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Sunni vs Salafi

Sunni and Salafi are two sects of Islam and Salafi are also known as ahle hadith. During the British rule in the Indian sub continent many major differences emerged in the Muslims which led to the intra-Muslim rivalry. It was in this period that many sects came into view such as deobandi, brailvi and ahle hadith or Salafi. Salafi emerged as a separate sect or maslak in a gradual process in the sub continent of India. The Salafis are a fundamentalist group that seeks to imitate the behavior of early Muslims.

The real difference between Sunni and Salafi is that Sunnis believe Prophet Muhammad is Nur or enlightened soul to guide the Muslims whereas the Salafis believe he is a normal human being like me and you. Sunni and Salafi both have separate mosques and madrasas or schools. The Salafi rely solely upon the Quran and the hadith or Sunah of the prophet narrated by his companions.

The Sunnis believe in the four imams and their school of thought whereas ahle hadith do not believe in taqleed or associationism. The Orthodox Sunnis have rigid beliefs in compliance with the four schools of thoughts of Sunni jurisprudence whereas Salafis follow only when their ruling is supported by Quran and Sunnah.They have aggressive attitude towards the Sunni beliefs and they openly oppose the customs of Sunnis.

Salafi also do not believe in the cults of the saints and emphasize upon the obliteration of bida`h or wrongful innovation in Islam. Many Sunnis kneel before graves or prostrate that is strongly opposed by the Salafis. Sunnis believe in the intercession of the last Prophet and saints whether they are living or dead whereas the Salafi strictly oppose the arbitration and do not believe in the saints.

Many Sunni see the Salafi as a hidden front of the Wahabis. Sunnis emphasize upon the adoration of the Prophet and the saints whereas Salafis fiercely oppose and have antagonistic attitude towards taqlid. Taqlid is a popular custom of Sunnis. Sunnis believe in the mysticism and ‘kalam.’ Sunnis celebrate the birthday of the holy Prophet and saints. They also commemorate Urs or the day of the death of saints. Salafis denounce these practices and despise the kalam or poetry of various saints and scholars in Islam because they believe that these innovations are only spreading misguidance and misleading the Muslims. Salafis place great emphasis on rituals and make religion a part of everyday activity. Many of them are careful to always follow the example of Muhammad and the companions. Much of the Salafi literature focuses on the intricate details of ritual practices and beliefs. Much of their publications teach the ‘correct’ methods of praying as well as rules and regulations related to dress, food or marriage etc to attack rival Muslim including Sunnis and other groups.

1.Salafi emerged as a separate sect and minority in the Indian subcontinent during the British reign and have separate mosques and institutions than that of Sunnis.
2.Sunni are the majority group and almost 90% of Muslim community belongs to Sunni sect.
3.Salafi have fundamentalist beliefs and they condemn Sunni rituals and customs.
4.Sunni believe in the intercession, prostration and arbitration by the saints whereas Salafis call these practices as bida`h or wrongful innovations in Islam.
5.Salafi despise taqleed or associationalism and do not believe in saints or mysticism. They believe that Holy Prophet is just an ordinary human being whereas Sunnis believe that he is Nur sent to Earth in the form of a human being.

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    • Truss me what batil they’ve mixed sunnis and sufis up

      • As Salamu Alaykum!

        Indeed there is a bit of confusion and even more so no supporting statements to make these claims. This can be more of an opinion than a fact.
        One thing can be noted though, the correct use of the Quran/Hadith can alleviate much of this confusion.

    • You not sunni thdn

    • It seems that this article is misleading. It seems that the practices written here is actually a shiaa practices..Sunni doesnt believe in saints, doesnt prostate to their graves and doesnt celebrate the birthday of the Prophet.. Sunni as I know is the follower of the Qur’an and the sunnah. Attributes of sunni is very clear..this article is misleading, so be carefull.. I believe somebody want to confuse muslims as what is the meaning of sunni and shiaism.

      • Yes brother the article is misleading.

      • This article is totally confusing and misleading. I am a sunni Muslim I don’t celebrate prophets birthday and I don’t visit grave yards. Which is no where written in Quran or Sahi Hadith. A true sunni muslim just follow Quran and Sahi Hadith. Practising beyond Quran and Sahi Hadith is called as Bidaah’ (This is nothing related to Sunni, Shia or Salafi. Please re correct your article and publish the article based on true facts.

        • Then sir, please educate us as to the
          Truth about Salafi, Sunni, Shia, Wahabi,
          Also is it true that The Prophet was a military leader as well as THE spiritual
          leader of the faith in the 6th century?
          Please forgive my limited understanding of what is the truth. Where does one
          Go to find it ?[ the Quran, for as in the Bible these inspired works are open to interpretation by Jews, Catholics and Protestants]. All sects of Islam, I assume, as with Judeo-Christians,
          have different interpretations.
          Please let me know if your interpretation
          Is different than the other sects. A rhetorical question no doubt because I know it differs from one sect to the other
          As in Judeo-Christianity

          Thank You for your knowledge and expect a reply.

          • Dear Jeffrey..
            Muslims themselves splitted into number of sets…
            But we have to see prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him… is just a Muslim… same like Moses and Isa.
            According to prophets… Allah is one… he alone we worship and he alone we ask for.
            Prophets and messengers are come to teach us the way of life…
            If they say… don’t do it… even if it’s good to the world… we Muslims won’t do it… bcoz we believe… Allah is one… and he knows all … he hears everything and sees everything…
            And he is best planners… also… he is unique… no one likes him.
            Quran and sunnah are the 2 days to be rich Muslim…
            Also those who do other then prophets teachings will lead to hellfire…
            Please let me know… if you need anything in brief… U can contact me through email.

