purpose) in (the conduct of) affairs. Do not turn your face away in disgust from people, nor walk arrogantly in the land. Surely, Allah does not love any arrogant boaster. Be moderate in your pace and lower your voice. Truly the harshest of all voices is the voice of the ass” (31:17, 18, 19).

      may allah forgive our sin and grant all of us higher plce in janna.and prevnt us from azab e kabar and hell..

    • You are the only bright humble star in these all these discussion/explanation/arguments/comments/analysis – whatever you may call it. I hope many more could be like you. We are all searching for knowledge. Sometimes the truth can be elusive. Even when it is obvious we may not be able to identify it. We shall not criticize one another but should try to see the other’s view point. Yet we all could be wrong at the same time.

  15. Assalamualaikum,

    JazzakAllahu khairan, brother munir & wasim. Wasim, You clearly said what needs to be said.

    I was born Sunni too and were customed to all mawlids and much more than that. Alhamdulillah I never understood why it was done and didn’t practice it somehow.

    To all my brothers, ibaadath is only and only for Allah, that includes everything and anything. Please do not include anyone or anything to it. No prophets, no scholars, no wali, no dead or living person has the ability to help you one bit except with the examples they have left behind for us to follow if they are among the righteous.

    Once again I request all my brothers, to understand what the message our prophet (saw) gave through his life and sayings from authentic sources (mostly Bukhari and Muslim, but there are other authentic books too) and ensure that we are inline with that.

    If we stick to the point, that the leaders of our sect has explained this and our fore fathers have been doing this all along, and then question unbelievingly to everyone — you mean to say they were all wrong ? Then this is exactly what the qureshis asked prophet (saw) when he asked them to stop, following what they used to.. They used to believe in Allah too, but they had additional idols like tagut etc. as an intercessor.

    So my brothers is Islam, you don’t need a lot of research and knowledge to follow the truth, all you need is taqwa and fear of Allah and in’sha’Allah rest will fall in place.

    I hope in this holy month, Allah forgive all of our muslim brothers including me and all our families as well as guide us to the straight path. Ameen

    Please take some time to pray for our parents and Muslims who are suffering all across the globe especially now is Palestine and Syria. Dua can change anything and if only we use this tool sincerely will it happen, and for that first pray to Allah that we be guided


    • Dear shahid,
      Let me reply you point by point.You Had is. be knowing about our fisrt prophet Adam ale salaam, how they have forgiven by allah.first prophet has executed namaz for thousands of year. However he was not forgiven. Then asked his dua in Sadkah & wasila of our last prophet Huzur Sallauh alehi wa sallam. Allah has forgiven because he has taken the name of our beloved prophet , in his love not because of his Namaz. if first prophet was not forgiven due to his ibadat , how a general person like you & me will be forgiven? We are not above the prophet. This is reply to your first point. How Wasila of other than allah can help.
      Now second point, Quresh were not having Quran & Hadis & path of sahaba, wali Allah. Now when Islam was formed 1400 years ago, Muslims were having Quran sherif & various hadis.which are same today not a single word changed.that time also we were having Moulana & various Religious schools so what has changed, only one thing wahabism has taken his birth. So thinking that our forefathers were following wrong practice with same Quran Sharif & hadis is baseless.
      Now third point, pls open your eyes brother. Wahabism has given us Iraq, syriya, All qayda , Taliban & boko haram. All wahabis are black spot in islam . they have ruined our religion today. All wahabis are terirrist. They are killing shiyas,Sunnis & other innocent people in the name of islam. Is this is Islam of our prophet??? Earlier days when people were Sunnis & Sufi Islam was peace loving religion & hence was spread in the whole world by various wali Allah’s. Now if wahabism will counties like this our Islam will be vanished from world. We have to stop these basterds by hook or cook to save our real Islam of beloved prophet Huzur sallah allehi wa sallam.

    • Salam alikum
      Well said, inshallah we muslims from diferent sects come together in peace

  16. This information is incorrect. I’m a sunni myself and we sunnis don’t believe Prophet Muhammed (p.b.u.h) is still alive or he is in this world.

    • I’m a Sunni, and to my knowledge this article is a load of codswallop.
      There is a certain sect of Sunnis (I use that term loosely) who follow these customs, but the majority don’t follow these practices.
      The majority do believe the Prophet Muhammad was a man who was a much revered Prophet, but a man who died.
      Also we pray to Allah, not saints. The majority don’t indulge in shirk by praying at the tombs of saints, nor do they wear charms to innvoke the spirits/cast good good luck.
      I wonder who wrote this article?!

  17. Dear shahid,
    Let me reply you point by point.You may be knowing about our fisrt prophet Adam ale salaam, how they have forgiven by allah.first prophet has executed namaz for thousands of year. However he was not forgiven. Then asked his dua in Sadkah & wasila of our last prophet Huzur Sallauh alehi wa sallam. Allah has forgiven because he has taken the name of our beloved prophet , in his love not because of his Namaz. if first prophet was not forgiven due to his ibadat , how a general person like you & me will be forgiven? We are not above the prophet. This is reply to your first point. How Wasila of other than allah can help.
    Now second point, Quresh were not having Quran & Hadis & path of sahaba, wali Allah. Now when Islam was formed 1400 years ago, Muslims were having Quran sherif & various hadis.which are same today not a single word changed.that time also we were having Moulana & various Religious schools so what has changed, only one thing wahabism has taken his birth. So thinking that our forefathers were following wrong practice with same Quran Sharif & hadis is baseless.
    Now third point, pls open your eyes brother. Wahabism has given us Iraq, syriya, All qayda , Taliban & boko haram. All wahabis are black spot in islam . they have ruined our religion today. All wahabis are terirrist. They are killing shiyas,Sunnis & other innocent people in the name of islam. Is this is Islam of our prophet??? Earlier days when people were Sunnis & Sufi Islam was peace loving religion & hence was spread in the whole world by various wali Allah’s. Now if wahabism will counties like this our Islam will be vanished from world. We have to stop these basterds by hook or cook to save our real Islam of beloved prophet Huzur sallah allehi wa sallam.

