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Difference Between Acrylic and Glass Bongs

Acrylic vs Glass Bongs

The difference between acrylic and glass bong is the material and price. Glass bongs are more expensive than acrylic ones. Old smokers who do not wish to taste anything other than the weed prefer glass bongs because acrylic bongs can change the taste of the weed.

On the other hand, acrylic bong tends to be sturdier than glass and does not break easily. As compared to acrylic bongs, the glass bongs are fragile and breakable. Acrylic bongs are cheaper and easier to fix whereas glass bongs are not only expensive but impossible to fix as well.

Acrylic bongs are good for packing in your suitcase and taken along with you while traveling whereas it might not be a good idea to do the same with the glass bongs. Glass bongs are not portable as they are easily breakable. However, glass bongs provide smoother smoke when compared with acrylics. Glass bongs can also seal well but acrylic bongs can be harsh and hard to clean whereas glass bongs are much easier to clean.

Acrylic as compared to glass bongs is an inferior smoking medium but is more durable when compared with glass bongs. Some of the acrylic bongs have the bowl and down-stem made of metal. Many smokers find the metal and acrylic parts responsible of changing the taste of the weed. The smoker may have to milk it hard the result of which is bad for the lungs. Acrylic bong also has a lot of drag that aids in wasting and burning more weed inefficiently. Another disadvantage for the metal pipe is that it gets hot quickly. Acrylic pipes never seem to give the same hit as glass as they are difficult to pull.

Many smokers prefer glass for its looks and feel. It is easy to see through glass, to change the water when required. Acrylic bongs are usually made of colored material and it is not as good as glass to see through. Besides, the breakage glass bongs also have no screen and the smoker may inhale ash as well.The disadvantage with acrylic bongs is that they emit harmful plastic fumes.


1. Glass bongs look and feel good.

2. Acrylic bongs are used as an alternate for glass bongs.

3. Glass bongs are expensive and fragile.

4. Acrylic bongs are durable and not breakable.

5. Glass bongs are not good for traveling whereas acrylic bongs can be packed in the suitcase and taken along.

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  1. I prefer acrylic plastic bongs. I have broken glass ones soon after purchases. I don’t notice any difference in taste.

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