          • You should try to go through detailed life history of prophet plus 200 years after him,then Quran and hadiths in brief,then many video or articles/books of speeches/debates/ on various topics among sects.keep on doing this with being logical caring your family and loving humanity, controlling tongue against ill words for anyone , certainly god will show you truth.

        • But did you believe that prophet Muhammad S.A.W isn’t be like me and you an isn’t been father any man or not

        • Why do you say that you are sunni if you do not celebrate BARAH WAFAT only wahabi nasbi enemy of the Holy PROPHET s a a w a w do not celebrate Eid e miladun Nabi sunni Shia and all Muslims celebrate it since more than 1400 years only Jewish wahabi do not celebrate it

          • Dear brother, Milad celebration like what you find now was started by one Mulaffer, a Fatimid (Shia) Egyptian King after 300 Hijra, which is a clear innovation in Islam. Until that, no muslim, (including the Sahabah, Ta’bee and Ta’b e ta’bee) celebrated the Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday like this.

          • Shut up calling us jew will lead you to hell if you have ever read Quran carefully

          • Fear Allah you are calling the Muslims Jews

          • Yes, you are correct
            I am sunni muslim and we do celebrate barahwafat.

        • The article is correct.There are dffrnt types of Sunni muslims.commonly Sunnis wr practicing prophet birthday and focusing on imams,praying to the occupant of the grave. some of them follows shafi imam and some others follows hanafi like that..they give importance to imams mazhabs and they also following quran and hadhees etc
          Sunni Islam is separated into four main schools of jurisprudence, namely, Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanbali. These schools are named after Abu Hanifa, Anas bin Malik, al-Shafi’i, and Ahmad ibn Hanbal, respectively But there is also some Sunnis to not believe someone or something like this..they deals with quran and sahih hadees….

          Muslims practice their faith in many different ways, but the major practices for both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims are known as the Five Pillars, which include:
          the profession of faith, namely that there is only one God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God;
          the five daily prayers;
          required annual donation to charity in the amount of 2.5% of one’s excess wealth;
          fasting during daylight hours in the month of Ramadan; and
          making a pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime, if one is mentally, physically, and financially able to do so.

          All praise is due to Allah Who sent down the Quran as a holy Book with which He guided us to the straight path. I bear witness that there is no deity save Allah, having no associates. I also bear witness that our Master Muhammad is the Servant of Allah and His Messenger. He was the seal of Prophets and Messengers. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his pure family and companions, and all those who follow them in righteousness till the Day of Judgment.

          As to what follows,

          I urge you, O servants of Allah, and myself to be aware that you are asked to obey Him the Most Exalted in line with His orders: “and, [moreover], this is My path, which is straight, so follow it; and do not follow [other] ways, for you will be separated from His way. This has He instructed you that you may become righteous.” (Al-Anaam: 153).

        • U r right brother,i 2 discovered this new sunni term recently while in odisha.actually barelvi muslims here call themselves as sunnis while the fact is that there are just two sects in islam “sunni & shia” both practising same fundamentals and bilefs with some deviation in rituals.
          Barelvi movement is old one and recieving lot of patronage and praise from non muslims around the world for their beliefs – that are contadictory to true spread and message of islam,are much digestible and similar to the beliefs of non muslims like invoking the dead and seeking intermediaries in calling lord for help,prayers and blessings..
          Islam in nutshell believes in one supreme power that governs the universe and all prophets down from abraham to Muhammad(pbuh) is revered. Lord almighty is considered fleshless and holy light while as all other creatures,be it prophets are made of flesh and like any other human being they shall taste death.
          Islam doesnt teach of seeking interlocutors like dead preists or prophets in invoking lord nor does it anywhere say that saints and prophets are light n not flesh n that they wont die.
          Muslims are asked to adhere to word of god ” quran” and “hadith = sayings of prophet Muhammad ” and any deviation or innovation is blasphemous.
          I was reading one reply here saying that wahabi islam treats women as third class humans and it is ironical that the only faith that gives property rights and all rights except nudity to women is labelled as anti women and hollywood has contributed much to it like like other enemies of islam..
          26/11 we as muslims believe was designed by known enemies of islam with motive to spread hatred n disbelief about islam..but lord has other plans to your trickery and post 26/11 islam flourished in west rather than going down..so all thoz enemies of true islam aiding those who have left original beliefs can do us no harm but filter our rows from the disbilevers within us

        • Not confusing you are not Sunni, you are Salafi.

      • I fully agree with you brothers.This article is very untrue.Sunnis dont prostate in front if graves and we dont celebrate the birthdays of the subgaanallah..

        • This article is misleading and seems to have been written with non Muslims being the audience. What has been described as Sunni is actually more accurately a description of Barelvis and/or Shias. Barelvis are the only ones I am aware of that actually believe the Prophet pbuh was created out of God’s light.

      • Thank you brother. I am just a muslim but I have to say I am sunni muslim.
        I was really confused with the above article. As a sunni Muslim I know we follow The Holy Qur’an and sunah. I really don’t know if we follow the above 4 imans.
        But, you are right, we have to be carefully because Shia may post this kind of article to mislead us.
        Brother, if you have some time, can you give me just a bit more information about Shia if they pray also to their prophet Ali. Is something which they make them to be out of Islam. Because, Islam and a Muslim means to submit our will To ALLAAH ALONE.


        • So untrue, Sunni is the majority in Islam. The “group” that separated is obviously in “grave error” and are a very small portion of people who “say” they are Muslim, and Allah knows best of what they are!!!

      • Yes u are right sunnah dont believe in dat

      • You are absolutely right. I am a Sunni Muslim and this article is misleading people.

