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Difference Between SuperCab and SuperCrew

Gone are the days when a customer had to make fewer decisions when placing an order for a new Ford pickup. Today there are like tons of options, packages, trim levels, engine/transmission, cab and box styles, wheels and tires, navigation systems and what not. Today we’re looking at the Ford F-150 pickup which has been one of the best selling motor vehicles of all time for decades. So, if you’re eyeing on the F-150, you have two cab options to choose from: the F-150 SuperCab and the SuperCrew.

What is a SuperCab?

The Ford SuperCab, also known as the Super Cab, is one of the three cab configurations found on the pickup. The F-150 series pickup trucks were introduced to the United States in 1948. The idea of the F-series came from some new thinking about how trucks could be used. This opened a new chapter for Ford in the pickup segment. In 1974, Ford came up with a new extended-cab SuperCab model which first appeared in the F-100 series. This extended cab would be used in modern truck designs and was one of the main reasons why Ford propelled into the top position in the pickup truck segment.

What is a SuperCrew?

The SuperCrew is the only full-size four-door pickup truck offered in the under-8500-GVW pickup class. It was based on the F-150 SuperCab’s 139-inch wheelbase. The SuperCrew is specially designed for hauling passengers as well as carrying stuffs. The SuperCrew comes with a standard 5-ft bed which can be extended for a bigger payload. Unlike SuperCab, it comes in three additional trim variants: King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited. Like the F-150s, the SuperCrew is also equipped with four-wheel disc antilock brakes.

Difference between SuperCab and SuperCrew

Bed Options

 – The F-150 SuperCab is an ideal work truck that maintains a decent balance between room for people and cargo space. The standard bed length for SuperCab is 6.5-ft, but it also offers a bigger 8-ft bed option for top-notch payload capacity. The 6.5-ft foot bed comes optional with the SuperCrew, and that require stretching the wheelbase and the length by roughly a foot. The SuperCrew comes with the standard 5.5-ft bed. The 8-ft bed is not available with the SuperCrew.


 – This is probably the most common and the easier to spot difference between the two options. The SuperCab has four doors – two regular front doors and two rear reverse hinged doors. But the doors are not full size. The two back doors have rear hinges for a full 180-degrees access to the rear seat. It provides enough room to accommodate children and smaller adults. The SuperCrew also has four doors, which unlike the SuperCab, open in the same direction.


– The F-150 SuperCab has 33.5 inches rear legroom and 40.3 inches rear headroom, so people riding in the back will have ample room to sit comfortably. However, the SuperCrew offers passengers riding in the back more room than the SuperCab. Although, the front row dimensions remain the same, the SuperCrew offers 43.5 inches of rear legroom, which basically means it can easily accommodate a regular-sized adult. Also, the back seats fold in the SuperCrew for an increased cargo space.


– Perhaps the one thing in which the SuperCab has the upper hand is the pricing. The SuperCab is available in three trim options, starting a little over $33,000 for the XL SuperCab, which is still over $3,000 cheaper than the SuperCrew XL variant. However, both are powered by the same 3.3-liter V6 engine. The SuperCab is also available in XLT and Lariat, same as SuperCrew. However, SuperCrew is available in three additional trim variants: King Ranch, Platinum and Limited. The higher level trims are not available with the F-150 SuperCab. 

SuperCab vs. SuperCrew: Comparison Chart


Both the SuperCab and the SuperCrew are pretty similar in configuration. Probably the most notable difference between the two is that SuperCrew has a large rear seating area for added passenger comfort. SuperCrew also has four full-size doors, all of which open in the same direction. SuperCab, however, makes the most out of its smaller rear seating area with 180-degree rear reverse hinge doors that open all the way to the end for a better access to the back seats. Although, SuperCab doesn’t have much in terms of rear seating area, its 6.5-ft bed area is a big bonus and it can be longer. The standard bed length in the SuperCrew is only 5.5-ft, so there goes the advantage.

Is SuperCab or SuperCrew bigger?

Both are pretty similar and can accommodate up to 6 passengers. SuperCrew has a larger rear seating area for a better passenger comfort. SuperCrew is the larger configuration and has four full-size doors.

Is SuperCrew the same as Crew Cab?

Both are basically the same configurations and offer passengers riding in the back more seating room than the SuperCab. Crew Cab is for transporting families, whereas SuperCabs are basically work trucks.

Is a SuperCrew an extended cab?

The F-150 SuperCrew is specially designed for hauling passengers as well as tools and supplies. SuperCab is the extended Cab with two mini doors behind the regular doors. SuperCrew is not the extended cab.

What is the difference between XL and XLT?

XL is the more budget friendly option, while the XLT has all the features of the XL plus some extra features for added performance and comfort. XL offers a key lock tailgate, while the XLT has a lower lock tailgate. 

What does XLT stand for Ford?

The XLT on Ford vehicles stand for “extra luxurious truck.”

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