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Difference Between Honda Accord and BMW 3 series

bmw-3Honda Accord vs BMW 3 series

A compact executive car manufactured in five various generations with more than five different body styles, the BMW 3Series has to date been the best-selling car for the German car maker BMW. The 3 Series has been the best-selling car in its class ever since it was released in 1973, at some point even outselling cheaper models and winning numerous automotive honors along the way. In the same car class from Japanese manufacturer Honda Motor Company is the Honda Accord, a family car produced in sequence since the mid seventies.

Feature comparison of latest models
The 2009 BMW 3 series is available in four models namely sedan, coupe, convertible and sports wagon models whereas the 2009 Accord doesn’t offer the convertible and coupe models. Performance wise, the BMW is miles ahead of the Accord with all its models powered by a 2.8 liter, 230 horsepower, six cylinder engine with either six-speed manual or six-speed intelligent auto-manual transmission. For the base model of the 2009 Accord it will have a 2.4 liter engine that will on average do 35 miles per gallon of gas but that is a little less than the 3 series, which has a significantly larger engine.

When it comes to handling both the accord and the 3 Series share tire characteristics but the accord has more agility on the road given its tighter turning circle. For any car owners that do a lot of city mileage this is something to ponder but the 3 Series will give you better value for your money on the highway.
The 3 Series has got a roomy interior owing to its ampler interior dimensions which gives passengers extra comfort compared to the Accord although you will get more headroom in the front cabin of the Accord but in terms of usefulness, the Honda Accord is more advantageous especially for parents who often need child and cargo space.
In terms of cost, the more generous basic warranty that comes with a purchase of the 3 Series also make it far more expensive than the Accord, both the destination charge to the dealer’s place and the MSRP.

1. The Accord is obviously made by a Japanese car maker Honda while the 3 Series is from German.
2. The 3 Series offers a sedan, coupe, convertible and sports wagon whereas the Accord doesn’t have the convertible and couple.
3. The 3 Series has a bigger, more powerful engine than the Accord.
4. The Accord has a tighter turning circle than the 3 Series and also is more agile on the road than the 3 Series.
5. Overall, the 3 series costs way higher than the Accord and comes with better warranty.

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  1. Probably you haven’t seen or heard about accord V6. I am not saying its better. But how can you compare a 4 cylinder engine of a 2.4 litre accord with a bmw 3 series engine? Accord v6 is does not lag too much behind with is 268bhp 3.5litre engine. What i mean to say is comparison should be apple-to-apple, not apple-to-orange.

  2. And how is a FWD car more agile than a RWD car? In the USA there used to be an accord coupe.

  3. I have owned many bmw’s , Mercedes , Toyota, and chevy trucks……………bang for the buck is Honda ……….they are trouble free and the new civic and accord are the best …………actually bmw run flats and I drive is a killer for me ………as far as the 4 year maintenance …..it is 3 to 4 oil changes , brake fluid change that is unnecessary and windshield wipers ………….I loved my 78 320, 93 318 and 97 528 ….however , the new ones are unrealiable and expensive to keep up………I will never buy another merc or bmw ……………I am sold on Japanese vehicles due to price, lack of depreciation and bullet proof reliability .

    sincerely , l/cpl andy m.birmingham usmc

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