      • True,I am a sunni,I don’t prostrate to dead,I definitely respect all four khalifs,and four schools of thought like Maliki,shaafee,hanbali,and hanafi,I am of a hanafi maslak but I respect other maslaks too ,at the same time if any hanafi rule is not in conjunction to sahi hadith or quran I reject it ,

    • Yes you are right!!
      I was shocked when i was reading this article..i am sunni alhamdulilaah.
      And i never celebrated the birthday of the prophet peace be upon him.
      And never visited a grave of a saint…this is an innovation in islam.
      And this article is so wrong!!!!

    • Ye almost everything is false allahuakbar no one take information this is probably a white person who is taking info from Western scholars who are trying to destroy islam.

      • True ,no sunni will prostrate to dead,however holy that dead person is,even we don’t prostrate to prophet sas ,we only prostrate to Allah ,

    • True akhi…this website is bias..and they describe sunni as shia and suffism.


    • Sunni Muslims do not celebrate the Prophets birthdays nor do we believe that any can intercede on our behalf except Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). What a fitnah-dajal!!!

    • As a Salafi, we do see the Prophet (saw) as the best of creation but we do not start worshipping him and call out to him. However We do send blessing to him.

    • We Sunni never prostrate in front of graves and don’t believe Prophet Mohammad PBUH a soul lightened by Almighty. He was a human being who was endowed the responsibility of conveying Almighty Allah’s message to the earth. Please don’t get this wrong. This is basic thing and as for celebration it is personal choice but the core is mentioned that follow the fundamentals of Islam.

    • Salaam i am a sunni muslim the person seems like they have some hatred with us sunnis why are we all divided shaitan is now causing us to part. SUNNI do celebrate the prophets birthday as he is noor BEEN BESTOWED ALLAHS FAVOUR (noor of allah) ALLAH GIVES BY HIS ZAAT AND PROPHET AND SAINTS IS ATAI GIVEN THAT FAVOUR FROM THE ONE AND ONLY ALLAH SWT prophet is not an ordinary man but no doubt he was a bashr but the best of all creation of Allah we also believe in prostration of respect and honour you see “actions are based on intentions.” And the purpose is (not to worship, but to respect honour) on lookers would think it’s worship.Same is when we go to darbaar or mazaar we go to ask dua through waseela of pious whom Allah bestowed favour and bow as for honour respect but on lookers think it’s an ordinary grave and we are doing it for worship so much misconception and as for whoever invents something good biddat hassanah in deen with gets reward from Allah. WHY DO PEOPLE JUST QUESTION EVERYTHING? THERE IS BIDDAT HASSANAH AND SAYYIAH GOOD INNOVATION AND BAD INNOVATION,IF SOMETHING IS CONTRARY TO SHARIAT ISLAM OUR RELIGION IT WILL BE REJJECTED AS AYESHA RA:WHOEVER INNOVATES IN MATTER OF OURS I.E SHARIAT RELIGION IT WILL BE REJJECTED.E.G BIDDAT HASSANAH (GOOD INNOVATION) WHEN PROPHET DEPARTED FROM TEPORARY ABODE ONE OF THE SAHABA BEGAN TO COMPILE THE QURAN AND at time of prophet quran and commentary were together so all got confused so to make things clear and not confusing the commentary was burnt and only the quran remained zaid bin harris slave of prophet asked why are hou doing this as the prophet did not do this? (THIS SHOWS THAT BIDDAT HASSANAH IS SAHIH AND CORRECT IN RELIGION).

  2. LOL sunnis aint sufis they dont do or believe in any of the things they are claimed to above , and realistically speaking salafis and sunnis are supposed to be the same thing with essentially the same beliefs. For non-muslims, the term ‘SUNNI’ refers to following the Quran and SUNNAH (teachings and ways of Muhammad saws) whilst the term ‘SALAFI’ generally implies following the Quran and sunnah according to the understanding of the SALAF (The the pious predecessors). These two are synonymous in practice.

    HOWEVER, Salafism as it is called by media today has become a term to refer to a seperate group who follow a methodology WITHIN sunni islam (rather than a seperate sect), It is DEFINETLY NOT like comparing Sunnis and shias. To put it clearer, all salafis are sunnis but not all sunnis are salafi IN THE SENSE that they dont adhere to the what they now call the ‘salafi movement’. Muslims in general usually should follow the ways of the salaf

    “The best people are those of my generation, then those who come after them, then those who come after them. Then, there will come people whose witness will precede their oaths and whose oaths will precede their witness.”

    Source: Sahih Bukhari 6065, Sahih Muslim 2533

    • Ur a salafi in disguise lol….
      Sunnis do celebrate the Blessed birth of the Holy Prophet ( sallahu Aleyhi WASALAM). And we do celebrate the births of the pious saints who carried the Blessed message of Allah from the Holy Prophet to this day and onwards. However we do not prostrate or kneel in front of Mazaars etc or worship saints, that’s misinterpretation and is not allowed in Islam.

      • Sunni don’t celebrate the prophet’s (peace be upon him) birthday, and neither especially do not (NEVER) celebrate the births of any so-called saints. That is a big lie and you know it. It is Sufis who do that. I don’t know where you heard that from but you need to triple-check your sources for your own sake.
        As for the person who commented above you, I don’t know whether they are Sufi or not, but the way you said, “Ur a salafi in disguise lol…” You’re trying to make it seem like he/she is sinister or something. They, Sufi, are Sunni. In fact, not only do they follow the Quran and Sunnah of the blessed prophet s.a.w., they make sure to follow authentic hadiths from their closest sources, which avoids any deviated and unauthentic teachings.
        If you celebrate birthdays of so-called saints, from what sahih hadeeth have you learnt that from, since you claim to be Sunni. Find me the exact quote, source and page. Thank you

        • Correction: “They Salafi, are Sunni.” Sufis are not Sunni. Not even close.

