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Difference Between Icing Sugar and Powdered Sugar

Icing Sugar vs Powdered Sugar

We all love sweets and anything sweet. We also love pastries and cake. It’s one of the best creations of humanity. It’s one of the sweetest sins to indulge. Though baking is quite difficult for beginners, for some it’s just easy. Some people are very successful with baking that people established bread and coffee establishments in different parts of the world.

Icing sugar and powdered sugar are not two different words to a bread and pastry chef. Powdered sugar is also called icing sugar or confectioner’s sugar. This type of sugar is very fine. It is used to make icing for the cake and certain pastries. It is also used for cake decorations. It can also be dusted over on baked goods to add sweetness and for decoration purposes as well.

Powdered or icing sugar can have varying textures and fineness. It is always labeled as XXX, XXXX, etc. The more X’s it has, the finer the sugar grains are. Powdered or icing sugar is mixed with other ingredients to enhance the flowing capability. These ingredients are usually wheat flour and cornstarch.

People can make powdered or icing sugar at home using a mortar and pestle by grinding normal table sugar manually. It can also be ground using a coffee grinder.

For the history of icing, it was first used in 1769 by Elizabeth Raffald. In the United Kingdom, people call it icing sugar. In France, people call it sucre glace. Icing sugar also contains three per cent cornstarch. This is done to prevent it from caking. Confectioner’s sugar is available in supermarkets.


1.There are no differences between icing sugar and powdered sugar.
2.Powdered or icing sugar varies in fineness.
3.Icing sugar is mainly used in baking products such as bread and cakes.

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  1. Thanks very good information. I’LL keep this in mind. When I’m teaching my daughter about homemade cooked pastries. Windy Cherokee Johnson

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