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mazda3Honda Accord vs. Mazda 3

Two different cars, one comparison test. There are so many good brands competing nowadays, and carmakers are scrambling to get an edge over one another. Just by looking at the stat sheet of a particular brand of car simply won’t cut it anymore. One way of trying to figure out if you will be getting good value for your money, is to compare each vehicle’s data, side by side, and sum it all up with its reputation. The lucky participants for this comparison are the perky Mazda3 and the well-renowned Honda Accord. Now, in all matters of fairness, only the entry level trims of both brands are being scrutinized, to be able to decide which car has the best value to offer the driving public.

We start off with the Honda Accord LX. This car has a 2.4L inline-4, which produces 177 horsepower at 6,500rpm, and is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. This thrifty engine has a fuel economy of 25 miles per gallon for city and highway driving. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for this model starts at $21,765.

The Mazda3 i-SV is actually cheaper, at $15,295, for it is classified as a compact sedan. Nevertheless, this entry level model is equipped with a standard 2.0-liter inline-4 engine, that kicks out a modest 148-horsepower at 6500rpm. It can achieve 28-mpg for both city and highway driving, which makes it a very fuel efficient unit. A 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive is standard, although, there is an optional 5-speed automatic for those who do not know how to use a clutch pedal.

Another thing is, that there are some similarities that can be found for both cars, such as: 4-wheel ABS as a standard safety feature, ventilated disc brakes on all corners, and a front wheel drivetrain. In terms of curb weight, the Accord LX comes out slightly heavier at 3230lbs., compared to the Mazda’s 2868lbs. The Accord’s weight is supported by 16-inch alloy wheels, wrapped in 215/60 all-season tires, while the Mazda 3 wears low profile 205/55 spec tires on 16-inch rims.

One must remember though, that all these numbers are for the entry-level models only, for both car manufacturers. Things get a bit more upscale, more competitive and pricier as you go up the different trim levels. The Accord offers three different trim levels, namely, the base LX, the upgraded EX, and the top of the line EX-L, which offers premium features, such as leather upholstery and an optional navigation system.

The Mazda3, on the other hand, is available in seven trims, either as a sedan or family wagon, starting from the entry level i-SV 4-Door up to the s-Grand Touring 5-door wagon, which is equipped with a standard 2.5-liter inline-4 engine, and a 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive.

The good thing about choosing the Mazda3 right now, is its unbeatable price and fun-to-drive characteristics, which the Accord can’t match. Although, this begs the question, what if you decide to suddenly grow up and want a more refined and relaxing ride? We thought so too, so, a Honda Accord anyone?

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