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skodaHonda Accord vs. Skoda Superb

In the automotive world, brilliant marketing strategy and excellent automotive engineering is what takes brand names to the top of the pile, regardless of how big or small is the car company. This is so evident in the hotly contested mid-sized sedan market, where there are simply so many pretenders, contenders, and who-are-you’s gunning for media and market attention. Some succeed, most others fail.

So, what do you think will happen when a virtual unknown, such as a Skoda Superb, goes up against a well-known brand name, like the Honda Accord? Will there be an upset by the underdog? Well, let’s find out by pitting each brand’s entry level models against each other.

Let’s start with the Honda Accord LX, which has a 2.4L inline-4 engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox, which produces 177 horsepower at 6,500rpm. This thrifty engine has a fuel economy of 25 miles per gallon, for both city and highway driving. The Accord also offers 4-wheel ABS on ventilated disc brakes, as a primary standard safety feature. In terms of curb weight, the Accord LX comes out in a slightly trimmer 3230lbs., supported by 16-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 215/60 All-Season tires. All this, and a bit more, you can get starting from $21,765.

Meanwhile, the Skoda Superb starts at around $25,708, more or less depending on the current foreign currency exchange rate. For this price, you get a frugal 1.4L inline-4 engine, which can go for 27 miles on a gallon of fuel. However, it has a rather weak power output, with just 125hp at 5000rpm, delivered to the front wheels by a 6-speed manual gearbox. Solid disc brakes on all four corners are standard, as well as an anti-lock braking system, and fat 205/55 sized tires on 16-inch rims, holds the 3267lbs. frame of the Superb on the asphalt.

One must remember though, that all these numbers are for the entry-level models only, for both car manufacturers. Things get a bit more upscale, more competitive and pricier as you go up the different trim levels. The Accord offers three different trim levels, namely, the base LX, the upgraded EX, and the top of the line EX-L, which offers premium features, such as leather upholstery and an optional navigation system.

The Skoda Superb, on the other hand, has two body styles available in wagon and sedan, and four different trim levels, which are: The base S, the upgraded SE, the opulent Elegance series, and the ultra-thrifty Greenline. There’s also a dozen engine configurations to choose from for each trim level, with a total of five gasoline engines, starting with the 1.4L inline-4 up to the top-end 3.5L V6; and another seven 2.0L turbo diesel engines, with varying degrees of horsepower. The Greenline trim has just one engine, which is the thrifty 1.9L TDI that can achieve up to 55.4mpg.

So there goes the numbers in this comparison feature, and now we move on to decide which car is better suited for today’s discerning buyers. At first glance, the Skoda Superb has some great features to offer, especially with its turbo diesel engine lineup. However, with a rather steep entry-level price for a brand that has yet to reach a global market, Skoda will get nowhere with this rather brilliantly made vehicle. As for the Honda Accord, the name alone speaks for itself.

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