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Difference Between Palm oil and Palm Kernel Oil

Palm oil Vs Palm Kernel Oil

The major difference between palm and palm kernel oil is where they were extracted. In the case of the palm oil, it is extracted from the palm fruit (specifically the African Palm). For palm kernel oil, it is named as such because the oil is derived from the seed of the same palm tree being mentioned.

The availability of both oils is mostly widespread across Southeast Asia and Africa. These are also available in other parts of the globe although not in huge quantities. In addition, based on a 2007 survey it has been noted that palm oil has become the most consumed vegetable oil worldwide.

Extracting palm oil from the fruit requires careful collection and pressing of the palm fruit. The result of this process is a dark red oil that is rich in carotene. This nutrient is however eradicated easily once the oil is exposed to heat especially during cooking. The result is a liquid that is much pale in color and a lot creamy in texture. Those who market and produce this oil either use the main oil or its subcomponents (extracted through further distillation of the oil) for commercial purposes because of their many important uses.

In the case of palm kernel oil, the seeds are roasted, cracked then grounded although there are already many more modern processes on how to effectively extract the oil from the palm seeds.

With regard to fat content, it is said that palm oil has 50% of its fat is saturated fat. This is significantly less compared to palm kernel oil’s 80%. The latter is also low in essential fatty acids. At room temperature, the fat in these oils (especially for palm kernel) almost appears to be solid.

Both oils are very popular in cooking because the saturated fat prevents it from breaking down easily even in high heat. On the other side of the coin, this same saturated fat makes both oils not so healthy because they have a significant negative effect on the body system most especially when taken in huge amounts.
Aside from cooking, palm and palm kernel oil are versatile in the sense that they can also be used in other industrial functions such as in the realm of cosmetics. Moisturizers and soaps make use of these oils as cheaper alternative for other natural oils.
1. Palm oil is derived from the palm fruit while palm kernel oil is extracted from the seeds (kernels) of the palm fruit.
2. Palm oil is considered to be a healthier type of oil compared to palm kernel oil,
3. Generally, palm kernel oil is much cheaper than pure palm oil.
4. Palm oil is a more popular and more widely consumed type of oil compared to the palm kernel oil.

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  1. can a refined bleach and deodorized palm olein oil be used for soap and cream making?
    this is because I have a lot of it for sale.

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