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Shake vs Malt

Malts and shakes (milkshakes) are two of the most popular soda fountain beverages then and today. Even though the most obvious difference is the addition of malt powder in malt drinks, there are still many other unique characteristics that separate it from regular shakes.

Malts, otherwise known as malteds, have the specially made malted milk powder that adds a delicate taste to the drink. Because of this ingredient, malts have that trivial sour taste that many consumers love compared to the sweeter-tasting shakes.

Although many still contest that malt drinks were already formulated as early as 1887, recent discoveries dictate that malt had been officially introduced in the 1920s when a regular worker in a soda fountain shop thought of adding malt to a shake just to know if the results would turn out great. And so, the taste was indeed intriguing enough that many people came to love the drink. Everything else is history after that.

You just need to have an ordinary blender or, if available, a milkshake machine so that you can prepare shakes or malts at home. With regard to the ingredients, traditional shakes include ice cream and milk that are carefully blended to become creamy and dense. With the varied influence that the original shake recipe has received all this time, many make their shakes with extra flavors, syrups, and also placing frozen or fresh fruits in the mix. The final preparation of a shake is often donned with a whipped cream dressing and a cherry adornment on top.

Some of the most popular shake flavors today are vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate among many others. It just depends on the ice cream flavor you’re using. And knowing that there are already lots of exquisite ice cream flavors sold commercially, the possibility of making a new shake taste is almost endless.

On the other hand, malt is usually prepared in its strictest and most original recipe. So when malt milk powder is added in the blender filled with the standard ingredients for a regular shake, the liquid from the mixture rehydrates the dry malt powder so as to evenly spread the flavor throughout the entire preparation. No additional syrups and flavorings are added because the malt flavor usually clashes against any other additional flavoring. For example, the flavors of fruits usually don’t blend well with malt. And so you should be keen enough of this fact if you’re trying to discover new malt recipes back at home.


1.Malt is prepared by adding malt milk powder to the mixture on top of the standard ingredients used to make classic shakes.
2.Malt has a very trivial slightly sour taste compared to the generally sweeter shakes.
3.Malt is best prepared by itself without the addition of other syrups and extra flavorings or ingredients.
4.Shakes are more flexible as you can readily add any kind of syrup or fruit to the blender so as to come up with a new shake taste.

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