  18. Such stupid and idiots are those who blame other sects they are wrong or right .. who the hell are you to judge anyone forget being a Muslim or not !!!!

    Even a guy who has little common sense would know which is the extreme sect among us … who are killing the Muslims by calling them infidel based on their assumption and understanding of things … Leave everything as it just look what Allah says here “Whoever kills a person has killed the whole humanity and whoever saves a person life saves the whole humanity” …. who the hell these extremist are to judge anyone??? if we the people are the ones to judge then what is the logic for the judgement day; Jannat and dozakh???? so the ones who kill others are surely non believers and will go to hell on all counts …

  19. iblis ka wahabio se sawal

    [1] me bhi towhidi to bhi towhidi
    [2] me bhi namaze khub padhta tha to bhi padhta he
    [3] me bhi allah ke siwa kisi tazeem nahi karta to bhi nahi karta
    [4] me ne bhi ambiya ki tohin ki to bhi ambiya ka gustakh he
    [5] me ne bhi rasool saw ki azmat ko nahi mana
    [6] to bhi rasool saw ki azmat ka munkir he
    [7] me ne bhi rasool saw k0 sirif bashar kaha to bhi rasool saw ko sirif bashar kehta hai
    [8] mujhe bhi rasullah saw ki paidaish par dukh hua
    [9] to eid miladu nabi saw manane par khush nahi
    to phir insaf se batao bhai me to hogya shaitan to phir bhi musalman????????

  20. Dosto aao sunaoon tum ko main ik waqaya
    aik din maljis say apnay ghar ki janib main chala
    rastay main samna waiz say mera ho gaya
    hasb-e-adat tunzia lehjay main woh kehnay laga

    Shirk hai ghairay Khuda per ashk barsana suno
    main yeh bola baat abh meri bhi molana suno
    adam-o-hawa ka kia betay pay rona shirk tha
    Hazrat-e-Yaqoob(AS) nain Yousaf(AS) pay kayun girya kia
    tu agar hai ummati sarkar ka tou yeh bata
    Hazrat-e-Hamza(RA) pay kayun roay Muhammad(SAW) Mustafa
    Ya tou abh sarkar say tu apna rishta toor dey
    ya azadaroon pay waiz tanz kerna chor dey

    Kaat ker phir baat meri yeh kia uss nain sawal
    kayun madad Haider(AS) say letay ho bajaay zuljalal
    main yeh bola apni boseeda katibaain tou khungaal
    unn main mil jaye gi tujh ko jung-2-kheybar ki misal
    tujh per ho jaye ga sabit behus yeh bekaar hai
    Naraay Haidar(AS) lagana sunnat-e-sarkar hai

    batoon batoon main jahalaat uss ki jaab khulnay lagi
    bhartay bhartay baat zikr-e-karbla taak aa gaee
    woh yeh bola karbala tou jung shehzadoon ki thi
    main yeh bola karbala hai zindagi islam ki
    teray shehzaday say behter yoon mera Shabbir(AS) hai
    woh zara baraish hai yeh waris-e-tatheer hai

    munn bana ker til mila ker yoon chali uss ki zubaan
    tu hai molaae tou Haider(AS) kay faza-e-l ker bayan
    main yeh bola iis kader bardasht hai tujh main kahan
    soch lay dil per teray girnay lagain gi bijliaan
    teri sehat kay liye kafi hai yeh gaibi pukaar
    la fatah illa Ali la saif illa zulfiqar

    baat emaan-e-Abu Talib ki uss nain cher di
    kufer per uss kay mutabik guzri unn ki zindagi
    main yeh bola phir tou yeh toheen hai Allah(Naoozubillah) ki
    perwarish kafir kay ghar sarkar ki hoti rahi
    Aqd-e-Pegumber(SAW) perha ger woh insaan kon hai
    ger Abu Talib(AS) hai kafir phir muslmaan kon hai

    Per kay woh lahool akhir khud he gayab ho gaya
    phir muhe rota huwa medan-e-mehsahar main mila
    muskura ka main nain poocha khair tou hai kia huwa
    aaah bhar ker woh yeh bola haaai main maraa gaya
    Abh yakeen aya ghum-e-sarwar main rona theek tha
    Maanta hoon main takalum tera kehna theek tha

    Wahabis/Deobandi are khawaraij of times and Prophet(PBUH) clearly mention that he would find a khawarij he would kill him. So these are the ones to be perished !!

  21. I strongly believe the description of Wahabi and Sunni given here is false and please do not take these as your final thoughts.

  22. Shakeel bhai is right… we should not unite wit them who are insulting our prophet… For some Hadya, Zakat,Fitr gettin by SAUDI government to them,,, they all are sold from them,, we should aware from all dis new coming sects… we are what we are From prophet time we are muslims and Sunni,, we havent divide Wahabis from us,, they are apart from us for Hadiya,, ALLAH open their Eyes I Pray (AMEEN)

  23. and last thing Our Prophet is not a Ordinary human being HE IS MADE by NOOR

  24. May Allah guide all you brothers who say wahabis. There is no such thing as wahab is it is a conspiracy against muslims who upheld the sunnah of muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. Ibn Taymiyya and Muhammad ibn abdul wahab where pious scholars who dealt with falsehood and deviancy from scholars who where deviant. Brothers stop trying to please the kuffar and please allah instead.