          • Salafis are evil cult ancestors of wahabism who openly disrespect our beloved prophet peace be upon him and also make fun of Aulia allah you can make out in their speeches so be aware of them not sunnis.

        • When u don’t know anything then try to keep ur mouth shut… I am a Sunni and I celebrate prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) birthday…. And whoever is telling that for celebration of prophets birthday we need to show from hadith then stop eating biryani stop wearing suit o jeans o shirt,shoes because these things are also not written in any hadith…. Then according to you if u r doin things which are not referred in Hadith then u r doin sins everyday…. So plz do ur prayers in your way and let us do ours… Don’t try to interrupt…. Thank u

          • Let you follow your way and let us follow our subhannallah what planet you from there is one Quran and one sunnah what is coming from the ummah how can you follow your own way the Quran stands the highest point Allahu Akbar without Prophet Muhammad saw how you going to know what is correct follow the Quran and Hadith. Every thing you do in Islam needs to be fact why follow Allah in the way you believe the teachings to be show me anything regarding the Sufi sect with what some of the rituals that the prophet Muhammad saw carried out Hadith clearly means what the prophet did and said I speak to many Muslims that tell me I have learned of my imam Islam is to be learned with HAQQ not with innovation To know your creator does not come from innovation it comes from studying Quran studying din knowledge is power ignorance is looser we need one ummah we need one sunnah Allahu Akbar. Only dua and wanting asking worshiping in any form is to Allah sta. The only thing the dead need from the living is dua. To read Quran to the dead is no benefit at the cemetery because the Quran is given to the living once one is dead and berried then dua dua dua for them to be for given to for Allah sta to for give them for then sins and our Duas have a lot to do with it talking to the dead wanting something from the dead I’ll tell you what this is a sin Quran black and white surah 51 ayah 56 indeed I only created the jinn and man kind to worship me alone not a saint not a grave May Allah guide you on the right track of din and save us from the hell fire please my dear brother din is given by Allah to jibrail then to Prophet MUhammad saw May Allah rest his soul and grant him the highest paradise that Allah has promised as Allah sta does not brake his promises and our prophet is a human and who would know this better you or our prophet I wonder why the din has become mixed views so simple Quran sunnah it’s not hard at all the Christians celebrated jesuses birthday but ISa is a prophet why celebrate the prophets birthday I call that shirk I call that innovation follow the truth not what is given by people’s mind. Allah save us from false hood. Life is only given by Allah and life can only be taken by Allah no one should translate Quran to there own understanding should only be done through the way our prophet Muhammad understood it to be Abu Hanifa imam Malik imam shafi imam hanbali they are all right we are not Allah to judge we only judge.

          • Brother I hope You didn’t just place the very respected imaams of the 7th century on the same level of our Rasul s.a.w in understanding the Quran? nobody understood the Quran better then our rasul s.a.w because it was taught to him by jibreel A.S
            The 4 imaams of sunni Fiqh (May Allah be pleased with them) were only re iliterating what our prophet s.a.w taught he’s companions. However there were in Noway on the same level of interpreting the Quran and our monotheism religion as our rasul s.a.w

            Brothers let’s not get carried away from learning what the respected imaams tell us otherwise we will start calling ourselfs hanafi, hanbali, maliki, shafi’i. Even these scholars and imaams wouldn’t want us follow them however but to learn off their material. We stick to the authentic literature of our rasul S.a.w and the Quran.

          • Agreed

          • I am totaly agree with you..

          • Brother before celebrating the birth of the Holy Prophet SAW learn something from His blessed life and act according to the life he lead. He never celebrated his birthday and nor did any of the companions so who are you to celebrate it? It is because of these things Islam is deteriorating and people want to make it “Christianised”. And learn to respect people’s opinions or reply respectfully instead of acting like an arrogant man who has been told off!

          • Instead of getting angry and practicing for your stubborn attitude is not good for a true Muslim. If we are doing wrong practice without knowing is not a sin. As per your example stop eating biryani and other eatables which is not written anywhere in Quran and Sahi hadith is not correct. If you read and understand Quran and Sahi hadith it is very clearly mention what is hallal to eat and Haram not to eat. Hallal eatables whatever name you give is hallal are permissible to eat in Islam. Haram whatever name you give is Haram and must avoid which is not advised to eat in Islam.
            Quran and Sahi hadith are the catalogue of human beings and all muslims rights to follow accordingly.
            Did you hear with any one scholar, that our prophet peace be upon celebrated his birth day or advise anyone to celebrate his birthday. If he is not celebrating his own birthday who we are ?
            Only Allah can give you or heal your problems no human beings has such priviledges. Please understand and don’t take this offended.
            Jazak Allah Khair.

          • Firstly,you need to understand what bida’ah means . “Every belief,action or statement newly invented after the death of the prophet with the intention of worship and getting closer to Allah, which has no proof in the Quran,Sunnah or from the actions of the earlier generations. ”

            So things that you invent in relegion is what makes it wrong .. hope u get what i meant 🙂

          • Yes agreed

          • Well said.

          • Superb I agree with you

        • Thats exactly correct

      • The day of birth and passing away to the afterlife of our beloved Prophet Muhammad( sallal laa hu alaihi wa sallam) is the same. 12th of rabiul awal.How can we then justify celebrating it.It is also a sorrowful day for us.

      • You are truthful and right

      • Alhamduillah i am sunni and I do celebrate prophet birth..there is nothing wrong.. although those who calling them self Sunnis but not believe in saint and not believe in nur etc are not Sunnis but a gair mukalled and agent of Jews and Christian… if you guys still learning Islam from internet or google etc rather get learned from sunni sahi ul aqeeda ulemas many doubt will get clear… the problem today is very minor but these agents have destroyed Islam images specially Sunnis which are there from ages now calling innovative sects etc.. please ask your ancestors who were they? Will you called them mushriks according to new understanding of ahle Hadid etc… please learned Islam through grammatical explanation rather overview meaning.. all dought will get clear… all tarjumas and books today are fabrictied please get the authentication corrected before reading.

