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Difference Between Tap and Bottled Water

Tap vs Bottled Water

How safe is tap water, and is bottled water really necessary? This question is present in every consumer’s mind because [reason]. While both tap water and bottled water are ideal for drinking, they have certain characteristics that make them different from each other.

Tap water is drinking water that comes from an indoor tap which is part of a household’s plumbing system. It involves a complex system of piping, a stable water source, and water filtration to make it safe. Safe tap water is available in most developed nations, but it is seldom available in developing countries.

Bottled water is drinking water that is carbonated, distilled, de-ionized, or mineralized and then placed in a plastic or glass bottle. Its consumption has grown sharply in the last ten years due to the incidence of water contamination in most parts of the world.

While some people might contend that bottled water is safer than tap water, that isn’t automatically true in developed countries. There, tap water undergoes tests and regulations that are more rigid than those for bottled water. For example, before reaching the consumers, tap water must be free from any bacteria such as Escherichia coli.

While some bottled water may contain minerals, tap water is treated with minerals and fluoride that are beneficial to people. Aside from this, any contamination that occurs in tap water are immediately reported so people will become wary while contamination of bottled water is usually reported at a later time.

Disinfection and filtration is also not required of bottled water unlike tap water which requires disinfection and filtration, including bacteria testing and tests for Cryptosporidium viruses.

However, toxins from different sources can find their way to the tap water supply and it is best to have tap water filtered before using. Filtration will help remove these toxins and the smell of chlorine which is used to treat tap water.

The choice between consuming tap water and bottled water depends on each individual’s preferences and the environment of the community where he lives. There is only one thing that is certain: man cannot live without water whether it is safe to drink or not.


1. Tap water is drinking water that we can get from the tap or directly from the plumbing system of the house while bottled water is drinking water that we have to buy from the store.
2. Bottled water is packaged in plastic or glass bottles while tap water is not.
3. Bottled water is expensive while tap water is cheaper.
4. Tap water is regulated by the government and undergoes strict testing for bacteria and contamination while bottled water is not strictly regulated.
5. Bottled water can either contain minerals or not while tap water certainly do contain minerals.

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