  25. Wahabi actually less accurately described as a school of theology, but more precisely as a political sect. Because, the rise could not be separated from the UK attempts to dominate the Islamic world, by dividing the Muslims from within. This is evident in the statement of recognition Hempher, a British secret agent who was instrumental in shaping Wahhabism.

    In his book, Hempher mentioned that he went to Istanbul in 1710 AD, and stayed there for two years. Then he returned to London, got married, and lived there for six months. Later he obtained a duty to Iraq. After traveling for six months, he arrived in the city of Basra (Iraq). Here he met a young man named Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab an-Najdi. [Confessions of a British Spy, Part 2-4].
    Hempher also mentioned that he followed MAW (Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab) who return to the region. He then lived in the house for two years MAW. They also designed a program to announce the call (teachings) MAW. Finally, he managed to move the MAW strong desire to 1143 AH (1730 AD). However, this MAW propaganda still done secretly in the near it, which then gradually expanded. [Confessions of a British Spy, Part 7] Shaykh Ibn Baz also strengthens, “When his father became a judge in Uyainah, a dispute arose between the prince Uyainah with his father. Therefore, his father then left Uyainah towards Huraimilah in 1139 AH (1726 AD). That is why Sheikh (Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab) live in Huraimilah. He came there around 1140 AH (1727 AD). There he continued his activities in the form of teaching and sermons, until his father died in 1153 AH (1740 AD). “[Shaykh Ibn Baz, Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab] Role Hempher against MAW has been reported also in a book titled” Mir’at al-Haramain “, which appeared approximately 120 years ago. In this book it was reported that in 1125 AH (1713 AD) MAW met Hempher, a British spy, in Basrah. Then there grew a friendship between them. Hempher very large role in the determination of the MAW movement. And so on. [Ayyub Sabri Pasha, Mir’at al-Haramain, Istanbul, published in 1888 AD] Hempher this book was originally published in serial by the German newspaper Spiegel. Then also published by a leading French newspaper. Then a Doctor of Lebanon translate the documents into Arabic. From this and the documents translated into English and other languages. Publisher Waqf Ikhlas ago menerbitkankannya in English under the title “Confessions of a British Spy”.
    MAW wrote his book “Kitab at-Tawhid” around 1736 AD This is a milestone in the rise of Wahhabism. Wahhabis do think beyond their ideology was pagan and heretical, so it is worth eradicated with guns. This is evident in the work of Kitab at-Tawhid the MAW. Inside the book Sharh explained that the polytheists only have two choices: (1) Embracing Islam, or (2) Embattled. While the People of the Book have three options: (1) Embracing Islam, or (2) pay jizya, or (3) Embattled. [Shaykh Muhammad al-Qar’awi, Al-Jadid: Sharh Kitab at-Tawhid, p. 79]
    Therefore, MAW do da’wah with the sword, aggression, and slaughter. Curiously, this model of propaganda as Shaykh Ibn Baz proud by saying, “Then in the year 1158 AH (1745 AD) began the jihad with the sword. As is known, weapons and strength are important in supporting the effectiveness of the dissemination of propaganda, subdue opponents and falsehood, and to support the truth. “[Shaykh Ibn Baz, Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab] As a result, there was aggression Ta’if in 1215 AH (1801 AD) . People Wahabi, under the leadership of Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Sa’ud, stormed the city of Ta’if. They kill anyone who looks, including women and children. Even nursing baby was not spared from slaughter them. They also killed a bunch of people who are reviewing the Koran. Including those who are the houses, on the street, in stores, and in mosques. [Jamil Effendi az-Zahawi, Fajr al-Sadiq; Ahmad ibn Zaini Dahlan, Khulasat al-Kalam; and others] In addition, Aggression Karbala in 1802 AD People Wahabi violently invaded the city. They massacred the population in the markets and homes. They also looted the countless. Not to forget, they also destroy the tomb of al-Husayn axles, and looted valuables in the dome. Tomb Fadl Abbas as well as those damaged. The death toll in the thousands of people (including the clergy); some say around 2000 people, some say 4000 people, and others say 5000 people. [Uthman ibn Abdullah ibn Bishr, ‘Unwan al-Majd fi Tarikh Nejd, vol. 1, p. 121-122; Alexei Vassiliev, History of Saudi Arabia, p. 117; Majazir al-Wahabiyin fil ‘Iraq, http://www.muhajr.com/; and others] Terror vile re-occur. People Wahhabis attacked and plundered the pilgrims, and some important city in the Hejaz (including Mecca and Medina). In Mecca pilgrims they prohibit entry into the city. Meanwhile, in Medina they attacked and insulted the Prophet’s Mosque, then loot and sell relics and jewelry that is in the tomb of the Prophet saaw. [Prof. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi, Britain and The Rise of Wahhabism and the House of Saud] Just info, Prof. Abdullah was one of the teachers at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    The fact that the Wahhabi movement is formed and utilized by the United Kingdom (through the secret agent named Hempher) can not be denied. England is famous for creating sects often contrary to the beliefs of the majority, for the sake of running political “divide and conquer” (divide and conquer), as well as the Ahmadiyah group in India-Pakistan in the 19th century AD Thus, by forming the Wahhabi movement , England can pitting Arab Muslims with Turkey. How, by looking for “holes” in the Muslim body, which can be used as a tool for the Turkish government branded as infidels and apostates. Thus, the power of the Ottoman Empire can be torn down and occupied.