        • ASA Please present your daleel (evidence) for this bidah(innovation) of celebrating the prophets (SAWS) birthday.Ypur Aqeedah (principals of belief) are in manifest error. Allah has said in the Quran “most of those who claim to believe in Allah commit shirk” 12:106. Surely, the one who innovates this affair of ours by praying to saints, or at graveyards or celebrates the birthday of Mohammed (SAWS); )also a form of worship, has deviated from the Quran and sunnah! I ask Allah to keep us all on the straight path (Quran 6:153) We do not call on saints per Allah (Quran 7:194) which states Those on whom you call besides Allah are only slaves like yourself.” meaning they have no power, authority or intercession over the Creation and surely Allah knows best!

          I advise us All to repeat the Dua that Mohammed(SAWS) gave us in the hadith authenticated by Ahmad and At-Tabaroni:

          “O Allah we seek refuge in you from knowingly committing shirk with you and we ask forgiveness for what we don’t know about” Ameen!

          May Allah guide us all and may we avoid the lies of the enemies of Islam as well as the misguided!

      • You are 100% correct brother.
        All the other ‘hidden’ Sunnis in this article are either wahabis or salafis confusing people.
        If anyone doesn’t celebrate the birthday of the Prophet,then they are not sunnis. Full stop.

    • Asalamualiakum akhi/ukthi,

      I really appreciate your time in revising and correcting this information.

      Sunni Muslims, do not celebrate the birthday of the prophet or prostrate or worship saints, and if they do, it is best to seek knowledge, as to why it is unlawful in Islam.
      Sunni Muslims and Salafi Muslims to me are quite similar in beliefs.

      The ritual of going to a saint’s grave, is very common in some Muslim countries, however, it is against the teachings of Islam.

    • You are right…Thanks for your comment..it will enlighten some people that are misguided by this wrong article…

    • If you believe in hadiths, then you believe in Arab myths(stories that are not substantiated or supported with facts). Allahs’s hadiths in the Quran are facts.
      So in blindly following the traditions, related by Rasulullah’s sahabah chronicled 150-200 yrs after his death, a Muslim can be led astray. Hence there is a need for everyone to seek the truth from the Quran.
      Muhamad pbuh is a rasul (slave) of Allah; no more, no less. This fact can be substantiated by the verse ‘ Say (Oh Muhamad) I have no power to harm you or guide you’ Surah 72 : 21 and 22.
      Rasulullah’s responsibility is only to convey Allah’s words (Kalam) clearly. Surah 24:54 and Surah 29:18.
      To glorify Muhamad pbuh beyond that of a human is wrong.
      As Muslims, we are to glorify only Allah.

    • This page is misleading and untrue about sunni..being a converted to ISLAM alhamdolilah it never teaches us to prostrates on the grave or believing any saints as cristian did..never celebrate the birthday of prophet muhammad (saw)..some details about salafi is teaches in sunni..the one will believe on this page no education in islam..

  3. This is so false! Sunnis and Salafis, by name, are the same thing, as they adhere to the “sunnah”, the way of the Prophet and the predecessors. These names dont mean anything because we all believe in the same thing, Qur’an and hadeeth, as well as honor the same major scholars. Thats all. There are people who identify as Sunni that are more adherent than those who identify as Salaf. We’re MUSLIMS. Degree of practice, the higher the better, but its a personal choice separate of what youre called.

  4. somebody correct this pathetic idiot…laanat on this person for giving the wrong idea of sunnis. .bloody idiot….people like these are the reason for fitnah. .

    • Astagfirullah

      Anger and curses are not a trait of practicing muslims.

      Let us not forget that we are one ummah.we are brothers and sisters.

      Instead of throwing curses , we can make du’a for them. That would be better and useful. It will unite the ummah instead of dividing it.

  5. Salafi or alhe hadees are the same bidatee’s and emerges during british time….. They are challenging real Sunni…. Inshort they are spreading Satanism they are same like yazidi, I think they don’t have any difference…… Naam hijack karne se koye salaf saliheen nahi banta… Wahabiyo ko samjhowo koye

    • Brother the way of the ahl ul hadeeth has been around way before the British attacked India and surrounding countries. It is the way of the sahabah (peace be upon them) and the 3 favoured generations after the sahabah (peace be upon them). They are tabieen al-tabieen. If u don’t believe in authentic hadeeth of our rasul s.a.w then your 6 pillars of imaan is incomplete. May Allah guide you to the truth of the way of hadeeth and Quran. I follow the salafi teachings but it doesn’t mean I should label myself as salafi. I call myself a Muslim. I’m attracted to this jamah because it makes the most sense to me it is very orthodox and has a strong framework. Tawheed is given emphasis the abrahamic monotheism way of exalting Allah Swt with no partners (the one ness of Allah swt). And rasul s.a.w as the final messenger. We live our lives purely based on Quran and authentic hadeeth (not fabricated hadeeths and weak chain hadeeths). The Sahabah (may Allah be pleased with them) were taught by our prophet s.a.w and they narrated everything that our prophet s.a.w learned from jibreel A.S to make the Islamic constitution strong for further genarations to come.

