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  1. Vice Chair
    November 15, 2015

    There are health benefits attributed to beer and claims that are outright false in this article. From a medical standpoint there are no significant health benefits to consuming any form of alcohol – although marketers due make these claims. Claiming that whiskey is carcinogenic due to ethanol is misleading because beer can be equally so – it also contains ethanol. It all depends on how much you consume. Finally the article lacks science-beer is full of unconverted carbohydrates which have serious health threats. Distilled alcohol contains no residual carbohydrates from the grains. Lastly, all alcoholic beverages regardless of type are priced per equivalencies of alcohol by volume (abv). So you are paying for the amount of ethal acohol that you purchase and not the volume. Using the price argument you are comparing apples to oranges. By the way I do not recommend that you drink 12 beer at one go…you could become very ill and also have a very bad hangover.


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