    In association with this, the historian Alexei Vassiliev stated, “Having launched a terror to the Sunni population Hijaz, Ibn Sa’ud occupied Mecca through the support of the British secret.” (A History of Saudi Arabia, p. 264)
    Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad bin Sa’ud in 1791 AD declared war against Amir of Mecca, Sharif Ghalib Effendi (official appointed by the government of the Ottoman Empire). Battle after battle occurred. Until finally the Wahhabis seized Mecca in 1803 AD This is due to the defection of the followers of Sharif Ghalib, fear Meccans were traumatized by the events of Aggression Ta’if, and when it Sharif Ghalib was in Jeddah to regroup. They (the Wahabi) immediately announced that they would kill anyone who pilgrimage grave, or go to Medina to ask for intercession in front of the tomb of the Prophet saaw.

    Not long ago, Sharif Ghalib successfully occupy Mecca back. However, in 1805 AD, Mecca was besieged by the Wahhabis for months. As a result, the population becomes suffering and starvation. Seeing this, there is no other choice but to surrender to Sharif Ghalib. They (the Wahabi) and then back to Dar’iyah after appointed governor (to the city), which was named Mubarak bin Maghyan. As I have mentioned before that they had been humiliating the city of Mecca and Medina. Including banning pilgrims go to Mecca, which lasted for seven years. In 1807 AD, they invade Medina. The majority of the villages around Medina burned and destroyed. Its people were killed and looted. Finally, the remains of which are still alive were forced to accept the Wahabi belief.

    Seeing all this, the Turkish government ordered the governor of Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha, to punish the people Wahabi. With the strength of troops, weapons, and ingenuity, he seized the city of Mecca in 1812 AD Meanwhile, the Wahhabis, who heard of the coming of the Turks, immediately fled to the mountains. Meanwhile, Sa’ud bin Abdul Aziz returned to Dar’iyah.
    Then Muhammad Ali Pasha sent his son, Ibrahim Pasha, to clean the Wahabis in Dar’iyah. After a long battle, he finally managed to beat them in 1818 M. Abdullah ibn Sa’ud (substitute Sa’ud bin Abdul Aziz) was arrested and sentenced to death along with his accomplice in Istanbul.

    Muhammad Langhe, a convert to Islam Italy who participated in the Ottoman army, which defeated the Wahhabis, wrote, “Most of us are caught alive in the hands of the cruel and fanatical enemy, the feet and hands them unjustly cut and left in a state thus. Most of them I witnessed first-hand, when we are backward. They were persecuted ask only that we be compassionate to immediately end their lives. “(Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Giovanni Langhe, vol. 1, p. 287)

    Although it has been destroyed, Wahabi immediately bounced back with the help of British colonialism. When the British successfully invaded Bahrain in 1820 AD and began looking for a way to mengkolonialisasi surrounding area, Wahabi see it as a great opportunity to gain the protection and assistance of the UK.
    In 1843 AD, Faisal al-Sa’ud bin Tarki (Wahabi leader at the time) managed to escape from his prison in Cairo (Egypt), and towards Najd (Riyadh). He then contacted the British, and begged the British to support their representatives in Oman. In 1851 AD, he again pleaded for help to the British. Finally, in 1865 AD, the British sent Colonel Lewis Pelly to Riyadh to make a pact with the Wahabi. In 1866 AD, the Wahhabi signed a friendship treaty with Britain. As a form of remuneration for the aid money and weapons from the UK, Wahabi agreed to collaborate with the British colonial authorities in the area.

    All this enrages Muslims and Arabs. Among them there are people in their own Wahabi, Muhammad ibn al-Rashid, who with the support of the Turkish attack Riyadh and defeated clan Wahhabi al-Sa’ud in 1888 AD Since then there was a long battle and power struggle between clan al-Sa ‘ud with ar-Rashid clan.
    Abdurrahman bin Faisal al-Saud and his son (Abdul Aziz bin Abdurrahman) managed to escape to Kuwait and asked for British protection. Over there, they ask for help with money and weapons to the British for control of Riyadh. Finally, Abdul Aziz bin Abdurrahman seized Riyadh back in 1901 AD and 1918 AD, at the insistence of the British, Abdul Aziz announced that Sharif Husain Pasha (Amir of Mecca at the time) and his men unbelievers, so that he (Abdul Aziz) will do jihad against them.

    British troops later captured Sharif Husain and bring it to Cyprus in 1924 AD And in the same year Abdul Aziz easily invade and occupy Mecca and Ta’if. Thus, there was a massacre of Ta’if II. Wahabi forces looted the property of the city. With savages, they kill children and the elderly, and the women were raped. More than 400 innocent lives were slaughtered in this human tragedy.
    Historian Ibn Hizlul reported, “In 1924, the Wahhabi forces entered the city Ta’if and loot it for three days. The Qadi and scholars drawn out of their homes and massacred. Meanwhile, hundreds of civilians were also killed. “(Tarikh al-Muluk Su’ud, hal.151-1533)

    This fact proves that the UK is indeed a very important role in shaping and supporting the Wahhabi movement, in order to break the power of the Ottoman Empire (which then became a symbol of the strength of Muslims) and the puppet state enforce Saudi Arabia

  26. Awoozu Billahi Minash-shaitan nirrajeem


    Dear Brothers in Islam (you may belong to either of 73 groups!!!)

    Prior to indulging in such debate, we have to ask ourselves (more precisely to the Wahhabis / Deobandis / Ahle Hadeeth / Barelvis etc. etc.)

    What is the translation of Kalima e Imaan – First Kalima?

    (2) Do we believe the Holy Qur’an Al Majeed wal Furqan Al Hameed a Book of ALLAH SWT alive? or dead just like Sanskrit / Taurah or Zaboor or Ingeel?