  6. idrish

    what they are saying they are Salafi , I think they are not muslim only , because all thing they are doing , which is against islam, Killing innocent people in the name of jihad, is this is a islam , no not at all , is se islam nahi phelta hain , islam talvar ke jor par nahi ,
    balki musalmano ke akhlak ki wajah se puri duniya me faila hain, please don,t kill people in the name of islam and dont spoil the name of islam , agar dum hain to apna amal aur akhlaq is tarah banao ki ye h dekh kar log islam kabool kare, allah ka sukar hain hum tum me se nahi hain , i am sunni and i am proud to be sunni muslim.

  7. To all you Muslims whether you are Sunni or Shia
    You are all stuck in the Middle Ages if it was not for the oil you would still be herding goats.
    The way you treat women has no place in modern society
    The only thing you understand is violence and you wonder why we in the west detest you and your way of life

  8. This is the exact sitaution of current muslims. All needed is just a spark, and then, they will burn themselves. Openly calling themselves the worst they can. Allah ham sab ko ek or nek hone ki salaahat de. Aameen

  9. Allah is the only creator and the only judge Allahu Akbar

  10. With so many muslims fighting with each other on who is right and who is wrong..
    No wonder the nasara is ridiculing and slaughtering our brothers and sisters everywhere.
    Until there is no unity amongst us muslims
    We can forget.Allah’s assistance
    May Allah guide us all..

  11. Listen,. Salafi is considered to be the pure “sunnih”.. due to their practises n belief are truly accordingly to the sunnah of rasulullah, his companion, as well the rest best generations; ..

    Abdullah ibn Mas’ud reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The best people are those of my generation, then those who come after them, then those who come after them. Then, there will come people whose witness will precede their oaths and whose oaths will precede their witness.”

    Source: Sahih Bukhari 6065, Sahih Muslim 2533

    Including those 4 greatest Imam of fiqh; Hanafi, Malik, Syafi’e n Hanbali… they re Salafis

  12. This article is laughable. Salafi started in India? Sunnis kneel before graves? Sunnis believe Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW is Noor in disguise of a human? Wth? Nothing here is true and have mixed up with other sects than the actual Sunni and Salafi beliefs. Brush up your knowledge before writing random rubbish. This is very dangerous and misguiding people. I am truly disgusted by this.

  13. the person who wrote this article might be a salafi, there is given some wrong and reverse informations(like sunni belive muhammad(sm.) to be noor,rather salafis believe it not the sunnis). please do not try to misguide the people,because most people search islamic things in internet which are mostly written by salafis,if u need to know what sunni majhab says go to a sunni islamic faqih (90% of muslims r sunnis)

  14. All we should know that our beloved prophate said “”” I have left for you two things
    1…. Quran
    Hadith is full of Sunna’ acts so brother let us check our selves , b4 judging the rest…?

  15. Muhammad sm. was no nur. he was just a human like us. don’t get the wrobg meaning of Qur’an

  16. I have found out that Prohate Mohammad S.A.W is not Nur but Allah is NUR check in Allah’s names you will find the name AL NUR.

    • Wow just because the prophet said there would be many groups in Islam it doesn’t mean that we have join any of them, from what i can see, now approaching my 60’s it is better to say just Muslim and be not of any groups, as they all have their faults, as for those who want to celebrate the prophets birthday, i wish them well celebrating an event like that cannot be deemed bad , (it is recorded in hadith that his uncle Abu Lahab was given mercy in the fire due to him being the most happy when the prophet was first born. i think a little more forgiveness between the groups and maybe a little more study of the religion, (not just reciting , and more questions and answered would help) Salamm

    • Our soul belongs to Allah n it has divine reality…u lack knowledge n commenting on Prophet Muhammad PBUH for which we are not even dust of…..have respect my dear

  17. I’m Sunni and I’m wondering what they are talking about..?? Saints?? Huh?

  18. I m salafi bt I thnk the above information is not clearly xplained. .
    there is somehow lack
    nadeem qadir

  19. I am Muslim and upon the Dawah of the Salafi this literature is very misguiding to someone who may be curious about secs of Islam. Myself and my family follow the Quran and the Sunnah. As Muslim proof must be evident. True authentic evidence. (i.e. Sahih al Bukhari) People have modernized what Islam truly is, wearing makeup in hijab, men wearing gold, not fulfilling obligatory affairs, committing adultery, etc. May Allah Subhana Wa Ta’Ala protect you all. From he we came, we shall return.

  20. Salafi’s are Sunnis…like prestine Sunnis. This author is actually talking about Sufis…like the grave worshiping Sufis. He literally wrote about Sufi v. Salafi and replaced SUFI with SUNNI. Very confused author, thinks Salafi movement is limited to the small strand of Ahl Hadith out of India; whereas the entire movement originated in Najd in Arabia and is the predominant Islamic dawaa’ in the Arab world. Super uneducated, boring article. Probably written by a Hindu to steer people away from Tawheed.

  21. *In the name of Allah, the most beneficial, the most merciful*

    *May the peace of Allah be upon our noble prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam, his household and his companions.*
    Important resolution on prohibited creeds and actions { Manhaj} as here listed , were made by Ahlu sunnah Wal jamma’an also known as Ahlu salaf
    *_It was established and proven beyond reasonable doubt that it is prohibited on any Muslim with a correct and sound creed to :_

