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MSG vs Salt

Like everything in this planet, things have their own functions. Some of the best things in this planet we can thank God for are the food seasonings and spices. These food enhancers turn a lifeless dish into a sumptuous meal. Thus, we are able to enjoy our meals instead of eating bland foods and dishes.

We should also owe thanks to humanity for discovering these food seasonings and applying them to every meal we have in our kitchens. One of these is MSG and salt. These two substances are widely used from the smallest country to the largest economy. Thus, most people on the planet have consumed these two substances.

MSG, or also known as monosodium glutamate or sodium glutamate, is a non-essential amino acid which is a sodium salt of glutamic acid. Popular names of MSG are Ajinomoto or vetsin in some Asian countries. It was discovered in Japan, and later it was patented by the Ajinomoto company in 1909. Salt, on the other hand, is a mineral. Unlike MSG, which is composed of sodium and glutamic acid, salt is purely made up of sodium chloride. Salt is important in living things as this is one of the major ions inside the body. Salt has been used since the earliest civilizations for preservation and food seasonings.

Regarding taste, salt is salty. MSG’s taste, on the other hand, is not salty but it is what you call the “umami taste.” It is a taste which enhances the palate of those who will use it. Salt has many uses besides being a food seasoning. It can be used to preserve food. It can be used as a scrub for the body and so on and so forth. Salt is also being mixed with other substances, such as soya to produce soy sauce and fish to produce fish sauce. MSG, on the other hand, is solely used as a seasoning and cannot be used for other things. Salt is cheaper compared to MSG though MSG is also cheap.

Salt in excess amounts is harmful to the body. The American Heart Association recommends
1500 mg. of sodium per day. Excess amounts of salt in the body may cause hypertension and kidney failure. Small amounts of salt in the body also cause deadly effects on the body. MSG, on the other hand, is safe to consume as published in a study by the World Health Organization.

Both MSG and salt are important food enhancers. We can’t imagine how the food industry will thrive without these two important food seasonings.


1.Salt is solely sodium chloride while MSG is composed of sodium and glutamic acid.
2.Salt has many uses despite being food enhancers, but MSG is solely used as a food enhancer.
3.Salt is salty in nature while MSG has an “umami taste.”
4.Salt is detrimental in large and small amounts while MSG is safe to use.

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