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  1. Pedro
    April 6, 2015

    You said “Since 1962, after the Palestinians were removed from their so-called homeland”… Um, it’s not their “so-called” homeland. It IS their homeland.. or, at least, WAS until the US became involved. I sense some bias here.


    • Jenna
      April 20, 2015

      Indeed I sensed that too.


  2. avram
    September 21, 2016

    tapas means carpenter in hebrew ofcource they will be bias!
    he’s a driven journalist, and hamas clearly state that they have no problem with americans or jews! they just have a problem with the seige that’s been upon them for all those years!
    listen i’m israeli i’ve witness wars(alot of wars) they never wanted to hurt jews they even have jewish friend in AMERICA!!
    though i still think theyre are the enemy, because i’m Israeli it’s my blood.


  3. anonymous
    September 12, 2017

    in ISLAM u should accept the differences of others and live with them, i don’t reckon any verse from Quran saying that “non-muslims” should be killed


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