    1. Curse a companion among the companions of the prophet or any of his wives (Rodiyallahu anihum);
    2. Believe that a messenger or prophet is raise by Allah after prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam ;
    3. Ignore for whatever reason or condition the congregational prayer ,except for an excusable reasons in sharee’ah (Islamic law), of which Al khalwa(seclusion in a corner of the room, bushes or other places) is not among;
    4. Believe that he must be a member of certain ( Tareeqah) before he engages in tahjud, dhikr,although there are authentic Ahadith of the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam that stress the significance of supererogatory acts of worship – Quran recitation, dhikr, tahjud, sadaqat,etc. Doing these acts of worship does not necessitate membership of Tareeqah sect;
    5. Seek helps, either for attaining goodness or preventing evil, by calling upon the dead. This is a blatant shirk ( association partners with Allah in worship). It is also prohibited to observe salat or seek prayer round a graves in respect of the virtues according to the place or position of the one in the grave. This is an unambiguous innovation. The sunnah is to pray for the dead based on the authentic dhikr on visitation of the cemetery;
    6. Invoke Allah by innovated or idolatry names such as names of Jinns. This is a clear heresy and atheism with regards to the names of Allah;
    7. Believe in pantheism. This is the belief that person become part of Allah if he attains certain level of righteousness, or the claim that a person sees Allah by his naked eyes while awake, or to believe that the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam comes him physically, or gives him a mode of worship;
    8. Inscribe or write some incantation on slates and drink, or write on papers and hang it as amulets. Rather, it is recommended for him to read from verses and dhikr of protection recommended by the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam.
    9. Take Jalabi as a profession or call on people to seek assistance from him through his innovation in matter of religion, sorcery or shrik manners, which include but are not limited to, the use of mus’haf, sub’nah or even sand (Ramlu) or by seeking assistance from or invoking the agents of shaytaan,Jinn;
    10. Declare war against the insignia??? Of Sunnah by calling to shaving of the bread, kneeling during greetings, dragging of the male clothes below the ankle or declaring that the use of the face veil (niqaab) or hijab for women is as a custom of the Arabs;
    11. Claim that there is a fabricated Hadith in any Sahih Al Bukhari and Muslim or even believe that there are several of such weak or fabricated narrations in any of the two;
    12. Protest against our leaders, defame them, declare them unbeliever (kaafir) or participate in any activities which will leads to instability and insecurity. This clearly contradicts the Sunnah of the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam;
    13. Invoke (Albarkah) blessing from personality of righteous people by touching their body, shoes, cars, graves, etc or their belongings either they are alive or dead;
    14. Believe that any form of ‘salat’ (invocation of blessing) on the prophet is better or preferred over Assalatul Ibrahimiyyah which was recommended by the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam;
    15. Take dream or hallucination as a source of Sharee’ah legislation in matter of religion. He should rather be contented with Quran, authentic Sunnah, and ( Al-Ijmaa’a);
    16. Prefer any political rule or party politics over the provision of Islamic law;
    17. Ignore the call to correct belief and beneficial admonition or an established manner and methodologies;
    18. Say to his Muslim brothers ‘O Ka byafir’, or for him to believe that all forms of innovation, without expectation lead to ( Kufru) disbelief.

    These shows that there is no difference between Ahlu sunnah and Ahlu salaf rather than Ahlu sunnah is also Ahlu salaf with that aforementioned Creed’s and manner.

    • All praise due to Allah. May His blessings be upon the Best of mankind, Muhammad (sallaLlahu alayhi wasallam).
      To proceed…

      May Allah guide us aright. It’s obvious that the above article is false and also misleading in its entirety. Sunnis and Salafis are synonymous– they are those who follow the Prophet (may Allah preserve him and elevate his mention), his Companions and the Righteous Predecessors. The writer grouped the Great Imaams among the Sunnis– but said they are not Salafis. This is clearly misleading. All of them are SUNNIS and SALAFIS– the two ascriptions mean the same and correlate one another. One stands in place of the other and can be effectively used interchangeably. But where some of the deviated sects try to claim they are Ahlus-Sunnah, then the term SALAFIYYAH is used to make the difference.

      In the early days of lslam and before the occurrence of the trials and the advent of the deviant sects (Khawaarij, Shii’ah), there was no need for any other identity other than saying I’M A MUSLIM; but when these sects started unfolding, the scholars at that time had no option than to make distinction between the ONLY SAVED SECT OR THE JAMAA’AH.

  22. This article is with wrong headline ” Difference Between Sunni and Salafi”
    headline should have been “DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BARELVI AND SALAFI”

  23. The Sunni you talk about is a Berelwi Sunni, trying to emulated Sufi thought and practices and always adding on anything which they deem fit as being part of the Sunnah.The other Sunni is aligned to Deobandi who mostly in practices are also followers of Quran and Hadith but very much making use of Taqleed. (hanafi) in particular. Salafi is very much like Deobandi without Taqleed and following the first three generations of Muslims whom they find most knowledgeable.

    • I detest labeling our differences. Labels confuse the issue (as you can see from all of the previous comments) and cause dissent. If you believe there is one God and that Prophet Muhammad is his messenger, that’s it! You are Muslim.

      It’s gotten to the point where I won’t say what I follow. I just say I am a generic Muslim.

      Some people flood the Ummah with divisive ideas, hoping it will eventually dilute itself out of existence. There are people who encourage the concept of the “good” Muslim vs. the “bad” Muslim and the “real” Muslim from the “fake” Muslim: the Us and the Them.

      Overlook differences. Live and let live. Let sleeping dogs lie. Concentrate on similarities. Don’t criticize the practice of other Muslims. Accept and perfect your own practice. Don’t allow personal irritations to escalate into full-scale battles.

      Again, if you believe there is one God and that Prophet Muhammad is his messenger, that’s it! You are Muslim. Period. Yes, it IS that simple.

  24. plss stop fighting…. none of You think that you are Muslims? why my brothers and sister…why don’t we think we all are muslim…Is this not enough? whole world is ruling us due to this stupidity and division..
    We all are ummah of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh).
    This is the only identity which is enough.
    I Think All the molvi and maulana are the main culprit who has made such division…
    Please brothers and sister remember one thing…
    Right never needs any authenticity to be proven and let it be on the hands of Allah…who is Right and who is wrong…I pray that Everyone goes and be dear to Allah…
    why should we divide ourself

  25. Asthagfirullah!
    Muslim who are lack of knowledge about islam will be in danger. Honestly, this article almost got me.

