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Difference Between Pancakes and Waffles

Pancakes vs Waffles

For most Americans, pancakes and waffles are staple breakfast favorites. Partnered with tasty syrups and fresh, melted butter, these breakfast foods can even satisfy your weekend brunch. The primary ingredients of both are just flour, eggs, and baking powder. But instead of using yeast for growth, egg is the preferred ingredient because of its lightness, thus making the two into a kind of quick bread. Today, there are many commercially prepared boxed waffle and pancake mixes that are very easy to cook.

The typical waffle is like a close cousin of the pancake. They are very related but just differ on some aspects. Foremost, waffles have more fat (oil) content than pancakes which is probably responsible for giving the waffle its signature outside crisp surface. Additionally, waffles need more eggs in the mix to make them lighter than pancakes. Some even have to separate the egg white from the yolk and beat the white until it becomes stiff before combining it with the batter. This will contribute to a fluffier batter (a mixture of several flours and other liquids such as water and milk). In addition, some add more sugar in the waffle batter to make a more golden waffle.

The two also differ in terms of their cooking technique or equipment used in cooking. For waffles, a special waffle maker such as a waffle iron is the ideal choice. The iron can be shaped round or square, and its design dictates the thickness of the end product. Some waffles will end up thicker than usual like in the case of Belgian waffles.

Traditionally, these irons are heated on the stove, but nowadays, electric waffle irons are already being sold. The waffle iron has a unique internal shape that contributes to the waffle’s signature indentations. It also cooks the waffle batter much faster as compared to cooking it in other baking equipment. The result is a waffle that is not just crispy on its exterior but also tender inside. Pancakes are cooked differently because you use a griddle or hot fry pan. Because of this, pancakes are ordinarily shaped round.


1.Waffles have more fat due to the addition of more oil.
2.Waffles are fluffier and lighter than pancakes due to the addition of more eggs and the way the egg whites are beaten separately until stiff.
3.Waffles have a crisper exterior than pancakes.
4.Waffles are cooked using the waffle iron while pancakes are cooked using a fry pan or griddle.
5.Waffles take the shape of the waffle iron used. They can be round or square, but they usually have that odd, indented, grid-like look on their exterior compared to the round pancakes.
6.The butter and maple syrup toppings usually pool on the indented surface of the waffle while being absorbed on the surface of pancakes.

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