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Differences Between McAfee and Kaspersky

McAfee is an American “device-to-cloud” cybersecurity company. Founded in 1987, McAfee has become especially successful as a provider of services to banks, financial firms, and Fortune 100 and 500 corporations. 

Created in 1997 in Russia, Kaspersky Labs is a global, multinational cybersecurity firm. Kaspersky boasts a portfolio of over 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients.


Differences Between McAfee vs Kaspersky 

1. Baseline Antivirus Packages for McAfee vs Kaspersky

McAfee has bundled its older antivirus packages into two plans – Total Protection and LiveSafe. Both packages include the following services: anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spam; ransomware protection; PC Optimization; PC Boost; firewall and network monitoring; mobile security; a password manager; file encryption; ID theft protection; and Safe Family (the last only with a multi-device plan). Total Protection is the cheaper package, offering protection for 1, 5, or 10 devices on one license. LiveSafe offers protection for an unlimited number of devices.

Kaspersky offers three basic products: 

  • Anti-Virus
  • Internet Security
  • Total Security 

Anti-virus is designed for PCs, while Internet Security is available on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Along with antivirus services and internet security and privacy, Total Security includes online shopping security, parental controls and child safety features, password management, and file protection. The Anti-Virus and Internet Security products support either 3 or 5 devices depending on the price point, while Total Security supports 2 user accounts and up to 10 devices.


2. Operating System Compatibility for McAfee vs Kaspersky 

McAfee’s antivirus packages provide support for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

Kaspersky’s essential Anti-Virus product is only compatible with PCs. However, the company offers more products that also work with Mac, Android, and iOS.


3. Smart Home Support for McAfee vs Kaspersky 

McAfee offers protection services for an increasing number of connected devices and peripherals other than computers and phones. In order to provide these services, McAfee has partnered with manufacturers of routers to build its Secure Home Platform into router software. With this capability, any compatible device connected to the router can constantly benefit from antivirus and security software. While not all devices and routers are currently compatible with the Secure Home Platform, everything from smart lightbulbs to game consoles can be protected.

Kaspersky’s smart home protection comes in the form of advanced technical support. Through this Premium Support service, customers are remotely connected to technicians who can diagnose and resolve security issues with devices connected to their home Internet connection. This support is diagnostic instead of preventative, but more thorough technical support can be purchased on an annual basis.


4. Free Products

McAfee does not provide comprehensive free products, but does offer free trials. However, the company has made multiple anti-malware and encryption services free; these are specialized for specific types of malware and are not comprehensive.

Kaspersky provides free trials of several products (such as its VPN). There are also free versions of Password Manager, Security Scan, Virus Removal Tool, and Rescue Disk.


5. Enterprise Products

McAfee is widely used by large enterprises. A variety of enterprise services are available, including cloud security, server security, endpoint protection, web and network security, analytics, encryption, database protection, and Security Information & Event Management. 

Kaspersky tailors its enterprise products differently for small, medium, and large businesses. While many of its business services are similar in purpose to McAfee’s, the company also provides industrial cybersecurity, threat intelligence, gamified cybersecurity training, and fraud protection.

McAfee vs Kaspersky: Comparison Table 


Summary of McAfee vs Kaspersky 

As two of the leading cybersecurity service provides across the globe, McAfee and Kaspersky tend to have similar product offerings. However, they differ on device limits and compatibility, packages and price points, and advanced service options.

  • McAfee and Kaspersky each offer basic cybersecurity packages for everyday consumers. Kaspersky’s baseline package is limited to Windows operating systems while McAfee supports Windows, Mac, and mobile operating systems. 
  • McAfee offers free trials of its services and a variety of anti-malware tools for specific malware and ransomware. Kaspersky’s selection of free products is more comprehensive, include hard drive disinfection as well as virus scanning and removal.
  • McAfee has gained an overwhelming majority share of Fortune 100 and 500 businesses as enterprise customers, as well as 87% of worldwide large banks. Kaspersky’s free products and low price points make its current products more suited for small-to-medium enterprises and average consumers, but its top enterprise products include gamified training for employees and industrial cybersecurity. 
  • In order to protect smart homes and connected devices, McAfee actively works with manufacturers to design routers with built-in security. This built-in security helps prevent connected devices from receiving viruses and malware. Kaspersky instead offers premium technical support to remotely diagnose issues with connected devices. 


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