  26. Seems like this this written by some Ahl-hadees or wahabi.

  27. This is untrue. I’m Sunni and we don’t believe saints can intercede. We don’t kneel before graves. We do believe that prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a guide for all humanity but he is a man.

  28. Some of this is incorrect. We DON’T celebrate the birthday of the prophet Muhammad (SAW). Also, I don’t know what ‘saints’ this article is talking about, never heard of them.

  29. Please edit or remove this article all together you are highlighting Shia beliefs which are totally blasphemous to Sunnis Ive never seen the two mixed up like that before


  31. Islam is alone one and has been brought MOHAMMED to enlighten the people who are in dark and not able to take right decision to come out from biddat.In such a Islam why so many groups on the name of believe.

  32. Assalamualaikum, I believe if the intention of this writer is to shed light on who the Sunnis and salafi are, with all this correction and commentary above, he ought to have. But its seems the intention of the writer is to propagate Islam and Sunnis in the negative way. I pray Allah guides you and purify your heart so you will know the gravity of the evil you wrote in order to mislead other from the true Sunnis. Please if there is still an atom of goodness in your heart,pls re-edit the article and make the necessary correct.

    Allah’s help I sought…

  33. Is Sunnism better than Salafism?

  34. The author of this article is so unsure of his/her own content that he/she did not even put their complete name on it! That in itself is evidence of its unscholarly deviance! As Muslims, we do not even accept hadeeths without a verifiable chain of authors so this article (with no sources) amounts to nothing more than garbage and woe to those who attempt to intentionally change the message of Allah and the deen he has prescribed to mankind.

  35. The article is misleading. What is saint in Sunniyat???
    And the people who bow down towards the Mazar or grave, they have nothing to do with Sunniyat… Sunniyat never teaches to bow down to anyone except for Allah.

  36. What’s described in this article as being Sunni is actually the teachings of a deviant sect. Much of it goes directly against the revelation in the Qur’an and the Sunnah.
    Salafism is nothing but a reform movement that reminds Muslims of the Islam of the early generations. It’s not a sect or a cult. They propagate the very basis of Sunnah Islam and honour the generation that passed down the religion to us. People who deviate from the religion of the early generations may not like this, but they don’t have any evidence to support what they changed religion into, so they take to other means and try to give Muslims who are not like them a bad reputation. It’s not worth fighting over it, because sincere people wouldn’t follow mere conjecture anyway. They only attract people who were lost already, and we can’t do much about it until they change their ways and decide to lead an honest life. It’s pointless to discuss matters with them until then.

  37. Salafi is what’s like the salaf-us-saliheen (Arabic for “the pious predecessors). Anyone who doesn’t like that must be of a different religion. The salaf were good Muslims and good ones to follow. It says so in the Qur’an and many authentic narrations from the Sunnah. Salafism is Sunnah Islam and Sunnah Islam is Salafism. It’s the very basis. If anyone thinks to know better than someone else who strives to follow the religion as the Companions of the Prophet did, he should state his evidence instead of making blanket statements and allegations against others. If the Sufi beliefs that are promoted here really are part of Sunnah Islam, there should be ampel evidence, because the people of Sunnah base themselves on evidence, right? If the writer really knows what he’s saying, he can refute the evidence of the Sunni Muslims and show us where we went wrong, because what’s described here is not what Sunnah Islam teaches us. The writer’s beliefs are alien to Sunnah Islam as far as I know.

  38. this article is very untrue, im a sunni and I have never worshipped at graves or celebrated the prophets bith date, I think it was written to confuse people about islam, which is a beautiful religion

    • why celebrate something sad
      That’s good you know that Nasreen
      May Allah guide these innovators to the true Islamic monotheism

  39. Not any difference among ahle Hadees,Sunni and salafi Imran to say that all are Muslim and they careful ly believe in Allah and his best nabi Muhammad rasullah sallah alih was Allan & best book Quran

    • No any difference among sunny wahabi ahle Hadees and salafi I mean to say that all is Muslim they believe that Allah nabi and his Best book Quran carefully

  40. I m sunni
    I just wanted to say every muslim that don’t fight each other like this
    Follow whaterever you believe don’t blame any one like this Ahl-hadees or wahabi.
    Every one doing there deeds and all will get to know what is right only after death

  41. I am a sunni from Bangladesh.
    I find the article misleading to a great extent.
    The writer appears to be antagonistic to or has limited knowledge about beliefs and practices of sunnies be it Hanafi,Shafei,Maleki or Hambali . We the sunnis DO NOT prostrate to any grave or mazar. We also do not believe in the intercession of any ‘saints ‘ . Brothers Omar curry and Ummm Abdur Rahman have rightly explained, we the sunnis do not bow or prostrate to any grave. Jaaheel do.
    Before writing anything on the Internet a Muslim must check the veracity 9f his statement . It is not desired that any of our Muslim brother becomes a ‘ kazzab’.
    Mar Allah’s mercy be on all of us and may He guide us to ‘hedayah’.

  42. Alhamdulillah wa sallallahu ala muhammad wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. I really appreciate some and deppreciate somme especially those calling themselves good muslims but insulting others which is unlawful in islam. Some i apreciate must are those advising muslim ummah to practice islam without regarding others views. Islam is simple because our imams did their best in interpreting he quran and hadith. So we should not be confusing ourselves pls for right is clear and wrong is also clear and be away of whatever is ambiguity that is that.

  43. Is there any difference between Sunni Jamah ath and Salafi Jama ath?

  44. U forgot to mention kaffiir salafis blow themselves up and cult of wahabism! They cannot live in peace until they destroy every Muslim nation…they are puppets of west


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