    If their answer is NO it is not alive – then they are Kaafirs….

    If their answer in affirmative then behold you all Muslims – Our Great Leader / our Huzoor Sayyidina MUHAMMAD SallalLahu Alayhi wa Sallam is just departed from the world and ALIVE just like Sayyidina Iesa AS on the 1st Aasmaan,
    Sayyidina Moosa AS on the 2nd, Sayyidina Ibrahim AS on the 6th
    and Sayyidina Adam AS on the 7th….

    ALLAH SWT has guided this Ummah already ways back 1436 years ago but the Jewes (USA & Europe) has created these type of Tawhidi Muslims just like they are creating Al Qayida / ISIS etc. etc.

  27. as salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    before writing the article get the facts clear

    the beliefs you mentioned under sunni are the barelvi beliefs and barelvis are not the 90 percent of the total muslim

    this article really sucks as it is a clear misguidance

    • Barelavi’s are not only sunnis. Followers of Haz Khwaja Garib nawaj are sunni. Followers of Nizmuddin awaliya are sunnis. Follwers of lal shahbaz qalanadar, Data Ganj Baksh, Sabir piya are sunni. Followers of Haz Rumi & Haz Shams Tabrez are sunnis & last be not the least Belivers of Haz Ali & Haz Hussain are sunnis.
      Barelavi’s are

      & definitely we sunnis are 90% of Muslims population!!
      Hope msg is clear.

  28. sunni don’t follow rasul & sahaba’s life.
    they follow customs made by man called bidaat which is shirk..
    like ful, hari chadar, gyrarwi, urs, sandal, b;day of nabi s.a.w.,
    milad, chahelum, and many more thing, which is not in quraan, hadis, not done by sahaba, gauss paak ra, khwaja garib nawaz ra, or any other wali,, thats why its bidaat which is graet sin..

    every thing is wwritten and proved in quraan
    read th book SHARIYAT & JIHALAT by haqqani sahab
    with complete proof of hadis & shaba ‘s life

    why sunni don’t accept ?

    • Firoz, for your kind information we are Sunni but these bidaatis given Wahabi name. Real Sunnis are the one who follow Quran and Hadees from Rasool S.W.S. and intead this bidaatis are mushriks.

  29. All Sunni and True Muslims
    These Wahhabi’s are nothing but KAFIRS and fitna group and terrorist who should all be shot, they are PIGS .
    they are not even WORTH talking about
    I hope some one would blow up their mothers or fathers graves up and see how these PIGS feel, who claims to be Muslims and doing the killings they are sick bastards

    • What makes you say they are kafir? Besides, this article has got it totally wrong. Wahhabism isn’t another denomination of Islam. In fact, they are a separate school of thought within the Sunni branch. For you to call them kafir, you would have to issue a fatwa first before you can label them as one.

    • T Raja, you are a true pig and your language tell us that your origin from a pig family. Go to toilet and die there only.

  30. the summary was a complete disaster, Mohammed Abd El Wahab, was in facy Sunni and an author or religious books, he sought out to make sure that the Arabian is Pure im its Monotheism, some people do like it, he tried and tried to Guide the Monotheism again and the people to pray and ask God and no else> Haters n those who think i was not cool came up with “wahabi” as an offense, but the man was work by the Good Book.

  31. The People do not do Shirk, Kufr, Bidda, etc, but do all evils.
    Note this that sleeping with father, mother, brother, sister, son , daughter is not Kufr, Shirk, Bidda, etc. If this evil is Shirk, Kufr, Bidda, it must be proved.

    So go ahead and dont do Bidda. Salafi, Wahabi, Deobandi, Najdi and their supporters are MUNAFIQ.

  32. The article is written either by shia or jew or christian. So no truth in it. All rubbish

    • Ever since the advent of Islam some 1400 years ago the adversaries of Islam have continued to increase and will go on increasing till the Day of Judgment as predicted in numerous Ahadith. The Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) had to undergo inumerable hurdles and hardships in Mecca and the birth of Islam was only achieved after excruciating pain and labour. In the face of such determined and resolute opposition from the Kufaar-e-Quraish, the undeniable Message of Islam was proclaimed which culminated in the splitting of the Meccan Community into three distinct Jamaats. The first group who whole-heartedly accepted the message was known as Jamaat-e-Muslimeen. The second group, which vehemently rejected the message, was Jamaat-eKafireen. The third group, which inwardly rejected and insulted the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and his Divine Message but outwardly pretended to accept Islam was known as Jamaat-e-Munafiqeen. Incidentally, specific chapters on all these three Jamaats can be found in the Holy Quran.

      Needless to say that after the passage of over 100 years, these three Jamaats still exist today. However, for the purpose of this disclosure we will focus our attention on the third Jamaat, the Munafiqeen, because of its relevancy to the subject matter in this book.


      Before proceeding further in expounding in some detail regarding this third Jamaat, it is necessary that the reader first sufficiently acquaints himself with the definition of Munafiq (Hypocrite) in the light of the Quran and the Ahadith. The simplest manner it which to describe a Munafiq to the lay-Muslim is thus; the present-day Kufaar are divided into two groups. The one whose Kufr is open is called a Kaafir and the other; whose Kufr is hidden is called a Munafiq. In brief, the Munafiq is a hidden Kaafir. You must be wondering how and where can a person hide his Kufr where a Muslim cannot see it.


      The beliefs of the Munafiqeen who lived during the time of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) makes interesting reading and something to really ponder about. After scanning the pages of the books of Ahadith we discover that the Munafiqeen in the era of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) had the following beliefs and characteristics. Space does not permit to deal with each incident in detail as found in the books of Ahadith, the gist should suffice.

