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Difference Between Sedan and Hatchback

Sedan vs Hatchback

For standard and small-sized cars, hatchbacks are becoming a very popular option. Many people are wondering which one to choose and what are the actual differences between the two. The main difference between a sedan and the hatchback in how the trunk space is partitioned. With a sedan, the trunk is partitioned away from passenger cabin. With a hatchback, there is no trunk per se. A hatchback has space behind the rear passenger seat that is accessible through a rear door or window; often referred to as a “hatch,” “lift gate,” or some other term.

It is easy to distinguish between a sedan and a hatchback as the hatchback is shorter. The loss in length is concentrated in the back as the absence of the trunk means that the rear of the hatchback is typically a foot closer to the rear wheel than with a sedan.

As the sedan is longer, it also has a significantly bigger trunk space where you can store your belongings. Although a hatchback’s storage space in the rear is not as big as the sedan’s, it is sufficient for most uses like carrying a set of golf clubs or getting groceries.

The main advantage of the hatchback design is the flexibility provided when you fold the rear seats. Doing so creates a much larger storage area, even bigger than a sedan’s trunk, at the expense of the rear seating area. This is great for hauling things that won’t fit in a sedan. A good example would be furniture like chairs, coffee tables, and the like. Some of them may fit in the trunk of a sedan but won’t allow the lid to close.

The choice between a sedan and a hatchback all boils down to preference, whichever one you are more comfortable with. The perceived advantages and disadvantages just cancel each other out. Even if you want a sportier look and feel, hatchbacks have their own version. Often called “hothatch,” these hatchbacks have improved engines, drivetrains, and suspension to provide it with enhanced speed, acceleration, and handling for the adventurous types.


1.A sedan has a separate trunk space while a hatchback doesn’t.
2.A sedan is longer than a hatchback.
3.A sedan has more trunk space than a hatchback.
4.A hatchback is more flexible when it comes to storage space than a sedan.

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