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Difference Between Economy and Compact Cars

compact_car-pdEconomy vs Compact Cars

When it comes to the difference between economy and compact car statistics, many people tend to believe that the terms are interchangeable. It’s not until you go to book a rental car online, that you finally realize they fit into two different categories.

The biggest difference in these types of cars boils down to (mostly) economic gas mileage. While a compact car will tend to have reasonably good gas mileage, it is not necessarily going to save you much money when it comes to the operational costs. The economy car is designed to be low maintenance, from gas mileage to standard scheduled maintenance issues.

While both cars are considered to be lightweight cars, compact cars tend to be light and tight. They often lack the storage and accessible space that the economy car offers. Compact cars are not as long, or as wide, as other classes, and can usually be counted on to fit into some pretty tight parking spaces. The economy car doesn’t necessarily have to be smaller than a sedan or coup, and often it’s not. The classification does not depend upon the car’s overall size, but on its overall easier and cheaper ownership qualities. There are many economy cars that are quite spacious.

Economy cars are a bit more popular than the compact car, especially because you can usually find a car similar to the more expensive models without overextending your financial obligations. You can often get more for the same amount of money when purchasing an economy car. Due to this fact, it is not unusual for almost all car manufacturers to offer an economy model, but fewer car companies offer the compact car.

Many compact cars have adopted the idea of the hatchback versions, because consumers are still interested in having enough space for their traveling materials. A hatchback takes the small car and gives it more interior space, and more options when using the car to meet personal and functional needs.

The compact car is known by different names in different parts of the world. If you are looking for a compact car in Europe, you would be looking for a ‘small family car’. If you’re of the same mind, and looking in other parts of the world, you might get further by asking to rent from the category known as the C-Segment car.


1. Compact cars have size limitations.

2. Compact cars are almost always hatchback.

3. Economy cars are focused on the consumer’s need to save money on operating and maintenance costs.

4. Economy cars are more popular.

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