      I. They we’re in the habit of insulting and degrading the dignity of Allah’s Beloved Messenger (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

      2. They considered the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) as an ordinary man like themselves and that he was completely powerless.

      3. They were strongly opposed to the intercession (Shafa’at) of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

      4. They outrightly rejected the Wasila (medium) of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

      5. They laughed and jeered at the Prophet’s (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) knowledge of the Unseen.

      6. They were in the habit of sitting amongst themselves in groups in the Prophet’s (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) Mosque, perpetually creating mischief and disunity amongst the Believers.

      The Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and his Companions finally threw them out of the mosque and the Munafiqeen were compelled to build their own mosque nearby called Masjid-e-Dirar, subsequently Allah ordered the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) to burn and raze their mosque to the ground. After 1 400 years the Munafiqeen of this 15th Century built their mosque in the same vicinity where Masjid-e-Dirar once stood. This mosque is now called Masjid-e-Noor. What an appropriate coincidence.

  33. Assalaamu alaykum. I am 100% SUNNI, and WE DO NOT CELEBRATE mawleedunnabi, or the birthday of the Prophet of Allah. I have been warned by my Arabic teachers for years, even the scholars don’t celebrate it. Muhammad SAW don’t want to be treated as someone so special, for his fear of Allah for committing shirk. Shirk is associating Allah with something/someone. Or simply praising other than Him in an equal level of praise. Allah knows best.

    • Then are not true sunni. Pls go to google & search Milad celebrations. You will get the info.
      By the way be in touch with right scholars, not wahabi/Tabligue.
      Even you can ask you father/grand father they will guide you better that the wahabi idiots.

  34. well let me clarify one thing stright farword that by celebrating mawlid does not leads and made a shirk

    because shirk is done when something or anything which is attributed to other than Allah for instance ibadat, asking help, dua
    right ????

    think and realize for while that in mawlid we celebrate the birth of our prophet muhammad (may Allah exalt his mention)
    and it is very dumb to think anyone to celebrate the birth of allah
    as he is a divine creator, maker,( provider but not a creature to celebrate)

    so only dumb people can say that milad is shirk .

    so there is no question of arousing the shirk here
    as none attributes or praise Allah for his birth (naozbillah)

  35. Sunni ia one only ummati nabi saw

  36. Excellent site, Thanks for Information, but please add 1 more Reality in your list, Wahabi , Salafi cult added RaziAllah taala Anhu for Lanati Yazeed (Who is the Killer of Imam Hussain RaziAllah taala Anhu), Maximum Tabayeen and Tab-E-Tabayeen said lanat to him and some didn’t curse as the curse also goes to His respected father Hazrat Mawiya RaziAllah tala Anhu.
    Thank You

  37. What we see these days radical part of Islam and it is derived from Wahabi Islam. Info can be found in details in the lecture here http://jihad.info/videos/islam-jihad-and-terrorism-lecture.html#comment-184

  38. you guys are fighting this way. proudly tell someone he are stupid blablabla.. is this the way what islam teach us? dont let the knowledge you have become the reason you hurt others.

  39. How can you say that Wahabis follow Al-Wahab and not Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W)?? This is clearly written by a Sunni extremist. Wahabis follow the Quran and the AUTHENTIC five books of Islamic Hadith. Mostly being Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari. And by doing this we follow the culture of the FIRST Islamic generation from Prophet Muhammad’s preaching. We do not perform acts (of high scale) that were not done in Prophet Muhammad’s time. Unlike Sunnis that celebrate His birthday. And they say it is haram to celebrate birthday at the same time. When I asked someone about this he said: “Ooh..no no no…it means that we’re not allowed to cut cake” Like …wtf?? And every year people celebrate Prophet’s birthday by cutting MASSIVE cake. Just … But, if you just want to recite naats then that is good, but what people do is decorate mosques with lightings and it seems everything but Islamic. And now, heading towards visiting tombs of saints (not Prophet). It is an authenticate Hadith that Prophet said (I don’t remember the exact wording) : Do not praise your pious elders and don’t make special graves for them like the people before you did.” This means that infidels prayed thier pious elders and which later became their gods. Like. Hindus. Only Vishnu can be considered a “god” but all the others are people of ancient times. And if you are gonna talk about Krishna or another avatar of Vishnu it doesn’t matter. Avatar(s) of Vishnu = Vishnu. And this is from Hindu beliefs, nevertheless they say they are people of ancient times..reminds you of the word “elders” or “forefathers”? Sunnis also visit tombs of DEAD people to pray to God for thier forgiveness and entry to Heaven. Islam prohibits making mazaar (extravagant tombs) of thier graves. Islam also says to keep graves simple dirt. And if anyone says: “But Masjid-Nabwi is so grandeur.” Do you even know the full “story”? The top part is amazing but where the graves actually are..DEEEEEEP below ground it is only dirt. But, Sunnis build tombs, worship dead people – doesn’t matter if they were great OR not. And Muslims are not to worship Prophet. Prophets lead us to the right path. To Allah. ONLY Allah is to be remembered in times of need (dua). But if you want to take lessons from Prothet’s life then that is not prohibited, but, encouraged. I mentioned dua because Sunnis pray dua to their religious fathers and ask them to pray for thier forgiveness. WE are supposed to pray for the forgiveness of our fathers….not the other way around. And the feast of feeding people after some days of a persons death. This is fine if you want to do good deeds but these days it has become essential for Sunnis and if some one doesn’t do it they are humiliated and ignored by society. THIS FEAST IS NOT COMPULSORY IN HADITH OR SUNNAH. And, sunnah is known from Hadith. We find sunnah IN Hadith. And you said that in Saudia women are said to keep covered from head to toe. Excuse me..have you read Hadith on women’s clothing?? Only hands and the part of feet that touches ground is allowed to remain uncovered. For the matter of face. Some say covering face is compulsory, some say otherwise. But, sadly, in Sunni majority countries we see that media promotes naked hair, arms, and even part of legs under knees. And I’m ashamed to say this but, this Eid-ul- Fitar (2015) to movies made by this country have the main actresses with naked back and area around umbellicus, or navel. (belly button, naaf). And once while traveling in a public bus the conductor put on a naat on television. I was happy that it wasn’t a song. But, ironically, while the audio was a naat, he video had a women with naked arms, and fore-hair showing. Is this what you call “moderate”? I don’t think there can be any greater disgrace of the Prophet. At the conclusion I will just say this article is extremism towards Wahabis and is false. It is a pure misguidance, others have also said this.

