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Oats vs Rolled Oats

Oats are a cereal grain which are cultivated for their seeds. It is very popular in areas with cool climates like Scotland and Ireland where it entered Europe from the Near East because it thrives well there. It is used as livestock feed and is an ingredient of dog, cat, and chicken feed.

It is consumed by humans as oatmeal, rolled oats, or ground as oat flour. Oatmeal is usually eaten as porridge, but it can also be made into granolas and baked into cookies, cakes, and bread. Oats can also be used in drinks such as beer, caudle, or mixed with milk.

To prepare oats for human consumption, the seeds must be cleaned, toasted, and husked. The resulting groats are very nutritious since they are not refined. There are several types of oats:

Irish oats wherein the groats are cut into three pieces.
Steel-cut oats which are big.
Scottish oatmeal which is like steel-cut oats but is finer.
Oat bran which is very fine and used for baking.
Quick-cooking oats which cook in five minutes.
Oat flour which is ground and used for baking.
Cereals which are usually eaten for breakfast.
Granolas which are baked combinations of oats, nuts, honey, rice, cinnamon, butter, and maple syrup.
Rolled oats which are the usual type of oatmeal that most people consume. They are pre-steamed and lightly toasted whole oats that are flattened with a roller and flaked. Rolled oats can either be thin-rolled or thick-rolled.

Rolled oats are also referred to as old-fashioned oatmeal or oat flakes because it is the most common type of oats. It is what people usually consume for breakfast as porridge or cereal and is used in making cookies and granolas.
Dry, rolled oats are a good source of iron, thiamine, fiber, vitamin A, carbohydrates, protein, fat, sugar, phosphorous, and antioxidants. Like all types of oats, rolled oats are rich in cholesterol and disease fighting fiber and have delectable tastes.

1.Oats are cereal grains which are planted for their seeds that are used as feeds for animals and which can also be consumed by humans. Rolled oats are a kind of oats processed as oatmeal fit for human consumption.
2.Oats are cleaned, toasted, and husked to become oatmeal which can be of different types: steel cut, Irish, Scottish, oat bran, cereal, instant, quick cooking, or rolled which is a main ingredient of granolas.
3.Rolled oats are pre-steamed and roasted then flattened with a roller and flaked while oats can be ground into flour or cut into different sizes to make the different types of oats.
4.Rolled oats are also called old-fashioned oats because it is the most commonly consumed oatmeal and has been eaten by people since early times.
5.Oats are rich in fiber which is cholesterol fighting while dry, rolled oats are a good source of vitamin A, thiamine, iron, and antioxidants.

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