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Difference Between MUV and SUV


SUVs (sport utility vehicles) and MUVs (multi-utility vehicles) are the two best options when it comes to all-around driving or family vehicles. They are preferred because of their large capacity to haul people or items. The main difference between the two is their lineage. While MUVs are generally based on the form of the van, SUVs are more like light trucks that are totally enclosed.

One of the biggest appeals of the SUV is its prowess off road. People living in rural areas prefer SUVs because of its powerful engine and 4-wheel or all-wheel drive feature. Although many SUVs still retain AWD, many of the more family-oriented models now have RWD (rear-wheel drive). In comparison, MUVs do not really have AWD and forego RWD for the simpler FWD (front-wheel drive). FWD is more compact as there is no need for a long driveshaft that takes up space. This frees up more room for the cabin and reduces the overall weight. Because the front wheels are used for both steering and powering the vehicle, MUVs are not advisable in bad terrain.

In general, MUVs are much cheaper than SUVs in more ways than one. The initial cost is much less since most MUVs have smaller engines than SUVs, and the simplified layout reduces the number of moving parts. Fewer moving parts also translate to fewer parts that can fail and, therefore, reduced servicing costs. And then there is the issue of fuel consumption. As the economic downturn takes a toll on everyone, people have begun to abandon their SUVs due to their very poor mileage. MUVs, with their smaller and more fuel-efficient engines, are the more attractive option for families looking for a vehicle that would fit everyone including some gear.

The general trend in automobiles is probably going to continue even if the economy improves. People are moving away from gas guzzlers like SUVs into more reasonable vehicles like MUVs. Off road and towing capabilities are forsaken for fuel efficiency. It’s not like that is a huge loss,given that the majority of SUV drivers are women who are always on concrete roads.


1.MUVs are based on the van while SUVs are derived from light trucks.
2.MUVs are FWD while SUVs are RWD or AWD.
3.SUVs fair better off road than MUVs.
4.SUVs are pricier than MUVs.
5.MUVs are more fuel efficient than SUVs.

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