  40. After reading all the comments, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who felt that all the information on Sunni’s was wrong.
    .. I was sat reading all the information and I started to panic, as in how bad of a ”Sunni” Muslim am I. haha.
    Glad to know I hadn’t lost it.

    • What a fragile belief you hold if a poorly edited website causes you to question your faith…

      Is it not enough you do your best to follow what you feel should be followed or do you truly need a guideline to what a ‘Sunni Muslim’ should be…?
      How about a decent person who lives and lets live?

  41. than who is true???????

  42. that you want to say yhat sunnis are wrong

  43. Very very wrong article.

    There are differences between Sufi’s and Wahabi’s, but not Sunni and Wahabi.

    Wahabi is a sect and Sufi is a sect of Sunni Islam.

    Sunni vs Wahabi is impossible, because Wahabi is a sect on Sunni.

    Ask a Islamic scholar for info, not disbelievers which have studied in Oxford university and thinks they know Islam.

  44. this is not true sunnis dont believe in wearing charms,thats just a cultural and mythical thing theyve picked up plus most talismans or charms contain black magic so best to stay away

  45. In my opinion,Muslims are the scum of the earth and all of you should be killed somehow,the world will be such a better place without you guys

  46. Salaam. My view is we should look at qu’ran and hadeeth and do as it says. In our minds whilst praying we shud always ask ALLAH for forgiveness in anything wrong we may have learnt in this test life. May Allaha forgive others and myself amen.

  47. Sunni Islam

    What is Sunni Islam?

    Sunni is a sect in the religion of Islam. With 940 million adherents out of about 1.1 billion Muslims, Sunni Islam is the largest Islamic sect. (Shia Muslims make up about 10% of all Muslims worldwide.) Followers of the Sunni tradition are known as Sunnis or Sunnites; they sometimes refer to themselves as Ahlus Sunnah wal-Jamaa’h, “adherents to the Sunnah and the assembly.”

    Sunnis have their historical roots in the majority group who followed Abu Bakr, an effective leader, as the successor of Muhammad successor instead of the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law Ali. The Sunnis are so named because they believe themselves to follow the sunnah (“custom” or “tradition”) of the prophet.

    Some general statistics: Algeria is nearly 99% Sunni (Sunni Islam is the state religion), Kuwait is 70% and Afghanistan is 80% Sunni. Sunnis also outnumber Shiites in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Sudan (70%), Syria (80%), Tajikistan (85%), Libya (97%), Jordan (92%) and certain islands like the Maldives, Comoros (98%) and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (80%).

    Contrastingly, Iraq is only about 45-60% Sunni, who are concentrated mostly in the central and northern parts of the country. Sunni Muslims are a smaller minority in Iran (10%) and Bahrain (30%).

    Sunni’s and the Quran

    Sunnis base their religion on the Quran and the Sunnah as understood by the majority of the community under the structure of four schools of thought.

    The four Sunni schools of law (madhahib) – the Hanafi, the Maliki, the Shafi’i and the Hanbali – are sometimes mistakenly understood as different sects, but they are not.

    These four schools of religious law associate themselves with four great scholars of early Islam: Abu Haneefah, Malik, Shafi’i, and Ahmad bin Hanbal.

    These scholars were known for their knowledge and piety throughout the Muslim world.

    They differed only in minor issues of application of certain principles in the religion and were not in opposition to each other. In fact, Ahmad bin Hanbal was a student of Shafi’i, who was a student of Malik.

    Sunnis view Shiites as from the ahlul-bidah — the people of innovation. Sunnis oppose Shi’ite beliefs concerning some of the companions of the Prophet, the belief in the Imamate and difference on the Caliphate, and others.

    Other groups considered to be outside Islam by Sunnis are Nation of Islam, Ahmadiyya, and Ismailis.


  48. Wow… I came here to learn about different Muslims sects in order to better understand Muslims in general, as any respectful critical thinking person should do their best to learn about something prior to speaking about it.

    I do my best to understand and relate to someone, but looking through these comments… it would appear that there is not a lot of true differences between any of the different Muslim sects except for one constant:
    Men who interpreted the Quran in their own way and developed a train of thought which has been in turn interpreted and enacted in another unintended way.

    It is extremely sad and unfortunate, but it appears a large majority of the Muslim world lacks critical thought(they do what they are told without questioning) and is just plain ignorant. My main proof here is this entire comments section: fighting with each other over petty differences in the way you celebrate your religion.

    Wow… this world is fucked.

    • Islam is for 1440 years now, these wahabi/terrorist issues are very recent & temporary one. Prior to this cult there were no issues with Islam. we have to deal with them to save our core Islam & humanity.
      We will take care of this.

    • Meta World Peace, I share your frustration and fully agree with your comments.

