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  1. Steve
    March 10, 2018

    This article really does not explain the common use of the term French Vanilla in today’s market. For example, I can get “French Vanilla” flavored coffee, from the coffee machine at work. There is no egg in it as in the ice cream. There is a popular brand of cake mix, that has both a vanilla cake, and a french vanilla cake. Both have eggs. So the name seems to to be a just a fancy title.


    • Michael Carrara
      June 16, 2018

      While pertaining to ice cream, french vanilla is an egg based custard and vanilla is a cream base.
      Cake and the like(coffee, spirits, and flavorings), adopt the name french vanilla, and give the culinary result with a slightly yellow color and a seemingly richer aroma..giving the so-called appearance of french vanilla (i.e. not white).
      Resulting in a marketing campaign that encompasses more than just the vanilla eating community and the food producers can capitalize on a larger target group.


  2. Rebecca Lee Perkins
    January 10, 2020

    peaceful greetings. while the information present is certainly relevant and informative, I agree that there is lacking explanation of the difference in context beyond conventional iced cream made from animal substances. as was mentioned, French vanilla is itself a flavour or fragrance, in items having nothing to do with fowl ova. for instance, an almond, coconut, or soy -based iced cream could be both, either vanilla or French vanilla flavour (and certainly contains neither egg nor animal dairy). the brief mention of the difference in fragrance use really doesn’t explain the scent difference in much detail. the added information i, and maybe others, would like to read would better describe the flavor and fragrance profile of the two, especially French vanilla, highlighting the differences; it would perhaps include which products and/or processes are utilized in the making of one and the other, in food (other than conventional animal-based iced cream), and in fragrance. thank you for the information already present; it is useful and interesting.


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