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Pancakes vs Pikelets

Pancakes are one of the most favorite breakfasts of all time in America and are eaten hot along with a second topping. Children and grownups equally enjoy pancakes, and there are many pancake chains in America which serve all kinds of pancakes as one can imagine. Pikelets are similar to the pancakes of America. They are eaten either hot or cold in countries like Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand. The main ingredients used for pancakes as well as pikelets are the same, which are flour, eggs, and milk, but the texture, size, and appearance of pancakes is slightly different from pikelets.

Pancakes are made of flour, milk, and eggs; they are flat, thin, and round in shape. They are cooked in a frying pan or hot griddle. Mostly they are quick breads but, at times, depending on the recipe, the batter is fermented or yeast raised also. They are first cooked on one side and then flipped.

Pancakes are served with a variety of things. They are served with fruits, syrups, jams, chocolate chips, and even meat. Primarily, pancakes are considered a breakfast food but can be served at different times of the day depending upon the region where you live. They can either be made and served with toppings or filled with jam, etc. Pancakes are eaten in one form or another all over the world like in Germany, China, Britain, etc.

The size of pancakes can vary from almost 12 inches to 2 inches in diameter. There are many different sizes of pancakes like the silver dollar pancake which is very small in diameter. The texture of the pancake is smooth, and the batter is slightly runny. It is not very heavy once made.

Pikelets are smaller than pancakes and are eaten in countries like New Zealand, Britain, and Scotland. They are also made of milk, flour, and eggs but their batter is thicker than pancake batter. They are made with eggs, self-rising flour, and milk. Once made, they are heavier in texture than pancakes. They are traditionally 3-4 inches in diameter and rise more than the pancake which is almost flat.

Pikelets are served at different times of the day; they can be eaten at breakfast or at tea time. They are usually served cold. They are served with honey, whipped cream, jam, marmalade, hummus, lemon curd, Nutella, Vegemite, fruits, syrups, etc. When served with tea in the afternoon, it is served solely with butter.


1.Pancakes are eaten in America, France, Germany, etc.; Pikelets are eaten in Scotland, Britain, New Zealand, Australia, etc.
2.Pancakes can be of different sizes ranging from 12 inches in diameter to 2 inches; pikelets are traditionally 3-4 inches in diameter.
3.Pancakes are served hot and usually at breakfast time, though the serving time changes depending upon the region one lives in; pikelets are served cold and at morning tea time or afternoon and sometimes at breakfast also.
4.Pancakes are served with a variety of toppings; pikelets are also served with a variety of toppings but in the afternoon only with butter.
5.Pancakes are flat, thin and light; pikelets are heavier.

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  1. Yo dipshit, Scotland is in Britain!! Fool.

    And the country is the United Kingdom not Britain!

    • Hello to the previous replier.
      Erm, Scotland is most definitely NOT in Britain!
      Britain is specifically England and Wales; the part of the island called Great Britain by the Romans when they were in charge.
      Scotland, while being part of the GB island, was never conquered by the Romans, so was never defined as part of their colony of Britain.
      Folk sometimes say Britain (part of) when they mean Great Britain (whole Island). Doesn’t mean they’re right.
      Oh, and U.K. is short for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It’s an union.
      So they are right when they say Britain (England and Wales) and Scotland. Not saying they explained it well, but technically correct.
      Thought you might like to know.

    • Not only is Scotland not in Britain, neither is Australia. Australia – the largest pikelet-munching nation in earth, isn’t summarised as Britain.

      Britain – England and Wales

      United Kingdom – Britain + Scotland + Northern Ireland

      Australia – Australia

      We are all learning together! Who would’ve thought that we would be united by a pikelets article?

  2. In the Midlands and North of England pikelets are nothing like American pancakes or Aussie/NZ pikelets.

    They are made from flour, water, salt, yeast. They are basically a thinner English crumpet, cooked without crumpet rings so they spread in the pan to a freeform shape with bubbles breaking through the top surface.

    I have only ever seen the things you describe in our shops as American or Scottish pancakes.

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