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Comparing the Civic and BMW is like telling the difference between Express Music and Samsung. In this example, Express Music is just a more specific line of mobile phones from Nokia, while Samsung is a company in itself that manufactures various lines of its own set of phones. Thus, Civics are the more specific line of cars, while BMW is the bigger entity, because it is a full-fledged car company.

As mentioned, the Civic is just one line of the modern compact cars brought to the consumers by a popular Japan-based car company, named Honda. To date, there are already many upgrades and revisions of the Honda Civic. It is one of the pioneering car lines to have made a mark on the American market, and this is especially more impressive since it is from an Asian automaker.

This specific line of cars penetrated the global market, specifically in Northern America during the year 1972. The Honda Civic humbly started as a classy coupe, then later reinvented itself into a hatchback version. Nevertheless, the modern Honda Civic cars are full of features, that make them highly competitive with other top performing lines of cars from other big automakers.

Today, some of its newest models ‘“ the Civic Type-R, as well as, the Civic Si – have been positively remarked as one of the top performing sporty compact cars of the new generation. This is also one of the reasons why the Honda Civic has become the leading car line in terms of sales in Canada, for more than a decade already.

On the other side of the coin, BMW (completely known as Baverische Motoren Werke AG) is a German automaker that also ventures into several lines of cars and motorcycles, and is involved in the production of motor engines. It is a very big global company that has some popular subsidiaries, like Rolls Royce Motors. The name BMW is well known throughout the world. This car brand managed to make a name for itself by claiming the title as one of the best automakers of luxury cars. In terms of history, BMW has a very rich record, because it has operated since 1916, long before the First World War.


1. The Civic is a more specific line of cars compared to the broader or bigger BMW Company.

2. The Civic is a product of the Honda car company that is based in Japan, while BMW was originally based in Germany.

3. The Civic, or the Honda Motor Company in general, is a newer line of cars (car company) that was founded in 1948; compared to BMW that was established back in 1916.

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