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Differences Between Extended Cabs and Crew Cabs 

Extended Cabs

Extended cabs are a midsize cab (interior) option for trucks. They expand on regular cabs by adding an extra row of seats at the back. These cabs are a little smaller than similar crew cabs.

Differences between Extended Cabs and Crew Cabs 


Crew Cabs

Crew cabs are the largest available cab size for trucks. Unlike traditional regular cab trucks that are designed for work use, crew cabs are designed for transporting families. Therefore they add a back row of seats like extended cabs but overall they are a little longer.

Differences between Extended Cabs and Crew Cabs 

Difference between Extended Cabs and Crew Cabs


1.Extended cabs:

Extended cabs come with two rows of seats (front and back) that typically have three seats each. As a reference, crew cabs also have six seats while regular cabs have three.

2. Crew cabs:

Crew Cabs have two rows of seats (front and back) that typically have three seats each. On the other hand, regular cabs have three seats, and extended cabs also have six seats.


1. Extended cabs:

Extended cabs are usually the middle option in cab size, larger than regular cabs but slightly smaller than crew cabs. The interior is smaller than a crew cab because the cab itself is slightly shorter.

2. Crew cabs:

Crew Cabs are generally the largest available option for cab size, bigger than both extended cabs and regular cabs.


1. Extended cabs:

Extended cabs may or may not have back doors. On extended cabs without back doors, you can access the back row by folding down the front seats. Many extended cabs do come with back doors, but they are typically not full-sized like the front doors.

2. Crew cabs:

Crew cabs come with full-sized back doors and front doors. Some crew cabs come with back doors that open backwards/opposite to the front doors – Dodge, for example, calls this variety a quad cab.

Bed Options

1. Extended cabs:

Because extended cabs are smaller than crew cabs, an extended cab truck with the same bed as a crew cab truck will be shorter in overall length. This means that you can usually find extended cabs in all bed sizes because a longer bed is more practical on an extended cab than a crew cab. Manufacturers also assume that a buyer looking for an extended cab is more concerned with having a big bed than having the biggest cab.

2. Crew cabs:

Crew cabs are the longest models of trucks, and manufacturers often offer them with smaller bed sizes than extended cab trucks. Most people looking crew cabs are highly concerned with the spaciousness of their cab because they will be often be transporting their family friends. A long bed on a crew cab will also create an especially long truck that will be more difficult to drive than trucks with smaller beds. With these factors in mind, some manufacturers will not offer the longest bed for their crew cabs, although some models are available in all sizes.


1. Extended cabs :

Extended cabs are more expensive than regular cabs but cheaper than crew cabs. Adding a longer bed will increase the size of the truck. If you are shopping by price instead of size, an extended cab is more economical than a crew cab by default.

2. Crew cabs:

Crew cabs are the most expensive option because of the extra size and full-sized doors. Larger bed sizes will increase their cost even more.

Overall Availability

Buyers will need to research manufacturers to find what combinations of cab and bed sizes they offer. Not all makes and models will be available in each size.

Summary of  difference between Extended Cabs and Crew Cabs

Extended cabs and crew cabs are both larger size truck models that were developed when trucks became popular in urban areas. However, they have significant differences:

  • Extended cabs are middle of the road on most features. They are larger than regular cabs and have the same seat capacity as crew cabs, but they are shorter than crew cabs. Crew cabs are the largest available cab with the same 6-seat capacity as extended cabs.
  • Extended cabs may have no rear doors, half-sized doors, or full-sized doors. Crew cabs come with full-sized doors.
  • Because extended cabs are shorter than crew cabs, they are sometimes available with longer beds than crew cabs. Crew cabs are easier to drive with shorter bed options.
  • Extended cabs are less expensive than crew cabs, but depending on the bed choice, they may be similar in price.

Comparison table for Extended Cabs vs. Crew Cabs

Extended Cabs VERSUS Crew Cabs



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