      I too study and try to understand Muslims and their religion but the more I study the more confused I become. As soon as I learn something firm about Muslims I then am presented with exact opposite and conflicting evidence.

      I will probably never fully understand them except to realize that every group interprets the same teachings in totally different ways and this is why they are so screwed up.

  49. Dear frnds this is a policy of non muslims to arise despute among muslims.so it is beter for us do not talk about it.

    • I have no such policy.

      So stick your head back in the sand and let another 1,500 years go by?

      • Assalamualaikum, the answer for all is real islam means love for the holy prophet (may peace be upon him ) . That’s what the sahabas did and it continues till today .
        There are several hadith where sahabas have done things not stated in the holy quran, for example the breaking of his own teeth (hazrat owais e Qarni ) . He did it merely for love and if we are Muslims then love for the Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the key answer .

  50. This is not the differences between sunni and wahabi it is the difference between sufi and sunni.

  51. some of those your post about Sunnis are not true…an a sunnist and we do not welcomed meelad or celebrate any Sufi scholars birthday… its bid’ah

  52. Wow i was just reading through the summary of the article above and it depressed me. Those are not the beliefs of a Sunni. They are the beliefs of a Sufi and Shia. Need to apply some logic people. Why would a Sunni observe Sufi festivals ? Sufi observe Sufi festivals. Milad was introduced by the Shia dynasty. Why would Sunni celebrate a Shia festival ?

    Wahabi is a bogey man set up by cultural Muslims so they can continue to party and live as their hearts desire.

    I will end with this.

    Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Islam began as a something strange and it will return to being strange, so blessed are the strangers.”

  53. we r muslim no book or Allah says about wahabi, sunni etc… we should do whatever written in our sculpture i.e., holy Quraan.. thats it..

  54. Well there should be no sect,no group or anything,we believe in one Allah and believe our prophet.And we should call ourselves,as Maulana tariq jameel says,MUHAMMADI.No deobandi,wahabi,barelvi,or any thing but we are MOHAMMADI

  55. Oh it’s all so unbelievably silly. When will the human race actually grow up???? It’s so pathetic and to normal people who live in the real world they all like like ridiculous, frightened children suckingling at an imaginary teat begging for rewards and comfort. Stand on your own 2 feet in this difficult yet often beautiful life. When you all realise this life is the only one, you will treasure every waking moment of it and the lives of all the people you share this amazing world with. We are responsible for our own destiny. WE ARE!!!

  56. Salaams

    Tj I totally agree with you. It is amazing how our ibleesy nature has turned our focus away from truth and made our focus on which of us is better than the other. No wonder we walk past each other in the street and cannot smile nor greet one other although we might recognise each other as muslim but are total strangers. I think the best way to resolve this is to ask ones self before saying or acting one simple question “What would Muhammad (saw) do if he was in my position? “

  57. As Salam alaikum Wr Wb.
    In my opinion Jalani who wrote this article has some of their facts mixed up & it is best to remove the article until It is rectified.
    Brs & Srs don’t fight each other. It’s not the way of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
    May Allah Swt forgive our shortcomings and grant us all Jannah.

  58. This information is totaly wrong. Making sects is totaly prohibited in Islam and wahabis did not call them selves wahabis this name given by so called Muslims actjly Muslim means believe in Allah s books and prophets but so called aunnys and Muslims we’re influences by other religens like hindus when we tally all religias scripchers then we have beleve in Islam and prophet Mohammad sallahu alaihi wa sallam

  59. If your not a brelvi then they will call you a wahabi, brelvi call the Muslims that go to my local masjid Wahhabis, and we do not follow Abdul wahab, we follow the prophet (saw) and his companions (ra). And we follow the hanafi school of thought. We do NOT celebrate the prophets (saw)birthday, because the greatest of people after the all the prophets (as) are the sahabah (ra) and they did not celebrate the birthday of Muhammad (saw), The only people that I hear using the word wahabi are brelvi, and according to brelvis who ever does not go to there masjid is a wahabi , if this is so then probably about 90% of Muslims are wahabis according to them. I used to work with some brelvis and my boss would never reply to my salaam, because some of them believe that we are kafir. when the time for salaat came, we would read salaat with jamaat And the same guy who doesn’t reply to my salaam, does not join us for salaat. One of my friends is a brelvi and he doesn’t know the fardh of wudhu and yet he know about all this wahabi sunni stuff.

  60. The real message of Mohammed peace be upon him was to follow him(as his path was same path towards Allah)
    In one ayah Allah said that Mohammed peace be upon him is bashar(human)
    Yes he was a person but not ordinary but remember was human like us
    Most important think is to worship Allah through his guidance
    But we Asian people respect Mohammed peace be upon him more then Allah subhan wa tallah

    YA Allah ya Mohammed
    What is this?

    Only to say subhan allah
    Masha allah
    Allah barik fee

    And when the name Mohammed we listen we must say durood
    Nothing else

    I personally ask people to start your nimaz first then talk on other Islamic issue’s

  61. we are all muslims and the fact that we are cursing and calling everyone scum was one thing that Allah feared would happen and so did the prophet so we should not disrespect each others belief infact we all should just focus on haveing the right intention when we pray so that we all go through the doors of jannah so those who are calling themselves sunni , shia or whahabi should realise that we are all muslims and we are all brothers and sisters and should focus on the fact that we are servents of Allah and no matter what and how you pray all that matters is having the right intention and should try to stay away from the shaytaan that is causing us brothers and sisters to argue and class them as ” not one of us ” the fact that Allah said that we should respect people of other religons and their beliefs and we are not respecting the belief of our own brothers and sisters is digusting and the final fact that i want to say is that iam not a sunni , shia or a whahbi etc im a Muslim

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